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CIRCA 1940 - In this documentary directed by Frank Capra, Hitler, Goebbels and other Nazi officials address an excited crowd.
1945 - Nazi General Alfred Jodl and US Army General Walter Bedell Smith sign the papers making Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender official.
CIRCA 1944 - French women who collaborated with the Nazis have their hair shaved in a public square to humiliate them.
CIRCA 1945 - Nazi General Wolff signs documents surrendering the campaign in Italy, which are then signed by General Morgan on behalf of the allies.
CIRCA 1944 - American soldiers take Nazis prisoner after liberating Cherbourg.
CIRCA 1940s - A montage of Nazi forces invading European countries from the late 1930s into the early 1940s.
CIRCA 1945 - Whole units of Nazi soldiers march to a surrender point and are loaded into trucks.
CIRCA 1945 - A Nazi officer surrenders to leaders of the 101st Airborne Division in Germany.
CIRCA 1940 - German soldiers march through the wreckage of a French city. Hitler looks over a map with Nazi officials.
CIRCA 1938 - Adolf Hitler joins forces with Benito Mussolini, and Nazi soldiers are seen occupying Austria and Sudentland of Czechoslovakia.
CIRCA 1944 - US Navy ships and US Army Air Force P-47s open fire on Nazi fortresses in France, and 9th Air Force planes bomb Nazi installations.
CIRCA 1930s - The German American Bund stages a Nazi rally at Camp Nordland in New Jersey, where the Nazi salute is given to a speaker on a stage.
CIRCA 1942 - RAF Lancasters bomb Nazi Germany, and fight Nazi forces over the English Channel.
CIRCA 1944 - Nazis raise anti-aircraft guns out of camouflaged emplacements along the English channel.
CIRCA 1944 - Attempts are made on Hitler's life as Germans become disillusioned with the war.
CIRCA 1944 - Nazi Germany and fascist Italy boost Croatia's military power.
CIRCA 1930s - American civilians through the Nazi salute at a rally in Camp Nordland where men march with under swastika and American flags.
CIRCA 1945 - General Eisenhower gives a speech thanking American soldiers and servicewomen for their work in forcing Nazi Germany to surrender
CIRCA 1944 - Generals Montgomery and Dempsey lead their men to capture Nazis in France.
CIRCA 1952 - Workmen in Berlin find secret tunnels under the Reichstag, which were used by Nazi officials to reach underground air raid shelters.
CIRCA 1942 - RAF Lancasters fly over the English Channel and bomb Nazi Germany.
CIRCA 1944 - British, French and Polish troops march in Cassino, Italy and take members of the German 1st Parachute Division prisoner.
1940s: Soldiers marching. Audience watches. Soldiers marching. Two planet Earths, one dark, one light. The U.S. Capitol Building.
CIRCA 1930s - The German army parading in front of Hitler to gloat over their recent destruction and occupation of Warsaw, Poland in 1939.
CIRCA 1944 - Japanese-American soldiers of the 442nd infantry division fight and take Nazis prisoner in the Vosges forest.
CIRCA 1930s - A Nazi rally is held at Camp Nordland in New Jersey, staged by the German American Bund.
CIRCA 1940s - Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels visits an exhibit of communications equipment.
CIRCA 1939 - Nazi soldiers drive through Czech city streets, lined with cheering crowds.
CIRCA 1940s - Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels visits an exhibit of technology used during the Berlin Olympics.
CIRCA 1945 - Joseph Goebbels' brother Hans is captured by the allies, and General Dittmar surrenders to them as well.
CIRCA 1944 - US Army medics oversee Nazi POWs evacuating the dead from a wrecked building in Aachen, Germany.
CIRCA 1941 - German Army engineers repair bridges in Leningrad after its capture.
CIRCA 1940s - The allies storm the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, and a year later the Nazis surrender to General Eisenhower's troops.
CIRCA 1945 - General Clark and Field Marshal Alexander join in celebrations of the allies' liberation of Italy.
CIRCA 1945 - German General von Friedeburg and one of his men sign documents of unconditional surrender with Field Marshal Montgomery.
CIRCA 1941 - German forces advance on Leningrad into the night, with tanks, artillery and flamethrowers.
CIRCA 1941 - Luftwaffe planes and German artillerymen attack Leningrad.
CIRCA 1945 - German General von Friedeburg meets with Britain's Field Marshal Montgomery to surrender unconditionally.
CIRCA 1941 - German soldiers interrogate Russian POWs.
CIRCA 1941 - German forces advancing towards Moscow are slowed by Russian resistance fighters and inclement weather.
CIRCA 1941 - German soldiers take Russian soldiers prisoner after a street fight.
CIRCA 1953 - The owner of a bookstore in Chicago may face deportation because it has been discovered that he is an escaped German POW.
CIRCA 1945 - General Jodl and General "Beetle" Smith sign documents pertaining to Germany's unconditional surrender
CIRCA 1941 - German troops approach Leningrad by boat and plane.
CIRCA 1930s - In this Frank Capra documentary, Hitler shakes hands with Nazi officials after a rally at Nuremberg (narrated by Walter Huston in 1943).
CIRCA 1940s - Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels gives a speech.
CIRCA 1941 - German soldiers advance on a war-torn Russian city.
CIRCA 1940s - British civilians survive bombs dropped by Nazi warplanes, ducking and covering, in London, during World War 2, in 1940.
CIRCA 1941 - Luftwaffe planes bomb a column of Russian tanks.
CIRCA 1941 - A Luftwaffe light bomber strafes a Russian railroad.
CIRCA 1941 - German artillerymen use anti-tank guns against a Russian armored division.
1945 - Nazi General Alfred Jodl arrives at Allied Force Headquarters in Reims, France to sign Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender to the allies.
CIRCA 1941 - Luftwaffe planes bomb and strafe a Russian bivouac area.
CIRCA 1941 - German soldiers capture an important railroad in Russia, and drive vehicles towards a burning city.
CIRCA 1941 - Luftwaffe planes begin bombing Russia, and German soldiers invade the border.
CIRCA 1941 - Luftwaffe bombers and fighter planes take out a Russian airfield.
CIRCA 1941 - A Russian plane is shot down by the Luftwaffe, and crashes to the ground in flames.
CIRCA 1941 - German soldiers advance on farmland in Russia, and take Soviet soldiers prisoner.
CIRCA 1941 - Luftwaffe planes provide cover for German field artillery and armored units advancing in Russia.
CIRCA 1940s - Footage of Dachau Nazi Concentration Camp victims.
CIRCA 1941 - German forces urge Russian soldiers to surrender, but they burn their own city instead and retreat
CIRCA 1941 - German infantrymen advance in Russia.
CIRCA 1930s - In this Frank Capra documentary, servicemen of Nazi Germany, fascist Italy and imperial Japan march past crowds.
CIRCA 1940s - Nazi POWs are marched onto US Navy LCMs, while their wounded fellows are treated by US Army medics.
CIRCA 1940s - Nazi and American soldiers are treated by US Army doctors.
CIRCA 1940s - Nazi POWs are marched to a prison camp.
CIRCA 1939 - In this Frank Capra documentary narrated by Walter Huston, German and Russian military leaders confer in a conquered Poland.
CIRCA 1943 - Soldiers and civilians search the rubble in a war-torn German city.
CIRCA 1942 - In this Frank Capra documentary narrated by Walter Huston, a montage shows Japanese forces bombing Pearl Harbor.
CIRCA 1939 - Canadian servicemen are called to action when Lord Tweedsmuir announces that Canada will aid Britain in the fight against Nazi Germany.
Oświęcim / Poland - April 27, 2019 - SLOW MOTION SHOT - Holocaust Memorial Museum. The Auschwitz I concentration camp was established in June 1940. The Arbeit Macht Frei Gate (work will set you free).
Milan, Italy - 30 April 2019: Italian far-right and neo-fascist supporters perform the fascist roman salute during the celebrations for Sergio Ramelli's death. With audio.
CIRCA 1939 - Thousands of people, including some in traditional Czechoslovakian costumes, stage an anti-Nazi parade in New York City.
CIRCA 1945 - American soldiers drive M-4 tanks over a pontoon bridge in Germany, while others march German POWs across it.
CIRCA 1945 - President Truman reads a declaration about Nazi Germany's surrender to the United Nations.
CIRCA 1939 - After Canada declares war on Nazi Germany in order to aid Britain, recruits arrive at Canadian military bases.
1945 - Nazi POWs are brought to New York by ship, and searched on the dock.
CIRCA 1944 - General Guderian gives a recruitment speech which is successful in making Hitler Youth want to enlist in the army.
CIRCA 1944 - American soldiers hold Nazi POWs at gunpoint in Le May, France, and are greeted by cheering French civilians.
CIRCA 1938 - Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goring are greeted by enthusiastic villagers in Sudetenland.
CIRCA 1938 - Nazi troops pass in review, and crowds cheer as Adolf Hitler's car drives by.
London, United Kingdom (UK) - 01 30 2016: A man gives a Nazi salute
CIRCA - 1942 - Hitler, Mussolini, and a Japanese Military leader under Hirohito speak to large crowds promising world dominance.
CIRCA 1942 - In this Frank Capra documentary, American children are shown having fun while Axis children are trained to become soldiers.
CIRCA 1930s - In this Frank Capra documentary narrated by Walter Huston, Axis schoolchildren are taught to worship their heads of state.
CIRCA 1944 - Men and women of the French Forces of the Interior start fighting back against Nazis at Notre Dame and elsewhere in Paris.
CIRCA 1940 - Hitler oversees a military parade which includes marching units, armored vehicles, and Luftwaffe planes in flight.
CIRCA 1944 - A-20 bombers of the 9th Air Force bomb Nazi installations Lessay and other cities of occupied France.
CIRCA 1945 - French POWs in Germany are liberated by the allies, and captured, French civilians are also able to begin their journeys home.
CIRCA 1944 - A Russian POW caught by the allies in France gets permission to go back over enemy lines for his platoon so they can all surrender.
CIRCA 1933 - Albert Einstein disembarks from a ship in California (narrated in 1958).
CIRCA 1945 - American soldiers advance into Dillingen, Germany, and meet with Russian allies.
CIRCA 1940s - Footage of Arnstadt Buchenwald Nazi Concentration Camp victims.
CIRCA 1939 - Hitler addresses a large outdoor crowd, explaining how he has made Germany great.
CIRCA 1945 - Smokescreens are used to give cover to American soldiers and truck convoys crossing pontoon bridges into Nazi Germany.
CIRCA 1953 - Memorials are held in France for victims of Nazism.
CIRCA 1935 - Children are seen at a Nazi rally in the Free City of Danzig.
CIRCA 1944 - General Eisenhower and other allied officers plan the D-Day attack, while German officers use slave labor.
CIRCA 1944 - Admiral Miklos Horthy oversees the graduation ceremony of air cadets from the Ludovica Military Academy in Budapest, Hungary.
CIRCA 1944 - Exhausted Nazi POWs are grouped together in Anzio, Italy.
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