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Doctor explain to older patient medical test result on tablet, use website gives recommendation about disease treatment medications show positive forecast. Medicine and modern tech usage app concept
happy family mom and son hold hands close-up teamwork. mother and boy kid together hands at sunset. parent girl and child happy childhood. lifestyle happy family mother day concept
Female nurse doctor wear white uniform hold hand of senior grandmother patient help express empathy encourage tell diagnosis at medical visit, older people healthcare support concept, close up view
In Robotics Development Laboratory: Engineers and Scientists Work on a Bionics Exoskeleton Prototype with Person Testing it. Designing Wearable Exosuit to Help Disabled People, Warehouse Workers
A female doctor discusses with the patient a plan for recovery and rehabilitation of the face after the accident
Senior elder man patient talking to caring female doctor physician caregiver at nursing home in hospital holding hands explaining well-being get support and medicare services at medical checkup visit.
Friendly medic service people or asia male help talk discuss of medical exam record test result at clinic office desk. Young sad serious stress woman visit, follow , listen, see doctor at hospital.
Cinematic Close-Up Of Heart Rate Monitor In Hospital
An Adult Man Trains Muscle Strength With a Professional Doctor in a Modern Rehabilitation Clinic. Physiotherapy Program, Rehabilitation After Medical Injuries. Healthcare Concept
Modern Hospital Physical Therapy: Patient with Injury Walks on Treadmill Wearing Advanced Robotic Exoskeleton Legs. Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Technology to Make Disabled Person Walk. Focus on Legs
Caring elderly grandma wife holding hand supporting senior grandpa husband give empathy care love, old married grandparents couple together two man and woman hope understanding concept, close up view
Close up little daughter hugs mother cancer patient. Happy family sit indoor embracing feeling grateful for remission, express love, kid girl supporting mom, encourage her, hoping in recovery concept
Nurse helping elderly woman with crutches at hospital. Back view
Happy young woman nurse caretaker helping talking with senior grandmother patient give support empathy, female doctor carer having trust conversation with elderly lady, older people homecare concept
young asian physical therapist working with senior man on walking using a walker in rehab center or nursing home
Modern Hospital Physical Therapy: Doctor Uses Tablet Computer, Disabled Patient Walks on Treadmill Wearing Advanced Robotic Exoskeleton. Computer Monitor Shows Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Activity
The Patient Uses Physical Therapy to Recover from Surgery and Increase Mobility. The Doctor Works on Specific Muscle Groups or Joints. Freedom from Chronic Back Pain
Young adult woman daughter granddaughter holding elderly mother granny female hands as two women generations support concept, giving love care to senior people, helping older parents and grandparents
Smiling young female therapist using online healthcare app on digital computer tablet, planning patients appointment in clinic office. Happy doctor general practitioner holding touchpad in hands.
A man in a wheelchair walks on the waterfront
Head shot of enthusiastic bald woman smile looks at camera demonstrate biceps arm. Patient make effort stay alive struggle against oncology disease, shows strength of mind. Fights cancer concept
Smiling nurse with face mask helping senior woman to walk around the nursing home with walker. Young lovely nurse helping old woman with surgical mask for safety against covid-19 using a walking frame.
Young adult woman daughter holds elderly mother by the hand. Helping old people, supporting in difficulties, mutual assistance concept.
Close up pensive deep in sad thoughts elderly man with cane sit indoors looking out the window think about disability feels lonely. Nostalgy, aging, Parkinson disease patient at nursing home concept
Hospital Physical Therapy: Portrait of Male Patient with Injury Successfully Walks Holding Parallel Bars. Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Doctor, Help, Assist, Disabled Person. Elevating Slow Motion
Cinematic close up of man with disability with artificial bionic high technology legs prosthesis running on countryside road.Concept of persons with disabilities active lifestyle,  cyborg
Senior old woman talking to young female nurse doctor help patient at checkup medical consultation at home hospital, elderly grandma listen caregiver giving support, older people healthcare concept
Caring nurse telling jokes to old female patient lying in sickbed rehabilitation
Close up middle aged older male doctor in white uniform holding digital computer tablet in hands, managing patients visits. Mature physician checking health history data in gadget, using modern app.
Hospital Physical Therapy: Strong Determined Male Patient with Injury Successfully Walks Holding Parallel Bars. Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Doctor, Help, Assist, Encourage Disabled Person to Heal
Little adorable girl her young bald mother making heart shape with hands showing symbol of love at camera, close up view happy faces. Share support optimism and hope with other cancer patients concept
Close up hands of therapist GP and patient, doctor strokes arm of ill woman consoling after news about incurable disease, touch palm express empathy, showing care provide psychological support concept
Hospital Ward: Handsome Young Boy Resting in Bed with Caring Mother Visits to Support Him, Friendly Doctor Talks, Gives Advice. Happy Smiling Patient Recovering after Sickness or Successful Surgery
Close up cropped view family therapist female general practitioner worker sit at desk during patient visit talking about upcoming treatment, test results. Health check up, medical insurance concept
Professional physical therapist helping elderly man to do exercise, mobility
Hospital Physical Therapy Room: Patient with Injury Walking on Treadmill Holding for Parallel Bars, Professional Physiotherapist Assists, Helps, Trains Disabled Person Do Rehabilitative Physiotherapy
Happy older senior adult man hold cane sit on sofa looking at camera. relaxed optimistic disabled retired elderly 80s grandfather dental smile posing with walking stick at nursing home, portrait
Doctor in white coat consulting to older female 65s patient seated at desk in private clinic office looking at laptop screen provide explanation about treatment disease, show medical check up results
Young asian female nurse caregiver supporting talking to elderly man patient help with problem, Doctor therapist in uniform on sofa at home hospital cheering give empathy listen to senior patient.
A man who uses a wheelchair plays ping pong. People with disabilities play table tennis. Rehabilitation of the disabled. Paralympic sport.
happy family mom and son hold hands close-up teamwork. mother and boy kid together hands at sunset. parent girl and child happy childhood lifestyle. happy family mother day concept
Cancer Survivors Day concept. Close up view face portrait of bald caucasian attractive woman looking at camera having charming wide smile, girl recovered from oncology disease feels happy pose indoors
Female Asian nurse support senior male patient stand up and walk from bed in hospital. Nursing home, medical service, physiotherapy, hospitality, or recovery treatment concept
Senior man physiotherapy in wheelchair with help from medical worker. Disabled handicapped old person with social worker in recovery support therapy physiotherapy healthcare system nursing retirement
Physiotherapist worker doing treatment to his client
man with knee pain, hand massaging his painful knee. Health care and medical concept. health problems
Hospital Ward: Friendly Black Head Nurse Uses Stethoscope to Listen to Heartbeat and Lungs of Recovering Male Patient Resting in Bed, Does Checkup. Man Getting well after Successful Surgery
Young physiotherapist worker stretching arms of elderly woman assisting physical medical exercise recovery after injuries. Rehabilitation. Treatment concept.
Hospital Physical Therapy: Portrait of Strong Senior Female Patient with Injury Successfully Walks Holding Parallel Bars. Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Doctor, Help, Assist Disabled Patient
Young woman nurse caregiver talk help disabled handicapped old grandma patient sit on wheelchair at home, female doctor provide elderly lady medical service, senior people health care support concept
Back view of old Caucasian man sitting in wheelchair in front of big window closed with curtain and thinking. Lonely elderly man spending day alone at home. Oldness, retirement, disabled people.
Hospital Ward: Friendly Male Nurse Talks with Elderly Patient Resting in Bed. Doctor Uses Tablet Computer, Does Checkup. Old Man Fully Recovering after Successful Surgery. Modern Bright Clinic
Close up attractive young asian woman or nurse take care senior old man on cane or walker feeling helpful and empathy at nursing home or hospital hallway. Hip, knee and leg problem in older people.
A female person with disabilities riding a wheelchair on a training track
Hospital Ward: Senior Female Resting in a bed Nurse Puts on Finger Heart Rate Monitor, Pulse Oximeter showing Pulse. Anonymous Nurse Checks Vitals of Woman Getting well after Surgery. Focus on Hands
Nurse pushing man in wheelchair, living conditions for disabled people in city
Friendly nurse wearing protective face mask helping handicapped senior man in wheelchair at hospital during covid19 pandemic. Young nurse taking care of an elderly patient sitting in a wheelchair.
close up, hand of young woman steering the wheel of the wheelchair. . High quality 4k footage
Pretty cute preschool child girl wear white medical uniform applying bandage on injured head of sick teddy bear toy patient playing hospital game pretend nurse vet doctor treat imaginary wound trauma
Tilt up of elderly woman in medical face mask holding flower bouquet while leaving hospital after recovery; her son giving handshake to doctor and pushing wheelchair
Teenager feeling relief after therapy session, psychologist giving good advice
children with mental problems, art therapy and psychologist's help autism
Physiotherapist and kid walking in rehabilitation center. Doctor supports a children with cerebral palsy during physiotherapy treatment. High quality 4k footage
Young senior asia citizen female with scrubs nurse physiotherapy worker at home in rehabilitation therapy service for aging parents. Massage for older care, ache pain joints exercise in old people.
Female Doctor Checking on Elderly Patient Lying in Hospital Bed Doing Therapy Via VR Technology. Friendly Doctor Helping Senior Woman Receive Therapy Using Virtual Reality Headset.
Result after lamination and hair straightening in a beauty salon for a girl with brown hair. hair care concept.
Bald after chemotherapy woman sit on bed bowing head feels hopeless and desperate due cancer incurable disease, malignant growth of tumour, loss of hope, unsuccessful ineffective treatment concept
Handicapped person running on a track, back view.
friendly asian nursing home employee talking to senior woman resident happy and smiling
Nursing care concept. Nursing home. Japanese translation: "right","left"
senior asian man rehabilitating using dumbbell with help from physical therapist
Little girl Asian granddaughter visiting hug sick senior grandfather hospitalized sit on hospital bed in patient room. Rehabilitation activity, health insurance, healthcare and medicine concept.
Sad lonely old elder grandfather hold cane stick sit alone on couch. Upset senior man having geriatric health problem walking difficulty concept think of solitude injury rehabilitation at nursing home
Close up hand of young asia woman or nurse home care holding senior grandmother give support empathy to elderly lady or older people in assisted living homecare mental health relief concept.
African-American caregiver and old disabled man in a wheelchair. Professional nurse and handicapped patient in a nursing home. Assistance, rehabilitation and health care.
An elderly woman walks with her son enjoying an evening walk in park, talking and smiling. Man helps an elderly woman to walk. Couple of two generations - mother 81 years old and son 43 years old.
Therapist stretching athlete male patient in clinic - sport physical therapy concept
Low-section shotof nurse pushing driving wheelchair with handicapped patient through the corridor with mirror floor
Senior adult talking to doctor on online videoconference, using smartphone for remote medical consultation. Woman with crutches chatting with specialist on telemedicine and telehealth call.
Bionic arm is making some movements. Artificial arm mechanism is being tested. 4K.
demolition work and rearrangement. worker with sledgehammer at wall destroying
Young red-haired woman looks at her bionic prosthetic left hand and alternately flexes and unbends her fingers. Girl is adjusting the bionic prosthesis Bionics Cybernetic Robotic-arm Hand prosthesis.
Modern Hospital Physical Therapy: Patient with Injury Walks Wearing Advanced Robotic Exoskeleton Legs. Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Technology to Make Disabled Person Walk Again. Focus on Legs
Happy Asian elderly man patient Have fun talking with professional man doctor at hospital. Old man patient talk with doctor about result of health check up report.
Young asian woman or nurse home care hand on senior grandmother shoulder give support empathy to elderly lady or older people in assisted living homecare mental health sick relief concept.
Smiling mature kind woman nurse doctor talking to happy disabled old elder man, happy female therapist cheering taking care of senior patient giving support and medical assistance in retirement house
Young mixed race diverse compassionate people supporting desperate unhappy man. Depressed male patient suffering from bullying, sharing personal problems at psychological therapy group meeting.
Stressed young female therapist feeling under pressure, worrying about professional mistake, working on computer at workplace. Overworked physician regrets wrong diagnosis or received bad news email.
Young man's knee joint being manipulated by osteopathic manual therapist, physician. Physiotherapy rehabilitation of the patient's knee. Chiropractic, osteopathy, manual therapy. Bearded man doctor
Overhead view of a Therapist Assisting Male Patient While doing exercises with a Yoga Ball at rehabilitation clinic. High quality 4k footage
Two happy girlfriends spending time outdoors on lovely sunny day. Pretty girl riding a disabled invalid ginger cutie taking selfies having fun activity in the street.
Footage of man making deep massage on back, be healthy.
Young bald woman cancer patient sitting on bed in hospital ward alone looking out the window thinking about oncology disease feel abandoned and unhappy. Battling with tumor, recovery in clinic concept
Asian female physical therapist hold on arm and helping a middle-aged Asian man in using a walker while practice walking during rehabilitation at home. They both wear a face mask to protect Covid-19.
A patient during robot-assisted therapy with the Lokomat device.
The Patient Uses Physical Therapy to Recover from Surgery and Increase Mobility. The Doctor Works on Specific Muscle Groups or Joints. Freedom from Chronic Back Pain
Diverse people talking sit in circle at group counseling therapy session concept, multiracial patients communicating sharing problems get support at rehab addiction treatment meeting, close up view
Silhouette of elderly man sitting on wheelchair and pushed by his nurse near the window at home. Shot in 4k resolution
A Modern rehabilitation physiotherapy worker with woman client
Portrait of a young attractive girl operating her robotic prosthesis, flexing and extending her fingers. Woman is controlling the bionic prosthesis. Bionics Cybernetic Robotic-arm Hand prosthesis.
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