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Menstruation royalty-free stock footage

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Sick black woman suffering from stomach ache sitting in bed, holding belly, feeling abdominal or menstrual pain in morning. Gastritis, diarrhea and painful periods concept
Young blonde girl student wearing glasses caucasian millennial woman working studying at laptop at home online feeling abdomen pain suffering from spasm stomach ache belly abdominal diarrhea disease
Young woman experiencing stomach pain. people, healthcare and problem concept - woman suffering from stomach ache. suffering from severe pain and cramp in lower abdomen, menstruation. slow motion
Stressed young woman lying on sofa, embracing belly, suffering from stomachache. Unhappy 20s girl having menstrual painful feelings, resting on sofa. Gastritis, abdominal or period pain concept.
Sick young woman suffering from stomach ache sitting in bed. Upset unhealthy teen girl holding belly feeling abdominal or menstrual pain in the morning. Gastritis, diarrhea and painful periods concept
Young model girl 12 y.o. dressed in white clothes with flowers in photo shooting process. Beautiful eyes, long hair styled.
Reproductive system and teens health concept.
Sad depressed young woman lying alone on sofa in fetal position, upset teen girl feeling tired lonely vulnerable and weak trying to sleep hiding thinking of problem suffer from grief trauma, top view
woman have bladder pain and stomach ache sitting on bed in bedroom after wake up feeling so sick and painful,Healthcare concept
Close-up of female hands typing laptop holding belly, unrecognizable caucasian woman bending body over abdominal pain, feeling stomach ache, suffering from spasm diarrhea symptom nausea, menstruation
Stomach ache. Woman holds hands stomach. Menstrual pain or bowel problems. Pain.
Young woman having stomach ache on the bed. Periods cramp problems concept
The girl has a stomach ache. Girl sitting on a windowsill near the window. Camera - Canon 5D Mark IV
Educational video on how ovulation and menstruation occur in the female body. The reproductive system in women. Uterus, vagina, vagina, eggs, ovaries are drawn with the correct anatomical shape
Young woman sitting on toilet holding sick stomach. Turns stomach, poisoning
Stomachache concept - girl experiences pain in the abdomen
Female Reproductive System with Nervous System and Urinary Bladder Anatomy. Animation concept. Digital hologram 3d model.
Animation fo growth the ovarian follicle and ovulation to menses, Menstrual cycle ovary in female.
Woman writhing from pain in lower abdomen. menstrual pain, risk of miscarriage
Caucasian beautiful woman in white t-shirt has stomach ache. Suffering from disease illness. Morning sickness. Isolated on orange background. Health care and medical
Woman Wearing Pajamas Suffering With Period Pain Lying In Bed With Hot Water Bottle
Female hands hold a woman's periods calendar for checking menstruation days, isolated on green screen. She points to the calendar with his index finger, shows a so so gesture. Slow motion. Close up.
Girl suffering abdominal pain lying in bed, gastrointestinal problems, periods
A young man with a stomachache
Sick woman sitting on couch and holding her stomach 4k movie
Stomach pain. Female hands touching stomach. Diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel concept. Close-up
Young woman suffering from severe pain and cramp in lower abdomen, menstruation
Stomach ache. Woman holds hands stomach. Menstrual pain or bowel problems. Healthy care digestion.
Woman period. Gynecology problem. Pregnancy abortion. Miscarriage depression. Serious lady in bright red color blood flow projection on white free space background.
Woman suffering from strong abdominal pain. American woman in blue shirt on green background. Alpha channel
Unhappy young blonde woman in pajamas sitting on bed suffering abdominal pain feeling sick ache. Upset female having chronic disease or periodical menstruation illness health problem at home
Close up of Woman touching her stomach while wearing a fitness suit
Colorful strips of oral contraceptive pill.
Hormonal disbalance and female periods. Sad african american girl teenager suffering from menstrual pain, feeling uncomfortable, touching her painful belly, blue studio background, slow motion
Asian woman having painful stomach ache in bedroom
Women having painful stomach ache sitting on sofa,Female suffering from abdominal pain,Period cramps,Hands squeezing belly,Stomach pain,Menstruation
CIRCA 1960s - A teacher convinces her student that she can roller skate even though she is menstruating in the 1960s.
Woman having painful stomach ache sitting on sofa,Female suffering from abdominal pain,Period cramps,Hands squeezing belly,Stomach pain,Menstruation
Layered material with a good absorbing properties and odor retention,  protection and comfort. Baby diapers with excellent breathability and moisture absorption, napkin, sanitary pad.
Asian woman having painful stomach ache at home,Female suffering from abdominal pain,Period cramps,Hands squeezing belly,Stomach pain
Young woman suffering from stomachache
Woman hand palm taking out pink birth control tablet antibiotic, menstruation painkiller tranquilizer, dose hormone skincare bodycare, nutrition, pharmaceutical antidepressant. Female Health, medicine
Writing meeting on a calendar agenda date
Brunette woman suffering from stomach ache at home, miscarriage, female health
Disposable women sanitary products and plastic pollution. Menstruation waste and reusable menstrual cup. Zero waste period
Stomach pain. Woman at workplace in evening works at laptop and experiences discomfort in her stomach, she gets up from chair and leaves. Diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel concept
Businesswoman having stomach pain while working on PC computer in office
Lady feeling sharp lower abdominal pain during sleeping, suffering from cystitis
portrait. pale woman is sitting in the toilet on the toilet. 4k, blurred background.
A man makes a date stamp in the calendar. Planning a vacation. Birthday. Close up. Marketing the date on the calendar, closeup.
Asian woman having painful stomach ache at home,Female suffering from abdominal pain,Period cramps,Hands squeezing belly,Stomach pain,Menstruation
Young woman lying on couch hugging her belly suffering from abdominal pain. Sick girl experiencing menstrual pain, resting on couch. Gastritis, menstrual pain. Attack of appendicitis. Pancreas hurts
Woman holding menstrual pads and tampon
Close up cropped young illness woman girl body in yellow t-shirt put hand on abdomen period pain isolated on pastel pink background studio. People lifestyle medical healthcare gynecological concept
Woman with abdominal pain drinks painkiller pills. Painful periods.
The girl marks the days of menstruation on the calendar and hygienic tampons and gaskets lie nearby
Blonde woman waking-up in morning feeling nausea, morning sickness, top-view
Period Pain. Sick Black Woman Suffering From Abdominal Ache At Home, Young African American Lady Sitting On Bed And Rubbing Belly, Having Menstrual Cramps Or Digestive Problems, Slow Motion Footage
Woman hand  holding menstrual cup. Pink menstrual cup on color background. Alternative feminine hygiene product during the period. Zero waste concept
An Asian woman in a white blouse is sitting on the couch and feels a strong abdominal pain, which is called female pain or menstrual syndrome. She holds her stomach and twists in convulsions.
A woman suffers from pain in the pelvic organs. The gynecologist examines the patient. Painful location, female disease, cystitis, or urinary incontinence
Young Asian woman hands holding the stomach and pain period cramps because having menstruation.
Uterus with endometriosis animation. Fertility, human anatomy, female reproductive system. Disease, gynecology, inflammation.
Outside tissue growth medical condition
menstruation calendar with cotton tampons, close-up
Asian business woman was sick with stomach ache and standing isolated over beige background. 4K video
Crazy aggressive displeased customer lady scream obscene speech
Stomach infection. Close up shot of female belly with red pulsating inflamed spot, menstrual cramps, digestive disorder concept, blue background
Women's health menstruation. Female hand holds a tampon on a pink background. Ovulation, menstrual cycle concept.
Woman in home with strong stomach menstruation pain
Sick woman waking up in bed touching back feeling pain ache discomfort lower lumbar muscular menstrual pain, upset lady having backache problem after sleep on uncomfortable mattress, backpain concept
Instructional video on how to use a tampon during your period. In the female body, ovulation and menstruation occur. Uterus, vagina, eggs, ovaries are drawn with the correct anatomical shape
Happy new year date. Woman mark date December 31 as day before Holiday. 2021 year come
White girl mark dates in calendar 2021. Days before birthday. She circle important date in
Sick young woman 20s years old in blue t-shirt posing isolated on pink background studio. People lifestyle medical healthcare gynecological concept. Putting hands on abdomen tummy period pain feel bad
Sick woman feeling stomach pain. Close up of young woman feeling abdominal pain. Close up of sick girl feel stomach ache. Woman menstruation pain. Illness spasm in female body
menstruation bleeding
Problem skin concept. Sad african american lady looking at mirror and crushing pimple on her chin, back view. Acne and hyperandrogenism due to hormonal disorders.
Women Health. Closeup Of Healthy Female With Beautiful Fit Slim Body In Panties Holding Card With Happy Smiley Face In Hands. Stomach Health And Good Digestion Concepts.
Girl puts daily sanitary pads in her handbag, pantyliner
Displeased woman taking offense at stupid bedfellow, wishes not to see boyfriend
animation Illustration of the female reproductive system. human anatomy
sick woman with stomachache, pain, stomach trouble, menstruation, nausea
Young woman suffering from strong menstrual or stomach ache, gynecology problems
A woman who puts up a delicate zone itching.
Asian little girl with stomach ache, menstrual period cramp, abdominal pain, food poisoning
4k of young woman stomach pain on bed with her hunsband
Female having stomach pain, period suffering, pregnancy problem, hands closeup
Obese fat boy sitting and suffer from stomachache on the lawn Because food poisoning
Woman suffering from stomachache lying down on sofa
Woman hold in hand female periods calendar for checking menstruation days pointing on it showing thumb down gesture isolated over yellow background in studio. Medical healthcare gynecological concept.
Underwear, a calendar with menstruation dates, hygiene tampons and gaskets
Medium shot. Asian woman with menstruation and pain period cramps. young women having painful while standing on white background
Young woman animation suffering abdominal cramp during menstruation period. Shot in 4k resolution
Sad lady lying in bed suffering from intestinal flu feeling nausea and dizziness
Glowing neon line Menstruation and sanitary napkin icon isolated on purple background. Feminine hygiene product. 4K Video motion graphic animation
A young man with a stomachache
close up of a young girl with beautiful long hair holding her belly sitting on the floor and suffering from debilitating pain during PMS
Woman in menstruation pain next to sanitary pads covered with blood, medium shot
Tampons on a black background. Women hygienic tampon, rotating on a black surface. Feminine protection for menstruation.
Woman lying on bed, suffering from strong stomach pain, endometriosis, menopause
Hypomenorrhea. The woman shows a gynecological pad with a small drop of blood on it. Concept of small amounts during scanty menstruation. Complaints of pain and strange cycle. Diseases in gynecology
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