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Close Up Footage of Newborn Baby Playing With Mother's Hand and Finger while Lying on the Back in Child Crib. Caucasian Neonate Toddler Bodning with Mom. Concept of Childhood, New Llife and Parenthood
Halloween Background 4K animation - Dark Blue Night Halloween background with Pumpkins & haunted house and bats flying over the moon
White Alam clock 10 o'clock, Time lapse moving fast, Time concept.
Halloween motif 4K animation movie
Realistic Hourglass With sand flowing 4K animation on Green screen background - Sand hourglass 1 Minute Timer on Chroma key background
Alarm clock ringing at 7 am in the bedroom on a background of the window. Alarm timer set to seven'o'clock and It's time to waking up and go to work. 3d animation, closeup summer morning concept.
Funny dog in ghost costume turn head and look straight to camera, then turn back, autumn park outdoors. Fallen leaves lie around, carved pumpkins on ground.
Closeup of White Clock Face in timelapse in daytime of office dark grey wall
Stop motion animation coin into a clear glass jar on wooden desk, Saving growth money concept.
Authentic Footage of a Cute Newborn Baby Lying on the Back in Child Crib in Cozy Warm Bright Room. Happy Mother Picks Up Neonate Toddler from the Bedroom. Concept of Childhood, New Llife, Parenthood.
Hundred Euro cash macro view. 100 Euro Cash Stop Motion. Background Bill Sign Eu Fiat Money. Financial Crisis. Stop Motion Texture of 100 Eu Bill. Concept - Finance Business Investment Success
Portrait o f young attractive woman feeling sad and bored with diet not wanting to eat vegetables or healthy food in Dieting Eating Disorders and weight loss concept.
Six carved pumpkins lie on the ground at night, the biggest and the scariest one comes to life and laughs hysterically until it explodes into pieces. Spooky Halloween-themed 3D animation.
halloween, decoration and holidays concept - close up of woman with carved pumpkin or jack-o-lantern at home
Japanese man in historical samurai costume playing on taiko drum with kata moves, isolated on black background - culture, history concept 4k footage
Motion to the spooky haunted house with Jack-o-lantern Halloween pumpkins on its footpath at misty night with fantastic big moon in sky. Handheld camera effect. Realistic 3D animation rendered in 4K
Stunning aerial pan footage of Dublin City, Ireland at sunrise, shot in 4K.
Halloween pumpkins in a protective medical face masks
Second wave of coronavirus infection in autumn. New normal concept. Halloween and Covid-19 concept.
CIRCA 1920s - Native American teenagers in the southwest ride horseback and play tug-o-war.
Genuine Footage of Happy Mother Holding a Cute Newborn Baby in Cozy Warm Kids Bedroom. Caring Mom and Neonate Toddler are Bonding at Home. Concept of Childhood, New Llife, Parenthood.
CIRCA 1949 - Mayor O'Dwyer is present at a ticker-tape parade held in honor of Connie Mack in New York City.
Large-scale sea traffic viaduct bridge at sea under construction works in Lohas Park,Tseung Kwan O of Hong Kong city, Kowloon Aerial Top view
Joyous little African American family sitting at table in living room, smiling and laughing while playing with carved pumpkins on Halloween
Animated Halloween Background with Happy Halloween Text, Silhouette of Pumpkin Head and Creepy Tree. Suitable to use as title, video intro and other content with Halloween theme.
Four Jacks on a Graveyard Wall 4K Looping Background features four Jack-O-Lanterns on a wall with fire inside with a creepy house and graveyard in the background in a loop.
Currency stop motion animation. Different world money bill macro view. Digits face value close up.  World currency paper cash money.
CIRCA 1946 - General Groves and his assistant Jean O'Leary work in his office on the Manhattan Project.
Following shot of four multiethnic teenagers wearing colorful Halloween costumes with plastic pumpkins in their hands running outdoors
Extreme close-up of Euro money printing press machine printing 200 EUR banknotes. Seamlessly looped animation showing how European currency is being emissioned and printed.
1944 - Generals Emmett O'Donnell and Haywood Hansell oversee the takeoff of B-29s from Saipan, after the air base was strafed by Japanese forces.
Halloween Pumpkin Transition Pack - Halloween holiday transitions Package on Green screen background - Jack-o'-lantern Transition Pack on Chroma key background
Young model girl 12 y.o. dressed in white clothes with flowers in photo shooting process. Beautiful eyes, long hair styled.
Reproductive system and teens health concept.
View Through Bathroom Cabinet Of Young Man Taking Medication From Container
CIRCA 1950 - Donald O'Connor, Yvonne DeCarlo and their troupe of entertainers prepare to fly from California to Germany to entertain the troops.
Close up of euro banknotes while being counted
CIRCA 1946 - Actor Dennis O'Keefe inspects the damage after Howard Hughes' XF-11 plane crashes into a Beverly Hills home.
Financial technology concept. Fintech. Online banking. Foreign exchange.
Closeup of White Clock Face in timelapse in daytime of office dark grey wall
Tilt-shift time-lapse of O'Connell Bridge, Dublin, Ireland.
Students hand testing doing examination with pen drawing selected choice on answer sheets in school exams, blur pupils college background. Education system tests concept.Students hand testing exam
Happy Halloween. Scary glowing face of Halloween pumpkin in blue smoke. Selective focus
Carved Halloween pumpkin with lights on background. Dark key footage in UltraHd resolution.
A smiling Jack O’ Lantern glowing from the flickering light within. It is sitting a pumpkin patch with other orange pumpkins, they are lit from the blue moonlight.
A pair of smiling Jack O’ Lanterns glowing from the light within and the moon light above, then one slowly turns to the camera, on a dark Fall night.
Spooky Halloween jack o lantern with scary face carved out of a pumpkin glowing with flickering light and emitting smoke.
Happy Mother Holding Cute Newborn Baby in Cozy Dark Kids Bedroom in the Evening. Caring Mom Hugging the Neonate Toddler and They are Bonding Before Sleep. Concept of Childhood, New Llife, Parenthood.
Authentic Close Up Footage of a Mother Soothing and Holding Hand of a Newborn Baby in Child Crib. Caucasian Neonate Toddler at Home in Kids Bedroom. Concept of Childhood, New Llife and Parenthood.
10 o'clock - Digital Number Timer -  Flipping clock 3D animation on Green screen - 1 Minute timer until Ten O Clock ( 10:00 AM or PM )
Stop motion of eating a hamburger. It appears o the plate, then someone eats it. Modern unhealthy fast food eating. No people in frame. 4k.
Traveler standing on wooden pier with rocky mountains in snowing at Lake O'hara, Yoho national park, Canada
Blue Alam clock 12 o'clock, Time lapse moving fast, Time concept.
Halloween Transitions on Green Screen Background - Halloween Pumpkins On Green Chroma Key Background
Wall clock show the running time. Time lapse on a modern wall clock.  Close up to a wall clock, with running time pointer. The last five minutes before 12 o'clock passing by. 5 to 12. Five minutes
Halloween pumpkin with smoke at dark background. Pumpkin glows on Halloween night. Halloween concept with copy space. 4K, UHD
The drone tracks perpendicularly to the River Liffey and the city centre, e.g. the customs house, the Dail Eireann and the new Ulster Bank building
Spooky Halloween jack o lantern with glowing scary face carved out of a pumpkin and surrounded by smoke and mist.
Caucasian couple of family decorating their house for Halloween celebration. Applying bat wall stickers. Shot on RED cinema camera with 2x Anamorphic lens
Close up Move the camera angle from left to right, Nine o'clock Start time work, Gray wall clock on  White background, Time Lapse Clock walking 60 minute.
Beautiful Ocean Wave, Powerful wave breaking in slow motion in the south pacific, Teahupo'o, Tahiti
Zoom out Twelve o'clock White clock face beginning of time 11.10 am, Time lapse 25 minutes moving fast.
Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge
Farm workers picking Watermelons in a field, throwing them to the hands o f a sorting worker standing in the back of a Tractor trailer, Aerial view.
Lateral dolly of happy caucasian young woman working o studying from home. Video conference call at home office. Colorful living room with modern furniture.
Online learning or teleworking concept.
Bitcoin gold coin spins on the golden sand, then falls. Bitcoin mining concept. Blackmagic Ursa Pro G2, 300fps.
Cash money counting machine. Banknote counter are counting five hundred euro bills.
United Arab Emirates national day greeting next to a waving flag, celebrating UAE national day. Translation: "Long last your glory, O nation".
The alarm clock on the table rings at 9 o'clock in the morning. The hand turns it off by pressing the button. Getting up to work or study
Tea bag in a white cup of tea. Making morning tea. Available in 4K and HD. This tea video clip is suitable for recipe and food projects. Download the preview for free here.
Halloween background animation with concept of blue background, moon, animated trees and grases, flying bats and ghosts, scary pumpkins, haunted castle, and silhouette cat. Scary night of halloween
2 o'clock - Digital Number Timer -  Flipping clock 3D animation on Green screen - 1 Minute timer until Two O Clock ( 02:00 AM or PM )
Intense blizzard snow storm gale force wind whiteout night extreme weather driving POV
Asian scientist working in the lab,Doing experiment for product,The researchers analyzed to find the results of the experiment.
Jack-o-lantern and blowing burning candles close-up. Carved pumpkin with fire flame inside standing on wooden table. Halloween symbols, scary face, traditional autumn holiday decorations.
Jack-o-lantern and blowing burning candles close-up. Carved pumpkin with fire flame inside standing on wooden table. Halloween symbols, scary face, traditional autumn holiday decorations.
Portrait o f young attractive woman feeling sad and bored with diet not wanting to eat vegetables or healthy food in Dieting Eating Disorders and weight loss concept.
Cemetery entrance gate with scary and glowing halloween pumpkins at dark foggy night. Halloween holiday topic as seamless loop 4k video background.
Retro flip clock changing from 5:59am to 6:00am on a Monday morning
Flip clock mechanism. 7-00 AM. Close-up and wide shots editing. Super slow motion 240 fps
Glowing eyes of monsters in the dark of night. Halloween motion background. Seamless looping. Video animation Ultra HD 4K 3840x2160
Scary night of halloween background animation with stars, moon, flying witch, bats, fog, animated cat, trees, grass, pumpkins on green sky background. Halloween background animation
Black office clock. Black clock face suggesting of time 3 minutes before twelve clock. Up speed.
Removable snap-on full implant denture installation.
Oil flows down a glass tube 4k
airplane flying over chicago airport signboard
Female booking a public rental bicycle on mobile application
Counting mechanism is processing euros
Windy weather big stormy sea waves from cyclone hurricane weather
Woman opens the door and sees children in Halloween costumes playing trick-or-treat and gives them sweets.
Jack-o-lantern is standing at wooden table with the burning flame inside. Close up loop video of the halloween symbol standing in front of other decorations. Theme of halloween and it's symbols.
A man turns off the alarm when a digital alarm clock turns to five o'clock
Happy Halloween banner or party invitation background with neon light Halloween neon sign collection. Halloween Party Design template.
Wooden mechanical cuckoo clock beating 12 o'clock. White wall background
Dublin Ireland February 17 2021
Aerial drone view of the Irish Flag on top of the GPO building located in Dublin City.
4K right to left panning motion of boiling mud and water at bottom of a Fumarole crater at Wai-O-Tapo Thermal Wonderland near the town of Rotorua,North Island,New Zealand
Portrait of pretty young Caucasian woman in hat standing in green field, turning face o camera and smiling cheerfully. Close up of female farmer looking straight with smile outdoors in summer.
Dublin Ireland February 17 2021
Green flag at a racetrack waving in slowmo.
Halloween background animation with the concept of Spooky Pumpkins, Moon and Bats and Haunted Castle.
Surprised happy woman standing under money rain banknotes falling down. Success, business, and fortune concept. Slow motion
taking euro money from an ATM, cash machine
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