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Earth planet assembling from toy bricks then exploding and scattering to huge pile of toy bricks and disappearing in the end. Earth Day or environment pollution concept. 3d rendering
Small mountain river with crystal clear water. Water flows over the stones overgrown with moss in green forest. Morning sun breaks through the trees. Slow motion shot
Astronaut on the planet Mars, making a detour around his base. Astronaut walking along the base. Small dust storm. The satellite dish sends data to the ground. Realistic 3D animation
Aerial view. A dump truck unloads a pile of garbage at a landfill. Dump of unsorted waste. Drone shot of working trash management.
Small wave, Soft wave on sand beach for opening video, text space. white sand beach, Ocean Wave On Sandy Beach
Warehouse with cardboard boxes inside on pallets racks, logistic center. Huge, large modern warehouse. Warehouse filled with cardboard boxes on shelves. Loop-able seamless 4K 3D animation
Mountain river water surface in slow motion. Clear stream making waves in mountain river. Closeup flowing water background. Rapid flow running through stone rapids. Close up of mountain river.
Happy young couple sit on sofa near of heap belongings in cardboard boxes, wife showing to camera bunch of keys, symbol of new modern home. Excited homeowners portrait, real estate and tenancy concept
Super Slow Motion Shot of Raw Chocolate Chunks and Cocoa Powder after Being Exploded at 1000fps.
Wild mountain river flowing through stone boulders. Abundant clear stream in carpathians. Cold water splashing near rapids. Small cascade from rocks in national park. Water background concept
Sweet candies flying in slow motion against pastel background. Filmed on high speed cinema camera at 1000 fps.
Clear stream running through stone boulders in carpathians. Abundant river flowing on stone bottom in slow motion. Wild mountain river water splashing in summer day.
On 20 March 2010, an eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano began in Fimmvörðuháls following months of small earthquakes under the Eyjafjallajökull glacier.
Woman-worker in yellow and transparent protecting glasses, hard hat and mask watching the conveyor full of used plastic bottles lifting up. Footage of automized process on recycle plant
Fairy tale little girl with long hair goes to the edge of cliff to look stunning seascape at early morning. Girl character meeting sunrise on high mountain near sea. Wonderland landscape view
Aerial flying forward over a felled forest with fallen and uprooted trees for construction or agricultural needs. Deforestation for wood. Destruction of nature and ecosystem by peoples
Various Indian Spices of rotation black background.
Pouring black coffee in cup. top view of coffee pour into cup from geyser coffee maker. coffee with froth
Stack overload document report paper with colorful paperclip on black background, bureaucracy business concept footage paperless used – 4K Stop motion.
Very Close-up.In a beautiful light, dried date fruit fall into the wooden plate in slow motion. Macro,Phantom Camera,900 fps video.
Details with shards of glass falling from a conveyor belt on a pile in a glass recycling facility.
A happy young rural Asian cute girl with a colourful scarf around her head and neck standing against morning sunlight with the mountain rural village in the back looking at the camera and smiling
Stacks of money falling from above oh white Background. Stack Of Dollar Bills Falling. Professional 4K 3d rendering animation
4K Aerial drone footage of small white family hatchback moving through picturesque landscape. Succulent green and yellow forests on both sides of road. Travelling, car rental, insurance concept.
Herd of Sheep’s Walking on the Field between Mountains and halls, nice animals. Beautiful Nature and endless steppes in the Background. Shadow of the Clouds. Slow motion video of Sheep.
Waste sorting plant conveyors filled with various household waste. Modern waste processing.
Various fragrant spice market. Heap different Indian Spices rotated on wooden table. Assortment spices and herbs for cooking
Stacks of money falling from above 4K animation Pack on Green screen Background - Stack Of Dollar Bills Falling
Super Slow Motion Shot of Raw Chocolate Chunks and Cocoa Powder after Being Exploded Towards The Camera at 1000fps.
French Fries or Chips Floating in the Air Flying in Slow Motion on Black Background at 1500 fps 1080 version
Close up of clean water flowing in a small mountain river, slow motion and shallow depth of field.
The landfill is located next to the forest. Orange garbage trucks unload garbage. Household waste management industry. Utilities. High quality. 4k footage.
Truck unloading garbage, waste at landfill, junkyard. City dump aerial view. waste mangement, recycling. dump garbage truck. ecology concept, earth, environmental problems.
Footage of a young woman in yellow jacket and gloves scoops used bottles by hands used plastic bottles at recycling factory. Huge pile of bottles inside the car case cage
Time lapse of Aerial top view of A Huge Waste, garbage, dump, rubbish landfill. A landfill compactor, group of workers sort out the garbage in the landfill. Trash trucks dump waste polluting products.
Male workers sort and recycle electronic waste and scrap metal. Plastic and polymer household waste is transported on a conveyor belt in the factory. Ecology of the planet.
Burst of Strawberry Raspberry Blueberry in White Background with Alpha Channel
Packages are transported in high-tech Settings,online shopping,Concept of automatic logistics management. 3d rendering. 4K, Ultra HD resolution
Close up follow shot of male sneackers or hiking shoes walk in middle of small mountain road in forest. Concept of walking and reaching goals. Urban nomad adventurer on hitchhiking trip
Flying of Blueberries in Purple Background
Close up shot of newspapers piling up
Plastic granules are poured from the hand in glow. Plastic granules, dye, polymer granules are used for the production of plastic products
Sustainable living. Food and Green organics, recyclable materials. Bio waste bin. Kitchen food scraps including fruit, vegetables and egg shells. Separate waste collection
A bouquet of dried wheat, oats, rye, triticale, linen, flax,  on the background of an old wooden table or tabletop.
Rustic background for presentations, natural plant growing businesses.
Let's try again! attempt and disappointment, house collapsed, failure experience
Close up shot of an young successful farmer is showing a heap of biologic raw hop flowers used for high quality beer production in ecological craft brewery harvested in a right season.
Businessman searching documents files or information in Stack of papers folder on work in office, Business report paper or piles of unfinished document achieves with clips on offices, Business concept
Woman Holding a Heap of Date Fruit Toward Camera. The Food Mostly Eating in Ramadan. Daylight, Close Up Slow Motion Shot. 4K Resolution.
Falling pile of US Dollar money in 4K with matte mask
potato harvest close up, fresh organic potatoes in the field.
Stack clothing for sorting and baggage packing. Clothes for donation or shopping concept. Folding clothing storage and minimalism things. Environmentally Friendly Consumption.
Stack of overload document paper with colorful paperclip place on wooden table, bureaucracy business concept footage paperless used – 4K Stop motion
Feeding of hungry dog. Labrador retriever eating granule from metal bowl at home.
modern production.plastic processing and production.round blue plastic granules move along the production line.macro shooting.close-up.shallow depth of field
Berkeley Springs, WV, USA - 04 25 2021: Camera pushing showing small business storefronts and old movie theater in small town, rural, Berkeley Springs, WV in the Appalachian mountains.
The girl is trying to get the dress out of the closet. All the clothes fall on top of her. Wardrobe mess, 4k video.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Raw Chocolate Chunks and Cocoa Powder after Being Exploded at 1000fps.
Aerial drone view of large garbage landfill, trash dump, waste from household dumping site, excavator machines are working.
Heap of silver nuggets background (seamless loopable)
Much money. Earned capital. Wealth in the bank. The depository of gold coins. Treasure hoard. Pension Fund. Millionaire or billionaire. The acquired status.
Sad frustrated business executive overwhelmed by work, he is overloaded with paperwork and answering phone calls in the office
Garbage and fire burn in landfill. Also call trash, waste, rubbish. Destruction with combustion, heat, flame. Occurs smoke, toxic cause of air pollution, environmental damage and global warming.
Dry animal feed slowly falls into a bowl, top view
A pile of waste clothes thrown in trash, it could be used in recycling and given to poor
close shot of an Asian adult female solo traveler or backpacker standing outdoors in the high altitude region and using a mobile phone or smartphone with the mountains in the background
looped close-up rotation of compacted wooden sawdust pellets - natural cat litter filler or organic fuel
Office clerk stacking paperwork and files on the desk late at night, work overload and bureaucracy concept
Four piles of gold money coins decreasing fading disappear one by one at white isolated background, financial trading concept
Spoiled food loss and waste at the retail and consumer levels. Discarded rotten fruits and vegetables left for waste after a market. Reducing food waste in produce
Compost Bin with food scraps, grass cuttings and dry leaves.
Aerial drone shot flying over a flock of sheep walking on the road in Iceland. Cloudy day, low altitude flight
Family is training practice yoga in winter. Woman is do stretching and meditation on ice in nature. Mother and daughter practices yoga on ice in cracks. Girls do sport fitness in outdoor. Background
Climate emergency. Climate change. Close-up view of a small group of European White Storks, Cattle Egrets and African Sacred Ibis scavenge for food on a landfill dump site
Plastic granules are poured from the hand. Plastic granules, dye, polymer granules are used for the production of plastic products
Village of Manarola in aerial view, Cinque Terre coast of Italy. Manarola is a small town in the province of La Spezia, in Liguria, in northern Italy and one of the Cinque Terre attractions
Prague, CZ 02 November 2020:  Used old mobile phone, obsolete and broken smartphones heap. Reuse and Recycling Electronic waste.
HQ Animation of Falling Golden Coins on white background. With Alpha Channel
Cement factory. Conveyor with stones and gravel, tonnel. Modern technologies work at a cement plant. Technological work on the production of cement. Working atmosphere with copy space
Super slow motion of flying mix nuts collision. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
Plastic black and white granules are poured from the hand. Plastic granules, dye, polymer granules are used for the production of plastic products
The fresh crop of rose hips is spinning. Close-up of wild rose berries. A bright red pile of harvested fresh rose hips. Selective focus, shallow depth of field
Cinnamon sticks rotate as a background. Fragrant cinnamon close-up. Spices with cinnamon. Food cooking video concept.
Meeting humpback whale, enjoying freediving and snorkeling underwater world, giant whale in the deep sea.
Spirulina Algae Powder, close upon white background .Macro, selective focus
The miners carried the pure gold in their hands found in the mine into consideration.
Sad Afro American woman poses in washing machine drum with clothes for washing falling on her has much housework feels tired loads washer with laundry. Frustrated housekeeper does laundering
Super slow motion of flying hazelnuts on black background. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
Super slow motion of falling yeast dough into flour. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
happy family playing in the park silhouette at sunset next to the car journey. family travel kid dream concept. happy family stand with sunlight their backs watching in the park. friendly fun family
Happy girl in car window with teddy bear.Happy family trip. Girl smiles at wind in car window. Family summer trip. Teddy bear in hand of child.Happy girl with family travel by car.Child smiles at wind
Aerial view of Savoca village in Sicily, Italy. Sicilian village Savoca (known from the Godfather movies). Houses on a hill in Savoca, small town on Sicily in Italy.
Young male and female hands grab popcorn. Bowl of salty and sweet popcorn on yellow background. Top view
Walnuts in a wooden bowl. Healthy peeled nuts. Female hand picking a walnut
Top view of fried chicken wings flying upwards with blazing fire. Slow motion video on black background
Super Slow Motion Shot of Raw Chocolate Chunks after Being Exploded at 1000fps.
melted premium chocolate top view rotating. Confectionery concept
Small Censsna plane flying at 10,000 feet during sunrise. Cinematic sun flares through the hazy morning sky.
Effects of a strong earthquake indoors. Walls and communications were destroyed.
Male workers sort and recycle electronic waste and scrap metal. Plastic and polymer household waste is transported on a conveyor belt in the factory. Ecology of the planet.
The pure gold ore found in the mine in the hand of men  on the pond.
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