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young hipster carpenter man working with computer laptop in workshop . craftsman wearing safety glasses checking order of clients or learning online
Happy smiling healthy young looking senior man portrait. Closeup, slow motion 4K UHD.
Close up head shot portrait young smiling handsome european appearance man standing in bathroom. Healthy bearded man with healthy white toothy smile looking at camera, feeling energetic in morning.
Father Teach His Son To Shave. Have fun together
portrait attractive young mixed race man with shaved hair on rooftop at sunset wearing piercings looking confident in urban city background
Deforestation, forest cutting concept. Wood is getting sawn by the worker with the shavings flying around
Carpenter blowing sawdust away from handcrafted wood plank on workbench outside the garage atelier. Artisan working wearing safety protections . Build home creative ideas, slow motion blurred subject
Man skincare. Facial moisturizing. Cosmetic product. Confident handsome guy with long curly hair applying smearing face cream looking in mirror.
Mirror reflection young handsome smiling man touching beard, grooming in bathroom. Head shot close up happy confident shirtless european guy doing morning beauty routine, preparing for working day.
 A hairdresser with security measures for Covid-19, cuts hair with a scissors to a man in a medicine mask, social distance, cutting hair with a medical mask, face shield , gloves
Young adult african metrosexual man applying moisturizer cream on face skin looking in bathroom mirror. Handsome bearded ethnic hipster guy puts facial creme on doing skincare morning beauty routine.
Professional barber shaves customer beard with straight razor. Beard cut with old-fashioned blade at barbershop. Handsome man getting his beard shaved in hair studio.
Mirror reflection young happy handsome bare man wiping face with towel, feeling energetic after shower in morning. Smiling well-groomed guy getting ready, doing morning skincare routine in bathroom.
Male skincare. Grooming routine. Positive lifestyle. Relaxed happy shirtless athletic African man with towel enjoying dancing singing touching face after shower smiling.
Female tattoo artist work with electric needle machine on customers shaved chest. Close-up of woman master tattooist in black gloves with polyethylene covered gun tattooing ink in bare clients body.
Young man is shaving using disposable razor in bathroom, closeup, side view. Daily morning routine, hygienic procedure. Man is shaving beard and moustache, part of face in frame.
Man face care looking in mirror touching his beard or skin health. Male beauty morning skincare routine in home bathroom. After shave men lifestyle concept. Applying natural oil or similar
Male skincare. Facial treatment. Confident african man applying anti wrinkles lotion under eyes smiling satisfied looking in mirror. Morning routine. Dermatology hygiene. Metrosexual lifestyle.
Handsome man looking face in front of mirror. Closeup handsome guy adjusting t-shirt at bathroom. Sexy man making decision shave beard at bathroom.
Extreme close-up male portrait outdoors face of bearded hispanic arabic guy brunette man client of barbershop satisfied happiness smiling touching chin beard enjoying haircut after shaving service
Video of carpenter sawing wood with an electric jigsaw. Shot with RED helium camera in 8K
Happy young handsome shirtless afro ethnicity man looking in mirror, wiping wet face with white towel. Smiling mixed race hipster guy enjoying morning showering routine, getting ready in bathroom.
A hairdresser with security measures for Covid-19, blow-dry a man in a medicine mask, social distance, cutting hair with a medical mask and rubber gloves in a beauty salon
Mens beauty and health concept. Various shaving and bauty care accessories placed on black background. With shaver, brush, cream, towel and other. Top view flat lay.
Handsome man shave his mustache in bathroom. Male beauty. Shaving, skin care after showering, white wall background
Businessman at the table doing a lot of things. Shaves, speaks on the phone, takes notes. The concept of multitasking at the workplace in the office. Home office in self isolation COVID 19.
A young male Barber adjusts the hair of a male client. Professional hair care products.
 Back view from behind male reflection in mirror in bathroom naked guy bearded Indian Arab man brunette uses electric razor electrical trimmer to shave cutting hair from chin easy shaving at home
Closeup shot of a young man in mandatory quarantine. He stays in one room for two weeks. He lay on a bed and looks at the phone. He did not shave for a long time, he is stressed and upset. Staying in
Bald skinhead football hooligan fan probably fascist marching among soccer crowd after game match. Overjoyed provocative behavior foot ball team supporter looks like skin head and fascism aliened.
Washington, DC / USA - May 31, 2020: A man at a barbershop has his hair cut while wearing a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Old senior couple man and woman in bathrobe are dancing in bathroom having fun laughing enjoying leisure time and music. Elderly grandmother with facial green mask and grandfather with shaving foam
Close-up front view man shaving cheek smiling in slow motion. Portrait of confident Caucasian guy shaving off stubble in bathroom at home indoors. Routine and hygiene concept
Handsome young man with towel on shoulders and moisturizing foam on face shaving with modern sharp razor and looking at camera indoors. Shaving, men's beauty and daily skin care concept.
Barber make hair with comb for hair.
Young man is shaving on cheek with foam using disposable razor in bathroom, closeup, side view. Daily morning routine, hygienic procedure. Man is shaving beard and moustache, part of face in frame.
Close-up reflection in mirror of confident handsome young man applying shaving foam. Portrait of brunette Caucasian guy in white bathrobe shaving in bathroom at home in the morning.
4K Father and son in the bathroom in the morning, little boy copies his father shaving. Slow motion.
Barber shaving bearded man in barbershop. Male skin care and beard style concept. Master hairdresser with a professional trimmer in a black gloves makes a haircut and evens the beard to a customer.
Hair removal laser epilation steps animation. Delete, remove, clean hair bulb depilation work stages. Permanent solution. Skin layers, anatomy, structure. Cosmetic, medical device, IPL. Video footage
Young man cuts his own black thick hair on chest with an electric machine. The man has high body hair.
carpenter wearing Safety Glasses and Protective ear muffs using electric wood plane with plank  in wood working factory
moustache on a blue background. Father's day or mens health concept
African America Barber Haircut Slow Motion
Close-up of hands in black gloves shaving the face of a man
Man grooming. Face hygiene. Portrait of confident black guy in white t-shirt shaving beard with foam razor isolated on light copy space background. Morning routine.
2D animation of disposable razor shaving hair. Body hair removal, depilation, beauty. For topics like skincare, grooming, blade
Smiling attractive man wiping face and beard holding towel looking in bathroom mirror. Happy handsome shirtless bearded guy washing face, shaving, grooming doing morning hygiene routine concept.
Handsome smiling unshaven young man applying moisturizing shaving foam on face and looking at camera. Portrait of happy man with towel on shoulders performing daily self-care, beauty routine indoors
Little boy smears shaving foam on his face with a shaving brush. Hike to the barbershop
The bald headed guy with a lush beard  is combing his combing a mustache. Bearded man with a naked torso.
Barber shaving bearded man in barbershop. Male skin care and beard style concept. Master hairdresser with a professional trimmer in a black gloves makes a haircut
At home, a man shaves his bald spot in front of a mirror. hair loss problem.
A hairdresser with security measures for Covid-19, cuts a man in a medical mask with a scissor, social distance, cutting hair with a medical mask, a protective mask and rubber gloves in a beauty salon
Man grooming. Skincare treatment. After shave moisturizing. Satisfied confident handsome shirtless African guy walking by touching soft smooth face smiling isolated on white background loop.
Handsome confident young adult afro american man looking in mirror. African sexy shirtless bearded millennial hipster guy enjoying grooming, getting ready, doing morning beauty routine in bathroom.
An young smiling man is applying after cleaning his face day or night cream to take care of skin behind a mirror in a bathroom.
Cheerful funny goofy handsome arab man guy with white soap suds on beard naked male with towel on shoulder singing song into razor having fun shaving in bathroom at home dancing music humorous hygiene
A barber pole calling for people at street. Vintage barbershop. Salon.
man applying shaving foam on beard
A Japanese man with foam around his mouth shaves his beard.
Barber Equipment at a barber shop,close up.
Handsome young unshaven man with towel on shoulders shaving his neck area with modern electric razor trimer while looking at camera, indoors. Daily routine male self-care
Affectionate young man cuddling shoulders of smiling hairless 25s woman, supporting beloved wife during oncology cancer disease treatment, feeling hopeful looking at camera, struggle for life concept.
Serious elderly man portrait, looking at camera, closeup. 4K UHD.
Man skincare. Acne treatment. Portrait of satisfied african guy applying cream on face smiling isolated on light copy space background. Dermatology hygiene.
happy mixed race businessman using smartphone texting walking in corporate office typing text messages on mobile phone checking emails successful male executive at work 4k footage
Male haircut with electric razor. Close up of hair trimmer hairstyle. Professional hairdresser cutting hair with hair clipper. Man hairdressing with electric shaver
Close up head shot portrait of young smiling shirtless handsome african american man. Happy mixed race guy with toothy white smile looking at camera, satisfied with dentistry or skincare procedure.
Agricultural farmer shearing the sheep. White wool shearing from the sheep.
Close up young african american man touching groomed beard, satisfied with shaving barbershop procedure. Happy mixed race guy advertising products or services for facial aftershave hair care.
Man shaving beard using electric trimmer shaver. Male beauty grooming concept. Home lifestyle young person looking at bathroom mirror trimming beard. 4K (UHD) 59.94 FPS SLOW MOTION.
Barber shaving hair of a customer in barber shop
Beard cut with straight razor shave. Close up of shaving beard in barber shop. Male beard style. Barber shaving hipster man face
Mens beauty and health concept. Various shaving and bauty care accessories placed on black background. With shaver, brush, cream, towel and other. Top view flat lay with copy space in the middle
Asian male barber cutting male customer hair at Barbershop wear black protective mask. job opportunity Professional, Barber industry during Corona virus Pandemic Covid-19 re-open start up business
Barber works with shaving brush. Close-up of man getting his beard lathered with shaving cream in barbershop. White foam on client's face before shave Beard styling. High quality 4k footage
Calm relaxed senior man sitting at dinner table at home, looking ahead, thinking. Portrait, closeup, 4K UHD.
Barber wets hair by spray and combs them, tattoed barber makes haircut for customer at the barber shop, man's haircut and shaving at the hairdresser, barber shop and shaving salon
Men's haircut and hair styling in a barbershop, beauty salon. Haircut in quarantine. Client and barber in virus masks.
Cutting through wood with chainsaw in slow motion.
Handsome black man getting a haircut in a barbershop. Hairstyle. Personal care, male beauty, haircut
Man hands with carpenters plane production of oak barrels.
Young man is shaving using disposable razor in bathroom, closeup, side view. Middle-aged Man applies shaving cream to face, hygienic procedure. Man is shaving beard, part of face in frame.
Kiev, Ukraine - May 12, 2020: professional Barber shaves a man's beard with a straight razor. professional hairdresser shaving man s chin with a straight razor in barbershop.
Young handsome barber making haircut of attractive bearded man in barbershop
A Japanese man shaving with shaving foam.
Cutting long beard. Woman hairdresser does the beard to a brutal man in the salon. Barber scissors and straight razor, shaving. Creative advertising, woman shaving.
Table with scissors and trimmers at the barber shop, making of haircuts, straight razor on the table, shaving salon
male laser hair removal. a doctor in white gloves removes hair from the abdomen and breasts of a man. 4k, close-up. Slow motion
Young Asian man in casual outfit check yourself and smiling with metal braces on teeth in front of mirror for make self confidence
beauty, skin care and people concept - smiling young man applying after shave oil to face and looking to mirror at home bathroom
profession, people, carpentry, woodwork and people concept - carpenter working with plane and wood plank at workshop
Guangzhou / China - 11 10 2019: A handsome man wearing a suit looks like James Bond walks away with a weapon in his hand inside of a building with pillars
profession, people, carpentry, woodwork and people concept - carpenter working with plane and wood plank at workshop
Farmer shearing the wool from sheep. Adult farmer shearing curly wool.
Attractive male is getting a modern haircut in barber shop. Barber wets hair by spray before cutting it. Hairdresser spraying water on hair of customers in salon
Attractive old senior man grandfather in bathrobe applying foam to face for shaving and looking into mirror. Handsome elderly grandpa doing morning skin hygiene after shower at bathroom home. POV shot
Confident bearded sexy shirtless man holding lotion bottle applying moisturizing balm on face and neck after shaving looking in bathroom mirror. Aftershave skin care treatment concept. Close up view
A handsome young man looks in the mirror and scratches his grown beard. Shows a fig and does not want to shave. Overgrown man with long bristles. Men's hair care, Growing a beard
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