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Epic Armies of Medieval Knights on Battlefield Clash, Armored Warriors Fighting Swords. Bloody War, Battle, Invasion. Dramatic Historical Reenactment. Cinematic Blue Light, Slow Motion, Medium
War Ukraine Kiyv destroyed bomb damage house destruction
Factory Worker at Advanced Factory of railcar manufacturer train production plant, wide cinematic shot, dolly out
Manufacture of Railcar or Carriage, Train Wagon Production, Factory Workers are Welding in Protective Helmets and Glasses, Beautiful Epic Shot, Dolly Out, Slow Motion
worker/engineer wearing disposal face mask for protect dust smoke and corona virus while working in workplace or factory.
Epic Battlefield: Armies of Medieval Knights Fighting with Swords. Dark Ages Warfare. Action Battle of Armored Warrior Soldiers, Killing Enemies. Cinematic Historical Reenactment. Wide Slow Motion
Happy friendly friends run across the field with toy planes that emit colored smoke.
Car service worker welds and repairs an exhaust pipe of a car. Close-up welding work on a lifted car. View from the back. Mechanic welds the bottom of the car.
Skater performs a tail turn trick while holding a torch in one hand. Young man riding a skateboard at night with a red burning signal flare in his hand, dangerous stunts
1969 - NASA's Apollo 11 is launched from Cape Kennedy, and men in Mission Control watch its ascent through binoculars.
fire on the roof of the house. a burning at building house close-up. night home insurance apartment concept. huge fire blazes houses 911. property damage arson protection
Tough Work of a Welder in Green Uniform and Protection Yellow Helmet at Steel Making Factory. Angle grinder at Metal Production. Sparks, Slow Motion, Close Up
Factory Man at the Modern Rail Car Train Manufacture Welding the Huge Metal Structure Welder in Protective Mask Sparks Flash Light Comes From the Hose
Excited England soccer fans jumping and applauding in victory celebration. English football supporters cheering in stands with smoke bomb.
Smoke from wrecked car with fire engine in the background. Car accident. High quality 4k footage
Rescue Team of Firefighters Arrive on the Car Crash Traffic Accident Scene on their Fire Engine. Firemen Grab their Equipment, Prepare Fire Hoses and Gear from Fire Truck. In Slow Motion
man smoking a cigarette outdoor close-up. smoke fire light. man's lips. addiction tobacco smoker poison
Factory Worker at Modern Rail Car Plant Train Carriage Steel Manual Work by Welding Machine Blue Light.
worker/engineer wearing disposal face mask for protect dust smoke and corona virus while working in workplace or factory.Camera turning around a worker.
Young Shocked Man Opening Oven Filled With Smoke In Kitchen. Bad cook guy burning dinner in electric oven. Handsome male open built-in oven with burnt meal
World No Tobacco Day. The young man quit smoking for his good health. He broke a cigarette in two
Smoke from wrecked car with fire engine in the background. Car accident. Dolly in. High quality 4k footage
Protestors demonstrating with smoke bombs in front of police force at night. Anti-government protest by a group of social activists group.
Close up horse hooves step ground at sunset. Dust and smoke swirls. Slow motion. Slow motion. Equestian sport and active lifestyle. Animals concept.
Young professional boxer boxing speed punching bag . Side view of young boxer practicing hand speed drill in slow motion using small punching bag in boxing gym .  Sportsman boxing in smoky studio .
Modern businessman performing cool urban dance in front of delighted nice mood boys and girls dancing in neon lights in nightclub for entertainment.
Medium plan of two firefighters discussing rescue plan looking at tablet while standing in helmets near a fire van. Smoke from the fire covers rescuers and a fire truck.
Welding man works at Train wagon manufacture. Railcar manufacturer. Welder Soldering the Steel Structure wears protective helmet. Bright Blue Green Light, Sparks, Automated Welding Machine, Welder
environmental pollution. man chemist scientist in a respirator mask studies water pollution digital tablet helmet stands next to the waste pipes water. radiation waste. environmental conservation
Close-up of a Magician's Hands Performing Card Trick . Throwing and Catching Cards in the Air on black Background with smoke . Card Mechanic .  Shot on ARRI Alexa cinema camera in Slow Motion
Epic Invading Army of Medieval Knights on Battlefield. Armored Soldiers in Helmets, Hit Shields with Swords in Battle Cry. War, Conquest, Crusade. Historical Reenactment. Cinematic Tracking Shot
A man with a basketball on a dark basketball court against the backdrop of a basketball ring in the smoke shows dribbling skills illuminated by three lanterns in backlight
American Football Field Two Teams Compete: Players Pass, Run, Attack to Score Touchdown Points. Noisy Cinematic Shot. Rainy Night with Athletes Fight for the Ball in Dramatic Smoke. Slow Motion
Epic Battlefield: Armies of Medieval Knights Fighting with Swords. Dark Ages Warfare. Action Battle of Armored Warrior Soldiers, Killing Enemies. Blue Cinematic Historical Reenactment. Slow Motion
American Football Field Two Teams Compete: Players Pass and Run Attacking to Score Touchdown Points. Cinematic Rainy Night with Athlete Silhouettes Fight for the Ball in Dramatic Fogey Slow Motion
Group Of Young Friends Dancing Behind Barrier At Outdoor Music Festival
Factory man Welders at Modern Plant of Railcar Train Manufacture. Steel Work, Factory Man Work Manually by Welding Machine. Manual Factory man Labor Laser. Beautiful Sparks, Smoke and Gas. Slow Motion
Kickboxer training in low light gym. Sportsman boxing in camera. Muay thai fighter punching. Silhouette on dark background. Medium shot with camera shaking when boxer punching
The legs of a man walking near the cloud of a smoke. slow motion
Showman. Young male entertainer, presenter or actor on stage. Back, arms to sides, smoke on background of spotlight. Rear view of a male public speaker speaking at the microphone, pointing, in the
Lit and burning cigarette with smoke on black background
Insurance concept. Female insurance agent inspects damage to a man's car and makes notes on a tablet computer, during discussion with man. Woman with digital tablet inspecting broken car. 4K UHD.
Close-up of blows on hot metal, sparks flying in different directions. The blacksmith holds the workpiece with one hand with tongs, and with the other a hammer with which he forges the product
Surface of a wet drum cymbal while being played in a close up
Close up of an elegantly dressed friends are clinking with wine glasses during a festive dinner at a well-served table at the luxury restaurant.
Rear view of a young Caucasian man riding a BMX bike and doing tricks on the rooftop of an abandoned warehouse, with a pink smoke grenade attached to the bike  in slow motion
Zoom out view of man in face shield and respirator watching robotic arm milling machine cutting polymer block in professional workshop
Horrific Scene of the Car Crash Traffic Accident: Brave Firefighter Carries Injured Young Girl to Safety. In the Background Courageous Paramedics and Firemen Save Lifes, Fight Fire and Smoke
Hall with clouds of smoke and an african sportsman throwing a ball
Stress with businessman and smoke in head
Epic Battlefield: Portrait of Knight Leader Wearing Helmet, Holding Sword, Ready for Battle. King Warrior in Dark Age Medieval War against Enemy Invasion. Cinematic Light, Historic Reenactment
A man puts an anti-smoking plaster on his hand, close-up. Quitting smoking
NASA SpaceX Crew Dragon Rocket launches in slow motion from Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center for first Mission CREW-1 to the International Space Station. Night launch carrying four astronauts.
Slowmo tracking shot of riot police officers in full gear confronting protesters with signs and smoke bombs and arresting man
Industrial worker welding of metal structures, welder man male worker soldering steel beam structure on new building on construction site. welder working. Sparks fly as one welder welds steel. builder
Masked Team of Armed SWAT Police Officers Exit a Black Van Parked Outside of an Office Building. Soldiers with Rifles and Flashlights Run on a Street Filled with Smoke.
Rider in a black leather suit on a streetbike burning rubber. Slow motion. Smoke and sparks from under the wheels of a sport motobike. Night racing. Need for speed.
Close-up of a Magician Hand Performing Card Trick . Burning card on black Background with smoke . Card Mechanic rotating flaming ace card in hand . Shot on ARRI Alexa cinema camera in Slow Motion
Pandemic, portrait of a young tourist man wearing protective mask on street crowd people. the concept health and safety, N1H1 coronavirus quarantine, virus protection
Caucasian young girl screaming slogans in megaphone at street in crowd and smoke at protest against racism in USA. Active multiethnic protesters shouting their demands.
Two Brave Firefighters Go Up Burning Stairs. They Go Through Open Doors. Building is on Fire. Open Flames and Smoke Everywhere. Slow Motion.  Shot on RED EPIC 4K (UHD).
Male boxer wrapping hands before fighting in slow motion. Close-up of young athlete getting ready for fight. Man preparing. Sport concept in 4K, UHD
Dark Age Battlefield: Brutal Fight to Death of Two Armored Medieval Knights, Killing Enemy with Sword. Battle of Armed Warrior Soldiers in Forest. Cinematic Smoke, Mist, Light in Historic Reenactment
Young man in balaclava with red burning signal flare on the roof with graffiti background, slow motion
SELFIE: Awesome shot of mountains as man snowboards in the breathtaking Canadian backcountry. Extreme snowboarder shreds powder while carving between pine trees. Man heliboarding in British Columbia
MINSK, BELARUS, JULY 18 2021: Go Pro view from sport car drifting, Car drives through smoke, Belarusian Drift Championship Stage 4
Close up of a motorcycle wheel burning rubber. Smoke and sparks from under the wheels of a sport motobike. Night racing. Need for speed.
Circus artist wearing black juggling with white balls in slow motion
Lonesome Medieval Knight Marching Through Forest. Invaded, Colonizer, Crusader, Soldier, Warrior Wearing Body Armor, Helmet, Shield and Sword Traveling Through Mysterious Land Tracking Wide Front View
Cheerful youth men and women are riding shopping carts in city street holding smoke flares laughing enjoying leisure time. Freedom and friendship concept.
Video with noise. book without cover design. fantasy woman princess sits on floor reading. Beauty yellow long vintage dress. Enchanted prince man with horns on head. Room gothic smoke, candles burning
Happy smiling successful man breaks a cigarette and quits smoking. businessman breaking a cigarette. Stop smoking. World No Tobacco Day for his good health. He broke splitting in two
Silhouette of dancers in smoky ballroom. Young couple dance tango in dark room with smoke and spotlights in slow motion. Wide angle in 4K, UHD
Hard work in a foundry. Metal smelting furnace in steel mill. Molten metal pouring, metallurgy, steel casting foundry. Steel manufacturing
Tobacco farmer. The man is enjoying tobacco. Evening at the ranch. Cigarette smoke is in the air. Successful tobacco business.
Tilt up shot of man taking bbq sausage from grill with metal tongues and putting it into bun while making hot dogs with help of friends on summer lake party
Close-up of young man wearing hoodie and hat blowing out smoke rings, guy smoking hookah or cigarette in dark studio, puffs of smoke from the mouth on black background. Bad habits concept.
Office chair race. Young businessman is riding a chair in the office like a winner. His colleague helps him. Smoke screen. Office life. Business team. Office party
Delicious juicy meat steak cooking on grill. Aged prime rare roast grilling tenderloin fresh marble tenderness beef. Prime beef fry on electric roaster, rosemary, black pepper, salt. Slow motion.
Group Of Young Friends Dancing Behind Barrier At Outdoor Music Festival
Silhouette of dancers in a smoky ballroom. Passionate couple dancing tango in a dark room with spotlights in slow motion.
Professional Hip Hop break dancer . Stylish young man dancing with real strobe lights . Against colored background with triangle shape of led lights . Real decoration . Shot on RED EPIC Cinema Camera
Close up shot of hands of symphony orchesra conductor directing music by waving his baton. Studio shot on black background 4k footage
Cinematic slow motion shot of male boxer hitting a punching bag at a boxing studio. Man boxer training hard
Diverse Young Party People On Rooftop Lifting Up Sparkler Fire In The Air In Colorful Smoke Holding Sparkler Fire In Rain Of Confetti Relaxation And Joy Friendship Concept At Sunset Shot on Red Epic W
Man hand irons white clothes with a steam iron on an Ironing board. Top view. Сlose-up.
Young man walking through tall trees in misty autumn forest. Male traveler hike with backpack trekking pine woodland, walk in fog discover woods and enjoys nature. Slow motion follow wide angle shot
The fellow in a hood walking and smoking on the night street. slow motion
Cinematic rear view of factory worker in helmet at modern metal production plant. Foundry, metal cast, bright yellow sparks in the background, selective focus, bokeh, light. slow motion
Fire fighter in yellow hat with smoke filter sprays water & carefully treads forward over black charred tree trunks as strong flames & reddened smoke rise from burning bush behind him, close up pan
Back of hiphop stylish bboy dancing guy in yellow outfit walking outside on night stage rooftop and watching cityscape. Artisy performance. Nightlife.
Excited England soccer supporters celebrating a victory. English soccer fans applauding in stands to support team with smoke bomb.
The hooded man in the smoky room near brick wall HD
CIRCA 1969 - Slow motion of Apollo 11 and the Saturn V rocket being launched at the Kennedy Space Centre on July 16th.
Smoke from wrecked car with fire engine in the background. Car accident. High quality 4k footage
three brave rescuers knock out the burning door and run into the smoke in the fire engulfed room. Raging fire
Musician is playing the drum set in the dark clouded studio. Male Drummer playing drums in smoke.
Adult bearded man smoking joint cigarette. Side view of crop unrecognizable bearded male relaxing while smoking weed and blowing smoke
Silhouette of football freestyler stuffing the ball and making tricks in a twilight against a light of studio. Slow motion
Close up of person lighting cigarette from lighter and smoking, dark background
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