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Placing pot in terrace garden with sun in background
Seamless looping animation of marihuana grow. Camera moving along green marijuana plants. Huge cannabis plantation. Concept of legal hemp cultivation for medical purpose. Vast herbal farm. Farming.
3d Rendering of Modern Living Room Interior With Green Plants, Sofa And Green Wall Background
Young man picking red tomatoes with buildings in the background
Asian child girl with mud dirty hands holding young seedlings in recycled fiber pots in the garden.Concept of child love in environmental conservation.Slow motion shot.
Tilt up of two agriculture scientists, man with tablet computer and woman in lab coats, taking soil samples from pots with leaf vegetable sprouts, placing soil into test tube and examining
Young girl watering vegetables on terrace
Young adult Black female opens shed door, picking gardening instruments inside. Shot on RED Cinema camera with 2x Anamorphic lens
Robotic arms looking after fresh, young, green plants in a vast, modern, foggy greenhouse. Soft, cold spotlights illuminate the leaves revealing their natural, vibrant, healthy color.
Woman working on garden with spray
Close up cannabis plant rotating. Cultivating marijuana. Weed leaves with buds texture. Vertical orientation video
Sporty woman sitting on mat in Lotus pose, raising arms and stretching to sides, pot plants on floor, windows on background. Flexible female practicing yoga in studio. Concept of fitness
Medical Cannabis plants growing under controlled conditions in a large greenhouse
Peeled Potatoes Falling into Pot with Boiling Water in Macro 1000fps (Phantom Flex)
Adorable 5 years old asian little girl is watering the plant  in the pots outside the house, concept of plant growing learning activity for preschool kid and child education for the tree in nature
Female Small Business Owner, Florist taking Inventory with Digital tablet in Flower Shop
Seamless looping animation of marihuana cultivation. Green marijuana plants are grown by robots. Huge cannabis plantation. Concept of future legal hemp cultivation. Modern vast herbal farm. Farming.
Asian Woman hand spray on leave plants in the morning at home using a spray bottle watering houseplants Plant care concept
Closeup of a combine hemp harvester collecting cannabis sativa plant on a field.
Nature plant background animation illustration in simple flat style  - background with plants and leaves - vector background animation
Injection molding machine with robotic arm during work: production of empty polypropylene white pots at plastic exhibition, plant. Manufacturing, recycling, industry, technology concept
Cute small child girl holding watering can water house plant in pot. Small daughter helping mom. Happy young adult mum teaching preschool kid learning household activity pouring sansevieria at home
Revitalization of "spathiphyllum" after pouring. Indoor plants. Time-lapse
sunlit room with big window and chair, sofa, potted plant, early morning in cozy interior, slow motion
CU Portrait of African-American female planting flowers in the backyard. Hobby concept. Shot on RED Cinema camera with 2x Anamorphic lens
3d Rendering of Modern Living Room Interior With Smart Tv, Sofa, Floor Lamp And Potted Plant
3d Rendering of Luxury Hotel Lobby Or Company Lobby With Black Colored Leather Armchairs, Potted Plants, Coffee Tables And Tiled Floor.
Blue Hippeastrum Opens Flowers in Time Lapse on a Black Background. Growth of Amaryllis Flower Buds. Perfect Blooming Houseplant, 4k UHD. Love, wedding, anniversary, spring, valentines day
natural organic vegetables and plants grow in smart farm or greenhouse, healthy and proper nutrition, green spinach and lettuce, biological research and explore
top view female hands taking care of growing cannabis young leaf, cultivation process inside planting pot, top leaf cultivated plant, at home indoor planting, young marijuana plant above shot close up
Hands plant small plants in the nursery for forest or food production. Hands reforesting, plant production nursery planting food or trees.
Cutting flowers in garden with scissors
Silhouette of happy family at sunset plants tree. Senior farmer with children is planting tree. Silhouette of farmer family at sunset. Happy family with shovel and watering pad planting plant in soil
Amusing little child take out soil from flower pot , dirty home floor, boring corona virus time
Woman planting fish basil plant into a bigger pot. Female gardening at home
Woman working on garden with spray closeup
Young female florist with ponytail in apron walking among rows of flowers in flower shop or greenhouse while holding two pots with plants. She is arranging these pots on the shelf with other plants
Happy Hispanic woman gardener smiling front of camera while working in flower garden shop
Young professional business woman fashion designer holding can watering green plants in pots, pouring, taking care, growing flowers in modern office, creative studio or at home. Gardening concept.
Multiracial women working together inside nursery greenhouse while smiling on camera - Green market concept
Young woman puts plants on a windowsill in her trendy city apartment. Girl decorates the apartment. Creates comfort at home. 4k
Gardener woman transplants indoor plants and use a shovel on table. Zamioculcas Concept of plants care and home garden. Spring planting
Slim woman sprayed plants Spathiphyllum plant in pot. Caucasian lady caring for house plant taking care of plants at home, spraying a plant with pure water from a spray bottle. Slow motion
Slow motion portrait of cute young lady in apron and hat holding potted plant in florist's store smiling looking at camera. Business, people and houseplants concept.
Industrial greenhouses large in size using top automatic watering indoors. equipment system moves slowly, floods plantation, Consists of long rows pipes droppers. Trumpet laid along rows of planted
Organic hemp drying in farm storage building after harvest
Close up of Asian children hold a young plant in garden with love. Concept of youth love in environmental conservation free day or holidays. Thai ethnicity
Guilty dog on the floor next to an overturned flower
Marijuana farmer touches plants as he walks through farm, slo-mo.
Man planting flowers in a pot. family hobbies, grows plants together, Flower ground, gardener or florist at work in small shop, green plantation, house garden.
Tomato seed shoot on a black background time lapse.
Growing plants in Spring, Sprouts Germination newborn Сherry Tomatoes plant in greenhouse agriculture.
Seedlings for the Garden.
Gardener transplants snake plant in white pot. Woman fills the pot with potting soil then puts the plant inside.
Illuminated and Furnished Open Plan Kitchen 3D Rendering
Close up beautiful woman sniff smell top cannabis buds, smells of relaxation terpene, growing hemp ganja herbs plant, cannabis for medical, thc cbd therapeutic effects for medical purpose, indoor grow
Marijuana cannabis hemp plants in a large indoor growing facility. Shot in 4k slowmotion
Woman's hand waters, sprays sprout of plant, flowerpot in pot. Transplantation of house plants, flowerpots. Indoor plants in pots on desktop. Woman spraying water on green leaves of succulent plants
Aerial fly over of a CBD hemp field with sun flare. cannabis used in medicine
Tabby cat dropped and broken plant pot while playing with plant. Palm plant overturned at home by pet.
Asian man trimming beautiful small bonsai plant growing on brown potted with pruning shears in nature background, Feel happy, refreshed and relaxed in a bright morning. Bonsai Gardening Concept.
Faceless. Close up of young female gardener's hands potting Spathiphyllum plant and Repotting pot for house plant . Plants care. Growing flowers in modern room. Home gardening concept. Slow motion
Combine harvesting Cannabis Hemp for Cbd production on a farming field outside. 4k, Slow motion, Close up
SLOW MOTION Sun shining trough narcotic marijuana plants in agricultural field outdoors. Medicinal cannabis field cultivation. Illegal narco weed plantation growing outdoors under the sun. Pot farming
Woman is picking jasmine on the tree that planted in flower pot. Close up of a woman's palm collecting jasmine petals from a tree. Girl smell flower and look enjoy.
Cup of tea on the window sill. Tea leaves at the bottom of the cup. Tea time.
Housewife put on shelves artificial flower pots, glass candlestick enjoy process of cosiness creation, get living room in order. Decorator decorating interior of home. Modern items for flat ad concept
Art of young woman drawing ecological painting by stylus close-up indoor. Talented artist sketching color image of flowerpot and plant at screen of digital pad. Girl writes "Keep our planet" at tablet
Roots In the hands of the grower, the beautiful roots of the marijuana plant. Macro healthy cannabis roots. CBD in Marijuana. Cannabis transplantation. Professional cannabis cultivation grow.
Natural potted houseplants on windowsill, green home plants and succulents
Modern room decoration with Picture frame mockup. White shelf against pastel turquoise wall with Collection of various cactus and succulent plants in different pots. Hand is watering them.
Cinematic shot of young woman takes care of her indoor houseplants in pots by watering by spray and pruning them in at home.
Young woman transplants epipremnum houseplant into ceramic pot. Growing indoor plants, greenery, biophilia concept.
A group of engineers in white coats walk on the modern vertical farm of the future with laptops and tablets in their hands studying and discussing the results of the growth of green plants.
Marijuana Plant Growing Time Lapse Isolated on a Black Background
Close-up CBD cannabis plant and hemp inflorescence with water drops. Ganja Leaves Macro view. Vegetative stage of medical marijuana growth.
Indoor house garden with plants in jute pots on a windowsill by the window in an apartment
Black Female Small Business Owner, Florist taking inventory with Digital tablet at Flower shop
Beautiful succulent plant growth in the indoor farm.Cactus growing in the greenhouse.Beautiful succulent plant growth in the indoor farm.Cactus growing in the greenhouse.
Skilled Male Carpenter Drilling Holes With Cordless Drill In Lumber For Outdoor Residential Project.
Young woman wearing sportswear practicing yoga in light studio with big windows and pot plants. Side view flexible female doing sports in the morning. Concept of healthy lifestyle
Woman watering plants on city balcony garden.
Family potting plant at home. Father ans son little child growing plant in pot. Happy loving family at home. Little cute boy helps his parents. Happy family planting sprout in a plant pot.
Woman gardener hands transplantion violet in a pot. Concept of home gardening and planting flowers in pot. Potted Saintpaulia violet flowers. Housewife taking care of home plants. Pouring soil into
ที่นั่งหลังบ้าน โต๊ะทำงานด้านหลังบ้าน โฮมออฟฟิศ มีของกิน วางบนโต๊ะ มีต้นไม้ บรรยากาศร่มรื่น work from home
Close up of two Asian children hold a young plant in garden with love. Concept of family love in environmental conservation free day or holidays. Thai ethnicity
Friendly girl and boy sow seeds in natural gardening pots. Happy children are planting plants at home. Fun homework with family and biology school
Woman gardener mulching potter thuja tree with pine tree bark mulch. Urban gardening
Woman watering Crassula plant at home after transplant plant into new pot, housewife, florist take care of domestic flowers, pour liquid, fertilize enrich dry ground, horticulture, gardening concept
sunlit room with big window and chair, sofa, potted plant, early morning in cozy interior, slow motion
Beatiful florist woman checking and counting the flowers in a greenhouse.
 A woman is holding an old pot with a dead dried violet in her hands. Close up. The concept of caring for home ornamental plants
Woman putting fibre soil by hands, transplanting Crassula plant into new pot at home, Replanting the plant into the pot Hobbies and leisure, Concept of home garden, green house, Biophilia design.
Watering a Tomato (Solanum Lycopersicum) plant with a pink or magenta watering can. The tomato planted in a ceramic pot.
Father ans son growing plant in pot. Family holiday and togetherness. Little cute boy helps his parent. Happy family planting sprout in a plant pot.
Drone shot revealing homes on mountainside in Arizona
blogging, gardening and housework concept - happy woman or blogger planting pot flowers and recording tutorial video at home
Father ans son little child growing plant in pot. Happy loving family at home. Little cute boy helps his parents. Happy family planting sprout in a plant pot.
White Race Girl Gardener Transplants Plants Home Garden Plants into New Pots for More Favorable Growth, Home Gardener Caring for Indoor Plants Changing Plant Soil
Scandinavian white kitchen, interior walk through, steady cam, minimalistic design, 3d illustration
Sativa marijuana plant close-up rotating on yellow background. Rasterized herbal cannabis leaf close-up. Hemp cultivation at home. Legal system, smoking activities, recreational drug
Flower shop owner replanting houseplants, home flower care plants, home garden flowerpot care girl with plant sprout care equipment. Adding Black Soil to the Flower Pot
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