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Portrait of attractive Caucasian young female police officer looking in car at night. Policewoman at the police car withh lights outdoor in dark. Quarantine coronavirus infection, protection
Police officers running after criminal on underground parking. Policewoman and policemen chasing robber. Female and male cops in uniform trying to catch offender
4K Close up portrait of serious female metropolitan police officer out on patrol. Slow motion.
Mixed race female police officer posing against police car with flashing lights. Shot on RED cinema camera with 2x Anamorphic lens
Diverse detectives working in private agency and conducting an investigation. African and caucasian police officers examining crime scene photos in modern office of police station
View through window jalousie of young policewoman talking on the phone with a colleague in the office. Professional female detective holding document and having phone call working at police station.
Mixed race female police officer posing against police car with flashing lights. Shot on RED cinema camera with 2x Anamorphic lens
Philadelphia, Pa - January 1, 2020: A black policewoman in uniform seen dancing in the street while on duty at the New Years Day Philadelphia Mummers Parade on this cold day
A police officer holds on to the handcuffs being used to restrain an arrestee.
Multi ethnic police team standing at police car during operation. Police officers aiming guns behind patrol vehicle at construction building. Male cop with handgun running after suspect
4K Closeup portrait of British policewoman looking at camera with serious expression
Female police officer with badge interrogating criminal and smoking cigarette. Close up of arrested man in handcuffs with woman detective turning lamp into his face
Police team arresting suspect at patrol car. Male cop handcuffing criminal man. Serious policewoman with digital tablet reading rights for arrested man. Police officer guiding suspect into police car
Serious policeman getting out of patrol car. Male cops aiming with guns behind police vehicle. Attractive policewoman passing information on walkie talkie to office. Police officers chasing suspect
Caucasian policewoman standing at night on street at police car and tapping on phone. Female officer texting message on smartphone. Cop using mobile.
Smiling asian policewoman posing to camera against partner near patrol car, duty
African man with holsters and cigarette with woman colleague looking at laptop screen in police office. Diverse detectives coworkers analyzing data and discussing criminal case in agency office
Woman detective closely examining the crime scene and observes marker
Police woman wearing handcuffs on dangerous criminal, putting him in car, arrest
London , United Kingdom (UK) - 08 22 2021: An ambulance pulls away slowly from a murder crime scene
African policeman with serious face posing at camera. Brutal police officer in cap standing at patrol car with team on background. Portrait of male cop looking at camera
London / United Kingdom (UK) - 09 09 2019: Police vans pull up and officers get out
LONDON, UK – July 19, 2021: ‘Freedom Day’ anti-lockdown, anti-vaccination protesters attack Riot Police who are clearing protesters off road at Parliament Square, London, England, UK
Paris / France - 05 01 2017: Riot police with shields march towards protestors
Man appearing to be homeless by a river is arrested by police and then promptly taken to a cruiser.
Police lady signing road accident report near patrol car, write out parking fine
Lawyer interrogating his client and writing down testimony to build defense line
London / United Kingdom (UK) - 09 07 2019: Police officers watch angry Brexit protestors letting of a red smoke flare
Portrait of focused young Caucasian man in eyeglasses looking through suspects photos helping woman investigating crime. Concentrated witness or victim with police officer at crime scene.
Female police officer standing next to motorbike, checking mobile phone on duty
CIRCA 1990s - Police officers print pages and read and pull files and prepare for their surveillance in 1993.
San Francisco, California / United States - February 28, 2019 - SFPD surround two suspects handcuffed and sitting on the ground in North Beach
London , United Kingdom (UK) - 12 19 2020: Police officers detain man in handcuffs on a wet pavement
Young woman officer looking through jalousie standing on modern office. Female detective looking through jalousie at police station office. Police officer investigating crime
View through window shadows of police officers eat donuts and drink coffee at police station. Diverse detective colleagues chatting and having lunch break at police department office
London , United Kingdom (UK) - 10 24 2020: Thousands of people march past a yellow bus on a Coronavirus and QAnon conspiracy protest
Female police officer standing next to motorbike, checking mobile phone on duty
Stockholm / Sweden - 07 08 2018: policemen and citizens at a square of Stockholm
London , United Kingdom (UK) - 10 24 2020: A unit of riot police in face masks march along Whitehall
tracking shot of a Policewoman running
Young person arrested by Police officers and handcuffed
London / United Kingdom (UK) - 10 08 2019: Police carry off arrested women protestors
Portrait shot of the beautiful young Caucasian policewoman from FBI looking straight at the camera on the dark backgrond wall.
Paris / France - 08 17 2019: Riot police surrounded by tear gas and fire
Chelmsford / United Kingdom (UK) - 02 06 2019: Police officers stand in a group using mobile phones
Policewoman handcuffing a criminal for breaking the law, hands close up of law enforcement concept
London / United Kingdom (UK) - 01 15 2019: Officers put an arrested Yellow Vest into a police van
Woman police officer smiling, standing near patrol car with crossed hands, law
Serious police officers monitoring road accidents using mobile app on phone
Police woman writing ticket to male driver on road, traffic offence, inspection
Serious handsome african american police officer looking around standing by patrol car. Two young policemen on duty keep guard on city at daytime.
Close up portrait two men cops sitting in patrol car accepting emergence call enforcement talk look at camera officer police uniform auto safety security communication control policeman slow motion
London, United Kingdom (UK) - 07 15 2019: A unit of Metropolitan police officers form a loose cordon
Female parking warden signing ticket and attaching it to car windshield, rules
Young attractive policewoman in protective glasses holding plastic bag with crime proves. Close up of female detective studying evidence sitting at workplace at police station
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA - NOVEMBER 7, 2021: Policewoman female officer putting protective lipstick on her lips while on duty in Los Angeles California, 4K
Police Evidence Bag In Red And Blue Flashing Lights
Responsible policewoman wearing service cap sitting in patrol car on duty
Policewoman aiming gun at criminal, male mate arresting hooligan, putting in car
Policewoman aiming gun at criminal, male mate arresting hooligan, putting in car
Medium shot of a male and a female investigator watching their colleague interrogating a drug dealer
Medium shot a male and a female investigator interrogating a criminal
Exhausted policewoman with headache taking off service cap, massaging temples
Brave policewoman standing near patrol car, protection of public order in city
Taipei, Taiwan-31 May, 2020: Slow motion woman traffic surgeon wearing face mask during coronavirus outbreak. People walking in street and used surgical masks for virus infection in public place-Dan
sexy police woman poses against vintage wallpaper with gun. She might arrest you if you're not careful!
A team of CSI detectives take pictures and gather evidence from a crime scene.
Young person arrested by Police officers and handcuffed
Forensic search and police officers at work
Lady in sunglasses, sitting in car and talking over cellphone, police agent
Police team arresting criminal. Police officers on duty walking with suspect on underground parking. Policemen and policewoman detaining man. Male cop aiming robber with gun
Closeup policewoman shooting with loaded gun. Police officer arms preparing to shoot from weapon. Female cop holding finger on trigger of pistol. Police siren glowing on background
Portrait shot of the Caucasian pretty young woman FBI agent in the uniform smiling cheerfully to the camera. Close up.
DULUTH, MINNESOTA - CIRCA 2016: Three police officers mounted on horses travel close by as they pass camera.
Serious policewoman aiming gun at camera. Portrait of police officer shooting with firearm. Woman holding pistol. Female cop with weapon standing at patrol car with flashing lights
Policewoman holding gun in hands. Female cop pointing pistol at camera. Closeup police officer shooting with weapon. Focus on barrel of pistol
Portrait of serious policewoman in cap posing at camera with colleagues on background. Female cop standing at car with flashing lights. Police officer looking at camera
Smiling policewoman looking at camera. Portrait of police officer on duty posing with colleagues on background. Female cop in police uniform with positive face expression
Portrait of african american policeman and policewoman on duty sitting in patrol car. Smiling police officers chasing criminal in police vehicle. Female and male cops on duty
Police team arresting criminal at underground parking. Male cop handcuffing suspect at patrol car. Police officer aiming robber with gun. Policewoman using digital tablet for work
Attractive policewoman getting out of patrol car. Police officer using walkie talkie. Female cop passing information to police office. Serious woman in police uniform running after criminal
Multi ethnic policemen sitting in patrol car at underground parking. Male police officers hiding behind door of car. Strict cops aiming guns. Policewoman talking on walkie talkie with police office
Police officer / Policeman in the UK. Wearing a Hi vis flourescent Jacket - Out on patrol
CIRCA 1970s - Two men stalk a woman walking alone at night, and assault her in a parking garage.
Strong tough hard police woman interrogating criminal
Nervous criminal male worried during interrogation by female police detective
Professional detectives of private investigation service putting on sunglasses
Woman investigator conducting interrogation of suspect in crime, police office
Policewoman two animated icon with black png background.
Forensics Police Evidence Bag Moving Shot
Paris / France - 05 01 2017: Riot police hold the line as fireworks are thrown and tear gas is fired back
Paris / France - 05 01 2017: Riot police with shields charge towards protestors
Female officer handcuffing male hooligan and taking him to patrol car, arrest
Cops arresting criminal, male officer aiming gun, police woman wearing handcuffs
Young person arrested by Police officers and handcuffed
2 in 1 London, Britain, UK, United Kingdom, October 2011: British police officers. Male and female police officer in London.
Close up of half face of serious Caucasian woman with short blond hair looking down, then rising eyes to camera in dark room with monitors at night. Female anonymous hacker concept. Cyber policewoman.
London / United Kingdom (UK) - 04 19 2019: Police surround climate change protest pink boat roadblock
CIRCA 1960s - Policewoman delivers news to mother that her daughter has been murdered in 1961.
Young person arrested by Police officers and handcuffed
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