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Slow Motion Amazing milk cows on the beautiful meadow
shot of A young girl is teaching a group of Indian Asian primary school children or kids sitting and studying together using a laptop in an indoor classroom setup. learning and education concept
Woman open dark curtains and look to neat sunrise at early hour, black half length silhouette of slender lady against window. She stretch out hands to unveil hangings, slowly and unhurried mood at day
Bank of Blue Network Cables. LED lights flashing.
Shot of a group of happy and adorable primary school children wearing uniforms with backpacks walking through a rural village lane. school re opening, learning, and education concept.
Liquid Motion Transitions is a neat Motion Graphics Pack. Just drop it into your project. Alpha channel included. Easy to customize with your favorite software. More elements in our portfolio.
A woman touches a fresh white towel
Smiling millennial beautiful housewife wearing rubber gloves, involved in wiping kitchen surfaces at home, keeping house neat. Happy professional female cleaning worker mopping dust indoors.
Aerial view flying through neatly stacked tree trunks, impact of deforestation and heavy industry on global ecological system
Fresh And Modern Corporate Office Space - Desk And Chairs Window Side
Young asian woman using a smart phone. Mobile communication.
Portrait of a group of men in the city with beards looking to camera
Beautiful fashionable girl with long curly hair in a black T-shirt. Girl in the studio on a pink background.Advertising, hair products, beauty salon, cosmetics, clothing. Fashion, boutique. Pink.
Fresh And Modern Corporate Office Space - Meeting Area
Smiling millennial attractive caucasian woman looking in mirror, standing in hallway with backpack on shoulders, checking neat casual look before going outside for walk, dating or meeting with friends
Clothes and towels in plastic containers in closet top view, space organization concept.
Elegant, detailed, and delightful bokeh and particles visuals with shallow depth of field.
Minimalistic Walk-In Closet Idea Walkthrough
African American Businessman Using Smartphone And Leans On White Luxurious Electric Car That Is Charging. Plug Charging An Electrical Car. New Technologies At City Stops In Town Center
An egg is fried in a pan. Cooking.
White air cleaner making indoor air fresh all day in a closed room with a wood floor, a gray mat, a sofa, and bookshelves in a neat house with nice view of balcony where plant and flowerpot are placed
Headshot portrait of attractive confident indian Hispanic man looking at camera standing at modern living room. Latin businessman posing in casual stylish look at home office.
Fresh And Modern Corporate Office Space - Walkway
Woman in red t-shirt, jeans and sneakers walking on a Green Screen, Chroma Key.
Many packaged raw meat on the supermarket shelves, assortment on showcase in a butcher shop
A woman's hand with bright manicure running through long wavy blond hair
Owner or handler neatly washes cute wet dachshund puppy with warm water in bathroom after walk, close up. Regular hygiene procedures for pets
Housewife put on shelves artificial flower pots, glass candlestick enjoy process of cosiness creation, get living room in order. Decorator decorating interior of home. Modern items for flat ad concept
Caucasian Man Installing New Grass By Unrolling Sod In Neat Rows Near Sidewalk In Residential Garden Area.
Excited beautiful young woman in pink dress talking to camera on a Green Screen, Chroma Key.
Woman open curtains at early morning, black silhouetted half-length shot from back against window. Neat sky colour before sunrise seen through transparent fabric
Happy woman with laundry in living room taking in that fresh laundry scent
A large warehouse of timber materials. A forklift carries a wooden beam through the warehouse. Neatly stacked wooden bar in a sawmill warehouse
Cows eating Silage in a large dairy farm, milk production
Male Builder Levels Plaster On Wall. Smooth Board. Removes Extra Layer. Renovation work in Residential Premises. Neat Movement. Profession. Thick Layer of Plaster. Preparing Walls for Whitewashing
close shot of two little primary school children wearing uniforms standing and holding books in their hands and reading standing by the window of the school classroom. learning and education concept
Beautiful, suburbs with stunning houses and landscaped yards, early morning, aerial view.
Womens eyes with neat natural makeup, illuminated with colorful neon light, look straight ahead. Close up macro portrait. Slow motion.
Elegant, detailed, and delightful bokeh and particles visuals with shallow depth of field.
european robin perched on branch in autumn (Erithacus Rubecula)
Aerial dolly shot of a neatly organized suburban neighborhood in Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan.
weighing of chinese herbal medicine
Neat garden at glass building in modern downtown district. Empty peaceful recreation area lush green trees at office construction. Large panorama windows reflecting clear sky. Architecture concept.
A nurse cleans and disinfects a chair in a dental office.
Fresh And Modern Corporate Office Space - Desk And Chairs
Human hands holding packaged fresh meat fillets, choosing beef for cooking in supermarket, butcher's shelves
Asian three generation female family brushing their teeth. Dental care. Oral care.
Close up of neat and round feet of a dog, brown with short black claws. This type of paw, with high-arched toes closely held together, is named cat foot.
A spinning globe shifts sideways on left with copy space on a light canvas from the Headline collection - Lower Third Video Element.
Female housewife washes the floors in the apartment. The mop moves on the floor. Cleaning at home. mop close-up. Routine. wife cleans the house
Slow motion low angle view of a person fixing the bed, lifting and airing the duvet, 23.98 fps.
Slow single wipe transition from bottom right to top left from the Stanza collection - Transition Video Element.
Fine granules of a detergent powder dissolve in water. Washing powder slowly dissolves in water
Shiny stainless steel tanks in wine-cellar used for wine fermentation, tilt-up
Caucasian Man With Push Aerator Puncturing Soil Of Large Green Grassy Area. Lawn Care And Maintenance Of Property Yard.
close shot of two little adorable primary school children wearing uniforms with smiles on their faces staring at the camera standing against a white background or wall. learning and education concept
Indoor air with COVID-19 virus. White air cleaner making indoor air fresh all day in a closed room with a wood floor, a gray mat, a sofa, and bookshelves in a neat house.
Sumatran tiger stalking her prey hidden in vegetation and his eyes gaze ahead. Tiger male is hiding in vegetation in a nature and his head is between the branches of the tree. Panthera tigris sumatrae
close shot of a young little adorable primary school boy wearing a uniform with backpack smiling joyfully staring at the camera standing in classroom learning and education concept
Aerial tracking across pink, yellow and red tulips in neat rows of Dutch tulip field with a line of spinning wind turbines in the background
Young asian woman reading books in the library.
High quality video of welcome to fabulous Las Vegas Sign at night in 4K
Young professional ballerina making circular movements on stage. Beautiful girl dancing in spotlights in evening during dress rehearsal.
Animation of white pause button turning to play in center over a black background from the OS collection - FUI - HUD Video Element.
A simple transition to reveal screen with a central shrinking sphere from the Stanza collection - Transition Video Element.
Lovely dog gently lick and touch cheerful owner man face, slow motion shot at nature outdoors, blurred green trees on background. Beagle sit on hind legs and express emotions to his friend
man applying shaving foam on beard
Close-up of construction work, male bricklayer puts another yellow brick into mortar, neatly smooths edges with trowel, taps, works well, professional, building private house from brick, construction
close-up of handmade leather shoes. flying camera, beautiful macro plan.
Neat chambermaid in mask, gloves and uniform carefully straightening blanket after making bed with crisp white linens in hotel bedroom. Diligent maid preparing room for hotel visitors during covid-19
Handsome Young Man Brushing and Combing Hair in Mirror Getting Ready to Go Out
Professional ballerina dancing ballet in spotlights on big stage. Beautiful Caucasian young girl wearing red dress with no back.
Young woman putting washed dry clean towels on iron board, preparing for ironing. Housewife doing household chores. Cleaning service in hotels. Laundry room with professional electric equipment.
the waiter in the restaurant serving banquet in white colors
Amazing milk cows on beautiful meadow eat a grass
This video shows anonymous hands using a public COVID hand washing sanitary station.
Big collection of old uncognizable books. 4K steadicam shot
asian millennial lady dressing up in the bedroom. glancing at wrist watch and picking up her briefcase to leave right away.
BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA - MAY 5, 2020: Time lapse of woman setting  her workplace desk in a very controlled and neat manner: laptop, calculator, hard drive, markers, notebook and cell phone and starts typing
4K of finger pushing button and flushing toilet
One piece of every type of cutlery put neatly in the drawer of the kitchen cabined as a minimalist organizing system
Beautiful neighborhoods, homes amid Autumn colors, aerial view.
roups of people running on the treadmill neatly. They run at nearly the same tempo.
Man's hand neatly puts pills in a jar. Pharmacy
a man cuts the potato on the cutting Board sharp knife cut into slices
Surgeon sews wound on leg after surgery using self-absorbable threads, hands closeup. Doctor sutures ankle during surgery with neat stitches after removing hygroma. One day surgery concept.
The silhouettes of a couple dancing rumba in the smoke. A spotlight is on behind them. The man holds the woman by the hand and twists towards him, then supports her by the shoulders and makes the sway
Abstract graphic composition including video footage and computer generated elements mixed together.
Aerial Top View: Roofs of Neat Houses - Paris, France
Beautiful Asian woman at home
Luma matte transition of opening a diagonal split screen and spreading towards top left and bottom right corner from the Geneva collection - Lower Third Video Element.
The word subscribe in a scale out transition from the Stanza collection - Transition Video Element.
Man wears shiny cufflinks and watching the clock
Self-service car wash process where good-looking focused 30-aged black-skinned guy with neat beard wiping to shine headlights of red luxurious auto using special yellow towel
Little Fun Creative Girl Singing and Using Мacuum Сleaner Handle as Microphone. Child Using Mop as Guitar While Singing in Play Room. Enjoying Spring Cleaning. Playful Creative Kid Dancing With Mop.
Extreme close-up unrecognizable bearded man brushing teeth with white paste whitening agent with wooden toothbrush clean oral dental health at home bathroom morning routine daily hygiene care concept
A woman tidies up a pile of clothes. A mess. Do the cleaning. Many clothes. Sorting clothes. Tidy up. Put your clothes in the closet. Multi-colored sweaters, women's wardrobe.
Beautiful neighborhood in summer, at sunrise, moving aerial view.
Close up of good-looking stylish positive male driver with neat beard which looking on camera while filling battery with energy of own luxurious hybrid auto on charging station
Front view of attractive happy joyful 30-aged male driver with neat beard in jeanse clothes which washing his car's headlights with special rag in self-service car wash
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