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Science of human concept. AI (Artificial Intelligence). Mindfulness.
Social media user profiles person information concept animation fly through
Close up of male hands touching dry ground in an agricultural field, Soil, cultivated dirt, earth, ground, Organic gardening, agriculture. Nature close up. Environmental texture, pattern. Mud on field
male look, a young man with a beard opens his eyes, gray eyes, looks straight and closes his eyes, on a blurred background, close-up, slow-motion
Beautiful Professional Female Swimmer in Swimming Pool, Wearing Cap, Looks Confidently Ahead, Puts on Glasses, Ready to Win the Championship, Set New World Record. Cinematic Close-up Profile Portrait
Young woman opening curtain looking through window. Happy confident lady enjoying beautiful view and dreaming at home. Smiling girl contemplating feeling hope peaceful morning standing in apartment
Information society  [loop]
Woman running on running machine at home.Full length profile shot of a fit woman jogging on a treadmill in the kitchen.

Futuristic technological interface analyzing human DNA. Medical profile of patient showing, genome sequence, DNA visualization, cell mitosis, chromosome animation. Healthcare information.
AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. Deep learning. IoT (Internet of Things). ICT (Information Communication Technology).
A lot of avatar in cyberspace. Face icon. Social networking service.
AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. Deep learning. Computer programming.
Social media user profiles person information concept animation fly through
AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. Communication network.
Abstract digital human face.  Artificial intelligence concept of big data or cyber security. 3D rendering
Senior man at home, looking up, praying prayer, thinking. Portrait, closeup, 4K UHD.
Surreal portrait. Spiritual universe. Colorful paint swirl in woman head silhouette double exposition isolated on white.
Happy young woman opens window lace looking outside apartment. Smiling mindful attractive lady watching beautiful cityscape view enjoying dreaming and contemplating feeling hope concept. Side view
Environmental technology concept. Sustainable development goals. SDGs.
Calm young woman taking deep breath of fresh air relaxing meditating with eyes closed enjoying peace, serene tranquil girl doing yoga pranayama exercise feel no stress free relief, profile side view
Global communication network concept. Worldwide business. Sustainable development goals. SDGs.
Portrait of men speaking through a microphone in dark conference hall. Man talks into microphones at press conference. Profile of mature male politician speaking passionately from tribune
Serene young woman relaxing on comfortable sofa with eyes closed wearing headphones. Pretty lady enjoys listening chill music audio sound meditating feeling no stress at home. Close up side view
Close-up black serious male face in profile, concentrated expression, portrait of pensive african american business man boss looking out window in office thinking making decision turns  head to camera
Happy optimistic young woman opening curtain lace looking through window. Smiling confident lady enjoying watching beautiful cityscape view, feeling hope and dreaming of good future at home.
Healthy calm tired attractive young woman serene face relax on comfortable sofa taking deep breath of fresh air rest on couch enjoy welfare peace of mind and no stress concept at home, close up view
The robot greets the girl child friend future machine intelligence artificial humanoid science robotics digital virtual fiction communication close up slow motion
AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. Deep learning. Mindfulness. Psychology.
Contemplative young woman looking up to sky with faith and hope. Faithful girl profile face with lens-flare outside
Information society  [loop]
Pretty primary school girl wearing headphones distance learning at home. Focused cute kid listening audio lesson studying at table, doing homework. Children remote education on quarantine concept.
Silhouette of meditating young woman. Mindfulness. Meditation.
Thoughtful business man thinking of problem solution working on laptop. Serious doubtful male professional looking away at laptop considering market risks, making difficult decision sitting at desk
Hey you! Profile portrait of black man turning to camera and indicating happily at camera, choosing and smiling, pink studio background
beautiful black woman with afro hair having fun smiling and dancing in studio against blue background. slow motion
Steel making industry: Huge Coil of Metal Wires after Rolling Machine, Precious Metal Production Factory, Close Up, Slow Motion
Woman washing her clean face with water. Young adult girl is  washing face with water. Slow motion. Beauty treatments. Skin care. Healthy skin concept. Profile portrait.
Man in eyeglasses late at night scrolling in front of laptop profile shot. Coder, programmer or developer using laptop in dark. Close up of glasses with reflection of computer screen.
Depressed worried beautiful young woman feeling nervous, upset about problem. Anxious sad doubtful girl reflecting, looking through window and thinking of mental stress concept. Close up side face
SLOW MOTION, LOW ANGLE, CLOSE UP, DOF: Car's wheels spin in place and spew up pieces of white snow as it attempts to gain traction on the slippery road. Snow flies up from a vehicle's spinning wheel.
Meditating asian woman concept. Meditation. Mindfulness.
Big CCTV split screen, surveillance camera monitoring
Stainless steel pipes. The product of rolled metal at the factory, Metal rolling machines for the production of rolled metal are used for the manufacture of parts or an independent element.
Art portrait. Inner beauty. Purple blue ink swirl in female head silhouette double exposition isolated on white.
Profile portrait of Caucasian girl looking up outdoors shallow city traffic lights background copy space. Side view of young woman gazing to skies at night slow motion text. Freedom happiness dreams
Roe deer, capreolus capreolus, doe feeding and looking around on misty meadow early in the morning. Unaware female wild animal with orange fur grazing on hay field in summer nature.
Worker put window sash into new installed frame. Close up of hand
the man screams on a black background in low key, in slow motion, anger emotions
Women have shiny hair extensions.
Young woman wearing glasses inhaling and exhaling fresh air, taking deep breath, enjoying practicing breathing pranayama exercises indoors, calming down, reducing stress, close up face side view
Virtual Human Head. 3D Motion Graphics
AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. Deep learning. Computer programming.
a happy man plays the trumpet on the balcony. feet up free time for a favorite activity in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic and social distancing
a man lies on his balcony and reads a book with his legs up. social distance during the coronavirus pandemic. time to get smarter
Profile Of Young Female Driver, She Dances And Sings In Car At Red Light, Light Turns Green And She Smiles At Her Passenger And Drives
A lot of avatar in cyberspace. Face icon. Social networking service.
Slow Rotation of a Car Tire. The geometric pattern of the wheel in water droplets slowly rotates towards the viewer. Drops sparkle on the black rubber on a black background
Young woman pinching fat on chin.
Beautiful African woman looking out at city confidently while she waits on transportation. Portrait of gorgeous fashion model looking boldly outward as she travels in Paris, France. 4K, CU, slow-mo.
People network concept. Group of person. Teamwork. Human resources.
Hearing test showing ear of young woman with audio sound waves simulation technology - isolated on white loopable
Happy Young Woman Listens To Music On Her Way To Yoga Class, In City At Sunset, Slow Motion
London / UK - Dec 9 2018: Editorial Animation of Social network likes, reactions and increasing counter on the LCD screen. Close up.
Man holds hand on the steering wheel and driving truck through countryside. Truck driver profile. Trucker sitting at the wheel of the car. Caucasian guy looks carefully at the road. Side view Close up
Spinning tire of a car, slowing starting to roll
Rear view of men speaking through a microphone in dark conference hall. Man talks into microphones at press conference. Profile of mature male politician speaking passionately from tribune
Suez Canal blocked by mega-ship - Air view - 4K map animation
Young african man closing eyes taking a deep breath and opening eyes smiling feeling happy
Tiny baby is turning in mother's belly during ultrasonic procedure.
Smiling young adult mixed race professional casual businessman making business call talking on the phone in office, happy afro american salesman enjoying mobile conversation indoors, close up view
Confident thoughtful senior adult male professional medic, old doctor wears white medical coat glasses holding stethoscope looking through window dreaming, thinking or healthcare and medicine concept.
Rear view of happy young blonde in stylish sunglasses dancing to the music while driving her car at sunset. Pretty woman listening to enegetic music and smiling. Concept of joy and happiness
Silhouette of desperate sad man in the dark in front of a window
Mother sharing happy time with infant baby child at home, sun shining from window behind. Slow motion, shallow DOF, 4K UHD.
Calm young woman relax with eyes closed take deep breath of fresh air dream nap on couch, healthy girl rest on sofa enjoy meditation do yoga exercises feel stress relief peace of mind lounge at home
VINNITSA, UKRAINE - September 2019: Audi e tron profile view. Audi e tron, a fully electric car on highway
Female Profile Sneezing Slow Motion. a profile view of a woman sneezing in slow motion spraying germs
business close ups for saudi people
business close ups for saudi people
Calm young woman taking deep breath of fresh air relaxing meditating with eyes closed enjoying peace, serene tranquil girl doing yoga pranayama exercise feel no stress free relief, profile side view
Double exposure silhouette. Fantasy beauty. Spiritual art. Colorful contrast profile outline of inspired woman with face revealing paint splash animation isolated on white empty space background.
Happy millennial hipster african american businessman stand in modern office talk on phone, smiling young mixed race entrepreneur speak on cellphone, mobile tech professional communication concept
Close up of handshake on solar panel background outside. Female engineer shakes hands with partner in agreement.
A woman with blue eyes who is wearing mascara, opens her eyes in a profile close up.
Serious indian kid primary school girl holding chalk writing on blackboard. Focused latin child preteen schoolgirl learning english alphabet letter handwriting standing in classroom. Close up view.
Woman praying looking up with hands open to sky silhouette beautiful sunset
Happy woman using smart phone to share content on tv in the night at home
silhouette figure of happy pregnant red-haired young woman in dress standing in ripe wheat field enjoying sunset embrace her belly, future mother relaxing in nature, concept of motherhood
Close up side profile view Indian attractive woman opens curtains in own apartment in morning. Young pretty female enjoy weekend alone, city view through window feels carefree. New happy day concept
Peaceful man pose aside near window background closed eyes breath fresh air feels calm. Anxiety relief, brings internal state in order exercise, close up side view face. No stress, mindfulness concept
Editorial Animation of social network notifications. Increasing counters of the new friends and messages on LCD screen. Close up. Depth of Field.
Pensive worried young adult woman looking outside through window. Thoughtful serious lonely lady feeling sad or melancholic, reflecting alone, thinking or loneliness, solitude concept. Close up view
Silhouette of young asian woman profile. Mindfulness. Meditation.
White Shark Attack Loop Front Green Screen 3D Rendering Animation
Profile of thoughtful asian woman standing at window, looking outside. lifestyle, leisure and spending time at home.
Close-up profile view of an African Pangolin showing its face and the texture of its large thick scales.
beautiful woman is floating in pool face up in night, dressed in gown
Fantasy portrait. Spiritual beauty. Purple paint splash in woman silhouette double exposition isolated on white.
Futuristic HUD panel with 3D human fitness models and other health metrics
Close up child girl greets her robot friend touching each other foreheads future machine intelligence artificial humanoid science robotics digital virtual fiction communication slow motion
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