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Senior man is having pain in neck. Close up cheerless old man having pain in neck, blurred background. (100 matches)

Elderly couple with garden hose. Old people having fun.
Cute couple of seniors taking a selfie. Elderly man and woman with monopod on nature background in sunny day. Old people and gadget.
Old couple with garden hose. Cheerful woman and man outdoors.
Elderly couple dancing. People looking at each other. We still love waltz. Return to good old times.
Child and grandparents playing ball. Couple of senior people and their granddaughter having fun on green meadow at sunset, slow motion. Family weeked on nature.
Hands of girl and grandfather together. Granddaughter holding hand with her grandfather on summer nature background. Support and protection.
Senior couple jogging. People running and smiling. Pensioners training in open air. Athletes don't get old.
Laughter of senior couple. Man and woman outdoor. Good sense of humour. Mood shapes health.
Couple having fun, water hose. Cheerful senior people outdoors. You are never too old.
Grandpa with child walking on green grass. Elderly man holding hands granddaughter in park. Enjoying summer nature.
Senior couple dancing in slo-mo. Bouquet of flowers on bench.
Senior woman kissing her man outdoors. Romance between elderly couple, back view. Man and woman outdoor. Give me a kiss.
Couple doing yoga. People on sunset sky background. Strive to harmony. Way to peace and balance.
Old doctor putting on blue medical mask. Doctor wear mask in blurred background.
Couple does yoga. People sitting on sunset background. Eternal search of harmony. Mind and body.
Smiling granddaughter running to grandfather outdoors. Happy meeting of little girl with grandfather at sunset sky. People spending happy time together outdoors.
Man and woman outdoors, evening. Happy couple on porch swing. How to find love.
Couple of old gardeners. People transplanting flowers. Grow petunias from cuttings.
Grandparents and little girl walking in park. Grandchild with grandparents spending time on summer nature background. Happy summer vacation with grandparents.
Senior couple riding tandem bicycle. Two people on a bike. Follow the sun. Picking up speed.
Old man with stomach problems. Mature man holding stomach with painful discomfort, white background. Abdominal pain in elderly persons.
Couple of seniors arguing. Man walks away from woman. You're testing my patience. Tired of quarrels.
Old man laughing. Face of elderly male. Cheerful pages of my memory. Everything is changing so quickly.
Couple on porch swing. Happy man and woman, evening.
Old man saying no and shaking head. Grandpa decline your proposition.
Senior couple does exercise. Woman and man on meadow. Gymnastics in the open air. Do fitness and improve health.
Grandparents walking with their granddaughter. Slow motion child holding hands with her grandparents and walking on bridge, girl looking at her grandmother. Family leisure and relationship.
Girl with grandparents outdoors, photo album. People sitting on grass and looking at photos in photo book, basket with fruits. Family on picnic.
Active family rest on nature with ball. Slow motion senior people and their granddaughter having fun with ball in countryside, sunset sky. Active elderly people.
Portrait of senior surgery doctor. Close up face of old male doctor with blue mask.
Old couple wrapped in flag. Two people walking, back view. Life in immigration.
Senior gardener with rake. Old man in apron outdoors. Best gardening tips.
Old man with two thumbs up. Happy senior man giving two thumbs up, isolated on white background. Human facial expressions and body langauge.
Smiling old senior man in suit shows thumb up. Portrait of granddad in suit shows thumb up.
Angry old man with frown face blames you. Grandpa rebuke reproach, hromakey backgrund.
Grandfather and girl waving with hands. People showing greeting gesture. Happy family relationship.
People walking on evening sky background. Girl and grandparents holding hands and walking beyond horizon. Leave the past behind.
Grandfather spinning granddaughter in park. Elderly man and grandchild having fun on nature background, sunny day. Enjoying time together.
Elderly couple is jogging. Running people on nature background. Sport and health. Strive to unity and victories.
Elderly couple jogging. People smiling and running. Former professional athletes. Health of cardiovascular system.
Senior couple walking along alley. Elderly people holding hands.
Woman puts ring on man. Hands of old couple.
Senior couple having fun outdoors. Cheerful people with water hose. Old and crazy.
Couple of senior gardeners smiling. Old man holding apple basket. Fruits of spring.
Elderly man smiling. Face of person outdoor.
Couple holding basket and laughing. Happy seniors outdoor. Home is where love is.
Two senior people picking apples. Woman holding basket and smiling. Fruits of our labor.
Front view of two thumps up from old man. Merry grandpa with thumbs up in green hromakey background.
Old man looking through binocular. Grandpa with binocular, green hroma background.
Pensioner showing thumb up, white background. Happy smiling older man with thumb up gesture isolated on white background.
Older man with the tooth pain, toothache. Male senior suffering from terrible toothache on grey background. Sick old man.
Close up man suffering from toothache. Old man with toothache, white background. How to stop toothache. Remedy for tooth ache.
Face of senior man laughing. Elderly person looks at camera. Funny story about old times. Don't restrain your laughter.
Elderly couple with dumbbells. People doing exercise and smiling. Sportsmen never get old. Mood and motivation.
Couple of seniors with dumbbells. People with USA flag. Stay true to family values. Health and patriotism.
Smiling elderly couple with bouquet. Two hands with rings
Old man has backache. Elderly couple outdoors.
Senior couple walking in slo-mo. Elderly people hold hands. Respect past and cherish present. We are grateful to fate.
Child and her grandparents outdoors. Cute couple of senior people with bubble blower on bridge, slow motion. Granddaughter and her grandparents spending good time together.
People enjoying sunset sky outdoors. Grandparents with granddaughter holding hands on evening nature background. Look into the future.
Old man and kid holding hands together. Grandpa and granddaughter detached hands holding together, summer nature background.
Elderly couple kissing on green grass. Seniors enjoying of nature, sunny day. Affection and romance between old couple.
Elderly couple sitting at lake. Old woman dangling with legs in river. Senior family enjoying of summer rest.
Grandfather tutoring his granddaughter in park. Old man giving a wise guidance to his grandchild outdoors. Education and psychology in family.
Grandparents and child near river. Elderly people sitting near water with granddaughter. Grandfather tutoring grandchild with book on nature background.
Old man laughing in green studio, slow-motion. Friendly grandfather laughing against green hromakey background.
Senior politician laugh out loud, slow-motion. Old rich businessman chortling against green hromakey background.
Elderly man suffering from strong tooth pain. Close up senior person suffering from painful teeth. Dental care and health, medical concept.
Wearing mask in grey isolated background. Elder doctor man put on wear medical mask in grey isolated background.
Senior person having heart-attack. Old man with severe pain in chest. Symptoms of myocardial infarction.
Elderly man with binoculars, blurred background. Senior man looking through binoculars.
Old man massaging his nape. Senior man having terrible pain in his neck, blurred background. Pinched nerve concept.
Old coughing man, blurred background. Senior man having sore throat and cough. Cold and illness concept.
Senior old doctor in white coat and stethoscope shows thumb up. Fist with thumb up turning rotation, blurred windows background.
A senior man suffers from pain. Elderly man having pain in back, blurred background.
Close up doctor's stethoscope. Doctor's hands touching up adjusting stethoscope.
Cheerful retired grandfather showing his approval. Front view grandpa showing and moving thumb.
Grey haired man is laughing. Cheerful elderly person is laughing on blurred background. Old people positive emotions.
Cheerful grandfather on grey background. Happy male pensioner. Elderly smiling man in casual sweater.
Displeased angry pensioner, blurred background. Irritated old male. Disapproving of something.
Unhappy senior massaging his chest. Older man holds his chest as he suffers from a heart attack, blurred background. Symptoms of heart problems.
Happy grandfather with two thumbs up. Cheerful eldery man giving thumbs up sign on grey background. Gesture of success and happiness.
Thinking elderly man, white background. Positive delighted elderly man is thinking isolated on white background. How to improve strategic thinking. Pensioner having an idea.
Grandfather is laughing on white background. Joyful european senior laughing, isolated on white background. Human facial expressions.
Unhappy older man with back pain. Senior man suffering from back pain, window city background. Elderly man need back massage.
Excited old man is laughing. Happy elderly man is laughing and looking at camera. Emotions of senior people.
Positive cheerful senior doctor talking on the phone. Portrait of old physician with stethoscope talking on smartphone. Bright blurred windows background.
Portrait of senior doctor in abstract blurred bright background. Close up smiling old man in white coat and stethoscope.
Physician is advising to take vitamins pills. Senior old grandpa pointing at the pills with thumb up in white isolated background.
Old male doctor laugh at your jokes. Blurred windows with louvers background.
Happy old doctor shows thumb up. Senior physician with stethoscope shows you are fine. Blurred city from window background.
Male old doctor show stethoscope to you. Physician listening your heartbeat. Grey isolated background.
Pointing at the can of pills. Cheerful doctor advices you to take pills, green chromakey background.
Old man has thore throat and coughing. Grandpa got a flu, green hroma background.
Happy grandfather and granddaughter outdoors. Grandpa holding granddaughter, summer nature background. Happiness inside us.
Elderly people walking outdoors, back view. Couple of seniors holding hands and walking on bridge. Make a plans for retirement.
Grandparents and granddaughter outdoors. Senior man blowing soap bubbles, slow motion. Warm family relationship.
Senior people dancing on nature background. Elderly couple performing beautiful dance at lake. How to spend time on a pension.
Happy seniors taking a selfie. Old woman sends kisses to the camera of monopod in man hands, park nature background.
Happy family walking together. Lovely cheerful girl holding hands with grandparents and walking outdoors. Happy weekend with family.