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tray with variety of Canapes: traditional snacks or appetizers for parties, events, and cocktails, served before the main meal at formal receptions. With bread as base and different toppings on top.
happy friends celebrating at dinner party eating mediterranean food sharing platter sitting at table enjoying evening feast 4k footage
Dipping buffalo chicken wings in sweet chili sauce. fast food.
Authentic Mexican tacos filled with cochinita pibil (shredded meat marinated with onion)
Pieces of different cheeses on plate
Trio marino, ceviche, chaufa with seafood and pork rinds. focusing each product blurring the background.
 cheese platter on wooden board
dairy products- cheese, milk, butter
Hand uses fork to fill taco with sizzling fajita meat, close up slow motion slider push 4K
Mix and scratch, hands of a DJ on vinyl and mixer knobs. Slow motion 120 fps. Shooting with gimbal. Sunset.
Serve nigiri sushi with salmon on a spinning platter. Japanese traditional cuisine. Slow motion 4K video
Cheese plate with fruits, camemebert cheese and glass of red wine. Italian appetizer starter plate
male waiter serving catering on banquet and holding meat snack on plate
Camembert or brie cheese with glass of red wine, grapes, baguette and figs. Cheese platter, appetizer snack table
Hard shells beef taco with salsa sauce. Popular Mexican food
People cook dolma food. Grape leaves stuffed with minced meat.
Male waiter opening empty tray on white table
Crocus Sativus Commonly Known As Saffron Crocus Sprinkle In A Small Square Porcelain Saucer. - Tilt Down Shot
Japanese food concept. Catering, various kinds of sushi on plate or platter set. Chopsticks, ginger, soy sauce, wasabi. Placed on stone black background in plastic delivery box.
Wedding food catering charcuterie meat platter, luxury event food, closeup
Caucasian man taking taco into his hand. Beautiful and bright mexican dish on a exquisite marbel plate. Latin American cuisine in a cafe outdoors. 4K 120 fps slow motion video shot with macro food
Slide motion of sushi food served on black stone
Mexican Fajita Platter with Grilled Peppers, Onions,  Portobello Mushrooms and Rice and Beans
Colorful delicious fresh sea food platter
Charcuterie board with bresaola, prosciutto parma, olives, cheese mozzarella and strawberries and bread. Aperitif Traditional Italian appetizers antipasto
Hands of DJ tweak various track controls on dj's deck, camera is breathing
Assortment of spanish tapas or italian antipasti with meat, ham, olives, cheese, nuts and bread placed on a white rusty table. Top view flat lay with copy space background
Slow motion closeup of a platter of fries, nachos, wedges, nuggets, and fish fingers on a black plate with a cup of dipping sauce in the middle
An old record spinning on a turntable. UHD - 4K
Hard disk drive internal platter close up stock footage
Yellow, green & red splatter 12” vinyl record on a DJ turntable with yellow velvet background. Circular long player shot from above. Party, disco, rock, grunge, pop, house music. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s 4K
1950s: Mother and daughter sit at outdoor table, father and son grill food. Boy brings plate of burgers to table, sits down, father sits down at table. Family talks and prepares plates.
Cheese and meat appetizer selection. Prosciutto di Parma, salami, italian cheese,  bread sticks, olives and tomatoes on wooden board
Top view shot of popular South Indian platter rotating on a wooden platform. Closeup shot of Sambhar Vada served in a ceramic white plate with colorful chutneys, potato masala, and Uttapam
People around table during easter brekfast: focus on hands.
Traditional Balkan food close-up shot
The cook puts olives on the board full of cheese, olives and nuts
Pineapple slices platter rotating, (loopable). Filmed in 4K
Arranging gourmet cheese, crakers, and fruits on a board for a large cheese board.
Appetizers board with assorted cheese, meat, sausage rosette, honey and dried orange. Charcuterie and cheese platter. Top view
Hilarious scene, dog sneaks to the table for food, smelling something delicious. Pulls the plate by his paw, but it is empty. Not this time, disappointed doggy put head on edge of dinning table
platter with salami, ham and raclette cheese
Traditional Italian appetizers ( antipasto ) : salami, bresaola, prosciutto, olives and mozzarella
Top view background with set of colorful different kinds of sushi rolls placed on wooden board
Free tasting of various types of cheeses
Cheese platter with camembert or brie cheese, figs, baguette and grapes. Woman's hand picking slice of camembert cheese. Wine appetizer set
happy friends celebrating at dinner party eating mediterranean food sharing platter sitting at table enjoying evening feast 4k footage
fruit platter, grape, nuts, cheese, mint, bee honey, wooden platter, cheese platter at the wedding
Fresh Langan Set on The Table in Living Room,One of The Favourite Asian fruit
They make the shape of a Hungarian sausage rose sliced on a wooden plate
happy couple celebrating at dinner party with friends eating mediterranean food sharing platter sitting at table enjoying feast 4k footage
Cheese and fruit charcuterie board grazing platter preparation overhead stop motion.
Delicious shrimps are sprinkled with olive oil in a pan. Shrimp Recipe
Black vinyl record spinning on DJ turntable. Retro LP platter. Antiquarian record player. Needle playing record album on vintage turntable. Old school. Popular music equipment. Disco
White plate with fresh oysters and lemon on the background of the ocean coast on a cloudy day in Etretat, France
Closeup shot of dipping roti in dal. Eating bread with Lentil curry.
Flat lay of Cheese and Meat Platter With Hands Reaching in to take food
Grabbing One Chicken Buffalo Wing and Dipping in Ranch Dressing
Cheese plate close-up with several varieties of fruit and honey cheese
Smoked meat and cheese on a plate. Arranged dried meat in restaurant. Appetizing. Cured meat platter
waiter serving meat dishes with smoke to a client in a restaurant. Cloche opening with smoke, meat steak in high kitchen restaurant, peking duck
Delicious snacks and appetizers on feast table.  Party celebration, wedding concept.  Restaurant catering  with canapes  at a buffet.
romantic Breakfast in bed in the hotel room
Seamless looping animation of assorted white plates. Set of many dishes in the kitchen, restaurant, hotel, bars, weddings, parties, celebrations, stores. Endless amount of stacks of plates. Close up.
Antipasto platter cold meat and cheese board with grapes, wine, various kinds of cheese, grissini bread sticks on white rustic background. View from above
oysters in ice with lemon on a Golden platter with lilac gladioli petals
Waiter opens tableware cover - cloche showing the dish in front of the blonde girl. Fine dining restaurant concept.
People around table during easter brekfast: focus on hands.
Moving Past Fishes On Ice
1940s: Women sit in parlor and speak. Women work in kitchen. Woman serves ladies at table.
DJ playing music in a large outdoor dance party with people dancing
seafood platters (lobster, pink and gray shrimps, shellfish)
Big Fish platter rotating on a plate with vegetable. Black wooden background. Top view.
Mansaf. A chef serves Jordanian bedouin yoghurt on bed of rice and meat. Mansaf is the national dish of Jordan.
Thanksgiving Table with Turkey and Side Dishes and Man Carving, Slicing, and Serving Ham
Close-up trucking slider shot of delicious looking mixed sushi platter
Fresh green baby spinach on black slate platter
Black and white old movie retro gramophone. Vintage turntable big needle, vinyl
friends celebrating at dinner party eating mediterranean food sharing platter sitting at table enjoying feast at sunset 4k footage
A man takes an appetizing Mexican tacos from a white plate in the rays of warm sunlight. Dinner with tacos with a bright filling and a drink, on a glass table during sunset in a cafe. Close-up.
Restaurant cloche on plate open. Motion Animation. Video available in 4K FullHD and HD render footage on green screen chroma key
People around table during easter brekfast: focus on hands.
Traditional Balkan food close-up shot
Pan across Injera served with chicken, egg, doro wat, berbere, vegetables and lentils. Injera, a traditional staple food of Ethiopia, is a sourdough flatbread made from teff flour.
Spicy Stuffed Chicken Wing with Hot Peppers Sauce Korean Food Style inside with Mince Chicken, glass noodles,cabbage and Carrot Decorate carved chili and vegetables topview
zoom in on green plate fruit platter
 woman hand take aTasty spicy and healthy Mexican meat tacos served with various vegetables and salsa with chicken meat, beans, tomatoes and corn. With sides in paper around. Side view composition.
Indian vegetarian  platter / Thali having Palak paneer butter masala, dal makhani, flat bread or naan and rice served in a white plate
Indian vegetarian  platter / Thali having Palak paneer butter masala, dal makhani, flat bread or naan and rice served in a white plate
Shrimp and mussels platter in sauce
Close up of chopsticks holds sushi maki gunkan roll over a plate or platter set. Served in Japanese bar restaurant. Top view, flat lay. Food background. No people. Copy space.
Various types of cheese lie on the table. Gourmet food. Delicious delicacy. Dairy products.
white smoke clouds reveal barbecued ribs presented on slate platter
Assorted fruits on the buffet table. Fresh ripe exotic fruits in a plate. Sliced melon, watermelon, pineapple and orange, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries and grape twigs
Slider to the right of Middle Eastern Mediterranean family platter with selective focus on meat kabobs.
Close-up of the red wine poured into the drinking glass on the background of the burning fireplace
plate of food at Hawaiian Luau shredded pork on dinner table in Hawaii
Korean barbecue grill. people cook and eat dishes cooked on a Korean grill in a restaurant. 4k, close-up.
Dolly panning view of a platter of cured meat (charcuterie), ham, salami, pate and cheese
Rasamalai filled with nuts slow motion, milk sweet
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