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Skydiving people doing a formation in free fall
Two paragliders fly over mountain top in epic pink sunset light. Parachutes or paragliding experience. Adrenaline and extreme sport. Beautiful tranquil and calm time in nature
Video of a young woman skydiver jumping from the plane performing front loopings. Fearless and confident. Recorded in slow motion in 4K resolution.
Skydiving tandem in Rio de Janeiro
Skydiver having fun above the sea & mountains 4K
CIRCA 1944 - British, French and Polish troops march in Cassino, Italy and take members of the German 1st Parachute Division prisoner.
Skydiver is jumping out of a plane and falling. First person video.
Tandem skydiving. Two guys are flying in the sky.
Skydiving video. Tandem jump. Two skydivers are in the cloudy sky.
ZM401 RAF Royal Air Force Airbus A400M Atlas military cargo plane on a low-level cargo parachute drop run over Wiltshire UK
CIRCA 1944 - A US Navy WAVE demonstrates the bounce and curl exercise ideal for those with standing jobs, like parachute packers.
Skydiving. Young woman is jumping out of a plane. Slow motion.
Extreme paraglider flying against a clear blue sky, sunbeam shines into camera. Man with instructor flies with parachute. 4k, slow motion.
Back view of group professional skydivers going to the plane
Skydiving tandem group
aerial view from man BASE jumping from mountain in Austria. Adventure, freedom concept.
CIRCA 1931 - Romanian aviatrix sets a record for the highest parachute jump.
Formation skydiving. A group of skydivers is training in the sky.
Skydiver open his parachute. From high speed to stop.
Skydiving. Tandem jump.
Aerial view over the village of Lauterbrunnen in Switzerlandwith its famous waterfall - drone footage
Formation skydiving in the amazing sky. Skydivers have done a circle figure.
Skydivers having fun at the amazing sunset 4K video
Skydiving. A girl is flying in the sky.
Group professional skydivers goes to the plane, back view
CIRCA 1944 - Allied paratroopers are dropped into occupied France, while soldiers on troop transport ships move into landing crafts.
CIRCA 1944 - Paratroopers are dropped behind enemy lines in Normandy.
Image of a woman parachutist in casual clothes doing a dive among the clouds, in slow motion with 4K resolution.
Skydiving tandem selfie 4K
Professional skydivers parachuting above coast of Dubai. Formation. Dance. Sunny day.
Skydiving. First person view. Jumping out of a plane and falling.
CIRCA 1944 - American paratroopers rest on a forest floor in France, one of them using a parachute as a blanket.
Skydiver woman freestyle in white clothes at sunny day
Skydivers make a formation skydive at the sunset
Tandem skydiving, regrouping in the air, until opening the parachute
CIRCA 1954 - The first fully automatic ejector set is tested from a supersonic jet.
Maneuvering, parachute control after a parachute jump
Ecka, Vojvodina, Serbia - August 21, 2015 National Parachuting Championship: Parachutist is flying slowly down with an open parachute. Skydiving, gliding, parachute jump
CIRCA 1944 - A US Navy flier stencils Japanese flags onto his plane to show how many have been shot down, and other fliers prepare for missions.
CIRCA 1959 - Missile flight tests are conducted by the Arnold Engineering Development Center.
Aerial Drone Shot of Motorized Paraglider/Paramotor flying over Sand Beach of Bocagrande, Cartagena, Colombia next to lots of Skyscrapers & High Rise Buildings into orange Sunset at Caribbean Coast.
Parachute jumping,skydiving activity. Instructor controlling and fixing harness before the flight for person's safety. Effective parachute equipment. Extreme sport
Wingsuit skydiving over Voss Norway
CIRCA 1954 - On D-Day, American soldiers storm the beaches of Normandy while the 101st Airborne Division drops paratroopers.
Skydiving tandem funny
CIRCA 1941 - In this animated film, soldiers train with outdated equipment.
World War II paratroopers dropping into battlefield during war. 4K
CIRCA 1920s - Biplanes fly in an air power show.
A parachutist is flying high in the sky with a parachute. View from ground. Skydiver flying with parachute against the sky. Extreme sport. 4K.
CIRCA 1944 - A US Army Air Force squadron of Liberators, Lightnings, Thunderbolts, and Mustangs flies over Mulhouse, France.
Skydivers jump from the plane 4K
Paragliding into the sunset in Brazil
CIRCA 2019 U.S. Army Ranger special forces soldiers jump from helicopter during a military training parachute jump, Georgia.
Skydiving. A skydiver is flying above white clouds.
CIRCA 1957 - American soldiers test new bail out methods for a supersonic sled.
Rear view of a parachutist circling in the air with a wing parachute. Action. Professional sky diver pulling the sling to control the parachute while flying on grey cloudy sky background.
Airbag Deploys Closeup - Closeup of a white air bag bursting open, inflating, and then settling a bit
Skydiving. A girl is training to fly in the sky.
Amazing parasailing over Adriatic sea Croatia. First person view of parachute slings and bar with carabiners high above crystal blue water and motorboat
Skydive point of view
Skydiver having fun above the sea & mountains 4K
Skydiving group formation
Skydiving.There is a full time of the freefall from exit to deployment of a parachute. The view from the first person.
Skydiver jumping from the Airplane
Skydiving. Tandem is jumping out of a plane and two friends are flying to the one.
Skydive tandem opening
POV Man Sky Diving, Extreme Sport
Skydivers over Deland Florida USa
Skydivers make a formation skydive at the sunset slow motion
The parachutist flying and lands on the ground in the field. View from ground. Skydiver flying with parachute against the sky. Extreme sport. 4K.
Beautiful aerial view of the soaring parachute at sunset over the Arab sea. Aquarium, in Mirbat, Oman.
CIRCA 1930s - Paratroopers parachute from a warplane, the Japanese Army invades Northern Manchuria and Stalin visits the White Sea-Baltic Canal.
CIRCA 1952 - Paratroopers are dropped immediately before and after an atomic bomb drop at a US military desert test site.
A skydiving team jumps out of the plane.
Beautiful epic landscape of high altitude mountains, bright coloured paraglider parachute flies down. Amazing scene of extreme sports for winter activity at ski resort
Skydiving in Norway
CIRCA 1940s - Gun cameras on RAF Spitfires capture the action as they fight Luftwaffe planes.
Skydivers over snowy mountains in Norway
Parachutists jumping in tandem out of an sport airplane
Skydiving. The stop of the free falling. The deployment of a parachute.  First person view.
A man and an instructor are flying on a parachute. Active holidays on the beach in summer. The landing parachutist. The parachute is tied to the boat. Extreme rest. Phuket, Thailand.
Skydiving teamwork formation synced at sunset
Skydiving. Skydiver has jumped out of a plane.
Lifestream men jumping with a wingsuit parachute over Hawaii, slow motion
Skydiving in Norway
Tourists on a parachute over the sea, aerial view. Tourists parasailing on the Boracay, Philippines.
Tandem parachute jump. Selfie video
Skydiving. Tandem jump.
Skydiving holding hands
A group of skydivers jump from a helicopter, one skydiver high fives another while skydiving over Dubai cityscape, POV
Big formation skydiving.
Skydiving wing suit entering the clouds at sunset, adventure freedom concept.
Two base jumpers in wingsuits jumping from a cliff, gliding down over a green landscape, POV
PHUKET, THAILAND - NOVEMBER 18, 2017: Tourists parasailing fly to the ocean shore, tourist season and travel concept. Phuket, Thailand. Flying with parachute
Group of Skydivers Moving Towards Airplane in Sunset Light. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Tracking Aerial View of Paragliding Pacarhute Flying Above Green Mountain Hills. Zlatibor, Serbia. Summer Activity and Adrenaline Concept, Drone Shot
MAYSKOE, DNEPR, OKTOBER 14, 2018: Skydivers Jumping in Tandem out of an Airplane. Skydiving. Tandem jump. Long free fall. Slow Motion. The instructor and man are enjoying the sky diving. Real emotions
Skydiving sunset silhouette
Tandem Paramotor Gliding - two men flying and gliding in the air. High quality photo
Skydiving in Norway
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