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CIRCA 2021 - Afghan refugees attempt to board a U.S. C-17 Globemaster at Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul Afghanistan during the American evacuation.
Slow motion close-up view of a small herd of zebras running out a waterhole.  Zebra Migration Botswana
A set of 7 footages. Flock of crows isolated on white background. Silhouettes of birds in motion far in the sky. Nature pattern for design. Visual element for compositing.
flock of birds flying in the sky crows. chaos of death concept. group of birds flying in the sky. black crows in a group circling against the sky. migration movement of birds from fly warm countries
Scenic View Of Humpback Whales Swimming At The Pacific Ocean In Oahu, Hawaii - top drone shot
Aerial view of a mother and baby humpback whale swimming together in calm blue ocean water, humpback whale spouting, humpback whale with its child
Milan, Italy - June 7, 2020: a protester of 'Black Lives Matter' protest with her raised fist against racism and police brutality following George Floyd's death in Minneapolis, USA. Black power.
Underwater view of humpback whale swimming very close to the camera and waving its pectoral fin and tail, swimming with whales on vacation
Flight above epic large flock of pelicans birds flying over blue lake in natural environment. Arnitology, birdwatching Beautiful migratory birds over sea water. Wildlife scenic nature landscape.
Lviv, Ukraine - March 15, 2022: Humanitarian aid. Crowd of refugees at the train station unload the aid that came from Europe. War at Ukraine concept. War with Russia at Ukraine
Bird Eye Aerial View of Wildebeest aka Gnu Huge Herg in Migration, Running on Grassland in African Savanna, Tanzania National Park
Epic Invading Army of Medieval Soldiers Marching Through Forest. Armored Warriors with Swords Moving to Battlefield. War, Battle, Crusades in Dark Ages. Cinematic Historical Reenactment. Low Angle
Chios , Greece - 10 27 2015: Syrian and Iraqi refugees arrive in Greece coming from Turkey on island of Chios.
The leader leads a flock of cranes during the migration of birds to the south, against the cloudy sky.
This slow motion macro video shows a beautiful Allen's humming bird feeding on blooming anigozanthos red kangaroo paw plants and then flying off.
Endangered ecosystem. Aerial view gray whales flock of 6 wild animals. Cinematic 4K vertical drone footage whales family with mother and calves together blowing water fountains and creating rainbow
CIRCA 2021 - Afghan refugees are ushered onto planes by U.S. soldiers at Hamid Karzai airport during the mass evacuation effort of Afghanistan.
Wild geese flying in V formation - Close up tracking long shot
Great Wildebeest Migration crossing the Mara River, side shot, good light, Serengeti, Tanzania
Large Flock of Birds. A flock of birds against the sky. Slow motion
Migrating Salmon Jumping up Brooks falls at Katmai National Park, Alaska in Slow motion
A flock of wild geese flying in the sky. 3D rendering animation with green background. Migrating wild geese, used for synthesis into natural scene
Humpback Whale swimming and Passing beside The Camera, 4K footage with alpha channel (4096 x 2160 pixels)
also, this footage is 50FPS so you can slow it without any lack of frames
Flock Of Birds On Green Screen. Flock of crows flying in an imperfect formation. Slow motion, Birds flying in formation. Migrating Greater birds
Extreme close up view of a Blue Whale Passing through the Pacific Ocean in amazing clarity demonstrating the enormous size of the world's largest animal.
Whale Swimming Loop is a stock motion graphics video that shows a swimming humpback whale shot from the side's loop animation with clean alpha channel
Cute and beautiful young Caucasian woman painting walls in the apartment in blue color with a wall brush roller and having fun with her husband, laughing and painting on each other's faces.
Pack of 7 different flock of crows - multiple options at different angles, on green screen background. Pre keyed for compositing as VFX effects.
WILDLIFE black animal design seagull flying on Green screen Slow motion shot of pigeons flying on green screen and on white isolated on a green background in studio shot background flying butterflies
Whale is a stock motion graphics video that shows a photo-realistic humpback whale swimming diagonally, passing beside the camera. This overlay animation has an alpha channel
Chios , Greece - 10 27 2016: Refugee families from Syria and Iraq arriving by rubber boat on island in Greece.
AERIAL: Giraffes in Tanzania safari Mikumi
KYIV, UKRAINE - September 03, 2019: Hands typing on keyboard. Hands typing on a laptop keyboard. Work force background. Woman working on laptop computer. Student hands typing, tapping on keyboard.
Overview of the electric chain-link fence with barbed wire of the prison on a rainy day. Drops of rain on the fence.
4k aerial view of Indian slum  in a situation of deteriorated, incomplete infrastructure, lacking in reliable sanitation services, supply of clean water, reliable electricity & other basic services.
Aerial Drone Wildebeests Herd Great Migration in African Savanna of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Africa.
Lviv, Ukraine - March 15, 2022: Ukrainian refugees on Lviv railway station waiting for train to escape to Europe. Crowd of people. War in Ukraine concept
Lviv, Ukraine - March 15, 2022: Mother and daughter. Refugees from Ukraine helped by volunteers. War at Ukraine concept. Editorial Stock Footage
Tourists flock to Thailand’s Red Lotus Lake
Aerial top down storks cranes pelicans shadoof large migratory birds flock fly in wedge triangle over green picturesque lake swamp. Incredible wilderness natural landscape. Migration abstract stock
Pigeons flying in the blue sky, Slow motion.
Plesiosaurs migrate in an ocean of ammonites
Flock of sparrow birds flying on green screen.
head of a migratory locust, eating grass, sideview, several takes, 50fps
Syrian children inside the refugee camp near the Turkish border.
Idlib, Syria January 16, 2020
White storks fly in flock cross the frame as they migrate to warm country. Flock of stork birds Ciconia flap their large wings in the blue sky while flying in formation during spring in Israel
Great Wildebeest migration crossing the Mara River in the Serengeti Tanzania.  Big herd swimming across the river with closeup stable footage
NAMIBIA - CIRCA 2018 - Excellent drone aerial of black wildebeest running on the plains of Africa, Namib desert, Namibia.
Cinematic establishing shot: Flock of birds moves from trees up in sky
Motorized moving shot of completing the visa application form, shot with macro probe lens.
17% slow motion of a young humpback whale emerging from underwater and breaching at merimbula in new south wales, australia
Humpback whale swimming Loop animation
this video has an alpha channel also it is 50FPS so you can slow it without any lack of frames
Moving service worker packing and taking out box, relocation services, migration
Cinematic shot of Great Migration of zebra and wildebeest by water well, drinking on a bright, hot, sunny day in colorful, dry savanna plains of Serengeti national park in Tanzania, Africa.
Birds flying slow motion on the magical blue sky background. Flock flying in an imperfect formation. Big flock of birds.
Wildebeest crossing river Mara during the great migration in Serengeti national park
Male escort humpback whale protecting mother and calf during migration season
Flying flock of the birds in the sky. Migrating common crane. Sunset.
Bluethroat bird close up. ( Luscinia svecica )
Triceratops Migrate across volcanic plains
Black crows fly in the clear sky from right to left then disappear. Smooth unhurried flight of blackbirds over the horizon Chromakey isolated footage. Black ravens appearing
CIRCA 2021 - Afghan refugees make it to safety and are ushered onto planes by U.S. soldiers at Hamid Karzai airport during the mass evacuation effort.
Flock of seagulls on green screen.chroma key
Tired couple sit on sofa surrounded by heap of big carton boxes look at each other feels upset due long run house remodeling, renovations, repairs. physical exhaustion after move out from flat concept
Underwater shot of a pod of killer whales (orcas orcinus) circling the sun in blue ocean - seamless looping high quality 3d animation
Aerial zoom in view of a tourist safari vehicle watching a large herd of zebras on the makgadikgadi pans.  Zebra Migration Botswana
Slow motion of Atlantic salmon going up a whitewater river, looking for the spawning place
Chasing a flying flock of pelicans over a lake with reflections of birds during sunset
Coronavirus (COVID-19)  Europe map disease spreading animation
Monarch butterfly flying and pollinating yellow flowers while drinking nectar
fence prison strict regime silhouette barbed wire. illegal immigration fence from refugees. illegal immigration concept prison prison fence lifestyle
CIRCA 1948 - Refugees travel to the new state of Israel.
Invading Army of Medieval Knights Marching To Defeat Enemy. Armored Warriors Walking in Mysterious Forest. War, Battle, Crusade. Dramatic, Cinematic Historical Reenactment
Humpback whale close up shot in clear water of the pacific ocean- slow motion shot
T cell fly through defence immune system and provides protection - 3d render animation
Checking counter documents registration flights at airport. An airline representative wearing mask on face makes passenger registration. Travel during quarantine of the coronavirus infection COVID-19.
Close up slow motion view of four mute swans migrating these birds are partial migrant being resident over areas of Western and Eastern Europe but wholly migratory in Asia 4k high resolution footage
Tribe of Hunter-Gatherers Wearing Animal Skin Holding Stone Tipped Tools, Explore Prehistoric Forest in a Hunt for Animal Prey. Neanderthal Family Hunting in the Jungle or Migrating for Better Land
Chiapas, Mexico - November 1, 2018: Immigrant Caravan Celebrates Its Advance to the United States
Large flock of birds flying in slow motion. Nature background of silhouettes of birds
Chipping sparrow eating bird seed on flat surface. Stock wildlife 4k footage
Aerial view of Nogales border area showing border fence separating the United States of America and Mexico with U.S. Border and Customs Protection patrolling border area with their vehicles
A flock of cranes flying under blue sky, migratory birds, panorama, diagonal composition
Tuna and mackerel hunting sardines fish shoal underwater
Flock of birds, Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) surrounding their sleeping tree. France
Birds flying in the sky as starlings flock in great numbers at winter in England
Elephant family unit arrive at water after long migration across Kenya hot landscape, Aerial view
Amazing shot. My most unexpected meeting with humpback whales. Mom and baby turn to the camcorder and swim through it. Footage shot on a cinema camera with 14 bit colors in Raw
Monarch Butterfly migration in Michoacan forest, Mexico - Slow Motion 120fps HD
flock of birds flying green screen like video clips
Great Migration in the Serengeti. Thousand of Zebras grazing and a Giraffe cross from the right to the left side. Rare footage, stable in 4K. Serengeti, Tanzania, Africa
Whale Song-Singing Male Humpback Whale , Megaptera Novaeangliae, diving down, descending in the waters of Vava'u island, Tonga with Original Sound
Follow leaders: Flock of  geese flying in an imperfect V formation. Slow motion.  Birds Geese flying in formation, Blue sky background. Migrating Greater birds flying in Formation
Monarch butterfly biosphere reserve in Mexico. Lot of butterflies fly and sit in the forest. Slow motion shot, 4K
Slow motion shot of swans flying over blue sky background
Aerial drone overhead footage majestic large blue whale breathing spouting fountain of water and diving deep into calm green ocean waters. Unique endangered mammal in nature, wildlife conservation 4K
Birds on wires - emigration concept. Silhouettes of birds sitting on wires fly away into the distance, to warm countries. Migration, resettlement. Slow motion shot
Woman talking psychotherapist. System therapeutic effects psyche. Establishing deep personal contact with patient. Women consultation. Conversation woman at table with a specialist. Getting support.
Slow Motion Aerial of Geese Flying in Sunny Fog Haze Over Farm Field
Flock Of Birds On Green Screen. Flock of crows flying in an imperfect formation. Slow motion, Birds flying in formation. Migrating Greater birds
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