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Earth planet assembling from toy bricks then exploding and scattering to huge pile of toy bricks and disappearing in the end. Earth Day or environment pollution concept. 3d rendering
Unloading Wood Cargo From Truck To Ground In Forest. Stacking Wood Cargo In Piles. Wood Cargo Transportation. Collecting Plant For Materials Production. Forestry And Lumber Industry. Deforestation.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Coal Explosion Isolated On Black Background at 1000 fps.
Close up of seeds of coffee. Fragrant coffee beans are roasted smoke comes from coffee beans.
Aerial view. A dump truck unloads a pile of garbage at a landfill. Dump of unsorted waste. Drone shot of working trash management.
Exhausted asian business woman putting documents on desk cover with stack of paperwork. Tired alone girl looking at paper and lay down on pile of sheets while working hard at late night at home.
Farmer hand holding leaf of cultivated plant. Hands holding pile of arable soil. Agriculture, gardening or ecology concept.
Aerial top down view of an excavator loading crushed stone into a dump truck in a crushed stone quarry
piles of plastic packaging bottles for recycling waste to be reused as factory materials
Concept of organic food farmer and worker picking the fresh and ripe apples from the tree in the middle of apple orchard. Shot on ARRI Alexa Mini.
Stressed businesswoman working late at night in the office, she had too many cups of coffee and feels exhausted
Slow Motion Falling Money Dollars ,
win , rich  , Profits , jackpot
black background
Close up top view of young business people putting their hands together. Stack of hands. Unity and teamwork concept.
Hundred USD cash macro view. 100 Dollar Cash Stop Motion. Background Bill Sign USA Fiat Money. Hundred Dollar Closeup. Stop Motion Texture of 100 USD Bills. Concept Finance Business Investment Success
Close up multinational group of people stack hands put palms together, united different ethnicity employees makes common business, students good warm relations, support, trust and teambuilding concept
Warehouse with cardboard boxes inside on pallets racks, logistic center. Huge, large modern warehouse. Warehouse filled with cardboard boxes on shelves. Loop-able seamless 4K 3D animation
Industrial Harvester Delimbs And Cuts Pine In Forest For Wood Production. Mechanical Machine For Pine Wood Production. Processing Timber For Pine Wood Production. Tree Logging. Lumber Industry.
Aerial view of snow mountain range landscape in Sichuan China under blue sky with winding road and sea of clouds in the background 4k winter drone footage
Details with shards of glass falling from a conveyor belt on a pile in a glass recycling facility.
Money in bank accounts. Credit bank cards are on the table. Cashless payments.
Stack of Retro Vintage TV Turning On Green Screens. You can replace green screen with the footage or picture you want with “Keying” effect in AE (check out tutorials on Internet).
Concrete pipe tube installation. Aerial above men at work outside with heavy machinery to connect and install water or sewerage pipeline in a digging soil land
timelapse, books disappear from bookshelves, vintage style
Harvest delivery to fruit market on food truck. Female worker carrying boxes of vegetables. Transport service to grocery trade from farm factory. Products supply on lorry van. Foodstuffs production
Hands lift black polymer granules from a cloth bag in a garbage recycling plant. Plastic pellets are crumbling or poured from the palms. Raw materials for recycled plastic are used in manufacturing.
City Dump. The Bulldozer Moves Along the Landfill, Leveling the Garbage. Gulls Feeding on Food Waste Fly Over It. Aerial View
Aerial flying forward over a felled forest with fallen and uprooted trees for construction or agricultural needs. Deforestation for wood. Destruction of nature and ecosystem by peoples
4K Dirty Hits, Rolling dust on a wall with chunks of debris flying out . Powder explosion on black background. Impact dust particles. Dust explosion on black background, slow-motion close up. VFX
Stack overload document report paper with colorful paperclip on black background, bureaucracy business concept footage paperless used – 4K Stop motion.
Close up of seeds of coffee. Fragrant coffee beans are roasted smoke comes from coffee beans.
Multi-ethnic businesspeople putting their hands on top of each other and clapping. Business team making a stack of hands showing unity.
Stop motion reduction of a pile of gold coins, reduced investment and reduced profits on a white isolated background.
Vintage Televisions Turning On and Off Green Screens with Static Noise and Color Bars. You can replace green screen with the footage or picture you want with “Keying” effect in After FXs.
Garbage trash pile, plastic, metal cans and glass bottles scattered on ground with plastic waste bags. Loopable animation of garbage dump environment with junk scattered around.
White table salt granules falling on wooden surface and forming a pile. Condiment particles dropping. Clean cosmetic bath salt 4k footage
Very Close-up.In a beautiful light, dried date fruit fall into the wooden plate in slow motion. Macro,Phantom Camera,900 fps video.
Close up of seeds of coffee. Fragrant coffee beans are roasted, hot aroma coffee and organic freshness, roast coffee industry cooked.
Flicking Through Old Book Pages Close-up
Footage of a young woman in yellow jacket and gloves scoops used bottles by hands used plastic bottles at recycling factory. Huge pile of bottles inside the car case cage
Businessman hands working in stacks of paper files for searching information on work desk office, business report papers,piles of unfinished documents achieves with clips indoor,Business concept
Stacks of money falling from above oh white Background. Stack Of Dollar Bills Falling. Professional 4K 3d rendering animation
A pile of newly-produced tin cans is being mechanically relocated
piggy bank business standing on a pile of coins concept. A hand is putting a coin in a lifestyle piggy bank on a yellow background. saving money is an investment for the future. Banking investment and
Waste sorting plant conveyors filled with various household waste. Modern waste processing.
Various fragrant spice market. Heap different Indian Spices rotated on wooden table. Assortment spices and herbs for cooking
Plastic recycling factory, extruded plastic waste is processed in the plant, in support of the low environmental global impact
The landfill is located next to the forest. Orange garbage trucks unload garbage. Household waste management industry. Utilities. High quality. 4k footage.
Stacks of money falling from above 4K animation Pack on Green screen Background - Stack Of Dollar Bills Falling
Chinese herbal medicines on table, herbs boiled in medicine jar
Falling pile of US Dollar money in 4K with matte mask
Super Slow Motion Shot of Flying Empty Plastic Bottles on Light Blue Gradient Background at 1000fps.
Prescription pill bottle falls on a pile of narcotics in slow motion. Pharmaceutical bottles sit in the background. The painkillers represent the opioid crisis in America, addiction and overdoses.
Four piles of gold money coins decreasing fading disappear one by one at white isolated background, financial trading concept
A domestic pet has taken on a home. Torn documents on white floor. Pet care abstract photo. Small guilty dog with funny face.
Stack clothing for sorting and baggage packing. Clothes for donation or shopping concept. Folding clothing storage and minimalism things. Environmentally Friendly Consumption.
Electronic garbage recycling factory. Fragments of defective electronics being grabbed by a loader
Super slow motion of flying raw chocolate pieces splashing into molten chocolate. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000fps.
Truck unloading garbage, waste at landfill, junkyard. City dump aerial view. waste mangement, recycling. dump garbage truck. ecology concept, earth, environmental problems.
Aerial view flying through neatly stacked tree trunks, impact of deforestation and heavy industry on global ecological system
Time lapse of Aerial top view of A Huge Waste, garbage, dump, rubbish landfill. A landfill compactor, group of workers sort out the garbage in the landfill. Trash trucks dump waste polluting products.
Tree stumps left after deforestation, mild rain, 4K
Aerial view garbage, lots of plastic bags on the snow, in winter time. Drone fly very low over plastic bottles rubbish and waste, in winter time. Safe nature, global problem. Ecology problem.
Pile-driving (copra) part of the excavator in close-up. Pile driving works at the construction site. Modern hydraulic lifting mechanisms.
Close up of seeds of coffee. Fragrant coffee beans are roasted, hot aroma coffee and organic freshness, roast coffee industry cooked.
A Big Storage Truck is used for the Deforestation process. The deforestation process occurs because of the cutting of wood for fuel. The deforestation process causes environmental problems.
USD cash macro view. green 100 dollar cash - stop motion animation. USA fiat money.
Stack of Retro Television Sets Turning On Green Screens. 4K Resolution.
Many empty plastic bottles are compressed. Waiting to enter the recycling process
Transportation of Food on Truck. Shipment Order of Foodstuff from Production Plant for Selling. Worker Carrying and Piling Boxes of Tomato for Provider. Concept of Transfer Company or Carriage on Van
Businessman searching documents files or information in Stack of papers folder on work in office, Business report paper or piles of unfinished document achieves with clips on offices, Business concept
Pile of american dollars cash money, inflation concept. Closeup new american one hundred dollar bills. Back view US money banknotes of new 100 dollars. New hundred dollar bills background
Plastic granules are poured from the hand in glow. Plastic granules, dye, polymer granules are used for the production of plastic products
Tired businessman working late at night, he is overwhelmed by work and his desk is filled with paperwork, work overtime and deadlines concept
Electronic garbage recycling factory. The landfill inspector is throwing waste debris into a pile.
Super slow motion of flying raw chocolate pieces splashing into molten chocolate. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000fps.
Sustainable living. Food and Green organics, recyclable materials. Bio waste bin. Kitchen food scraps including fruit, vegetables and egg shells. Separate waste collection
Library Stack of Books Zooming Through Bookshelves. Zoom In through some stack of books inside a big library. Background
Asian Business man Manager checking and signing applicant filling documents reports papers company application form or registering claim on desk office. Document Report and business busy Concept
Vintage TVs Turning On and Off Green Screens. You can replace green screen with the footage or picture you want. You can do it with “Keying” effect in After Effects (check out tutorials).
Fresh organic vegetables and fruits move into a pile on a pink background, stop motion. Vegetables animation. 
Flat lay 4 video with vegetables.
Throwing away uneaten food at home. Household Food Waste. Over-Preparing — household food waste is the result of people cooking or serving too much food.  Composting, recyclable materials
A pile of waste clothes thrown in trash, it could be used in recycling and given to poor
The Desert Nations of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan as Seen from Space on Many 80s TVs. Elements of this Video furnished by NASA.
Pile of old used clothes. Disposal, recycling concept, donation, charity, second hand. Waste recycle
Stack of overload document paper with colorful paperclip place on wooden table, bureaucracy business concept footage paperless used – 4K Stop motion
Close up shot of newspapers piling up
Back view of industrial wood carrier cargo vessel truck trailer with timber pine, driving through the woods. Timber export and shipping. The tractor is driving through the forest
Fragrant coffee beans are roasted in a frying pan, smoke comes from coffee beans. The whole composition scrolls slowly around the camera. Scoop stir coffee beans.
Corporate business team people group stack hands together in pile close up view building strong reliable team helping in teamwork express strength power of partnership professional leadership concept
looped close-up rotation of compacted wooden sawdust pellets - natural cat litter filler or organic fuel
Prescription pills fall into a pile from a bottle in slow motion. Pharmaceutical bottles sit in the background. Painkillers represent the opioid crisis in America, narcotic addiction and overdoses.
Super slow motion of flying spices mix on black background. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps
A close-up of the fingers of a hand counting five-thousandth Russian ruble banknotes. Male hands count Russian money 5000 banknotes on the background of a rotating pile of money
Woman Holding a Heap of Date Fruit Toward Camera. The Food Mostly Eating in Ramadan. Daylight, Close Up Slow Motion Shot. 4K Resolution.
Human bones and skulls scattered on the field of the past battle. The concept of war and the Apocalypse.
Asian business woman sitting at desk covered with stack of paperwork and talking phone, using laptop. Tired alone girl sleeping while working hard at late night. Time lapse, Fast speed, Web cam view
piles of shredded cardboard for recycling
Dry animal feed slowly falls into a bowl, top view
Zooming Out From Cut Trunks Of Logs In Stock In Forest While Timberland Deforestation. Tractor Puts Wood Trees In Stocks. Working Process In Timberland. Beautiful Stock In Timberland. Logging.
Office clerk stacking paperwork and files on the desk late at night, work overload and bureaucracy concept
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