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Middle aged businessman in luxury clothing using mobile phone for texting during way to office in financial district in metropolitan city, successful male proud ceo smiling during cellular messaging
Hand Turning Pages of a Book, CLOSE UP. SLOW MOTION. Unrecognizable Person's Hand reading a book and holding fingers along the lines. Cinematic light at home or library.
University Library: Student Walks Between Rows of Bookshelves Searching for the Right Book Title for Assignment and Exam Preparations. Back View Following Slow Motion Camera Shot. Young People Study
Man using touch Mobile Phone outdoor, close up, man walking with cell phone on city street people and cars background, crossroad use application
Positive diverse group of young and stylish students going home after lecture on long corridor. Happy multiethnic students hugging walking in hallway of university building
girl stretches out her hand in the sun. faith in god dream a religion concept. hand in the sun close-up silhouette sunlight dream of happiness
Happy family adult parent dad and small daughter having fun using digital tablet lying on floor at home. Cute child girl learning technology talking with father teaching kid look at pad screen at home
Confident young african businessman teacher look at webcam conference video calling in office, happy mixed race entrepreneur talking doing online video chat job interview sit at desk, webcamera view
Joyous African American dad and little son holding flashlights, reading book, chatting and laughing while he lying in teepee tent decorated with lights in dark room in the evening
Cheerful students multi-racial group are talking walking with books in college hall showing thumbs-up laughing. Emotions, lifestyle and education concept.
Hand Turning Pages of a Book, CLOSE UP. SLOW MOTION. Unrecognizable Person's Hand reading a book and holding fingers along the lines. Cinematic light at home or library.
Woman working with laptop on Desktop Next to Window. Woman Blogger Freelancer Working on Laptop at Home Office. Close Up Female Hands Using Keypad. Businesswoman Scrolling News Feed Online at Work.
Cinematic Ancient Writer Man, Old Candle Light Writing
Young father checking homework helping cute school child daughter with studies sit at kitchen table. Adult parent or tutor explaining kid girl distance learning at home. Private education concept
young daughter do homework, sits at table with book, on distance learning, dad sits next, works at computer and talks on phone, say girl not to interfere and not to distract
Cinematic Ancient Man Writing By Candle Light, Old Writing
Slow motion of smiling mature lawyer in expensive suit messaging with customers via cellular device while walking in financial district,successful businessman in optical eyewear searching trading news
University Library: Talented Hispanic Boy Wearing Glasses Standing Next to Bookshelf Reads Book for His Class Assignment and Exam Preparations. Low Angle Portrait
Group of university students going for lecture. Smiling girls and boys with books walking through college corridor.
A person reads a book in the sun. Man reads Bible outdoors. A man holds Bible in his hands and studies the word of God at sunrise on top of mountain. Searching for truth in scriptures.
Opening a blank book with light flare, A mysterious book opening. Story of the book.
Happy mixed ethnicity young couple using laptop for ecommerce doing online shopping together watching video movie sitting on sofa, smiling african man and caucasian woman looking at computer at home
Close up wrinkled male hands writing information in medical registration journal. Old mature doctor therapist working at office, using healthcare software application on computer, handwriting notes.
University Library: Gifted Black Girl uses Laptop, Smart Classmate Explains and Helps Her with Class Assignment. Happy Diverse Students Talking, Learning, Studying Together for Exams
Couple using laptop choose goods buying clothes on-line on webstore, selecting travel tour plan vacation. Shopping together, make easy delivery service at home, comfortable purchasing remotely concept
Happy old middle aged couple using laptop talking together doing online shopping, senior mature retired family reading discussing internet computer news, choosing travel offer on website at home
Unrecognizable lawyer's hand works with papers and law books in courtroom or office. Concept of justice and law, attorney or court judge
Full family gathered in cozy living room, couple and kids resting on comfy couch reading fairy tale to little curious attentive son and daughter. Development education of children, fun, hobby concept
Multiracial college university students group study together prepare project make notes, happy diverse young people team write essay summary learn in teamwork do creative research homework in library
The man in his glasses speaks on the phone fluttering the book interior design. Something is looking for. Design Business. Enthusiastic. Design, abstract. Shot on RED Epic Camera.
Focused african black male student using laptop search information internet course study online e learning in app typing on computer make notes write essay prepare for test exam sit at library desk
Man signs with a ballpoint pen on a white sheet of paper. Important records. Office work
Concentrated young man freelancer in eyeglasses looking at laptop screen, working remotely at home. Head shot focused smiling guy chatting in social network, typing message, internet web surfing.
Man is reading a book, close up, isolated. Hand open book for reading. Man is looking for information in book. Close-up macro shot picture of hand and book isolated on black background
Holy bible open on the table at the garden and pages flipping due to wind blowing. Religion and faith concept.
Woman is looking at old photo album at home. A woman recalls the past, as it was before.
a man lies on his balcony and reads a book with his legs up. social distance during the coronavirus pandemic. time to get smarter
Happy husband and wife relaxing sitting on sofa enjoying using laptop computer, 30s young couple looking at notebook screen browsing internet choosing shopping online resting together in apartment
Smiling senior elder 80s man using digital tablet computer pad modern tech relax on sofa. Happy retired old grandfather browse internet read e book in app chatting online with distance doctor at home.
hands typing on computer keyboard, moving camera, business man working on laptop pc in office
girl stretches out her hand in the sun. faith in god dream a religion concept. hand in the sun close-up sunlight silhouette dream of happiness
African american left-handed businessman holding pen writing new appointments information in organizer concept, mixed race male hands making notes in personal paper planner at desk, close up view
Muslim man praying at an old mosque in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, Thailand, Asian Muslims
Slow motion effect of successful male entrepreneur smiling during online messaging with corporate colleagues connected to 4g wireless for browsing internet website via smartphone device
Asian Business man Manager checking and signing applicant filling documents reports papers company application form or registering claim on desk office. Document Report and business busy Concept
Businessman searching documents files or information in Stack of papers folder on work in office, Business report paper or piles of unfinished document achieves with clips on offices, Business concept
Group of students studying together in the college library and smiling. Classmates smiling during group study on the university campus.
Back view shot of handsome young student walking between book shelf. Happy boy student searches for his book in library. Slow motion
mom and daughter go to school. happy family education concept. schoolgirl with mom and daughter go hand in hand to school on footpath in lifestyle the park. little girl with a briefcase time to study
Young man lying on couch with modern smartphone in his hand while looking on mock up screen with trecking markers on it. Concept of green screen and chroma key. Cosy home background
Millennial black father sitting and reading a book with his toddler son, front view, close up
Video with noise. book without cover design. fantasy woman princess sits on floor reading. Beauty yellow long vintage dress. Enchanted prince man with horns on head. Room gothic smoke, candles burning
Successful male entrepreneur in elegant suit walking at metropolitan street in downtown and smiling during online messaging via smartphone device,slow motion effect of confident businessman in eyewear
Focused 70s elderly man scientist writer author professor lawyer reading antique letters paper documents. Confident old male working at library book archive storage sitting at desk workplace side view
Dad helps his daughter put on a jacket, the parent prepares the child to go to school
A male hands writing on a piece of paper. Writing essay or letters. Doing homework.
Man sitting on a floor and reads comic book in living room at home. Rostov-on-Don, Russia - April 20 2021
Father reading bedtime stories to child. Dad putting son to sleep. Quality family time.
portrait of professional businessman in library smiling gentleman architect professor lecturer
Multiethnic group of young cheerful students walking and talking outdoors. Diverse college friends with backpacks and books walking in campus park after classes
Multiethnic university students sitting and reading book on campus grass. Portrait of three diverse classmates relaxing in park studying together reading textbook and writing notes
Slow motion effect, Caucasian businessman dressed in formal suit browsing network website using modern smartphone gadget. Middle aged man using mobile phone outdoors in city
A man drives his futuristic car and when he activates the autopilot the car drives itself and can relax. Concept of: Technology, holography, future, transport and cars.
Millennial man sit at desk in living room looks at laptop screen listen audio through headphones use exercise book makes notes learn language develop improve gain new knowledge. Self-education concept
Happy elder senior man holding smartphone using mobile online app, smiling old aged grandpa texting sms message
4K UHD Stop motion book animation open white blank page for writing on wooden background.
Smiling millennial guy sit on couch in living room spend waste free time chatting using smartphone internet. Play new cool game, e-dating satisfied user, modern technology wifi 5g connection concept
judge in courthouse reading law book
man praying with hand on bible at church on Sunday stock footage
Old islamic muslim scientist working in madrasah room. Old tools, reed pen, ink pot, papirus drawings and book of quran some scenes in dark and foggy enviroment.
wide shot 1700s man writing with quill pen by candle light
Jesus sits on a hill among the ears with children and reads a book, scripture. Sun is shining.
A woman reads a book in rays of the sun. Man reads Bible outdoors. A man holds Bible in his hands and studies the word of God at sunrise on top of mountain. Searching for truth in scriptures.
Old wise Caucasian gray-haired man in glasses walking and reading book outdoors in sunset at street. Senior clever male professor in eyeglasses strolling and read textbook. Studying by walk.
A young woman reads a book in the park in autumn in the rays of the sunset. Prayer in nature. A student reads a textbook in nature in the spring. Man reading a book outdoors. Studying, education
Cheerful Daughter Education Learn 
Read Book,Enjoying Father Family Lifestyle. Little Kid On Fathers Day. Happy Parent Dad Teach Adorable Cute Baby Girl Preschool Child. Daddy Reading Fairy Tale Story
Book relaxing. Reading leisure. Domestic comfort. Peaceful cheerful man enjoying cozy weekend with literature novel on cozy sofa at home.
Young handsome man sitting on public transport reading a book - commuter, student, knowledge concept. Young man with headphones in the tram reading a book
1950s: Woman answers phone at desk in AV Library office. Men and women enter office and talk.
Mature Black Man Reading Bible in Living Room, Pan from Face Down to Book
Touching letters on sheet of paper close-up, blindman reading braille book using his fingers, poorly seeing person learning to read, disabled people concept.
young red hair business man works at laptop sitting at the table in home office. Stops typing on keyboard, looks at the screen and reads news thoughtfully.
Old islamic muslim scientist working in madrasah room. Old tools, reed pen, ink pot, papirus drawings and book of quran some scenes in dark and foggy enviroment.
Woman prays with her hands crossed over Bible for God blessing in dark room. Faith and love in God.Christian prayer over Bible. Woman worshiping Christian God. Catholic faith.Girl prays in an epidemic
Successful handsome student studying with lot of books on table with lamp in evening time in the library
Likable satisfied positive young bearded man in wheelchair holding on knees his 8-aged son and helping him to read exciting book in contemporary living-room,slow motion
The priest in the church holds a cross in hands and gives a farewell to a young couple
Portrait of happy father and kids using a tablet on sofa in the evening in slow motion. Shot with RED camera in 8K. Concept of family entertainment, education, technology
Side view of male african student talking to staff at information desk in college library. Young afro man consulting librarian at counter desk
A Jewish soldier prayer With Talit and weapon on deserted building in sunset
Teacher, tutor Helping Mature Student With Studies In Library
Looping animation of superhero watching over city.
Happy black family at home. African american father and child. Latino dad helping son with school homework. Education and relationship, man teaching and boy learning
Man watching stock trade market with futuristic hologram. Man looking at a virtual screen and reading an english book
Praying Man, Muslim Prayer, Man in front of Sunrise, Call to Prayer.
The historian studies old books and documents. Finding the right information
1960s: Men in front of monitor in NASA mission control room. Men in mission control. Hand writing in book. People sitting at monitors. People looking over data on paper.
Afro american couple man and woman sitting together at home looking at phone screen using mobile device gadget to search for booking tickets for vacations choosing hotel on internet discussing talking
Middle aged man having troubles with using computer, reading manual book and feeling despair, taking off his eyeglasses
Judge hammering with a gavel on a block in slow motion
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