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Happy family adult parent mother helping motivating teenage school girl doing homework giving high five. Positive mom and teen daughter studying together having fun sitting at home desk in sunny room.
Childcare at Home, Child Protection, New Life, Leisure with Baby. Mom reads a book to the kid while sitting near the bed at home
Woman working with laptop on Desktop Next to Window. Woman Blogger Freelancer Working on Laptop at Home Office. Close Up Female Hands Using Keypad. Businesswoman Scrolling News Feed Online at Work.
Old mature grandma nanny teaching cute small preschool granddaughter learning reading ebook on digital tablet. Two generation family grandparent and grandchild using pad device tech on floor at home
Caring young parent mom supporting tired upset teen school child daughter having difficulty with education learning at home. Mum comforting sad teenage girl encouraging helping with studies concept.
Full family gathered in cozy living room, couple and kids resting on comfy couch reading fairy tale to little curious attentive son and daughter. Development education of children, fun, hobby concept
Muslim little girl in hijab and with her Muslim mother pray at home. Muslim mother and daughter pray together at home and then hug. Prayer concept.Close up.
Happy Caucasian woman enjoying family time with her daughter at home together, smiling and talking in a tent in a sitting room, reading a book, with her daughter embracing her teddy bear, social
Muğla, Turkey-06.01.2021:A Muslim mother and her little daughter pray in a hijab mosque. Little girl and her mother praying to god.Islam, religion and worship concept.
mom and daughter go to school. happy family education concept. schoolgirl with mom and daughter go hand in hand to school on footpath in lifestyle the park. little girl with a briefcase time to study
Afro-American mother and little daughter doing homework writing and reading at home
Caring single parent young mother babysitter hug happy cute little preschool child girl kid daughter hold learn read book fairy tale story bonding enjoying family lifestyle hobby at home sit on couch
loving mother and her son with folded hands together and closed eyes with strong faith in their hearts pray to God, before going to bed kneeling by side of bed in room
Cheerful African American mother and little son lying in teepee tent decorated with lights, holding flashlights and reading fairytale story aloud while spending evening together at home.
Childcare at Home, Child Protection, New Life, Leisure with Baby. Mom reads a book to the kid while sitting on the floor in the bedroom
Happy woman at home,  talking in a tent in a sitting room, reading book, with her daughter embracing her teddy bear Social distancing and self isolation in quarantine lockdown for Coronavirus Covid19
Happy family. Father and daughter in tent reading book with lantern. Happy family game. Daughter and father are reading book in tent. Child dream in tent with lantern. Happy family dream and play
schoolboy goes to school through the park along the path. kid dream concept. people in the park. schoolboy goes school in the park education. schoolboy walk after class with a sun backpack and book
Young woman in hijab sits on sofa with her daughter and teaches her how to read, book, happy family concept, close up, home comfort in the background 50 fps
Child reading book in bed. Mother reading a bedtime story to her little son in bedroom. Education for children. Family before going to bed mother reads to her son book near a lamp in the evening.
Diwali festival - An Indian nuclear happy family making Rangoli with flowers petal and loving their daughter. Indian stock video of a happy family celebrating Diwali festival in their new apartment
Mixed-race toddler little son lying on warm floor at modern home in living room listens black mother hold book reading fairy tale story feels bored disinterested, free time, development of kid concept
Asian Indonesian Muslim mother is teaching on how to read the quran to her daughter in the holy Mosque. Islam,religion and knowledge concept.
Happy Caucasian woman enjoying family time with her daughter at home together, smiling and talking in a tent in a sitting room, using a smartphone, taking selfie with her daughter, social distancing
top view. mother and daughter watch photobook from discharge of newborn tradition of printing photos and looking at them with children and remembering.photographer and designer
Portrait of cute little one year old girl reading playing learning and looking at a book on the lap of her mother at home. Shot in 6k, cine lens. Instagram style.
Happy family. Two girl daughters are reading book in tent. Flashlight in hands of girls. Happy family with book in tent. Girl holds. Children lie under the covers and learn to read
Caring mom babysitter teacher helping kid daughter with homework, parent mother teaching child read book and cute school girl learning writing in textbook studying at home, family education together
girl sitting in sofa and writes in a paper notebook amounts to a list. young asian smart wife making poetry write down her thoughts and thinking. smart mom control the money receipt and expenditure.
Positive caucasian woman spending time with her baby boy. Young mom is reading book of fairy tales for kid. Family in cozy tent in bedroom in evening 4k footage
Cute small 6-7 years african kid daughter learning writing with young mixed race mom tutor. Adult parent mother teaching school child girl helps with homework studying sitting at table, home education
Woman prays with her hands crossed over Bible for God blessing in dark room. Faith and love in God.Christian prayer over Bible. Woman worshiping Christian God. Catholic faith.Girl prays in an epidemic
A mother tells stories to her daughters in the dark illuminating with a torch under the blanket. Concept: Love, Family, Dreams
Slow motion of young mother is reading a goodnight story to her little daughter in the dark illuminating with a torch under the blanket. Concept of family, childhood, love, health, education
Mother and daughter doing a school homework assignment. Mom helps to deal with it.
Little boy and girl jumping holding hands on the couch. Little boy and girl with their mother spending time together. Mother with kids having fun on sofa in the living room. Sister and brother.Indoors
Young Arabic woman in black headscarf reading interesting story in book for pretty small teen girl. At home on sofa. Muslim mother learning and educating little teenage daughter with textbook.
Home office. Coronavirus lockdown. Online education. Online class. Home school. Coronavirus quarantine. Online remote learning. School kid.
Mother was teaching a book and storytelling to the daughter joyfully while sitting on the sofa in the living room. black people or African Americans. Home study concept.
Distance learning online education. Schoolgirl  with digital tablet laptop notebook and doing school homework. Mom does homework with her daughter at home in bed. Friendship with children
Diwali festival - Indian lovable family taking selfie or self photograph at home. Colorful decorate background. Asian/Indian young family taking photographs at an apartment with a plate of rose pet...
Young beautiful woman buying stationery for school, beautiful mother choose tools in a supermarket for her children, student shopping in a supermarket
Asian mom read storytale to young baby girl daughter in tent at home. Beautiful mother play education game picture book with happy little cute kid to develop skill. Parenting activity in house concept
Baby and book, mother and child reading. Woman mom and 2-3 year old boy sit on bed in pajamas in bedroom in evening or night and hold book in hands, looking and reading, turn page. Slow motion
little girl under the blanket with digital tablet. kid dream online video games at night concept. daughter kid watching online video under the covers with digital tablet network. child on social media
A cute baby boy playing a white piano with his mommy teaching him and holding him in her lap 4K
Side view of young Black woman sitting in room of her elementary-aged son, helping him packing backpack for school, boy getting toothache suddenly, mom hugging him
Happy girl back to school. Child goes to school with backpack. Girl with backpack walk through schoolyard. Happy family concept. Back to school. Girl walk to school with blue backpack in schoolyard
Mum and her little daughter read a book together in a teepee in the evening
Happy African family cute child girl kid sibling lying on the floor using color pencil drawing and painting on paper book together. Little sister enjoy and fun indoor leisure activity together at home
Unhappy young girl sitting at desk, suffering from pressure while doing homework with mother at home. Angry mom scolding stressed daughter for bad school results, parent and children conflict concept.
Loving african american mother telling fairy tale story to smart cute kid son laying on warm floor together, caring mixed race mom babysitter holding reading book to little child boy learning at home
beautiful girl sitting next to a river watching album photos from family book
Indian Mother helping son to do school homework - concept of parental support for education during childhood
little boy praying bible. religion concept holy book bible. little boy prays at lifestyle home in the evening by the bed on the bible
Smiling young mommy lying in bed under a blanket with little cute daughter, reading fairytales in the evening bedroom. Adorable preschool kid girl and lovely mom enjoying bedtime, touching noses
Small girl with mother and grandmother resting in a park, reading a book.
Happy mother and son reading book together on bed
Happy caucasian mom, cute baby boy and funny dog spending time together at home, reading a book, using a flashlight in a cozy tent - happy family 4k footage
Child daughter 6-7 years old is studying with her young mother teacher. School kid girl teaching adult parent helping mom with studying homework sitting at desk at home. Children education concept..
blind child learns to read Braille, woman teacher watches as boy kid moves his fingers over the font
Night story. Bedtime reading. Child insomnia. Parent lifestyle. Mother showing pictures in book to tired small daughter lying in bed in home bedroom.
Cute young asian family spending time together at home. Little boy with curly hair reading a book with his parents, happily smiling - happy family, recreational pursuit concept 4k footage
Dolly shot of young mother reading book to her little son while sitting in small toy house. Concept of child education and family having time together at night.
Schoolgirl goes to school with mother. Happy family goes to school in park. Schoolgirl holds her mother hand. Family goes to school. Happy schoolgirl with backpack and book goes through park to school
Cute little african kid daughter learning to read telling fairy tale to happy black mother holding book relaxing in bed, funny small child girl enjoying bedtime stories talking to mom in bedroom
Happy asian boy painting with crayon and colored pencil with his mother in living room at home. Mom teaching son how to painting with crayon color on book or doing homework. family concept.
Her mother is reading a book to her little daughter. Happy little girl listening to the book her mother is reading in her lap. The concept of spending quality time together with their children.
Beautiful and loving mother and daughter decorating flower's rangoli with Diyas - Festival. Indian Stock Footage of mother and daughter - sitting on the floor and decorating house for Diwali festival
Difficulties of home schooling. Mom is trying to help her son with lessons. Lack of knowledge and patience. Back to school.
Young Loving Mother Reads Bedtime Stories to Her Little Beautiful Daughter who Goes to Sleep in Her Bed. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Mom and adult son teach homework at home, mom helps son do homework, sister helps teach lessons to teenager, study at home, beautiful mom and handsome adult son study at home
Mixed race mother and daughter lying on hospital bed reading book, both wearing face masks. medicine, health and healthcare services during coronavirus covid 19 pandemic.
Sleeping baby with mom. Happy family. Baby girl sleeping with teddy bear toy. Mom waits for her daughter. Happy baby sleeping with toy teddy bear. Happy family taking care of children.
South Korea - August 8, 2018 : Dad and daughter sitting in bed reading a story book. Mother and daughter watching tablet PC
Mother reading bedtime story to her adorable little daughter at home
Adult female working on a laptop while a teenage student completing homework. Busy mother typing and working from home and a teen daughter studying while sitting at a wooden desk
Muslim mother and daughter with a headscarf read the Quran together. Muslim mother and daughter sit next to each other at home and read the Quran. The Quran reading concept.
African american mother lying on bed in illuminated tent and playing with cute girl. Close up of mom telling a fairy tale in kid tent. Mother reading a story to little daughter before going to bed.
muslim parent and daughter reading quran after praying together
1946 - In this Ray Harryhausen stop-motion animated film, Humpty Dumpty's story is shared by Mother Goose.
african american mother reading a book to her little daughter on couch at home . black girl lying on her mom study at home on sofa together . quarantine Home School
Sad mother and daughter having conflict, bored girl refusing to do homework
Multi-generation family reading a book in bedroom at home 4k
Mother doing homework with her son pointing to something written in his notebook and correcting him. Social distancing and self isolation in quarantine lockdown
Young mother in casual clothes fell asleep with book on couch in kitchen of wooden country house. Little daughter coming up to her, covering mother with plaid and hugging. Happy family, relationship
Cute young asian family spending time together at home. Little boy with curly hair reading a book with his parents, happily smiling - happy family, recreational pursuit concept 4k footage
Slowmo shot of mother reading book to her little daughter at night, lying together in bed at cozy girls bedroom
Family bedtime. Fairytale time. Pretty young mom and cute child daughter reading a book with a phone flashlight under the blanket in bed
Beautiful Young Mother and Her Cute Little Daughter Read Children's Book Together. Children's Room is Pink and Full of Toys. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Smiling african woman tutor or foster parent mum helping cute caucasian school child girl doing homework sitting at kitchen table. Diverse nanny and kid learning writing in notebook studying at home.
Young woman in hijab sits on sofa with her daughter and teaches her how to read, book, happy family concept, close up 50 fps
Young beautiful mother in hijab, small daughter paints with colored pencils, paints, children's coloring, family idyll concept, close up, top shot 50 fps
Mother teaches her daughter to read while sitting on the sofa at home.
Mom Helps her Son Do his Homework for School. Mom Pats her Son's Head Approvingly. They Sit Behind a Wide Window Sill in Front of a Large Window that Looks Out Over the Garden. Steadycam Shot
Asian beautiful young mother and her little daughter reading documentary book on sofa at home together. They pointing on the book looking it with happiness spending time together. Happy family concept
Black family at home. African american father, mother and child. Hispanic dad and mom helping son with school homework. Education, man teaching and boy learning. Close-up of exercise book, pen, hand
Happy family at home mother and father reading their daughter
Caucasian mother and daughter having fun reading book. lying on floor in living room. enjoying quality time at home during coronavirus covid 19 pandemic lockdown.
Happy family with mother and disabled son spending time together at home.
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