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Aerial drone view of American suburban neighborhood. Establishing shot of America's  suburb, street. Residential single family houses, lush greenery. Autumn colors, Fall season, trees with yellow red
London victorian Suburb, aerial shot, golden hour, beautiful green area 4K
Modern sustainable residential neighbourhood in the city of Almere, The Netherlands, with solar panels farm powering city heating. Evening traffic on the roads. Aerial Hyperlapse shot at dusk.
Sunset starburst highlights autumn neighborhood scene with homes and colorful trees, cars and trucks on street at intersection, aerial drone shot
Aerial view of residential houses at spring (may). Establishing shot of american neighborhood, suburb.  Real estate, drone shots, sunset, sunlight, from above.
Colorful rowhomes in urban American city. Rundown low income housing in USA. Aerial truck shot.
AERIAL: Slow flight trough Empty Central Berlin Neighbourhood Street with Cathedrals and view on Alexanderplatz TV Tower during Corona Virus COVID19 on Overcast Cloudy Day
Aerial view of american suburb at summertime.  Establishing shot of american neighborhood. Real estate, top down view of residential houses. Drone shot, from above
Miraflores district, in Lima Peru. During the lockdown for coronavirus. Empty streets, few public transportation. Aerial view. Some cars and buses in one of the more transit avenues in Lima.
Aerial View from above on the flooded houses and the city. Flood after floods from the mountains. The houses are flooded with dirty water of the flooded river
Aerial view of small town been flood Flooded Chinese neighbourhood in Leshan Sichuan China at 2020 Homes, houses overflowing water people walking in the water car driving in flood
Aerial pullback reverse dolly tracks vehicle on urban city street in USA. Fly by church, homes, residential district during sunny day.
Aerial view of a white car driving through a suburban neighborhood arriving at home; drone follow shot
Flight over New Orleans City Flooded, people sitting on roof tops and rescue helicopter passing, 4K
Townhouse condo apartment buildings during magic hour. Aerial drone shot above uniform tan brown houses in neighborhood community in USA.
Aerial view of power outage blackout in suburban neighborhood.

Relevant to coronavirus, covid-19, sars-cov-2 corona virus viral outbreak.
High and wide aerial overhead shot of small American town, village, establishing shot shows homes and housing along street, green trees and farmland in distance during August, North America, USA
Aerial view of small road in typical suburban neighborhood with big villas next to each other during sunny day, San Diego, California, USA. Aerial view of residential subdivision house
Aerial top down view of city building block located in metropolitan town flight over roofs and streets with vehicles driving around filmed by drone moving up slowly showing more of urban environment
4K Aerial drone shot of Malibu Beach coastline in California with the blue Pacific Ocean with waves coming in and beach with nice houses on the background
Aerial view of small town been Flooded countryside neighbourhood in Sichuan China at 2020 Homes, houses overflowing muddy water concept of nature disaster climate change 4k footage
Residential suburban housing district area in USA. American homes in quiet neighborhood. Aerial truck shot at golden hour.
aerial shot drone of birmingham city centre at sunrise flying backwards rising up england uk
Aerial top down view of just finished modern neighborhood apartment building with solar panels on flat roof providing the residential part with renewable energy from the sun 4k high resolution
Establishing shot of small town in America. Homes in quiet quaint residential housing district. Aerial drone view.
Drone flight past historic merchant houses made of coral stones and carved wood in Jeddah (two pigeons fly away in the shot)
Aerial view above Pasadena neighborhood northeast of downtown Los Angeles, California, USA
Drone Flies Over Condos in Medellin, Colombia. City Built in the Andes Mountains
Hyperlapse timelapse of night city traffic on 4-way stop street intersection circle roundabout in bangkok, thailand. 4K UHD horizontal aerial view.
Aerial Shot of classic British housing estate, English houses and homes from above
Aerial view of residential houses at summer. Establishing shot of American neighborhood, suburb, house.  Real estate, drone shots, sunrise, sunlight, from above
Brussels Belgium Aerial  Birdseye view flying around Saint Michel statue in Grand Place - December 2019
Aerial top down view of houses and streets in beautiful residential neighbourhood during fall season in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Hyperlapse timelapse zoom out of night city traffic on 4-way stop street intersection circle roundabout in bangkok, thailand. 4K UHD horizontal aerial view.
Aerial drone view of suburban neighborhood on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Establishing shot of American suburb. Residential houses in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Aerial establishing shot of the Hill of Pleasures slum in Rio de Janeiro. Slow flyover, rise up to reveal the city.
Aerial footage over a classic British housing estate, English houses and homes from above
CIRCA 2018 - aerial shot over a flooded neighborhood in South Carolina in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.
Cinematic high aerial establishing shot of American city. Town in suburbs during magic hour sunrise. Homes and houses line the streets in USA.
Aerial Drone Video flyover of Downtown Dallas Texas
Aerial drone shot of Medellin, Colombia
Aerial view flying over row of palm trees in Hollywood, revealing city of Los Angeles cityscape skyline at sunset. 4K UHD.
Aerial view of a white car leaving a home driveway and driving away; drone follow shot
Aerial footage of the British town of Middleton in Leeds West Yorkshire showing typical suburban housing estates with rows of houses, taken on a bright sunny day using a drone.
Aerial footage of  an American town  showing typical suburban housing estates with rows of houses, taken on a sunny day using a drone. Establishing shot of typical suburban neighborhood
Aerial hyperlapse of modern sustainable residential neighbourhood in Almere, The Netherlands, with solar panels island providing city heating
Aerial view of downtown Atlanta, Georgia and suburban neighborhoods in the state capital. Dron shot in a summer sunset featuring a beautiful skyline of Atlanta, Georgia USA.
Mexico City Skyscrapers, Aerial View. Flying Between Downtown Towers and Reforma Avenue on Sunny Day, Drone Shot
Aerial view of a village school in India
Famous Bridge overpass over Pacific Coast Highway by Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles with light traffic in beautiful golden hour Sunset vibe, Aerial Dolly forward, Wide angle shot
An aerial shot of a beautiful cottage home on the coast in cape breton nova scotia with solar panels
Aerial drone shot over residential apartment buildings on sunny day. Aerial shot over community apartment complex in China.
Aerial tilt up reveals two story homes in small town community neighborhood. Cars on quiet street. Establishing shot in Northeast United States of America, USA.
Aerial view of Lima's Coastline in the neighborhood of Miraflores day to night transition timelapse, Lima, Peru. Road traffic with junction and beach with ocean from Husares De Junin waterfront
Aerial view of urban suburban cityscape with clear blue sky of Perth, Western Australia. No people. Copy space
Aerial landscape of colorful city at night. Great night landscape. Famous Pompeia Avenue, Sao Paulo. Downtown city aerial view. Downtown city at night. Night life aerial view. Nightlife avenue view
Aerial footage of Phoenix, Arizona with Camelback Mountain glowing red in the evening sun.
Aerial flyover over streets and neighborhood houses in Los Angeles suburbs with mountains in the background, in California, USA, Sunset, drone shot
Birds eye aerial of houses with solar panels. Renewable energy on neighborhood homes
Aerial of a white truck driving through a suburban neighborhood from above
22 SEPTEMBER 2020 NEW YORK NY USA: Aerial view of on over Brooklyn, New York over Hudson River near the Brooklyn bridge of New York City
Beautiful new custom home, camera pulls out from front door to reveal house.
Aerial overview of new houses being build on construction site
Aerial top down video of contemporary houses in a suburb in Australia
Aerial slow flyover street in Los Angeles neighborhood between palm trees with downtown Los Angeles in the distant background, sunny day, California
Flood river stream covers streets and roads in small town America, USA. Aerial drone revealing shot at golden hour morning sunrise.
Fort Lauderdale Cityscape Skyline, Aerial View of Canals by Las Olas Boulevard, Beachfront Buildings on Sunny Day, Establishing Drone Shot, Florida USA
Cinematic drone aerial tracking street in small town America neighborhood community at sunset
Brussels Belgium Aerial  Birdseye view flying around Grand Place square - December 2019
Antwerp Belgium Aerial  Flying low over Scheldt River into downtown old town district - November 2019
Top down aerial slow sideways fly over modern upmarket houses, some still under construction, most with rooftop solar. Sydney, Australia
Beautiful aerial footage of Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona,USA, Camelback Mountain in background
Aerial Tracking Shot of Snow Blanketing Suburbs of Dallas During Historic Winter Storm
4K Aerial Establishing shot of a Toronto neighborhood. Cinematic shot.
Aerial of rowhomes. Colorful rowhouses, homes, apartments along urban city street in USA. Truck shot at magic hour.
Los Angeles / United States - 06 03 2020: Aerial, drone shot towards a Starbucks building in flames, arson, during riots Los Angeles, Fairfax, Santa Monica, California, USA
Drone flying above La Perla neighborhood in San Juan Puerto Rico during summer season. Colorful houses close to the beach beautiful paintings sea waves splashing
Beautiful aerial above traffic on street through quaint small town in USA. American city during summer golden hour. Homes along street as cars drive on road. Drone view.
Atlanta Aerial v345 Vertical view flying low over Ansley neighborhood and Midtown area sunny 11/17
Drone footage of Marshall Park, Parsons Gardens, West Queen Anne, Lower Queen Anne, downtown Seattle, Mt. Rainier, upscale, affluent neighborhoods uptown by Puget Sound, in Seattle, Washington
Aerial: Tree-Lined Avenue Among Angled City Blocks in Paris, France
Aerial Panning A Coastal New England Neighborhood And Beach Road With A Lush Green Trees In The Background - Kennebunkport, Maine
Rural America aerial view of small community among farmland fields. Aerial tracking shot of car on road during summer golden hour. Beautiful warmth.
Tilt up view of contemporary apartment building with large windows and colorful walls of the facade of a new house for city residents, or offices with a beautiful modern facade in the early summer -
Security Wall divide Israel and Palestine. Panorama Aerial view
Drone View over Anata Refugee Camp And Jewish Pisgat Zeev neighborhood.
New York, New York / USA - March 20, 2020: Bowery, near Cooper Union, Lower Manhattan during Coronavirus Outbreak, 2020.
Aerial of mobile homes, trailer park, housing tightly compact, aerial drone view, establishing shot of residences in United States of America, USA during summer, low-income manufactured homes
Empty street in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine.  Quarantined city, empty abandoned streets during coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Aerial view.
Aerial view of residential houses at autumn (october). American neighborhood, suburb. Real estate, drone shots, sunset, sunny morning,  sunlight, from above
An aerial establishing shot of a suburban neighborhood, 4K UHD
Dagenham UK, 6th Oct 2020: Aerial drone footage of the Dagenham Park Church of England School in East London showing the School building and playing fields from above
Urban background in sunny daytime. Exterior of a new apartment building. Modern design of high-rise building with large windows and balconies.
Aerial truck shot of poor urban American city housing. Rundown homes in poverty stricken neighborhood community. Residential district.
Aerial view of La Perla neighborhood in San Juan Puerto Rico during summer season. Sea waves beautiful beach colorful houses urban dangerous drug crime despacito music video filming location
Descending aerial on retirement home community, assisted living, senior citizen home, large CCRC complex for continuing care, United States of America, USA Baby Boomer generation, healthcare facility
Aerial Birds Eye View over Berlin, Germany Neighborhood, intersection at night with glowing street traffic city lights at Rosenthaler Platz, Top View of Cityscape at Night
South London Aerial City View around Waterloo, Southwark feat. Suburban and Central Neighborhood in Elephant & Castle, Kennington Skyline 4K Ultra HD
NYC New York Aerial v103 Vertical nighttime cityscape of Murray Hill neighborhood - October 2017
Aerial tilting dolly shot of residential neighborhoods of Alphabet City and East Village with New York City skyscrapers in the background
Aerial view of traditional housing estate in England. Looking straight down with a satellite image style, the houses look like a miniature village
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