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4k Smiling businessman at home sitting on a table reading phone message or downloading an app for his mobile phone.
Relaxed young woman using smart phone surfing social media, checking news, playing mobile games or texting messages sitting on sofa. Millennial lady spending time at home with cell gadget technology.
Shot move around businessman stand in the city center street uses phone texting scrolling tapping smile technology communication sunny day success slow motion
Male millennial professional holding modern smartphone texting message in office. Young businessman using helpful mobile apps for business time management organization concept sitting at work desk.
Male business owner in workshop using digital tablet and making call on mobile phone - shot in slow motion
Happy senior elderly 70s man user holding smart phone watching mobile video calling online looking at screen relaxing on couch at home, older grandparent learn using modern technology gadget concept.
Amazed happy businessman receiving sms message reading good news. Excited overjoyed male winner celebrating success looking at smart phone sitting at home office desk. Mobile victory concept
Funny euphoric young woman customer celebrating winning bid or getting ecommerce shopping offer on smartphone. Excited girl winner looking at mobile phone using app celebrating success concept.
Young busy indian business woman working on project paperwork talking on the phone. Ethnic female manager making business call on mobile writing tasks on sticky notes working alone in office.
Funny overjoyed young woman winner jumping, dancing at home celebrating mobile win concept. Euphoric girl student receiving sms message reading great news. Happy female customer excited about success.
Happy relaxed young woman holding smart phone looking at cellphone screen laughing enjoying using mobile apps for shopping having fun playing games chatting in social media sit on couch at home
Happy hispanic teen girl holding cell phone using smartphone device at home. Smiling young latin woman blogger subscribing new social media, buying in internet, ordering products online in apps.
Young business woman designer holding smart phone communicating by video conference call planning work at distance corporate meeting. Remote worker talking with team in mobile videoconference chat.
Woman resting standing in kitchen lean at dining table hold smartphone choose goods on internet, make food delivery order on-line. Modern wireless tech simplifies life, easy e services usage concept
Businessman Sits In Airport Departure Lounge Using Mobile Phone With Plane Taking Off In Background
Close up relaxed afro american woman hold use smart phone watching social media sit on sofa technology young smartphone shopping online sale slow motion
Excited young woman hold phone chatting in dating app feel happy sit on sofa, euphoric overjoyed lady winner celebrate mobile online bid game win victory success receive read good news on cellphone
Smiling senior lady using smartphone texting message sit on couch, middle aged woman grandma hold phone typing sms enjoying communication in mobile app at home, older people and modern tech concept
Smiling young man using smartphone indoors. Millennial businessman mobile technology user working in digital applications gadget searching information online, texting messages at home or in office.
Back view of unrecognizable man walks along the city center street looks around city lights on background business downtown evening happy close up slow motion
Celebrating young woman with mobile phone winning prize and showered with gold confetti in studio - shot in slow motion
Young african american man holding smartphone device texting sms message sitting at home office, smiling black guy using apps playing mobile game chatting in social media surfing web on phone indoors
View through the window of attractive serious middle aged businessman using phone at coffee shop texting message
Side view at never-ending prison corridor. Surrounded by prison cells. Gloomy mood. Fog, rays, daylight. Walk-through the gaol. Crime. Interrogation. Justice. Separated cell. One person. Guard. Walk
Celebrating young man with mobile phone winning prize and showered with gold confetti in studio - shot in slow motion
Smiling mature businessman holding smartphone standing in office. Middle aged manager ceo using cell phone mobile apps. Digital technology applications and solutions for business corporate development
Surprised excited black man winner hold smartphone read good internet news amazed by mobile online bet bid game win, happy african guy look at cell phone screen overjoyed by victory success at home
Happy young woman relaxing on cozy couch, using smartphone. Smiling millennial mixed race girl looking at cellphone screen, typing message for friend in social network, shopping online, web surfing.
Medium shot of an engineer using a tablet while working on 5g antenna
Attractive young woman with glasses listening to music in headphone use smartphone at city walk sunset look around smile portrait close up slow motion
Smiling young man recording voice recognition message on speakerphone. Businessman using virtual assistant app sets reminder on smart phone at home office. Digital ai mobile assistance tech concept
Millennial woman looking at smartphone surfing social media app. Smiling young lady customer texting mobile sms message at home. Happy female customer using smart phone technology sitting on couch
Rotation view happy young woman sitting on the floor near couch holding phone smiling enjoying using mobile apps for shopping having fun playing games chatting in social media at home slow motion
Smiling young indian ethnic business woman influencer recording video blog podcast on smart phone sitting at home office desk. Female blogger shooting mobile vlog, live stream, calling online concept.
Cute child girl wearing headphones studying online in mobile app by video call with remote teacher, tutor. School kid holding phone doing homework using application, watching class learning at home.
Upset young woman sitting on couch, holding smartphone in hands, received message with bad news. Stressed 30s lady thinking over sudden problems or relations break up after reading sms on cellphone.
Frustrated senior lady reads bad news in mobile message concept. Sad depressed 70 years old woman looking at smart phone feels shocked. Worried elder female user customer lost money on scam fraud
Handsome young european appearance man relaxing on comfortable couch, using mobile application in living room. Happy caucasian guy chatting in social network, dating online or web surfing internet.
Ethnic American contented curly woman talking on phone with friends rejoicing smiling laughing white teeth, outdoors close-up. Girl student makes online order on smartphone outside, satisfied customer
Stressed nervous young woman looking at cellphone screen, feeling frustrated of receiving message or email with bad news. Unhappy millennial female user dissatisfied with bad electronic device work.
Asian woman spend free time in internet social media, employee note on calendar event, take break have fun use virtual services, chat in e-date website, text email, enjoy distant communication concept
Young Indian Hispanic businessman using computer remote distance working sitting at kitchen table writing notes. Latin student studying online, having virtual digital training on laptop at home office
Young man rubbing neck in pain from whiplash injury getting out of car and standing by damaged car after traffic accident - shot in slow motion
Tracking zoom in shot of handsome young businessman text messaging on cell phone while walking down city street in slow motion with hand in pocket. Man looking forward and away thoughtfully
woman uses a virtual reality glasses indoors
Older grey haired grandma enjoy using mobile app sit on sofa, senior lady texting typing message hold smart phone look at cellphone screen browsing social media at home, old people tech users concept
Set of Virus Cells Pack with Seamless Loopable Rotation. Isolated  3D Animation of Various Viral Cells Floating, Coronavirus, COVID-19, H1N1, Influenza with Compositing Luma Mask.
Animation of synaptic transmission - one nerve cell (neuron) communicating with another by releasing neurotransmitters. The synapse is the gap between two neurons and is also called neuronal junction.
Happy carefree young woman dancing alone in modern living room with big window listen to music on smartphone, funky millennial girl holding phone enjoy new hit song playing in app having fun at home
Asian woman sit at desk hold cellphone typing message receive sms from bank feels incredible happy. Girl makes yes I did it gesture look very excited. Achievement, got hired, lottery money win concept
Cute small  kid girl in headphones using funny editing application on digital computer tablet, enjoying cool video or photo content in social network, playing online games, communicating distantly.
Front view at never-ending prison corridor. Surrounded by prison cells. Gloomy mood. Fog, rays, daylight. Walk-through the gaol. Crime. Interrogation. Justice. Separated cell. One person. Guard. Walk
Girl with Backpack Using Smartphone Gps. Woman Hiking In The Forest And Typing Message On Smartphone. Solo female hiker using smart phone. Female hiker takes smart phone pic of mountains and forest.
Head shot smiling female client in glasses holding banking credit card involved in verification process in mobile application. Happy young woman doing payments online or shopping in internet store.
Elegant african businessman checking e-mail on mobile phone while walking with suitcase inside airport. Experienced male employer using cell phone while walking on train platform going for work travel
Professional indian businesswoman holding modern smart phone texting message in office. Young female employee using modern mobile technology business app, typing email on cell sitting at work desk.
Teen girl school college student wear headphones hold mobile phone distance learning online class math lesson with teacher tutor using zoom app video conference call write notes. Over shoulder view.
Happy young african american woman winner feel overjoyed celebrating bid win success victory looking at smartphone, excited black girl screaming yes winning online game app on cell phone at home
Black woman working from home during quarantine. African american people and mobile work, doing telework. Young businesswoman at work with laptop pc and cell phone.  Remote work from home office
Excited black man winner holding using smartphone feeling overjoyed with mobile online bet bid gambling game win, happy african guy euphoric looking at cell phone celebrate good news victory success
Good news on smartphone, moment of victory great sms receive concept. Indian female sit at desk hold phone read e-mail celebrate success career advance, hiring of job of dream, student got scholarship
Happy overjoyed girl holding phone celebrate good mobile news surprise bid win game app victory sit on sofa at home, excited young woman winner screaming yes rejoicing success looking at cellphone
Young woman using smartphone cashless wallet NFC technology to pay for order on bank terminal in the beautiful restaurant. Contactless payment.
Happy young man preparing romantic surprise using smartphone mobile apps, smiling husband cooking healthy food cutting salad for family dinner in kitchen holding phone search vegan recipe at home
Happy middle aged mature woman holding smart phone looking at cellphone screen playing mobile games using social media apps in smartphone sit on couch at home, older people and technology concept
SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus variant Omicron B.1.1.529. Microscopic view of a infectious virus cell with text OMICRON. 3D endless loop animation
Satisfied gen z mixed race lady credit card holder use phone to pay online buy consumer goods order services on ecommerce websites from home. Happy young black woman make safe transaction at ebank app
Handsome male business man celebrates good news by dancing in the street, in slow motion
Close up young african american guy holding cellphone in hands, scrolling personal page in social network, looking at photos, reading news in media, using dating application, web surfing information.
Happy elder senior man holding smartphone using mobile online app, smiling old aged grandpa texting sms message
The video is about one surprised man reading unexpected news on the mobile phone at night.The shot is fixed on the man
Smiling millennial guy sit on couch in living room spend waste free time chatting using smartphone internet. Play new cool game, e-dating satisfied user, modern technology wifi 5g connection concept
Stressed young man hearing awful news at mobile phone call conversation. Unhappy entrepreneur worker looking angry, listening complaints from client talking on smartphone or having business failure.
Beautiful mature woman in glasses drinking coffee from white mug, reading message on her smartphone and smiling being at home. Indoors. Portrait.
During quarantine all business solve remotely using modern wireless tech concept. Indian woman sit at bar counter in home kitchen hold smartphone talks to client distantly, provide help by phone call
Attractive young woman in a bright sunlight uses phone walk in the city center strokes her hair looks around smile happy summer internet business outside technology eye spring mobile slow motion
Extremely Happy, Satisfied Girl is using her Smartphone isolated on pink Studio. Funny Smingly Girl is texting Messages, playing with her Mobile Phone. Having nice pink Outfit and Phone Case. Apps.
Beautiful young woman sit in kitchen hold smart phone received sms read great news about hiring, sales growth, lottery win, express candid emotion, sincere feelings celebrate moment of victory concept
Side view happy young handsome guy sitting on sofa, using dating online mobile application indoors. Smiling man enjoying communicating with friends in social network or playing games on phone.
Smiling senior adult grandmother using smartphone sitting on sofa. Happy 70s elder woman holds mobile phone texting message, checking app, reading news at home. Old grandparent learns tech gadget
Happy gen z teen girl talking to camera holding phone recording vlog, afro american influencer social media streaming, video calling in online chat using smartphone at home. Mobile cam vertical view
Smiling young woman wearing in blue and white striped dress shirt walking around old street using smartphone. Communication, social networks, online shopping concept.
Happy millennial hispanic teen girl checking social media holding smartphone at home. Smiling young latin woman using mobile phone app playing game, shopping online, ordering delivery relax on sofa.
Relaxed young woman using a smartphone and drinking coffee from a mug while sitting on the sofa. Millennial girl spending time at home with cell gadget technology.
Calm pretty woman in glasses relaxing on sofa, web surfing internet on mobile phone, checking email, reading media news, scrolling social networks, using mobile applications on smartphone at home.
Relaxed young woman lying on sofa in living room using smart phone. Lazy happy millennial lady customer surfing social media, shopping in app, playing mobile game, texting sms looking at cell at home.
Happy latin hispanic girl young business woman walking in city street looking into mobile phone smartphone screen chatting online in net smiling answering message in social media using gadget device
Handsome man listening music using headphones and mobile phone in living room in colourful neon light. Student resting after work and enjoying music. Dance smooth hand movements to the rhythm
Unhappy Male Driver With Damaged Car After Accident Calling Insurance Company On Mobile Phone
Smiling young adult mixed race professional casual businessman making business call talking on the phone in office, happy afro american salesman enjoying mobile conversation indoors, close up view
Close up head shot stressed nervous young indian ethnic woman having troubles with financial operations, entering wrong payment information from credit banking card into mobile phone application.
Senior concentrated woman in glasses writing message on her brand-new smartphone sitting on the sofa with yellow pillow at home. Indoors. Portrait. Straight shot.
Head shot pretty millennial hispanic woman looking at cellphone screen, reading message with unbelievable good news, celebrating online lottery gambling giveaway win, getting secret sale notification.
Desktop computer monitor showing blur Facebook news feed page young girl online
Amazed senior lady celebrating mobile win concept. Overjoyed 70 years old woman using smartphone reads good news in sms. Happy lucky elder female customer feels excited gets shopping sale offer
Smiling african american woman using smartphone dating app looking swiping on screen, happy mixed race young girl holding phone enjoy watching media in mobile online application on cellphone
Smiling african american man holding smartphone texting sms message or play mobile game sit on sofa at home, happy young black guy using social media app work study on cell phone looking at screen
Woman resting in cozy soft armchair with smartphone. Pretty smiling female looks at device screen use selfie cam virtual makeover modern application on cell, photo-sharing app. Social media fun
Happy gen z african american teen girl influencer blogger using mobile cell phone, taking selfie, posting in social media apps, chatting with friends online on smartphone sitting in bedroom at home.
Happy relaxed girl holding smart phone using mobile apps watching funny video laughing lying on couch, smiling lazy young woman having fun chatting in social media resting on sofa at home, top view
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