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Waste Plastic Bottle falling down loopable background in 4K
Concerned frightened elderly male get official bank notification read about bankruptcy debt feel confused worried. Stressed middle aged man retiree troubled with unexpected bad news from paper letter
Undewater Pollution In Focus. 4k Also Available in my other videos.
City Dump. The Bulldozer Moves Along the Landfill, Leveling the Garbage. Gulls Feeding on Food Waste Fly Over It. Aerial View
Young Asian woman read bad news on laptop look desperate, feels stressed due unsaved document, important data loss, notice form bank about debt, device malware, file error, work down the drain concept
Business woman caucasian girl lady female looking in mobile phone feels shock upset worries about bad news problems of refusal financial notification mistake holds head with hand from stress in city
Aerial view of garbage collection for recyclable materials.
Plastic recycling factory, extruded plastic waste is processed in the plant, in support of the low environmental global impact
Empty bottle. Plastic garbage bin trash container. Hand bottle into recycle bin. Human waste recycling can. Male hand throwing plastic bottle recycling container garbage sorting rubbish collection bin
Aerial view garbage, lots of plastic bags on the snow, in winter time. Drone fly very low over plastic bottles rubbish and waste, in winter time. Safe nature, global problem. Ecology problem.
Truck unloading garbage, waste at landfill, junkyard. City dump aerial view. waste mangement, recycling. dump garbage truck. ecology concept, earth, environmental problems.
No gesture. Bad idea. Wrong choice. Refusal disagreement. Negative advice. Dissatisfied skeptic woman warning with finger wag in home interior gif loop boomerang motion.
microplastics in soil. plastic waste in agricultural field. soil pollution, agriculture, tiny plastic particles are polluting soil and water, plastic in human hands
Aerial drone view of large garbage landfill, trash dump, waste from household dumping site, excavator machines are working.
Incinerated household waste falls from a conveyor belt.
Sorting waste plastic bottles into recycling bins.
Garbage and fire burn in landfill. Also call trash, waste, rubbish. Destruction with combustion, heat, flame. Occurs smoke, toxic cause of air pollution, environmental damage and global warming.
1956 Montgomery, AL. Black Americans walk to work, refusing to ride buses during the Montgomery Bus Boycott. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film Newsreel
Climate emergency. Climate change. Close-up view of a small group of European White Storks, Cattle Egrets and African Sacred Ibis scavenge for food on a landfill dump site
Black birds flocks over the garbage dump. A huge garbage mountain of unsorted waste. Landfill. Trash polygon. Aerial view.
Dead Turtle on plastic bag
A multi-ethnic group of conservation volunteers cleaning up a river on a sunny day in the countryside, picking up rubbish. Ecology and social responsibility in a rural environment.
Serious girl stretch out her palm to camera says stop abortion, close up. Community participant anti domestic violence, racism racial discrimination. Struggle for women rights, social problems concept
Pan Up View of Pressed Cubes Of Plastic Bottles Stacked Outside In Recycling Plant
Worried old age businesswoman receive bad phone message refusal answer on cooperation offer reneging on deal breach of contract with partner. Nervous aged lady entrepreneur get bank email about debt
Aerial shot of the garbage truck driving through the city collecting trash. Stop pollution
Redhead woman annoyed making stop sign with hand, saying no, expressing defense or restriction
Plastic recycling container shredder waste crusher. Pet bottle ready for recycling in a garbage sorting center.
Upset stressed indian ethnic girl feel frustrated open envelope at home reading bad news receive paper post mail letter about financial problem, bank debt bill, failed exam test results or subpoena
The man pushes the glass of whiskey away from him with a confident movement of his hand. With this gesture, he indicates that he will no longer drink alcohol.
Young stressed married couple sit on couch hold papers reading bad news in legal document, got warning notice feel shocked looking frustrated. Pay penalty, unpaid debt, eviction notification concept
Undewater Pollution Medium DOF version. 4k Also Available in my other videos.
Portrait of an African woman showing Stop hand gesture. Isolated on white background.
Senior bald man showing refusal gesture no, shaking his head. It is not for me, leave me in piece, it is unacceptable.
Sad woman sitting on couch at home reads received bad news holds documents paper letter feels desperate about financial problems, domestic bills or debt, girl student worried college expulsion concept
Low Angle View Of Pressed Cubes Of Plastic Bottles Stacked Outside In Recycling Plant
Close plan the hand of a volunteer picks up a plastic bottle from the grass in the park. stop plastic, social concept, civil liability, environmental concept
Indecisive doubtful girl makes decision fighting with herself count calories choosing between healthy raw organic vegetable food and high sugar rich dessert candies, dieting or eating disorder concept
Little girl in the kitchen with her mother. Mom gives the daughter broccoli. The girl resolutely repels the vegetables with her hand. The baby is very angry and does not want to eat.
Woman in need sleeping on the cartoon, homeless migrant under the bridge, crisis
Young woried curly African girl receives letter in mail with bad news, medical tests, learns about failed exams, holds refusal notice in her hands, feels sad displeasure resentment, upset female face
Red fluffy dog of the German Spitz breed has no appetite. Dog doesn't want to eat. Tasteless food. Pet refuses to eat. Dog sniffed bowl and left. Illness problems with nutrition. 4k slow motion video
Serious afro american family parents with little daughter child kid girl standing looking at camera putting palms in front of them making refusal prohibition disagreement stop gesture, keep distance
Garbage dump, cardboard boxes. Close-up. Waste recycling. Environmental protection concept.
Unhappy stressed young woman plugging fingers in ears, feeling annoyed of noisy neighbors. Confused millennial lady covering ears, refusing hearing sound of repairment works in neighborhood.
Silhouette of business man hands giving bribe isolated on gray background. Corruption, stop bribe concept. Refusing money
Young depressed female sitting on sofa at home, hugging pillow, texting on cellphone with unhappy expression, fighting with boyfriend on phone, breaking up, having relationship problems, feeling down
Man offering batch of hundred dollar bills. Hands close up. Refusal to receive money. Venality, bribe, corruption concept. Hand giving money - United States Dollars (or USD),filter color effect.
Arabic Doctor wearing Mask And protective gloves Showing Stop Corona Virus Sign With Hand showing stop sign on hospital . Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV COVID 19
One of the health-care girls used a hand to push a plate of chocolate cake. Refuse to eat foods that contain Trans Fat.
Vancouver, Canada - September 8,2021: View of sign No Vaccine Coercion during the rally against the BC Vaccine Card in front of Vancouver City Hall
Wastewater from two large rusty pipes merge into the river in clouds of steam
Reduce the use of plastic bottles, recycling the empty used plastic bottle. A discarded plastic bottle is washed up on a sandy beach. Ecology, earth protection, nature conservation, pollution sea.
Workers collect mixed waste operating garbage truck, stock footage, Moscow, 14 Sept 2021
Beautiful curly hair woman standing over red background with open hand doing stop sign with serious and confident expression, defense gesture. No more violence against women. Abuse. 4K.
Beautiful angry young girl saying no to the camera. Slow motion
Young serious man afro american father holds in hands little African daughter child preschool girl puts palm in front of him refuses prohibits vaccination injection with vaccine to woman doctor nurse
Underwater Plastic Bottles Trash in the Ocean (Loop)
Plastic particles for recycling in a machine in a recycling facility
Happy smiling successful man breaks a cigarette and quits smoking. businessman breaking a cigarette. Stop smoking. World No Tobacco Day for his good health. He broke splitting in two
Checked all boxes on a checklist with marker. Close up
4K close-up disgraceful view of pockets of vegetables that have been dumped on landfill dump site when there is a food crisis, and a bulldozer churns trash over them
Aerial View, footage of Dustmen putting recycling waste into a garbage truck, Bin men, refuse collectors. bin lorry, Recycling day, Video No1 of 8
White Plush Bear Toy Is Thrown On The Floor In A Dark Room
Finger signal. Close up of female hand showing no, isolated on blue studio background with copy space for advertisement. Disapproving gesture. Advertising area, mock up.
Man saying no by shaking his head and gesturing
Household waste and recycling centres.
Senior bald man showing refusal gesture no, shaking his head. It is not for me, leave me in piece, it is unacceptable.
beach polluted with plastic bottles
African American female in casual clothes reads letter results of medical tests, gets bad news, learns about virus disease, feels grief, sadness, desperately clutches head with her hands, pandemic time
Aerial view of a garbage refuse recycling truck in a residential area
Moscow, Russia - September 26, 2021. Robotic arm garbage separation\sorting machine working demonstration at an exhibition. Plastic and paper waste at the conveyor belt.
Senior man receiving refusal letter while checking mailbox in lobby. Portrait of aged tenant of apartment house opening letterbox in lobby receiving bad news and feeling disappointed
Dead dry fish on seashell beach in Black sea. Sea pollution toxic plastic garbage, plastic packing everywhere. Human industrial activity as plastic bag making machine. Earth protection concept
Negative answer. Disappointed gen z female sit on sofa browse chat app on phone feel sad annoyed finding no messages from boyfriend. Upset young lady check mail client read bank refusal in giving loan
Portrait young girl brunette caucasian woman displeased angry lady offended sad model puts in front of her palm, makes stop gesture, shows refusal prohibition warning sign with hand, keep distance
Stoke on Trent , Staffordshire / United Kingdom (UK) - 02 14 2019: Aerial View of Dustmen putting recycling waste into a waste truck, Bin Men, Recycling day, refuse collection in Stoke on Trent,
Teenage problems, insecure teen having life concerns, unplanned pregnancy and abortion decision concept. Upset African 20s girl deep in sad thoughts, thinks looks aside, feels stressed and unhappy
Young sad caucasian man says no at home
Stressed angry businessman opening envelope, reading banking credit loan refusal notification. Unhappy young man received bad news, irritated by mistake, feeling stressed about dismissal notice.
Serious African American girl covers herself with her palm, confidently shows prohibitory gesture, stop and no signs, shakes her head. Young ethnic woman against violence, defends personal boundaries.
Young foreign African woman sitting on couch checking mail, receiving eviction letter, debt notice from tenant landlord, feeling annoyed desperate fear, worried, hopes for solution, problem concept
A man walks through a landfill and studies its level of danger. The concept of environmental pollution and environmental catastrophe
Person wants to shake hands - another person refuses to shake with him - makes a disgust awkward or uncomfortable gesture - doesn't want to touch or have physical contact
Boy sitting on the floor closing his ears with hands and constantly flailing. Constant motion. Autism awareness concept
African woman sit at workplace desk holding papers reading bad news in letter feels frustrated concerned due high taxes, loan debt, dismissal, staff cuts notice, debt eviction notification concept
Plastic pollution of the sea: wrasse fish spawn among plastic debris on the seabed.
Alcohol deprives us of willpower, it gives a false sense of relaxation and freedom. A man is struggling with alcohol addiction. He's sitting in front of a bottle of whiskey and holding a glass of whiskey.
Municipal recycling garbage collector truck loading waste into the garbage truck.Saint-Petersburg, Russia. High quality 4k footage
slow motion of picky Asian boy shaking head while refusing food his father and mother put in his bowl during lunch time in dining room at home
A document is being denied. Red office stamp slowly travels through the air and marks the paper with ink seal. Huge bureaucracy force is bending the dusty sheet of paper. Looping animation.
Workers at conveyor sorting garbage at a recycling plant.
Hand gesture stop, NO sign. Woman stretches out her hand and making restriction gesture isolated on green screen chroma key background. Defense, disagreement, refusal, social distance
Mother and daughter having healthy breakfast in kitchen. The girl is not hungry. She refuses to eat, pushes the plate aside. Poor appetite.
Stressed worried young woman reading bad news in paper mail letter at home. Desperate lady frustrated about bankruptcy, financial problem, receiving bank debt penalty, high bills, lost job concept.
No way. Smiling woman. Meme expression. Disagreed funny lady waving finger showing negative answer isolated blue looped video.
A high pile of trash moved by a landfill truck. Water, air contamination concept.
Young afro american business woman curly girl student freelancer receives email with bad results medical tests refusal from new job reads negative news looking into laptop feeling frustrated stress
Woman worker in mask controls the recycle waste separation of recyclable waste plants. Sorting glass bottles into boxes for further disposal. Slow motion
City Dump. The Bulldozer Compacts the Garbage on the Landfill. Wastes of Human Life. Ecology pollution concept. Aerial view
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