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A beautiful young lady showing a Call me gesture against a black background. Medium Shot (100 matches)

Collage of Eyes Beautiful People of Different Ages and Multiethnic Close-up. Montage of Positive Humans Looking at Camera. Concept of Various Many Ethnic, Equality, Diverse, Race, Nationality View 4k
Female manager presents new project plan to colleagues at meeting, explaining ideas on flipchart to coworkers in office, businesswoman gives presentation, discussing ideas with diverse business team
Female team leader standing near table and giving direction to young creative team. Brainstorming of multiethnic group.
Young beautiful bride and groom dancing first dance at the wedding party shrouded by confetti. Wedding bouquet. Feel happy.
Beautiful brunette bride and handsome groom dancing first dance at the wedding party. Confetti in the air. Very tender moment
Pretty smiling curly woman in stylish look confidently walks down the street, touches her trendy rose sunglasses, touches hair bright sunlight. Joy of life, active lifestyle, fashion blogger, catwalk
Collage of Group Attractive People of Different Ages and Multi-ethnic Close-up. Montage of Positive Humans Eyes Looking at Camera. Concept of Various Many Men, Equality, Diverse, Nationality View 4k
African American female cafe worker wears face mask and gloves giving takeaway food bag to customer. Mixed race waitress holding takeout order standing in coffee shop restaurant with take away client.
Diverse business team and old woman mentor leader brainstorm on paperwork talk engaged in teamwork at corporate briefing, senior boss explain new project plan training staff people at group meeting
Charming young woman with a magnificent golden hair, big blue eyes, gorgeous red lipstick and stylish look. Attractive young lady is rushing in the city-center, she turns to camera and smiles.
beautiful black woman with afro hair having fun smiling and dancing in studio against blue background. slow motion
Young happy African American mixed race hipster vlogger woman waving hand looking at webcam talking to camera sit at table video conference calling in virtual chat meeting with social distance friend.
Close up face sad thoughtful young african american single woman looking away thinking of problems sit alone at home troubled negative slow motion
Portrait of elegant girl in evening dress posing in front of a mirror with the lights in the locker room. Brunette with makeup and hair.
Portrait of focused businesswoman walking on meeting in office corridor. Closeup african american woman walking in corridor. Serious afro business woman going with folder in business center hallway.
Baby boy with phone and baby girl in glasses with tablet PC sit on chairs
Gorgeous young woman with beautiful blue eyes and golden long hair, with a bright red lipstick. Attractive young lady is walking down the city street, turns to camera and gives a lovely playful smile.
Smiling african american young woman student online teacher looking at camera webcam making video call to distant friend or job interview, happy mixed race blogger talking at webcamera recording vlog
Smiling beautiful african american female professional manager employee standing in modern office looking at camera, happy confident mixed race business woman corporate leader boss or intern portrait
Young Beauty Famous Woman In Fluttering Red Dress Outdoor
3 cheerful friendly diverse millennial women bonding laughing looking at camera, three happy young ladies having fun embracing in office, closeup portrait, multicultural unity friendship concept
Serious african female call center agent wear wireless headset using computer looking at screen consulting customer with online problem, focused black woman operator working in support service office
Company boss handshaking promoting african manager while colleagues applaud, businessman congratulates black woman with career achievement, shake hands rewarding for good work, employee of the month
Front close up of mixed race woman, beautiful young human face with black skin, serious look at camera open and confident. Girl wide smiling with healthy white teeth. Portrait of African American lady
Diverse young couple agreed buying renting new home shaking hands with realtor at meeting, happy real estate owners getting keys to apartment, making mortgage purchase property deal in agency
A young beautiful woman is sitting on a chair and writing down or taking down notes while attending an online video class or office meeting on a laptop in an interior house. Work from home concept
Closeup african american colleagues walking in business center. Positive afro business couple discussing plan on tablet computer in office. Successful business people working on the go in corridor
Eyelash Extension Procedure. Woman Eye with Long Eyelashes. Lashes, close up, macro, selective focus.
Multiracial sexy hot barefoot young girls best friends wear bathrobes lay on bed in row raise legs epilated depilated feet skin up having fun celebrate bachelorette spa pajama party together concept.
Portrait of African American young charming and happy woman in the scarf on her head and traditional look laughing to the camera. Close up face
Smiling young african american female leader office worker intern standing in modern office looking at camera, happy mixed race employee business coach millennial professional hr close up portrait
Young african business woman make conference call in office, smiling afro american female manager talk look at camera communicating in online video chat, distance job interview concept, webcam view
Female teacher coach mentor leader speaking teaching diverse staff students interns at group office meeting, executive manager speaker training employees consulting clients at team corporate workshop
GREEN SCREEN Over the shoulder shot of young Caucasian female with long black hair using mobile phone with chroma key. 4K UHD 60 FPS
Portrait of beautiful young Arab muslim woman in black traditional hijab looking straight to camera and smiling. At home. Close up of female pretty face with smile. Arabian headscarf. Indoor.
Closeup of a smiling young latin afro woman. Joy, positive and love. Beautiful african-style hair. 4K.
Smiling african business woman saying hi in office corridor. African american businesswoman greeting employee in corridor. Closeup beautiful afro woman waving hand in business center hallway
Black woman putting on face mask against virus bacteria prevention outbreak. African american descent woman wearing covid-19 mask
Happy young African American woman laughing standing under sunny sky outdoor. Smiling positive millennial mixed race black ethnic gen z girl looking at camera, face close up headshot portrait.
Black woman working from home during quarantine. African american people and mobile work, doing telework. Young businesswoman at work with laptop computer, lying on sofa. Remote work from home office
Love yourself. Happy beautiful black lady looking at mirror, smiling to her reflection, enjoying her appearance and home beauty procedures, slow motion
Female hands care. Close up shot of african american lady applying cream on hand skin, slow motion
Futuristic style. Cyberpunk woman in neon glasses. High quality 4k footage
Happy young african american woman winner feel overjoyed celebrating bid win success victory looking at smartphone, excited black girl screaming yes winning online game app on cell phone at home
Close up side view of one young beautiful Chinese woman looking at camera smile attractive elegant Asian lady in black dress portrait 4k slow motion
Happy stylish hipster gen z African American female student with afro hair using laptop computer, drinking coffee sitting at table at home, in cafe, remote studying, elearning or working in internet.
Sexy legs black high heels walking in city urban street - RED EPIC DRAGON 6K
Front closeup portrait of young mixed race beauty African American black woman with short hair afro style standing on street, looking friendly at camera. Human face, ideal natural make up skin concept
Spiritual young black woman face looking at sky with HOPE and FAITH.
Young multi-ethnic couple planning to buy rent lease new home meeting with real estate agent in office, married diverse family discussing with realtor terms of mortgage loan lending contract
Make-up artist applying eye shadow makeup to model's eye. Close up view. Smoky eyes. Left view
Sale, consumerism: Confident lady with shopping bags walking in a city
African female doctor talk with patient make telemedicine online webcam video call. Black woman therapist videoconferencing on computer in remote telemedicine laptop virtual chat. Telehealth concept
Young Beauty Famous Woman In Fluttering Red Dress Outdoor
Cute Fashion Model Posing On A Gold Background. Woman In Orange Black Dress.
A beautiful blonde woman in a formal black outfit stands by the airport entrance, uses her cell phone, gets the text message, being surprised, smiles happily and looks around.
Diverse business women video calling working from home office. Over shoulder laptop screen view of female recruiter, hr manager interviewing african candidate, consulting client in webcam virtual chat
One pretty young asian girl walking in the city street with black dress in slow motion
african woman in a local market using a pos machine to process payment from a customer before handing the customer the items bought
An attractive female medical assistant or nurse helps an elderly lady on crutches to take a walk down a busy hospital corridor.
Beautiful long Hair. Beauty woman with luxurious straight black hair. Sexy brunette Model girl with Healthy Hair. Lady with long smooth shiny straight hair. Hairstyle, cure, extensions. 4K slow motion
Close up of young happy smiled African American woman chatting on the mobile phone and laughing. Indoor. Portrait
Timelapse of woman standing on crowded walkway. Time lapse of girl standing still while a blur of fast moving people move around her; frozen in time, crowds whiz past.
Black woman working from home during quarantine. African american people and mobile work, doing telework. Young businesswoman at work with laptop pc and cell phone.  Remote work from home office
Funny bored at work african american businessman worker falling asleep at office desk, sleepy deprived tired mixed race male student employee sleeping at workplace near laptop feel overworked concept
Close up fashion portrait of model indoors. Beauty blonde woman with attractive body in lace lingerie. Female ass in underwear. Closeup naked girl
Woman Eye with Long Eyelashes. Eyelash Extension. Lashes, close up, selected focus.
Attractive young lady is walking on the alley full of trees, looks into camera and mesmerizing with her incredible look. Gorgeous young woman with beautiful green eyes and brunette long hair.
fashion portrait of model indoors. Beauty blonde woman with attractive body in lace lingerie. Female ass in underwear. Closeup naked girl
Happy cool African American woman wearing headphones dancing alone on street. Smiling young mixed race lady hipster listening music standing in city outdoors, feeling free and funky.
beauty saloon. close-up, procedure for eyelash extension. The master glues each cilium with special glue, works by means of two tweezers
Eyelash Extension Procedure. Woman Eye with Long Eyelashes. Lashes, close up, selective focus.
Beautiful blonde female team leader walks through the office, controls the work of employees, gives direction to colleague.
Smiling african businesswoman or student finished computer work, take off glasses stretching relaxing seated at workplace feeling stress relief, satisfied by project accomplishment, task done in time
Sick black woman suffering from stomach ache sitting in bed, holding belly, feeling abdominal or menstrual pain in morning. Gastritis, diarrhea and painful periods concept
Young woman in a red dress uses the phone after shopping in a boutique
Smiling african american woman using smartphone dating app looking swiping on screen, happy mixed race young girl holding phone enjoy watching media in mobile online application on cellphone
Happy young african woman wear wireless headphones make video call online chat look at laptop screen sit on sofa, smiling girl talk to webcam communicate by internet computer conference app at home
Sad thoughtful young african american single woman pensive face looking away thinking of problems sit alone at home, upset mixed race ethnic lady feeling depressed reflecting feel lonely concept.
Happy Group Attractive People of Different Ages and Multi-ethnic Close up Collage. Montage of Positive Humans Looking at Camera. Concept of Various Many Race, Equality, Diverse, Nationality View 4k
Happy stylish African American gen z hipster female student with Afro hair looks at camera stands in cozy cafe interior. Smiling mixed race young woman wears yellow sundress headshot portrait.
Close static shot of a cheerful and beautiful young Asian Indian female college student with a smile on the face looking at the camera in a broad daylight, green trees in the background
Young Beauty Famous Woman In Fluttering Red Dress Outdoor
cheerful young beautiful Indian female in traditional dress wearing red rose in hair looking at camera, raising eyebrows and laughing on top of a buildings terrace in a daylight
Portrait of stylish African American business woman standing near bisiness centre. She looking at the camera and smiling. Black Stylish. Dreadlocks. Afro Hairstyle.
GREEN SCREEN Over the shoulder shot of young Caucasian female with long black hair using digital tablet. 4K UHD 60 FPS
Female caucasian professional marketing manager executive teaching young african american intern worker explaining new work to black trainee learning new skills listening to mentor looking at laptop
A man in the kitchen while having breakfast and sipping tea or milk in the cup sends a message or calls with the tablet and smiles. Concept of: social network, message, technology.
Sexy woman wearing venetian masquerade carnival mask at party, over holiday glowing background. Holiday make up and accessories. HD 1080p, slow motion 240 fps, high speed camera shot
Excited african teen girl student celebrating success victory receive good exam results email news on laptop, happy black woman winner rejoicing online win scholarship admission looking at computer
Macro closeup of sexy woman flirting seductive
Portrait of relaxed young lady in a summer park reading a text message on her mobile phone. Beautiful young girl with dark curly hair using her cell phone, outdoor.
Happy pleased female african american boss get team applause after financial report presentation at group meeting, multiethnic employees team clapping hands thanking mentor at conference room table
close-up of female legs in high heels walking on the stairs
A confident corporate office woman employee in formal dress holding a coffee mug and laptop in hands walking along the street. An attractive and beautiful businesswoman outside the commercial complex.
Portrait of cheerful young shopaholic woman holding paper bags with purchases and smiling at camera standing on shopping center. Happy lady shopping on black friday joyfully jumps for joy
Happy beautiful african young woman apply cream on face laugh looking at camera holding creme jar in bathroom pointing aside advertise facial skin care moisture treatment hydration, skincare concept
African American pretty young woman dancing with double exposure photographic effects
Closeup portrait, young cheerful, joyful, smiling, gorgeous woman holding up keys to her first new car. Customer satisfaction
Vampire Halloween Woman drinking red wine. Beauty Sexy Vampire Girl. Vampire makeup Fashion Art design. Attractive model girl wearing Halloween party costume and make up. 4K UHD video 3840x2160