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Beautiful top view time-lapse of car traffic at roundabout lane and buildings. 4K drone aerial zoom out. Urban cityscape concept or abstract of advanced innovation, financial technology, energy power
Hyperlapse time-lapse of car traffic transportation above circle roundabout road in Asian city. Drone aerial view fly in circle, high angle. Public transport or commuter city life concept
Machine counter automatic calculates a large amount of Dollar banknotes in Slow motion 180fps
Woman sit on sofa hold credit card use phone try to pay through e-bank app experiences problems due insufficient funds, no money, insecure online payment, scam, fraud, unsuccessful transaction concept
Man bankrupt arrears showing empty wallet with no money. Poverty finance business bankruptcy concept. Male debt businessman showing empty wallet. Financial crisis of getting into debt. no money on
Coins fountain. This simulation can be use for your videos, for big winner casino creatives or else. The video has completely transparent background.
Falling golden coins, Euro coins, financial growth with alpha channel background.
Time began to move.time travel,very speedy change.change the period.time is money.busy images.

layer blending examples:
Macro video shot of cursor clicking transfer money button on device screen slow motion. Faceless person sending money online on paypal website. Mock up digital banking application concept
Falling pile of US Dollar money in 4K with matte mask
The neon signs of card suit icons light up and go out. Abstract animation background. Concept of online casino and bet
appears, if you liked my video, give a like, subscribe to my channel, leave comments, share, link. used green screen
Animation of financial data processing over credit card terminal. global finances, business and contactless payment concept digitally generated video.
Old antique coins falling on pile close up, financial money background
A "Dummy" credit card is used to make a payment in a nice bright store. The customer reaches out to scan the card on the credit card machine by herself with no contact with the seller.
Fired corporate executive crying on stairs of office building outside. Depressed young businessman receiving dismissal note. Crisis. Unemployment.
Poor student girl afro hairstyle in hoodie showing empty pockets in jeans pants, doing no money gesture, debt problems, financial crisis and bankruptcy. indoor studio shot isolated on pink background
50 Euro Cash Macro Part Of Rotation
Animation of zoom in to close-up of Ben Franklin smiling and winking on US one hundred dollar bill. Meets regulatory requirements for public domain usage per 31 CFR 411. There is NO copyright issue.
Bull bursting into particles symbolising growing stock market
Young man and woman having problems with documents, confused couple looking through papers sitting at home with laptop, checking unpaid bills, worried about overdue debt, searching legal help online
Falling British Currency 4K Loopable
Close-up of a man's hand holding Leather Wallet Empty with No Money. The concept of poverty
Young male in casual clothes is opening black wallet which is empty, looking disappointed and confused. Posing against blue background
Sad furious office executive throwing his suitcase been fired lost job sitting on stairs frustrating. Unhappy fired businessman. Unemployment after lockdown. Crisis.
close-up of a man's hand puts a wad of cash into the receiving slot of an ATM. The dispenser closes after receiving the money. depositing paper money into an ATM. replenishment of the account in cash
Total unemployment in period of financial crisis, male opening black leather wallet, empty wallet and no paper currency. Wallet with changes inside, bankruptcy and poverty concept

Frustrated african divorced single mom have no money to pay mortgage for apartment, holding head in despair with headache, having financial troubles
Annoyed angry young couple customers clients holding papers arguing with manager having complaint on bad contract service demand claim insurance compensation meeting lawyer on legal fraud fight
Stressed shocked diverse workers team frustrated about business failure reading discussing bad news results or email online looking at laptop, depressed upset colleagues having problem with computer
COVID-19 Pandemic Coronavirus Shutdown Downturn Destitution Lockdown. Close up man hands opening an empty wallet. Financial crisis and despair. No money, poverty concept.
Fired African American male office worker in medical mask sitting on stairs in depression with box of stuff. Unemployed businessman lost his business. Anxious concept. Workless man in despair.
Foreclosure Sign Outside House, Bank Home Mortgage Or Rent Debt 4K.
Man and woman arguing disagreeing about bad business contract, colleagues having conflict dispute about document sitting at office desk, partners shouting breaking agreement with unacceptable terms
beggar's mug being filled with coins and dollar
Onboard product purchasing, Asian woman sitting in airplane buying gift from air hostess and paying by credit card tapping on machine. Contactless payment and technology inflight service concept.
Multiscreen on people using smartphone in everyday life. Nomophobia - People using the mobile phone. No-mobile-phone phobia.
Black industry factory frustrated worker in helmet bangs his head against the wall. Negative upset person lost job and has no money
A man counting receipts on desk. Home Economics Concept.
woman shows her empty wallet. Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy - Person holding an empty wallet. businesswoman holding looking into empty wallet. The concept of poverty
Camera moves along Safe Deposit Boxes in a bank vault room, seamless infinite loop
Leather Wallet Empty with No Money
man shows turns empty pockets bankrupt no money. poverty Finance business bankruptcy concept. a man in old jeans looking for money in his pockets. crisis of getting into debt. problems and depression
Man showing his empty pockets
Digital animation of euro symbol on coin bag against white background. global economy and finance concept
Gold bricks. Stack of gold bullion bars. Seamless looping footage. Gold bars stacked in a row. The camera pans around gold bars in close up.
Falling banknotes South Korean Won currency on Green Chroma Key 4K Loop
Asian women have a headache and think they will make money to pay for all their credit cards and bills placed in front. Credit card and tension problem concept.
Close up of male businessman's hands showing empty wallet. Concept of personal or business bankruptcy, financial crisis, loans and debts, shortage of funds.
Wealth And Investment Savings Represented By Growing Coins Stacks Time-Lapse.
Dissatisfied mad businessmen arguing shouting on bad contract meeting lawyer, angry client yell having complaint conflict blame partner in fraud, legal dispute on terms change at office negotiations
Gold bullion or ingots. Stack of gold bullion bars. Seamless looping footage. The camera pans around gold bars.
Stacked gold bullions. Seamless looping footage. Etching 999,9 Fine Gold, Net WT 1000g engraved into them. Gold bricks low-angle view.
Unemployment during financial crisis, male opening black leather wallet, empty wallet and no paper currency. Wallet with coins inside, bankruptcy and poverty concept
Mobile Phone Checkout Animation. Trendy Design of Modern Smartphone with Credit card and Check mark . Online Shopping and Payment Concept
This video captures a cat working on her laptop computer, typing on the keyboard with a green screen.
inflation concept - close up of worried asian young female takes out wallet from pocket and there has no money
Man shows that there is no money in his wallet.
Euro coins green screen slow motion commercials, and marketing presentations. Gold euro coin digital currency Greenscreen loop animation in 4K
USA tax form 1040 and dollar bills, close up. High angle view.
Young woman looks into males empty wallet, unhappy face expression of discontent grimacing. Concept of poverty and bankruptcy, financial crisis
Selective focus on Gold Bars with up trend graph charts running in background by copy space - concept of Boom or bull run in Digital Gold market Shares.
An empty piggy bank destruction. Hammer smashes the porcelain deposit. No savings inside. Symbolizing bankruptcy and the last possible way to get any money. Economical crash. Poverty. Problems.
Paris, France - Circa 2021: Slow focus cinematic effect over the leather bag pouch manufactured by Gucci with price tag of 890 euros
New York / USA - Sept 5, 2020: Fearless Girl statue by Kristen Visbal looking at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with US flags.  Filmed during the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). Empty streets.
African American sad businessman sitting on stairs outdoor with box of stuff as lost business. Male office worker in despair lost job. Unemployment rate growing due pandemic. Fired man.
The small ball falls into the slot as the Roulette Wheel spins.
No money in wallet. A man has not enough cash in his wallet in the room.
Man showing empty wallet
Important tax information enclosed classified
the woman shows the regrown hair roots. long dyed hair, growing natural color. no money for the paint and the Barber shop. gray.
Businessman rejecting money offered by his partner in the dark - anti bribery concept
Black industry factory frustrated worker in helmet bangs his head against the wall. Negative upset person lost job and has no money
Business and financial failure, bankruptcy concept. Businessman showing empty wallet with small change, business troubles and depression. No money and currency, global financial crisis
Concept Savings Money in Piggy Bank. Smashed PiggyBank and Golden Coins Fly into Pipe. Money Reserve or Business Financial Investments Closeup no People. Banking Deposits and Accounts Paying Credit
Coronacrisis and poverty. Close up portrait of young depressed black woman crying near shopping mall, no money for purchases, tracking shot
Man Turns the Empty Pockets of His Jeans. No Money
    Technology Computers Online Payment Bitcoin Investment Silver Bullion Coins - Sliding to Right
Close up shot of an opened electric car charging socket cap and charger plugged into, at a public electric charging station near the highway at sunset
Businessman and businesswoman argue about documents, dissatisfied partners disagree with non-performance or bad collaboration result, canceling deal, breach of contract, noncompliance with obligation
Piggy bank standing on a kitchen stove burner. Alternative savings money concept. Hand is putting a coins in a moneybox on a home background. High price for a gas resources. Investment for the future
Single young african housewife with many debts feeling stressed, calculating finances, sitting at table with papers, trying to make both ends meet, not able to pay off utility bills
Frustrated man checking wallet with no money while sitting in bed at home
Spinning wheel with ball at number 16 in the roulette game. Number 16 red. Close up
Customer use dummy credit card for purchase without touching EDC to female staff wearing surgical mask in cafe to keep distancing during COVID pandemic. Cashless, technology, wireless payment concept.
Euro / Dollar and other top world currencies on stock market or forex trading platform.
Washington DC, USA - March 9, 2018: Loopable cinemagraph of IMF entrance with sign of International Monetary Fund, logo, sidewalk, security guard hiding behind wall
Man showing his empty pockets, turning his pockets inside out. Portrait of sad Guy.Money concept.
Copenhagen, Denmark - 02 13 2017: Man driving Porsche, logo visible, no releases
Inflation of Russian ruble. One hundred rubles banknote burns down on black background. Close-up.
Davenport, Iowa - June 15, 2021 - McDonalds Now Hiring Sign - $12 per hour - Outside Sign
An unrecognized woman with red nails in her dressing gown enters the code and opens the safe in the hotel. Takes a passport and money safely.
Upset woman student sitting in metro checking her empty wallet without money. Poor depressed student without money in subway underground
Burning Money (Debt, Taxes, Financial Cliff, Overspending) Quick time
Video of gold coins piled up one after another in front of black background. Fixed shooting. Savings, investment, business, success image
Huge oil torches. 4K. Combustion of associated gas. Extraction and preparation of oil. Preparation of oil for transportation. Siberia
White Piggy Banks Falling from Stand with group on blue background. 3D Animation.
Financial figures and diagrams showing increasing profits. Dolly in. Loopable. Blue.
A young handsome man using an ATM machine., commercial, people, shopping, personal, safety, client, enter, keypad, attractive, savings,  modern, purchase, button, transfer, one pin pay
A poor man in worn down clothes counting coins in the palm of his hand. A beggar counts the change he could earn asking for money. A broken person got into poverty, been laid off. Unemployment, misery
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