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Aerial view of the sunsets over sea. Beautiful sea waves. Pink sand and amazing sea. Summer sunset seascape. Atlantic Ocean beach sunsets. Water texture. Top view of the fantastic natural sunsets. 4K
Slow motion woman feet walking barefoot by beach at golden sunset leaving footprints in sand. Female tourist on summer vacation in Malibu, California, USA. Woman in beautiful waving dress at sunset
Sunset over ocean waves wash sand beach. Aerial sun set above mountain silhouette. Tropic nobody nature seascape. Paradise island of El Nido, Philippines, Asia at sea bay. Cinematic drone shot
Slim female legs and feet walking along sea water waves on sandy beach. Pretty woman walks at seaside surf. Splashes of water and foam in 120 fps slow motion. Girl after bathing in ocean go on shore.
Dramatic sea sunrise. Burning sky and shining golden waves.
Ocean beach sunrise and dramatic colorful sky clouds
Colorful sunset above the sea surface with sail boats, aerial view Boracay, Philippines. Reflected sun on a water surface. Sunset over ocean. Seascape, Summer and travel vacation concept
Seamless loop animation of ocean surface from underwater at sunset with rays of light. Crystal clear breaking ocean wave with animation waving of waterline.
Reflection of sunlight over lake surface in slow motion
Aerial view of sea and sand beach at sunset. Pink sand beach with ocean wave foams. Beautiful top view of sunset pink sand beach. Perfect for holiday summer background, Tropical destination.
Drone aerial view dolly side panning over paradise beach sunrise, South America, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Too many shiny reflections of the sun in the water. It's a close-up shot of the ocean with small ripples on a sunny day.
close up woman hand gently touches the surface of the water in the sea
Sun reflecting on sparkling blue sea, ocean at sunset, sunrise
Silhouette woman at sunset raising arms in air and observing ocean waves crashing on rocks and spraying. Concept of explosion of emotions, joy, happiness in life. Traveling around world, slow motion.
Aerial view of Tropical Beach. Top view of pink beach at sunset. Beautiful sunset rose sand beach. Tropical beach aerial view, Sea waves seamless on the beautiful coastline.
Two Sea turtles crawling white sand beach toward sea water sunset down summer United States. Family new beginning life swim ocean. Baby turtles crossing shore sunny. Change pollution global warming.
Aerial view of the two young women. Tropical aerial landscape with girls. Tanning woman wearing sun hat at the beach on a white sand shot from above. Azure water, sandy Tropical Beach. Top view, loop
Brave and fearless cold water surfer athlete swim through big powerful waves, paddle to get to perfect surfing location point. Concept beauty and peace in sport in wild nature
Sunset rays on water from luxury sail yacht during regatta in ocean
Cinemagraph of up close ocean wave
Palm trees and sea, sunny summer day in the Atlantic ocean. Punta Cana Dominican republic Caribbean Sea and sky and beach landscape. Big white waves lie on a wild white sand beach.
Low-angle sea-level view of small yacht boat sailing in calm open sea at sunset
SLOW MOTION UNDERWATER, LENS FLARE: Crystal clear ocean wave breaking over the camera at golden sunset in the Caribbean. Cinematic shot of a tube wave splashing over camera filming the summer sunset.
Timelapse. Aerial top view waves break on rocks in a blue ocean. Sea waves on beautiful beach aerial view drone 4k shot. Bird's eye view of ocean waves crashing against an empty stone from above.
Golden sunset on a beach - slow motion of foamy waves rolling towards white sand beach under low the sun light
big sailing yacht boat driving on the ocean on a sunny day
POV, LENS FLARE: Sitting in line up on a vintage longboard, observing the golden sunset during a fun surfing trip in the Caribbean. Surfer sits on surfboard and waits for waves on a sunny evening.
Beautiful view sunset over sea, ocean waves crashing on beach
Hawaii sundown beach amazing view. Summer tropical sunset or sundown over the sea landscape.The sun, cloud and waves.
Timelapse - the sun comes over the horizon on the background of the ocean.
Red sunsets over sea video 4K. The sun touches horizon. Red sky, yellow sun and amazing sea. Summer sunset seascape. Atlantic Ocean beach sunsets. The sun in spindrift clouds Fantastic natural sunsets
Happy couple in love, playing on the beach at sunset, running and splashing in the waves, travel vacation lifestyle.
Slow motion of ocean waves at sun set light aerial view. Sunset wavy seascape at tropical paradise resort of Sumba Island, Indonesia, Asia. Cinematic nobody nature scenery at soft sunlight drone shot
Sunrise over the river near the shore, timelapse, 4k
(Top view) Aerial view drone over beach sea. Beautiful sea waves. Beach sand and amazing sea. Summer sunset seascape. Phuket Thailand Beach. Water texture. Top view of the fantastic natural sunsets
close up woman hand gently touches the surface of the water in the forest river or lake
Tropical beach aerial view, Top view of waves break on tropical white sand beach. Sea waves seamless loop on the beautiful sand beach.
Tropical Beach top view. Aerial view of sand beach at sunset with beautiful young woman in bikini. Amazing sunset pink sand beach. Woman lying on Tropical Beach.  Ocean waves from above.
Flight over the sea. The endless horizon below us, only the blue depths.
Sunset Vintage Film in Santos Brazil, Circa 1975
Blue sky with white clouds moving panorama summer. Sea in light of day aerial view of drone slide forward. Small waves on sea. Sunny sunset over the sea. Sun way. Horizon
Flying low over an ocean, sea or water as the sun sets on the horizon 3D animation.
Vietnam beach sun sunset. The big sun in the clouds touches the horizon. Asian palm beach background. Sunny trail on the waves in the sand. Nature amazing orange sunset on the wild beach of Vietnam.
Tropical golden sunset over ocean water slow motion aerial view. Sun setting reflection on seascape. No-people sand beach at sea bay. Calm waterscape at sunny evening. Summer vacation. Tropic holiday
The sun over sea. Amazing red sunrise on beach palms island. Orange colors sunrise and waves. Nature sun sunrise palms beach background. Yellow sky, beautiful palm trees on the beach isle. Sunshine
Waves of Mediterranean Sea rolling in sunshine to the sandy beach. Beautiful Turkish nature. Close-up shot of calming foamy water.
Beautiful landscape, a wave runs on the sandy shore of the sea, close-up. High quality 4k footage
SLOW MOTION, UNDERWATER: Massive turquoise barrel wave breaks over the camera on a sunny summer evening in the scenic Caribbean. Cinematic view of a crystal clear breaking ocean wave at golden sunset.
Sunset drive on tropical ocean coast road. Pink colored sun light reflection. Palm tree silhouettes along the highway. Mountains on the skyline. Countryside evening trip. Retro wave style 4K Animation
Aerial view of sea waves, umbrellas, green palms on the sandy beach at sunset. Summer in Zanzibar, Africa. Tropical landscape with palm trees, people, parasols, sand, blue water. Top view from air
The view in a crystal ball looks like no other. 4K Videos for beautiful and unusual travel ideas. time lapse clouds moving in beautiful sky in sunrise above the sea.
Manama, Bahrain - October 2018: Drone view of the Traditional Arabic Dhow with Bahrain flag branded sail during the sunset time in front of Manama Skyline
CIRCA 2020 - Extreme slow motion of beautiful ocean waves crashing into Kaiaka Rock, Molokai Hawaii suggests refreshment, beauty, and nature.
Storm in the Drake Passage on a sailing yacht trip to Antarctica. The view from the the bow of the yacht to the captain's cabin against the backdrop of large ocean waves. Adventure travel lifestyle.
Amazing sunrise over the tropical beach. Yellow sun over sea. Orange colors waves. Nature background. Beautiful serene scene. Morning. Sunlight reflect on water surface
CIRCA 2020 - Extreme slow motion of beautiful ocean waves crashing into Kaiaka Rock, Molokai Hawaii suggests refreshment, beauty, and nature.
Slim female legs and feet walking along sea water waves on sandy beach. Pretty woman walks at seaside surf. Splashes of water and foam in 120 fps slow motion. Girl after bathing in ocean go on shore.
Senior man and woman surfing in the water at sunset
Top view of crystal clear sea and sand beach 4k video stock footage. Looping Water surface texture landscape. Aerial view ocean waves. Seaside sand. Sunset water seamless loop background.
Sea sunrise, ripple ocean waves
Cinematic Aerial of Zuma Beach in Malibu, California
Person walking on the beach at sunset during summer vacation holidays slow-motion, closeup of legs and feet in the sea water, dolly video
Time Lapse colorful dark clouds in sunrise time Beautiful light of nature Amazing colors of the setting sun Majestic clouds flowing in sunrise sky Evening dark clouds,Night to Day Time Lapse
Slim female legs and feet walking along sea water waves on sandy beach. Pretty woman walks at seaside surf in golden sunset light. Wavy dress in slow motion. Girl having fun on ocean beach on summer
Beautiful woman horseback riding on the beach in flowing red dress, galloping in the water, cinematic slow motion
Sunrise over tropical island beach and palm tree, costa rica, pink sunrise. High quality 4k footage
Tropical sea sunrise and waves on exotic beach.
Aerial side view of person riding a horse on the beach at sunset on the Swedish west coast. 4K drone footage.
Fishing boat trawler catch fish and sailing on sea at sunset
Famous Bridge overpass over Pacific Coast Highway by Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles with light traffic in beautiful golden hour Sunset vibe, Aerial Dolly forward, Wide angle shot
Asian couple senior elder retire resting relax dancing at sunset beach honeymoon family together happiness people lifestyle, Slow motion footage
Sundown beach landscape 4k stock video. Beautiful sundown on the palm beach background. The sun under the palm tree sunset light illuminates the sandy beach and sea waves.
Beautiful coconut palm trees on the beach Phuket Thailand, Patong beach Islands Palms on the ocean. palms grove on the beach with white sandy Sunset sky Summer landscape background
4k Water Sunset Video. Clear Tropical Island and Sunset Beach Background. Sunset Waves and Amazing Landscape Ocean. Orange Ocean Beach. Sun Rays in a Colorful Sunset Background. Beautiful Sky
Closeup slow motion footage of sea waves washing off footprints on the sandy beach
Aerial drone view low over a boat on the Biscayne Bay sunset in Miami FL USA
Plastic pollution, plastic bottle in blue water. Discarded plastic bottle slowly drifting under surface of blue water in sunlight. Plastic garbage environmental pollution problem in Mediterranean Sea.
Drone view of a boat  the blue clear waters. Top view of a white boat sailing to the blue sea. Large speed boat moving at high speed. Travel - image.
Sunrise over the sea and color cloudscape on the horizon, 4k video
Best beaches in the world. Thailand Islands Palms on the ocean. palms grove on the beach with white sand. Blue sea and beach and sky. Summer landscape
Professional Swimming Workout at Sunset, two athletes Swimming Preparing for Competition. Professional Swimmer Workout In Open Water. Swimmer Sport Exercising. High quality 4k footage
4k closeup footage of sea waves wahing off footprints on the golden sand at beach
Aerial shot of a sunset in Costa Rica. Yellow sky with waves coming from pacific ocean. Pavones, surf area
Big tide waves with foam and splashes are crushing beach with stones and rock in slow motion during beautiful warm yellow sunset in ocean
Close up view of an adult black male walking on a beautiful beach during sunset. African American male feet walking on the beach.
Big waves passes in calm ocean along the west coast of Norway.
Red beautiful sunset over ocean seamless loop. The glowing sun shines on dusk with water swells and light reflections. Red sky and amazing sea with waves. Summer sunrise seascape. Looping 3D animation
Tropical Beach top view. Aerial view of sand beach at sunset with palm shadows. Beautiful sunset pink sand beach.
Strong female runs legs close-up young woman on beach on sand dress splashing water dog, rejoices against blue sky at dawn summer Happy beautiful woman walking pet slow motion Lifestyle Tourism Travel
Dramatic sea sunset. Burning sky and shining golden waves. Sunset sea 4k. Red sky, yellow sun and amazing sea. Summer sunset seascape. Atlantic Ocean beach sunsets. 3D Rendering.
Walking feet on the coast with a beautiful sunset
Beautiful tranquil natural vacation seascape with scenic ocean waves in tropical environment, deep clear transparent pure blue water background. A summer travel in paradise, peaceful 3D render
Aerial video of the Golden Gate Bridge. Inspirational drone flight through the window of the red tower above the busy road. San Francisco downtown on the background at sunset. California, USA. 4K
Malibu Colony Beach. Real Estate. Most expensive and Luxuries Beach Front properties in Los Angeles County. Cinematic aerial shots of Malibu Communities. Beautiful sunset and ocean view.
Stunning majestic waves rise in air in beautiful sunset light and sunbeams at Benijo Beach in Tenerife, Canary Islands. Picturesque large wave in ocean crashes against rocks splashes in slow motion
Disposable face masks and plastic debris on the beach in surf zone. Coronavirus COVID-19 is contributing to pollution, as discarded used masks clutter polluting urban beaches along with plastic trash
4K Time lapse of Majestic sunset or sunrise landscape Amazing light of nature cloudscape sky and Clouds over sea moving away rolling 4k colorful dark sunset clouds Footage timelapse Beautiful sky
Aerial view of pink sand beach and sea. Looping ocean surface texture, Top view sea waves slow motion, flying over tropical sandy beach and waves, Sunset  beach seamles loop.
Big sea wave slow motion. Blue water of Pacific ocean crashing. Pipeline surfing wave swell. Beautiful sea water spray splash. Scenic coast rush force. Summer beach nature. Huge ocean wave break point
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