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Fine Dining Restaurant - Classy Table Setup
Decorating a Festive table. Wedding Table Decoration with Bouquets of Natural Fresh Flowers for a Family Feast
Disinfection, protection, prevention, housework, COVID 19, coronavirus, safety, sanitation concept. Slow motion: woman cleaning door handle with antiseptic disinfectant wet wipe - low angle close up
Cough, sneezing, runny nose. Woman at workplace in evening works at laptop coughs and wipes her nose with napkin. Cold, flu, allergy, coronavirus, covid-19 concept
Ill allergic young woman sneezing in tissue blowing running nose. Sick girl got flu concept or caught cold, having allergy symptoms. Unhealthy lady suffer from seasonal virus disease. Close up view
Red wine being poured inside a glass in a fine dining restaurant in slow motion, surrounded by plates of food, charcuterie board
View Of Luxurious Table Setting Through Artificial Fireplace Window In A Restaurant - slow motion
Homemade pastry apple pie with bakery products on dark rusty wooden kitchen table red and green apples and cinnamon. Traditional american dessert. Flat lay food background. Top view
Portrait shot of sad desperate man crying during his work and usining  napkins to removing tears in the office . upset looking,Epidemic, problems, sadness, virus, coronavirus, sad, crisis,  problem
Cough, sneezing, runny nose. Woman at workplace in evening coughs and wipes her nose with napkin. Cold, flu, allergy, coronavirus, covid-19 concept. Close-up
Ill upset young woman blowing running nose got flu concept caught cold sneezing in tissue sit on bed, sick girl having health problem flue allergy symptoms coughing holding napkin alone in bedroom
Compositon with autumn classic food. Tasty homemade pumpkin soup decorated with black seed
the dog on the bed gnaws at white napkins from excitement or play. the golden retriever has made a mess in the bedroom. Pets alone at home concept.
a little boy is sick, blows his nose. Flu, cold, infection, virus
A close up of a plate with snacks shots that the waiter carries in his hand to the guests. Appetizer buffet, buffet table.
Shot of waiter hand correcting cultery on table before celebration at banquet hall
slow motion of young lady call company boss in sick leave because of seasonal flu. ill woman sneezing talking on mobile phone request for day off. asian female having runny nose holding tissue cover.
Ill sick young woman sneezing in tissue, blowing runny nose. Millennial lady having flu coronavirus cold symptoms at home. Covid 19 virus infection, flu and seasonal allergy concept. Close up view
Close up on midsection of young caucasian woman hands wiping using white alcohol tissue cleaning disinfection from virus and bacteria in day at home or office front view
Red blood is absorbed into the paper white napkin paper, macro shot
Unhealthy business black man suffering allergy sneezing and coughing in paper napkin sitting in public tram driving to work of fall morning. Concept of sickness.
Video panorama of the cafe, tables and lamps, big windows, cozy atmosphere at the restaurant, interior design
Man sit on sofa wipes runny nose with napkin look at thermometer suffers feels badly due high temperature. Guy catch a cold, influenza virus symptoms, grippe and flue, need care and treatment concept
Unhealthy male employee sneezing while working in workplace in office. Sick young businessman working on computer using napkins. Tired ill managers sitting at desktop
Close-up of woman hand using wet wipe and sanitizer to clean cell phone screen. People cleaning and disinfecting mobile telephone monitor to kill virus and germs. Female hands holding smartphone
The waiter brings dishes with caviar and croutons to the served tables for guests. Preparing for a banquet.
Kitchen supplies close up shot. Tearing off a piece of paper towel from roll.
Wedding reception dinner decorations
A Hispanic woman wearing a white shirt, a face mask and yellow gloves is cleaning a table with a blue cloth
Close up of unrecognizable woman putting cutlery wrapped in beautiful napkin on plate standing on dining table
healthcare, flu, hygiene and people concept - sick man blowing nose to paper napkin at home
Close up of the young unhealthy caucasian woman in the warm scarf and a plaid blowing her nose in the napkin as she having a cold. At home. 2019-ncov , coronavirus , virus
Little girl using napkin to clean muzzle of chestnut horse with bridle in stable on farm
A young sanitary worker wearing a protective suit and a respirator cleans and disinfects the surfaces of the handrails with an antibacterial spray and a napkin. Slow motion. Close up.
Mother changing diaper on her newborn baby in nursery
Head shot unhealthy unhappy millennial mixed race indian woman using paper tissue, suffering from runny nose sinusitis nasal infectious disease, feeling uncomfortable at home, first grippe symptoms.
Eco linen fabric background. Production of textile clothing and natural environmentally friendly materials.
A woman holds eyeglasses in her hands. The girl wipes the lenses with diopters in the frame with a napkin. Cleaning with a black cloth.
Wedding banquet hall interior details with decorated table setting at restaurant. Candles and white petals decoration with roses flowers in glass vases filled with water. Macro
English-style pancakes with lemon and sugar, traditional for Shrove Tuesday. Powdered sugar with lemon juice on pancake. English pancake day holiday
Reflection in back view mirror of man in protective medical mask driving car through city during outbreak of dangerous disease around world. Male in vehicle on town
Sick ill african american woman with curly hair blowing runny nose into tissue paper outdoors cold allergies respiratory virus girl suffers from contagious rhinitis symptom autumn in city flu pandemic
Disinfection, protection, prevention, housework, coronavirus, sanitation concept. Slow motion: woman spraying antiseptic, cleaning white dining table with disinfectant wet wipe - close up top view
Festive decorated Easter table. Blue egg with a napkin like an Easter bunny and blue flowers on a white table. Holiday, chocolate eggs, white plates. Painted eggs.
The girl lies on the bed and is sick. There are antibiotics on the bedside tables. HD
A woman with symptoms of allergies or colds. Headache.
Hibiscus tea in a glass. Hibiscus leaves for making trendy tea. Red hibiscus tea on a blue napkin. Healthy food concept
Layered material with a good absorbing properties and odor retention,  protection and comfort. Baby diapers with excellent breathability and moisture absorption, napkin, sanitary pad.
In the Evening Heartbroken Girl Sitting on a Sofa, Crying, Using Tissues, Eating Ice Cream and Watching Drama on TV. Her Room is in Mess. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
March 13, 2020: Woman wearing mask pushes shopping cart with toilet paper and other goods in Costco parking lot. Long line of people behind here trying to enter the store.
Male hand cleaning and sanitizing keyboard of laptop from dust and viruses, coronavirus protection and disinfection
Child hands cleaning and disinfection. The mother wipes the child's hands with wet wipes in the park.
Mother changing diaper on her newborn baby indoors. Little legs of a newborn baby. The child moves his legs. New life. Dry skin of the baby.
White napkins with pink and light green edges, or pink and light green napkins served on the table with cuttlery with wooden  handles.
Close up head shot unhealthy millennial indian mixed race woman covered in warm plaid sneezing in paper tissue, having infectious disease, caught cold or suffering from grippe symptoms at home.
Wedding Dinner
Mother helping little girl to blow nose by napkin indoor, view in profile. Woman keeping napkin near her daughter face while toddler blowing her nose. Adult helps baby taking care during sickness
Catering. exquisitely decorated table with delicious meat, salads and wine for Romantic dinner in the forest. outdoor. sunny. picnic. slide.
Portrait of a waiter in a restaurant before work, he straightens his bow tie.
Red blood is absorbed into the paper white napkin paper, macro shot
Hand takes a wet napkin from a yellow plastic pack on a black background close up. Disinfection from virus bacteria
Pouring white drink - milk, drinking yogurt, kefir, shake - into glass.
Doorknobs disinfection with disinfectant spray. Protective measures against the Coronavirus. Cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces
Close up of woman hands pulling tissues from white plastic box in dental clinic. White paper towel dispenser on the wall. Health care and prevention concept.
4k above video of multicultural group of young friends enjoying a meal, aerial view food pizza meal togetherness concept.
Mother changing diaper on her newborn baby in nursery
Group of young people eating organic lunch arial view dinner party
Girl puts daily sanitary pads in her handbag, pantyliner
Beautiful Chandelier In Restaurant. Many Transparent Particles On Chandelier Of Different Lengths. Many White Flowers On Walls And Ceiling. In Room Dim Lighting.
Trying to eat shooing away flies Sushi entree roll rice eel sashimi chopsticks 4K
Sick african american girl working from home office. Ill young black woman with cold, working on laptop computer, coughing and sneezing.
Caucasian woman nurse opens with a knee compartment with a dump and throws a used napkin in the trash in the dental clinic
Group of young people eating organic lunch arial view
Ill woman getting throat virus lying in bedroom. Upset woman feeling unwell. Closeup female hands taking napkin at bedside table. Sick girl sneezing at bed.
Wedding table rustic style decor with dishes, drinks and flowers in pink and beige colours. Floristic compositions of roses on party banquet dining table.
Dirty waste food and used napkin on plate after eating seafood party in the restaurant. Slow motion shot.
Artisan is putting goods into cardboard boxes, Packing of finished products, Woman's hands pack the goods for later sale, Souvenirs wrapping
A young man disinfects car keys with an alcohol based disinfectant spray. Protective measures against the coronavirus pandemic. Cleaning and disinfecting to prevent and contain the coronavirus
Long Beige Dinner Table Served With Delicious Dishes.
Laconic, minimalistic table setting. White plates on knitted napkins, glass glasses. Dinner table for eight people in nature. Sunny day. Celebrated.
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 20 OCTOBER, 2019:Tired caucasian office worker sneezing from allergy blowing nose using napkins working on laptop computer in the company. Hardworking businessperson suffers
Bowl of chili mac with beef vanishing from a bowl, overhead view stop motion animation
Stop motion animation of eating rye bread and avocado, healthy toast with sprouts and seeds. Top view
Unhappy woman with blond hair sitting on couch in warm blanket and suffering from headache. Mature female with blond hair coughing and sneezing while staying at home.

woman hands pulling napkins from white plastic box in clinic toilet.
Tears, drama, melodrama, man crying concept. Man alone in room watches TV in evening, he is sad and cries, wipes his eyes with paper napkin. Close-up
Rear view slowmo of multi-ethnic lesbian couple sitting at table by window in cafe and enjoying food. Caring African-American woman wiping mouth of her Caucasian girlfriend
Syrup pouring on belgian waffles served with berries. Sweet sugar waffles with maple syrup
Reserved table card closeup. Animation of elegant tableware at a restaurant. Dinner set at the wedding reception. Plates, napkins, glasses, flatware on the wooden table. Ready for celebration. 4 K HD
Seamless loop animation of elegant tableware at a restaurant. Dinner set at the wedding reception. Plates, glasses, candles and gold flatware on the wooden table. Ready for a big dinner. Celebration.
the waiter in the restaurant serving banquet in white colors
Rain of 3d Toilet paper rolls falling on green screen or chroma key background. Close up view. People stocking up concept. Abstract animation in 4k.
Bottom view of a girl who applies household chemicals from a spray to a light sofa. The dog is resting on the sofa. House cleaning. Routine work.
Close up shot of young Afro-American man cleaning blood from face of upset transgender friend and talking to him while helping after bar brawl
Waiter with a tray of food in the restaurant at night, walking to customer. Steadicam shot.
Above shot of healthy multicultural group of young people eating salad,  aerial view organic food togetherness concept.
Red wine being poured inside a glass in a fine dining restaurant in slow motion, surrounded by plates of food, charcuterie to sea
Infected man blowing his nose in tissue paper because of being ill isolated on blue background
CIRCA 1930s - Socialites drink and dance in a nightclub after the repeal of Prohibition and Times Square is shown in New York City.
Sliced pizza served on a round wooden plate. Female and male (hands only) take all the slices.
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