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African american woman in sportswear doing workout burning fat calories training strength practicing effort domestic fitness females aerobics sport fit at home slow motion
Back view of unrecognizable slender young woman sitting on yoga mat in lotus position and raising hands up outside in city park. Rear view of female practicing yoga outdoors in sunny day.
Top View of Professional Female Bodybuilder Doing Bicycle Crunches while Lying on the Yoga Mat in the Hardcore Gym. Muscular and Athletic Beautiful Woman Muscle, Power and Cardio Workout. Zoom Out
Mother meditating with daughter while active energetic child son playing, calm young mom doing yoga exercise at home for stress relief relaxing with naughty little kid. 4k video footage slow motion
Yogi girl is sitting in lotus pose in front the sea in summer on sunset, healthy lifestyle, movement concept, meditation concept
Cheerful young disabled woman with down syndrome doing yoga exercise with her personal trainer helping her
B roll shot of woman roll out yoga mat for preparation. Close up view on hand when open mat. Young beautiful fit sport woman work out by exercise yoga in living room at home during covid19 pandemic.
Beautiful asian female doing plank exercise training in the living room at home during the quarantine.
Athletic girl in sportswear is pumping the abdominals. Fit woman is doing abs exercises flexing legs on floor at home, side view. Sport and fitness. Training, workout and wellness concept.
Close-up of child's hand playing with wooden blocks on the white floor mat at home. 2 years old little toddler baby girl. Collapses when trying to stack high. Messy building blocks background
Young woman doing sports at home, Female fitness training in sportswear in the room
Group of five sporty women practicing yoga lesson with instructor, workout in summer park doing exercise outdoor in meadow. Teamwork, good mood and healthy life concept.
Young woman doing sports at home, Female fitness training in sportswear in the room
Relaxed young woman in sportswear is meditating in lotus position sitting on yoga mat with closed eyes at home enjoying meditation with hands in namaste.
Funny lazy pug dog in sportswear doing workout burning fat calories training strength, doing fitness, aerobics sport fit at home. Side leg raise exercise lying on floor. Dog pet funny sport concept
Determined sporty african american woman working out, doing stretching exercise on yoga mat while watching fitness video online on laptop at home. Female practicing yoga exercise online with laptop pc
Portrait of charming african american woman in sport clothes lying on exercise mat after sports training, browsing social media content online on cellphone in domestic room, expressing positivity.
Young woman doing sports at home, Female fitness training in sportswear in the room
Online sport fitness yoga training workout. young woman and doing exercises opposite laptop at home. yoga asanas. woman practicing yoga concept natural balance between body and mental development.
Top view of young redhead woman in sportswear sitting in lotus pose on yoga mat and holding hands in mudras while meditating at home in room filled with green plants
Young woman is doing yoga in a white room filled with light, the girl performs yoga stands and elements near the large window.
Happy mixed race woman in headphones, lying on yoga mat using smartphone and smiling in living room. at home in isolation during quarantine lockdown.
fat man doing gymnastics for losing weight at home on mat on floor watching tutorial video on laptop. Overweight guy doing yoga exercises at home.
Senior couple practicing yoga while sitting on yoga mat. Side view footage of senior couple practicing yoga in city park. Close up footage of senior couple in park practicing yoga. Healthy lifestyle.
Asian woman cyclist. She is exercising at home. She is playing games in the virtual world.
YOGA: Slender mom with her pretty little daughter practising yoga on a mat at home - Front View
Young attractive multi ethnical woman wearing white sportswear, pants and top, doing stretching yoga exercises on fitness mat in living room, healthcare and exercise mental therapy at home concept
Dark-haired Caucasian athlete rising up his leg while exercising on yoga mat in living room. Funny sportsman of 50s in yellow t-shirt touching mustache while working out indoor. Training concept
At home african american woman in sportswear doing workout burning fat calories training strength practicing effort domestic fitness females aerobics sport fit slow motion
Beautiful and Young Girl Does Running Plank on Her Fitness Mat. Athletic Woman Does Mountain Climber Workout in Stylish Hardcore Gym
Medium and tracking shot : Young asian sporty attractive people practicing yoga lesson with instructor. Asia group exercising and stretching healthy lifestyle in fitness studio and  gymnastics class
Pretty Indian woman wear activewear sit on mat in lotus position turns on laptop relaxing music for stress relief do meditation practice. Sport at home due corona virus, improve mental health concept
Two Professional Female Bodybuilders Doing Sit-up Exercises while Lying on the Yoga Mats in Hardcore Gym. Muscular and Athletic Beautiful Girls Workout and High Five in Celebration. Zoom Out Top View
top view yoga class of young healthy people practicing triangle pose stretching enjoying fitness lifestyle exercising in studio
Funny overweight man doing crunches with great effort on mat, losing weight. Plump male struggling to do sit-up exercise, home workout program, healthy lifestyle, dieting. Weak muscles sportsman
Lovely senior man and old woman holding yoga mat for exercising outdoor walking in park. Active healthy retired couple chatting and strolling by riverside after workout in summer park
Beautiful young multiracial woman does yoga and strength training exercises on a mat in her living room. She follows an online exercise course video on her laptop.
White air cleaner making indoor air fresh all day in a closed room with a wood floor, a gray mat, a sofa, and bookshelves in a neat house with nice view of balcony where plant and flowerpot are placed
yoga class young overweight woman exercising healthy lifestyle practicing warrior pose enjoying weight loss fitness workout in studio at sunrise
Senior woman practicing yoga while sitting on yoga mat. Side view footage of senior woman practicing yoga in park. Close up footage of senior woman in park practicing yoga. Healthy lifestyle concept
Man practice yoga pose in studio with brick wall and green plants. Fitness and healthy lifestyle concept. Bearded male making balance yoga pose in gym in slow motion. Find his harmony inside.
Young attractive couple practicing yoga stretching workout at home, healthy lifestyle body care
Funny cute pug dog do fitness at home. Cute face. Funny lazy sport pug. Tired of training, lying on the mat. Falling asleep with dumbbells in the paws. Funny dog sport and laziness concept
Sport and friendship. Happy asian and african american women going to yoga class, talking on walk, holding fitness mats, slow motion
Sporty woman sitting on mat in Lotus pose, raising arms and stretching to sides, pot plants on floor, windows on background. Flexible female practicing yoga in studio. Concept of fitness
Yoga woman standing in upward facing dog pose outdoors. Fit girl doing flexibility exercises on street in slow motion. Sporty lady changing yoga pose into downward facing dog on city street
A close up shot of a beautiful fitness conscious young woman sitting in crossed leg posture (Sukhasana) outside on a yoga mat. An attractive fit girl performing yoga outdoors in a garden
Family is training practice yoga in winter. Woman is do stretching and meditation on ice in nature. Mother and daughter practices yoga on ice in cracks. Girls do sport fitness in outdoor. Background
Yoga with children, mom and daughter doing stretching
A playful handsome guy in a pink T-shirt and blue leggings is engaged in fitness depicting a girl. Slow motion
Portrait of smiling biracial woman wearing sportswear in forest with yoga mat. healthy, active lifestyle and outdoor leisure time.
Empty mma cage arena octagon, ring for fights. Light beams flickering, blurred flashing spotlights in background.
Closeup woman hands rolling up yoga mat after training in studio. Unrecognizable barefoot girl folding fitness mat on floor at yoga studio in slow motion
Man practice yoga pose in studio with brick wall. Fitness and healthy lifestyle concept. Attractive male making yoga pose in gym in slow motion.
wide shot: Young Asian sporty woman  practicing yoga on mat in headstand pose upside down balancing body at fitness studio. healthy and wellness lifestyle
Sport and friendship. Outdoor portrait of two positive chubby african american women going home after fitness training, carrying water bottles and fit mats, slow motion
3d abstract background, droplets of molten wax with internal blue glow merge and fly apart in liquid. Seamless loop in 4k. Smooth animation of bubbles, metaball with inner glow. 99
Young fit sporty brunette girl with pigtail in gray top, black leggings does exercises on mat in bright room. Doing sports and fitness training at home. Healthy lifestyle. stretching, leaning forward
African american female plus size lying on exercise mat working out. self isolation technology communication at home during coronavirus covid 19 pandemic.
Zoom in shot of sporty Muslim woman in hijab sitting on mat in gym and setting fitness app on smartwatch
Funny overweight man doing yoga trying to do stretching exercises on mat on floor and falling back. Fat man training at home losing weight. Obese guy sitting on mat and doing sports.
Senior couple holding yoga mat smiling at home.
MONTREAL, CANADA - JUNE 2019 Funny aerobic training video on a vintage old TV set from the 80s 90s. Retro concept
Portrait of beautiful Muslim woman in hijab and sportswear sitting on exercise mat in gym, using smartphone an then looking at camera and smiling
Asian woman cyclist. She is exercising in the house.By cycling on the trainer
Happy Young Woman Listens To Music On Her Way To Yoga Class, In City At Sunset, Slow Motion
Attractive female coach teach multi-ethnic people, led yoga class meditating together indoors, diverse girls and guys closed eyes make Namaste symbol hands up seated cross-legged lotus pose work out
Beautiful girl is doing yoga exercises at home stretching body at home on floor concentrated on practice. Young people, interiors and healthy lifestyle concept.
A male athlete is making four back flips at once in front of the camera and lands on feet in the gym in black shorts and T-shirt, sport equipment at the background, steadicam, front view, slow motion.
Women kicks over table lamp while trying to work out in her cluttered living room.
High angle shot of Muslim woman in hijab sitting on exercise mat on floor in gym and drinking water from bottle
Stretching training. Young man exercising on fitness mat at home
Medium slow motion zoom out shot of yoga class performing downward-facing dog / Provo, Utah, United States
A mixed race young man doing exercise indoors at home, a body workout.
hand of woman Practicing yoga online with Trainer  learning  tablet on yoga mat  at home morning and sunlight, Concept of relaxation and meditation
close up female her foot, rotating ankle warming up, bone and joint stretching, sit down on exercise mat on floor, twisting ankle, flexible female sit down on exercise mat, sport injury concept
Family Asian parent and child daughter yoga poses together on a yoga mat at home garden. Family outdoors. Parent with child spends time together. exercise at home concept and new normal.
Asian woman cyclist. She is exercising at home. She is playing games in the virtual world.
woman with long hair eats a granola bar after training with a sports mat on the back in the busy street
Pregnant woman doing Pilates exercise with personal trainer at home.
Tracking shot of senior woman watching video workout on laptop and doing stretching exercise on mat in the living room while exercising at home
Active senior woman with fitness mat and water bottle in hands walking in park. Happy mature lady strolling in summer park going at outdoors yoga class
Medium slowmo portrait of confident young plus size African-American woman in tight sportswear posing for camera with rolled yoga mat on blue studio background
Happy asian woman sitting on mat, making fitness vlog from home. healthy active lifestyle and fitness at home with technology.
Athletic young woman in earphones practicing upward downward dog yoga position at sunset beach. Fitness female training outdoor stretching body at morning nature. Shot on RED Raven 4k Cinema Camera
Funny young man with a mustache from the 80s trains and absurdly falls off a fitness ball in his house slow mo
Group of woman do yoga warrior pose on the beach sunrise rapid slow motion
Multitasking sporty fitness african american woman doing squats and browsing online on smart phone in loft apartment. Busy with cellphone fit attractive black female working out and squatting at home.
A woman unfolds a rug for practicing yoga in the studio.
Happy asian woman on mat, exercising, making fitness vlog from home. healthy active lifestyle and fitness at home with technology.
On a yoga mat, an Asian woman does a bridge abduction training. Bridge pulses are used in a fitness studio to tone glute muscles.
Slow motion of serious young man meditating at home moving hands in namaste with closed eyes sitting on yoga man in cozy apartment. People and relaxation concept.
sporty woman stretching and fitness massage with foam roller. Athletic female massaging legs on yoga mat with foam roller outdoors.
Medium studio portrait of smiling young curvy African-American woman in tight sportswear and armband for smartphone posing for camera with yoga mat on blue background
Indian young slim woman watch video on laptop perform butt workout plank leg raises on mat. Fitness for weight loss, burn gluteus muscles, improve shape. Sport from home using on-line training concept
Woman play on Tibetan singing bowl in big light studio room with burning candles
One beautiful 30s personal trainer sitting in lotus position on matting and breathing inside of yogas centre close up. Strong sportswoman concentrated make asanas and take a breathe sit on wood floor
Caucasian lesbian couple keeping fit and rolling up yoga mats. domestic life, spending free time relaxing at home.
Beautiful Girl Doing Fitness Exercises at Home. Authentic Gorgeous Plus Size Woman Doing Workout, Hamstring Stretching, Yoga. Healthy Fit Confident Female Doing Sport Routine even on Lockdown
Handsome Young Man in a Gray T-Shirt and Black Shorts Does Sports at Home Online.Doing Sports and Fitness Training at Home. Healthy Lifestyle. Stretching, Leaning Forward
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