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Teenager talking to female psychologist, adolescent counseling, mental health
Senior old woman talking to young female nurse doctor help patient at checkup medical consultation at home hospital, elderly grandma listen caregiver giving support, older people healthcare concept
Child Therapist helping kid to understand family problem using drawing picture of his parents. Children mental health therapy
Over the shoulder shot of Caucasian male psychologist sitting in armchair and listening attentively to African American man during counseling session
Close Up Group of Diverse People Talking and Sitting in a Circle During Group Therapy. Feeling Support from Each Other.
Depressed man on reception at psychologist. Medical concept with psychologist visit
Selective focus shot of unhappy African American man sitting on couch in counseling office and complaining about his troubles to female psychologist while she taking notes on clipboard
Close-up of female psychologist having session with her patient, mental health
psychology, mental therapy and people concept - young indian man patient and woman psychologist at psychotherapy session
Closeup portrait, patient talking good news conversation about improved health to healthcare professional, isolated indoors office window background
Psychologist sitting and touch hand young depressed asian man for encouragement near window with low light environment,PTSD Mental health concept, Selective focus.
Men and women sitting in a circle during group therapy, supporting each other.
Authentic shot of young desperate worried upset sad suffering from severe depression heart broken woman is crying with tears coming from eyes and falling on cheeks while sitting alone on sofa at home.
A young woman speaking with psychologist.The reception at the psychologist.
Last session of rehab therapy, smiling woman talking with psychologist at clinic
A young Asian woman doctor
The young man is sitting in the psychologist's office, telling her about his problems. A beautiful woman psychologist consulting her male patient writes notes in a notebook
Young african american female doctor pediatrician talking to teen girl patient making notes in clipboard card explaining health care to black school teenager fill form at medical checkup appointment
Black Ink Rorschach test Grunge Abstract
A friendly female counselor listens carefully to your client
Woman talking psychotherapist. System therapeutic effects psyche. Establishing deep personal contact with patient. Women consultation. Conversation woman at table with a specialist. Getting support.
Happy elderly grandma and young woman nurse doctor talk during medical checkup visit, smiling female old senior patient speak to counselor at consultation get support healthcare treatment concept
Woman school psychologist teacher talking and helping student, male teenager
Unfocused Couple on a Counseling Session with Psychotherapist. Foreground Focus on Back of the Therapist Taking Notes and Talking: People Sitting on the Analyst Couch, Discussing Relationship
mental health animation with brain lifting dumbbells character ,4k video animated
Men and women sitting in a circle during group therapy, talking.
Man talk a psychiatrist to discuss life problems. Psychiatrist recording of symptoms patient . Man explain problems and hold their faces because stress. mental symptoms concept.
Slow motion macro of tears coming from her eyes and falling on a cheek of woman suffering from severe depression. Shot in 8K.
Smiling african american teenage girl listening to female doctor pediatrician school psychologist counselor talk to teen patient at checkup therapy consultation, pediatrist consulting black teenager
Man is discussing a problem and stress with a psychiatrist. Psychiatrist record details of the symptoms and holds the patient's hand for encouragement. Mental advisor concept.
Smiling young female doctor working in an office, close up
Smiling healthy senior elderly grandpa talk to caring young female doctor physician examining aged patient in hospital during medical checkup visit, eldercare treatment, old people healthcare concept.
Close up of psychologist writing and male patient answering questions in office passing psychological test for diagnosis. People and psychology concept.
The doctor gives advice to young women about their health in the clinic.
Educational Therapist playing game with little child with wooden toy to help him to improve his behavior and mental health
Mature man psychologist consulting female patient at psychological appointment in dark home office. Frustrated young woman sitting with her back to camera listening to doctor counseling therapy.
Close up shot of Caucasian psychologist putting hand on hand of African American woman while comforting patient during therapy session
Psychologist making notes during therapy session with sad male soldier, PTSD
Pendulum of pocket watch background. Looping.
Senior elder man patient talking to caring female doctor physician caregiver at nursing home. Nurse holding hands explaining well-being get support and medicare services at medical checkup visit.
Teen girl giving interview to social worker. School psychologist talking with student, counseling, therapy, help and support for adolescents. High quality 4k footage
Woman school psychologist teacher talking and helping student, girl teenager
Young woman talks about her problems. Psychologist session, mental health and counseling. Psychological treatment concept
Close-up of female psychologist having session with her patient, mental health
Caring mature mother listening comforting sad young daughter. Old female psychologist helping adult client. Worried middle aged mum give psychological support to upset grown child share problem
Man is discussing a problem of work and family with a psychiatrist. Psychiatrist holds the patient's hand for encouragement and advice of method reduce of stress. Mental advisor concept.
Angry depressed man on reception at psychologist. Medical concept with psychologist visit
Diverse group of people sitting in circle in group therapy session.
African couple sitting on couch at psychologists, black unhappy woman sharing marital problems talking to white counselor holding clipboard, family marriage counseling therapy session concept
Track out shot of an Asian Indian male smiling physician or doctor sitting in a modern clinic wearing a stethoscope and apron giving consultation to a patient. Medical, medicine and healthcare concept
Young female doctor in consultation with a female patient
 Woman social worker talking to mother and daughter teenage girl. Professional advice, help, support. Psychology, therapy, adolescence, family, mental health conceptt. High quality 4k footage
Married couple of african american people compaining about relationship problems quarrels to the psychologist. Doctor appointment. Family conflict.
Unrecognizable psychologist or psychiatrist passing antidepressant pills to patient in office. Professional woman giving drugs to man indoors. Psychological help and treatment concept.
An ugly nerd crying and screaming while resting on a shrink's couch (a patient undergoing a psychotherapy).
Caring young female nurse caretaker doctor helping talking with senior grandmother patient give support empathy encouraging elderly woman at medical visit, older people healthcare recovery concept
Dramatic depressed older man in agony. 60 year old man suffering mental distress
Young male has no meaning of life, need help by psychologist, upset male lie on bed listening to therapist. in office
split personality,psychology and psychiatry,bipolar mental disorder,paranoia,psychiatric diseases, woman with black and white masks on her face
A Young Woman Sharing Traumatic Experiences, Emotional Pain During a Group Therapy Session, Receiving Support from People of Mixed Race. Addiction, Violence, Psychological Assistance, Rehabilitation.
Upset lady lying on sofa and talking with psychologist at therapy session
Close Up of Caucasian Therapist and Teenager Talking Sitting in a Modern Industrial Office Space, Writing Down Notes and Filling Out the Form. Mental Health Concept.
Person (doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, coach, therapist) taking notes about a patient.
Child psychologist with a little girl. children's psychological counseling. 4k, slow-motion shooting, copy space
Woman psychologist taking notes on clipboard and listens client at psychotherapy session. Unfocused adult man patient with mental health problems after covid-19 sitting on couch talking to therapist
Man with schizophrenia suffering from dementia, time lapse of mad man with mental disorder, psychedelic black and white video clip
Business woman works with a computer at her desk over green screen . Remote work. Social distance. Girl studying. Female model blogging, communicating with clients or doctor or psychiatrist
Adult woman (age 25-35) talking to a male therapist in psychologist clinic.
Mature gray-haired man hypnotizes Caucasian woman during hypnotherapy session. The psychologist uses alternative treatments for the subconscious mind
Closeup portrait, patient talking serious conversation to healthcare professional, isolated indoors background
Psychologist working with young woman in office
Remote videoconference with a psychologist. A young couple communicates on a laptop with a therapist. Modern medical care on the Internet.
Young woman talking with therapist during meeting of support group
Young confident professional indian female mentor leader counselor coach speaking at diverse business meeting with team people or patients group during training psychotherapy session sit in circle
Young upset couple visiting psychotherapist office, listening to marriage counselor advice, looking at each other, making up after therapy session. Focus on therapist back who is talking and gesturing
Zoom in shot of young African American male counselor sitting in armchair, writing on clipboard and looking through window thoughtfully while working in his office
Close up of married couple with relationship problems visiting family psychologist. Unhappy wife talking to counselor and crying while her husband sitting near her. Concept of marriage
Female psychologist making notes during psychological therapy session.
Empty room with aa meeting sign on white board and chairs in circle used for group therapy session with psychiatrist. Nobody in professional office prepared for recovery from alcoholism.
mental health animation with heart in brain ,4k video animated
Rehabilitation therapy session, teen girl women men talking with psychologist, group therapy session meeting. help concept. Coach and support group during psychological therapy. training teenagers 4 K
Psychiatrist listen the child. A psychologist speak carefully with teen in the room.
Empty room designed with chairs in circle for aa group therapy session with people and psychiatrist. Nobody in space used for rehabilitation meeting to cure addiction and mental disorder.
retro horror real vhs video scared woman red blood
Young woman caregiver nurse doctor supporting comforting consoling sad depressed old grandma patient having serious disease giving empathy and help concept at medical consultation in hospital home.
Middle aged female therapist with notepad an pen talking to patients sitting in circle during group therapy session
Boy patient looking at drawings on tablet and explaining what he sees to child counselor during psychological testing. Female child psychotherapist testing little patient during consultation
Young female doctor using computer at office desk, close up
Cute boy and young woman speech therapist during private language lesson at office
Young man sitting on sofa talking to his therapist at therapy session
Scars on the wrist and arm of a person who tried to commit suicide then holds a razor, knife or scapel to her wrist
Child psychologist with a little girl. children's psychological counseling. 4k, copy space
Psychotherapist writing on clipboard and young patient with mental illness lying on couch laughing
Therapist listen the child. A happy pretty little girl talk about her drawing of family with psychologist in the room.
Worried young man on psychotherapy with doctor
Young People Shaking Hands Together During Group Therapy. Feeling Support from Each Other
A paramedic is driving a mad male patient in wheelchair down corridor in mental hospital. Ill person in straitjacket is going crazy. Concept of paranoia or schizophrenia and madness. Wheels close up.
Black Ink Rorschach test Grunge Abstract
Young female doctor writes and uses computer at office desk
Healthcare medical concept : Doctor / psychiatrist consulting gynecological female illness, writing prescription clipboard record information,patient listening receiving in medical clinic hospital.
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