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Procession of Japanese businessmen going to work
Silhouetted happy caucasian family running towards sun having fun in city park at sunset. Slow Motion. Family, Motherhood, childhood, freedom, future and travel concept. Brother, sisters and parents
Smart dog raise and touch man hand by front paws, sunny park lawn at morning hour. Beagle stand up on hind legs and give five to owner, good boy
Sunset Timelapse, Dramatic Sundown Landscape, Sunrise in Mountains View Nature
Young asian woman walking in the town.
young asian family with two children standing on bridge looking at view outdoors in city park
Happy family. Teamwork. Dream of becoming a pilot, Silhouette of happy family at sunset in the park. Teamwork, airplane pilot. Children dream. Silhouette of children in the park playing airplane pilot
Asian women and waiter in cafe.
Two people raise glasses with wine and say cheers , say a toast, celebrate. Close up hands holding up glasses of red wine on bonfire background. Cheers concept.
Young Asian businessman wearing a surgical mask looking up at the sky.
Thai kids play seesaw at outdoor playground. Slow motion of happy Asian children and her sister.
Amusing young beagle dog with long flying ears run through grass and glowers towards camera, slow motion shot. Hilarious playful puppy chase and look straight, happily spend time outing at park
Japanese businessman going to work
Asian senior male driving a car
Happy kid run in park. Mom and baby play outdoors. Happy family concept. Smile of a baby. Kid play in park. Happy family in park. Kid smile and run. Baby dream. Mom and baby family games.
beautiful little asian girl and boy sister and brother lying on grass reading a book together in park
Young and cute beagle dog at walk in city park, go ahead owner on leash, slow motion shot. Beautiful sunny evening, bright sun flash through trees. Doggy walk at path side, long ears and tail in air
Hot middle man in the park
People are waiting for the flight in the airport terminal on a sunny day. Outside the window, the plane takes off. One can see the silhouettes of people, no recognizable faces
happy asian family with one child walking relaxing and enjoying nature in woods
CIRCA 1950s - A family eats at a picnic table in 1950.
Tranquil scene of early morning lake. Young woman drinking hot steaming tea on the beach. Moody weather outdoors hangout.
Young diverse families with two children walking relaxing in park happy and smiling.
Young beagle dog walk across city road, car ride on background, slow motion tracking shot. Smart cute doggy come at pedestrian crossing on green traffic light, pull leash slightly
Pensive young beagle walk on leash with owner at sunny park, slow motion tracking shot. Small dog go along asphalt path, green grass and sun light on background, warm summer day evening
Little girl climbing outdoors.Cute beautiful caucasian little girl 2-3 years old having fun on playground
Father with son in tent on green grass discovering flora and fauna. Father with son lying in camp tent. Two travelers having fun in tent. Traveling close to home. One parent family
Child Using Binoculars in Mountains Forest, Tourist Kid Hiking at Camping, Wood Alpine Trails, Girl Traveling in Trip, Excursion
An old woman is being pushed in a wheelchair by her caretaker
Caucasian woman sits on rock and plays the ukulele. Her blonde hair is blown by the wind. She plays the strings of small guitar. Autumn, yellow leaves on trees. Hobbies, string, music
Asian woman  using the smartphone in fresh green
Cute young beagle dog walk with owner at sunny evening, slow motion dolly shot. Doggy run forward, then stop to sniff grass and come again, look up to woman. Beautiful bright sun light shine behind
The 4k video taken from Katase-Enoshima beach.This beach is located in Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan. It is closet beach to Tokyo, background inserting video of sea, wave and beach for post processing.
Young beagle dog walk at path along lake shore with owner, sunny evening time, slow motion tracking shot. Camera follow man with juvenile companion. Happy moments concept, charming sunny scene
Beautiful cherry blooms (sakura tree) in the park. Cherry blossom season in Wuling Farm, Taichung City, Taiwan. April 2021.
Bouncy young dog run with owner, have happy walk at sunny evening hour, slow motion slide shot. Beagle puppy leap up again and again, try to catch leash by jaws. Funny long ears fly in air
CIRCA 1965 - Visitors enjoy seeing many kinds of exotic fish at an aquarium in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
The feet of a Japanese businessman walking outside
Couple on a date, young adult man and woman sitting on sea front in evening. He holds her hand and says something emotionally. Silhouettes of two people from back, red colored sunset sky in background
Happy lovely young couple lying on colorful blanket in the park looking at the sky pointing clouds romantic with guitar sunglasses beautiful attractive girl top view rotating camera slow motion
Urban girl child hugging her young dad from behind while he is reading a book. Medium shot of a handsome father enjoying with his daughter on a holiday outing in the park - happy family time
happy family wave goodbye campsite on a car outdoors silhouette at sunset. parents and kid children waving hands at the sunset nature. day off holiday friendly family dream teamwork concept. happy
Close up smiling Caucasian parents sitting on grass in park holding up their cute young baby son shot on RED EPIC
Funny Jack Russell Terrier dog eating green grass from under the snow with pleasure, wagging its tail, looking into the distance. Walking dogs in a nature park in winter, caring for pets.
Russian still life on lake Baikal traditional treat cuisine. Samovar, hot tea, omul local fish, bagels on table, traditional painted scarf. Tourist lunch serving. Authentic culture style. Siberia tour
Solitary jaguar lies on a rock. resting in the shade in its habitat enclosure at a popuar. public zoo.
Mom and son have fun in the spring meadow. Blooming magnolia, happy family, mother's day
Toddler boy walks in field with parents on sunny day, amongst trees
Outdoors, medium shot of happy and kind middle-aged African father cuddle, hold and sing lullaby to calm his crying newborn female colic child at the park
Happy work colleagues standing outside their workplace
Home Heath aide worker companion shot, preparing for an outing - slow motion  - Home Health Care Series
Romantic date concept. Man and woman having a picnic at the bay. They are holding glasses with sangria cocktail, focu on glasses with orange inside.
Happy young African American parents son getting into family car for day out together
Young asian businessman walking in the city wearing surgical mask.
Asian businessman in a car.
A young country boy is eating an apple on an apple or farm. child kid eat fruit outdoor
Young beagle stroll at park path alongside with owner legs, tracking slow motion shot. Cute doggy walk with tail in air, sniff ground and look ahead. Man pace near, hold loose leash
Kid Playing in River, Child Hand Washing Hands in Waterfall at Mountains, Tourist Girl Plays in Spring in Summer Vacation, Trip
4K Sunset Time Lapse Mountains Sun Rays Clouds View Dramatic Sundown, Landscape
Funny young beagle run after moving camera, slow motion shot. Long flapping ears fly in air, small dog hardly rush across mixed tall grass field
Young asian woman wearing kimono. Japanese traditional clothes.
animated screen saver 
to create an advertisement for a children's party or product
toy store
Young beautiful couple smiling, speaking, looking at tablet, sitting in city park. Slow motion.
Group of children eating watermelon outdoors. Children eating watermelon sitting on the grass in park. Close-up. High resolution. 4K.
AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. Deep learning. Mindfulness. Psychology.
Golden rays of soothing sunshine filter through the overhanging branches and leaves of mature trees. from a rotating perspective. Video 4k
Kid on Bridge at Camping in Mountains Trails, Child Hiking in Excursion, Young Blonde Girl Looking a River, Stream in Nature
Low angle shot of a happy African family outing at park concept. Outdoors, medium shot of dark skin, kind father and a son picnic at the park, sitting on the mat, and reading a book together.
A young attractive Hindu man sits by the fire playing the guitar and singing.
Proud young Caucasian father with his smiling little boy as he walks barefoot grass enjoying outing park - Proud Caucasian Father Baby Son Enjoying Outing Park
Young asian woman using a smart phone in the town.
Young asian woman standing in the town.
Happy African family outing at park concept. Outdoors, low angle shot of middle-aged kind father removes pacifier from chubby adorable newborn baby to wipe and clean up with a napkin.
African American family putting chairs bags into back hatchback car ready for outing - Young African American Family Car Outing
KANSAS, UNITED STATES MARCH 1949: Family outing in the countryside in 40s
Real happy family spending quality time outdoors, loving carefree in the trees
Overhead view young Caucasian family in swimwear enjoying outing in swimming pool at colorful water park
landscape of lush green and mountain range with moving clouds during monsoon in India
Young couple in love shopping at country flea market
Happy kid run in park. Mom and baby play outdoors. Happy family concept. Smile of a baby. Kid play in park. Happy family in park. Kid smile and run. Baby dream. Mom and baby family games.
A man takes out the trash in a country house.The homeowner remotely opens the rollback gate to roll out the dumpster and leave it outside.  High quality 4k footage.
Young dog resist but pulled by leash, try to not follow owner and then give up. Slow motion shot, green grassy field in park. Capricious beagle want to go in opposite direction
Young man driving a car. Vehicle interior.
beautiful little asian girl blowing bubbles in park
Tranquil scene of early morning lake with reflection of female face. Young woman looking into the water. Moody weather outdoors hangout.
Funny young Beagle dog with flying ears leap over puddle, slow motion shot. Juvenile doggy run at ground path and make amusing jump to skip wet ground. Small dog have fun outing at city park
Boy rowing boat children. Kid float on a boat river city holiday. Kid rides a boat with paddle. Child rowing oars on a boat a lake park city. Recreation children's camp during holidays on the river
Children, on a floating device tied to a pontoon on a beautiful lake, are seen enjoying their day, through tree branches on a sunny day. Boating in Minnesota. Subtle zoom out.
View of three waterfalls at the park/garden in a Japanese style. Feng shui - Relaxing Endless Loop. Perfect for meditation
Young asian woman walking in the town.
Happy Caucasian family in people carrier car ready for day beach
Pretty young beagle dog walk on leash at city park, sunny evening, slow motion shot. Man go at pathway side, doggy jog on road with tail in air. Puppy sniff ground then go to owner
Late evening in camp, father and daughter sitting by the fire
Smiling blonde baby girl close up held in loving parents arms in sunshine at park sun lens flare shot on RED EPIC
Tranquil nature scene with female face. Outing to the forest lake.
young asian couple and son having fun enjoying nature walking through green field in woods
Portrait of attractive young Japanese girl with long hair
Young beautiful couple smiling, reading book, sitting in city park. Slow motion.
Happy lovely young couple lying on colorful blanket in the park listening music on smartphone with hearphones romantic with guitar sunglasses beautiful attractive girl
Slow. rotating perspective of treetops in a young forest. reaching vertically overhead against an overcast sky. with bird sounds. 4k UltraHD footage
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