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Dubai, United Arab Emirates - October 2021: Panning shot looking up inside the Al Wasl dome at Expo 2020
Drone view of giant Colombian flag in Bogota, Colombia, wide angle spinning shot
Establishing shot of two story brick luxury house with garage door, tree and nice landscape in Vancouver, Canada, North America. Day time on September 2020. Shot 1 of 1. Slow pan right. H.264.
Singapore Sunset Beautiful Time lapse of day to night of Singapore city skyline from aerial and high angle overlooking Marina bay and CBD area. Pan up motion timelapse.  4K available.
Woman at window with a mask in isolation for virus outbreak .
Pan across empty classroom in school or university - chairs and desks without anyone sitting vacant room elementary or high school during day off or summer break vacation - no students - camera move
Young mixed race woman working in call centre
Rotate and Looking up shot on Devil Tree, Alstonia scholaris tree, POV view. Beautiful Sun's rays through tops of trees, sun shines through foliage.
Brussels Belgium Aerial  Birdseye view flying around Saint Michel statue in Grand Place - December 2019
Time lapse of beautiful city skyline with water reflection effect, from sunset to sunrise (day to night to day). Pan right
Spectacular straight down aerial view of a flock of Greater Flamingos flying across the Makgadikgadi Pan, Botswana
Solar panels modules on roof on a clear sunny day - 4k
Delicious whole chicken cooked with pumpkin, pepper and potatoes. Served in metal baking pan. Decorated with rosemary. Autumn food concep. Top view. Flat lay.
Establishing shot of one story brick and white stucco luxury house with garage door, big tree and nice landscape in Vancouver, Canada, North America. Day time on September 2020. Slow pan left. H.264.
Pre-teen black girl and her father preparing food following a recipe on a tablet computer, close up
Slowly panning across a forest at sunrise on a summers day with light flickering through the branches in Oxfordshire, England
Solar panels modules on roof on a clear sunny day. Sun reflecting on solar panels - 4k
Father having fun with pancakes in the kitchen, man boasting about his cooking skills
Man in coat looking at the skyscrapers pan shot right to left. Gimbal back shot of businessman in eyeglasses near skyscrapers in business city
Ecuador Guayaquil Coffee Cocoa Plantation City Partly Cloudy Sunset Aerial 4K
View of city and sea from height in Abu Dhabi
pan view of Hassan II Mosque against sky ; Casablanca, Morocco
Antwerp Belgium Aerial  Flying low over Scheldt River into downtown old town district - November 2019
Brussels Belgium Aerial  Birdseye view flying around Grand Place square - December 2019
Washington, DC - USA - March 2 2022: The Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building in Washington, D.C. on a sunny winter day. The camera pans from left to right.
4k aerial time lapse of cloudscape at Singapore city skyline. Pan left
Beautiful Time lapse of Day to Night of Singapore skyline from afar with reflection. Prores. Pan right motion timelapse. 4K available.
Harz forest densely planted top view flying drone coniferous deciduous green beautiful view
Kyoto, Japan low angle view vertical panning walking in Arashiyama bamboo forest grove canopy park pattern of many plants on spring day with green foliage color
Establishing shot. Neighbourhood of luxury houses with street road, small green trees and nice landscape in Vancouver, Canada. Blue sky, white clouds. Day time on June 2020. Pan right. H.264.
Lititz , PA / United States - 07 04 2019: Tilt down pan aerial shot of Boy Scouts of America carrying start spangled banner American flag in small town parade
Video panning of solar panels modules on roof on a sunny day
View of Shannon Falls and water rushing down the canyon during a sunny winter day. Located in Squamish, North of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Nature Background Panorama. Slow Motion.
Aerial: Yacht near sinkhole against sky on sunny day, scenic view of seascape while drone panning from left to right - Great Blue Hole, Belize
Barcelona / Spain - 08 23 2019: La Sagrada familia cathedral, Aerial, tracking, drone shot,panning around the La Sagrada familia cathedral, over the city of Barcelona, at sunset
Aerial birds eye overhead top down tracking view of car driving on wide multilane one-way downtown street leading between skyscrapers. Dallas, Texas, US in 2021
Aerial: Downtown Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) business district. Iconic feature of the Saigon city center that for many, is the first thing that comes to mind when 'Saigon City' is mentioned.
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA - December 2021: Tesla cars charging at Tesla super charger electric car charging station outdoors on a sunny day.
Hong Kong Aerial View Day to Night Cityscape (pan shot)
4k time lapse of dramatic sunrise over Singapore city skyline. Pan right
Green leafy streets and City of Ryde suburbs on Sydney West – aerial 4k.
Aerial - Salinas Grandes salt flats, Jujuy, Argentina, wide shot backward
Smooth tracking shot of office building. Business building tracking shot. Beautiful sunny morning. Good for establishing shot, video opening or closing. Sunshine between two glass buildings. Prores
Mature Black Man Reading Bible in Living Room, Pan from Face Down to Book
Slow motion shot of man looking at high-rise buildings in city
looking up moving shot of Los Angeles city modern skyscraper high-rises
Spectacular aerial view of a flock of Greater and Lesser Flamingos flying across the Makgadikgadi Pan,Botswana
View of city and sea from height in Abu Dhabi
Pan across beautiful oranges growing on tree in garden. Slow motion, 4K UHD.
Mother laying on sofa lifting and playing with baby daughter / Alpine, Utah, United States
Rearview of friends running together on a beach holding sparkling fireworks in Slow Motion
Singapore - 05 02 2019:  Aerial, tracking, drone shot panning around the Gardens by the bay, on a sunny day, at Downtown Core, Kallang, Marina South
Panning Shot Of Person Walking Towards Rock Built Structures During Vacation - AlUla, Saudi Arabia
Shenzhen Futian district skyline with moving clouds
China Great Wall Aerial v2 Flying low besides famous structure 5/17
Day to night time lapse of sugarcane field in sunset time
Video panning of solar panels modules on roof on a clear day
Man pouring cooking oil on the frying pan - Top View
Elementary school kids and teacher at a table eating lunch
Winter aerial view of orbiting the Statue of Liberty to downtown Manhattan during the day light. 4k shot with a RED camera.
Pan view of Indian constitution or Bharatiya Savidhana preamble placed on Indian flag Concept of Freedom, Nationality and patriotism.
Aloe Vera plant growing in garden, sun flaring through leaves, closeup. Shallow DOF, 4K UHD.
slow motion of asian little girl and her dad bathe in the sea and splash water
Milky Way Night Time Lapse-Stars, Planet Mars and the Milky Way  Night Time Lapse,Night starry sky, milky way in night horizon, beautiful dark day time, stars shining, white. Star trails rolling.
happy young mixed race couple cooking together in kitchen preparing dinner frying vegetables in pan woman tasting food enjoying flavour healthy lifestyle at home 4k footage
T/L WS Beijing downtown cityscape from day to night.
manchester 01/10/2019: Salford Quays timelapse from sunset to night pan England UK
Black girl drawing on chalkboard wall at daycare
Aerial panning along Harrisburg, PA skyline. Harrisburg is the capital of state and houses the government for the U.S. state of Pennsylvania
Panning shot of bar and restaurant tables
Rape fields and wind wheels, Gabsheim. Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Aerial birds eye overhead top down panning view of cars stuck in traffic jam. Multilane road around large and complex intersection in city centre. Warsaw, Poland
Panning shot of young adult friends talking at dining table
Aerial Descending Panning Red Flag Of Switzerland On Mountain Top, Drone Flying During Winter Season - Vaud, Switzerland
LONDON, ENGLAND, August 5th 2019: Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace London. The Queen's Guard in London changes in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace at 11:00 am every day in early summer.
4K Thanksgiving Turkey Cooking In Oven. Preparing tipical delicious potato food. Tasty traditional dish Thanksgiving Day-Dan
Aerial view over trees on a hill, revealing the ocean and steep mountain peaks, in Lofoten, Norway - pan, drone shot
close-up chef actively working in the kitchen of an Asian restaurant mixed colorful vegetables are roasted in a wok in slow motion
View of an open-pit Tilwezembe mine Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Multi generation black family in garden, handheld pan
View of Independence Monument and Monument Canyon in Colorado's National Monument park, Pan
Beautiful nature green bokeh sunshine abstract blurred background, foliage plant leaves shadow swaying in the wind with sunbeam and sun flare.
Tutor teaching students using anatomical model.
Aerial Forward Beautiful Shot Of Salt Pans Against Clear Sky On Sunny Day - Siwa Oasis, Egypt
Wallau, Germany - June 07, 2016: Aerial tracking shot of passing german high speed train (ICE) on the Frankfurt-Cologne line near Wallau, Germany. The maximum speed of these trains is around 320km/h
Washington D.C. / United States - August 26 2020: The United States Supreme Court Building. Wide angle pan under front exterior Columns of U.S. High Court.
Antarctica Aerial Majestic Seascape Drone View. Open Water Antarctic Ocean Coast Nature Mountain Beauty. Cold South Pole Winter Landscape Helicopter Above Pan Left Footage 4K (UHD)
Rubber duck on life ring floating in the beautiful swimming pool. Camera panning around the cute yellow toy in the cristal clear water. Joyful and cheerful atmosphere. Time for play. Summer. Sunny day
Many seats at empty airport terminal waiting area. No people in lounge at evacuated airport. Low season means poor business for air travel. Airport abandoned after terrorist attack.
Cooking Fried Rice with Calamari. A Peruvian and Chinese food mixture called "Chaufa de Mariscos".
Aerial tracking shot of college campus during sunny autumn morning.
STRASBOURG, FRANCE - CIRCA 2018: Pan over all flags of European Union member states on a warm sunny day in front of European parliament
The famous St Mark's square (Piazza San Marco) in Venice, Italy during the day. Panning shot with an impressive view of the basilica, the church tower, and the palace with few tourists. 4K.
Birch branch with green natural leaves revealing sky and sun beams, pan and tilt in the autumn forest, sunny day, close up slow motion. Sun rays bursting through fresh foliage leaves blowing in wind.
Panning shot of elegant businesswoman standing in street on sunny day and exchanging text messages on her cell phone
Close up of woman washing face with washcloth in mirror / Cedar Hills, Utah, United States
Aerial View of a 3D Commercial Airport Render with Parked Planes, Passenger Terminals, Runway and Service Machinery. Top Down View of Modern Aircrafts in International Airport. Panning VFX Shot.
Milan, Italy - August 6, 2020: Hyperlapse shot walking through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan
Reichstag (Bundestag) - German Parliament Building with Dome and Berlin Cityscape at the Background, Germany, Europe. Aerial View 4K Panning Shot
Aerial Panning Shot Of River Flowing Amidst Terrace Filed On Sunny Day - Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam
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