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Multiethnic staff in facial masks preparing restaurant for reopening after quarantine. Young waiters in aprons protective masks and gloves arranging furniture in cafe before open
Female Customer Pays for Take Away Coffee with Contactless NFC Payment Technology on Smartphone to a Handsome Barista in Checkered Shirt in Cafe. Customer Uses Mobile to Pay Through Bank Terminal.
Waiter is pouring champagne. Pour the champagne into a glass. Bartender pouring champagne into glass, close-up. Champagne pouring in glass.
Portrait of african waiter in apron safety mask and gloves walking in cafe with colleague wiping table with cloth on background. Small business during quarantine concept
Celebration beer cheers concept, hands holding up bottles of beer of people group in outdoor party vacation. Close up. Slow motion V3
Group of happy multiethnic friends having fun together, drinking bottled beer in a bar or at home, celebrating, happily smiling - friendship, togetherness concept 4k footage
Black African American Coffee Shop Employee Accepts a Pre-Order on a Mobile Phone Call and Writes it Down on Laptop Computer in a Cafe. Restaurant Manager Browsing Internet and Talking on Smartphone.
Barista making latte art in  specialty coffee shop. Professional man making pouring stream milk with espresso
Young waiter or cafeteria owner putting chairs on tables to clean area at the end of workday. Male restaurant owner preparing in for opening. Small business and startup concept
Smiling carefree friends enjoying drinking together in bar. Group of happy young men drinking cold draft beer, chatting and having good time at pub. Laughing men on night out drinking beer on counter.
Friends toasting, saying cheers holding tropical blended fruit margaritas. Watermelon, tamarind, and lime drinks and cocktails.
Latin Female Cashier and Male Barista in Checkered Shirt Accept Orders from Diverse Clients in Coffee Shop Bar. African American Handsome Customer Orders Take Away Latte from a Cozy Lifestyle Cafe.
African american couple dancing on party in bar. Happy african man and woman having fun in nightclub. Joyful afro lovers moving with rhythm in luxury restaurant in slow motion.
Collage group of people, small business after covid, Coffee Shop restaurant Woman Owner in Face Mask, courier, office worker, coronavirus Quarantine is over. Safety medical masks.
Successful small business korean owner man standing with crossed arms with employee in background preparing coffee. Portrait of asian young male cafe owner .
Handsome Caucasian Coffee Shop Owner is Working on Tablet Computer and Checking Inventory in a Cozy Loft-Style Cafe. Successful Restaurant Manager Standing Happy Behind Counter and Smiles on Camera.
Fitness man pumping up muscle doing pull-ups exercises in gym naked torso. Handsome strong athletic men pumping up back muscles workout fitness and bodybuilding concept background
View through the window of attractive serious middle aged businessman using phone at coffee shop texting message
Man or waiter in medical mask at counter with cashbox working at bar or restaurant
Four Female Friends Take Photos Of Food In Restaurant To Post On Social Media As Waiter Serves Meals
happy girl friends using smartphone in restaurant browsing social media sharing reunion party enjoying friendship chatting having fun socializing together
Young and Handsome Coffee Shop Owner is Working on Laptop Computer and Checking Inventory in a Cozy Cafe. Happy Restaurant Manager in Checkered Shirt Browsing Internet and Chatting with Friends.
Close up shot of an young carefree romantic couple in love is drinking and cheering with cool alcohol cocktails while enjoying a happy hour time together in city center bar on a weekend in a sunny day.
Defocused Crowded bar with people chatting and drinking
Female hand take cup of steaming coffee from table and take a sip. Young woman in cafe or restaurant drink americano or filter coffee from red mug. Cinematic breakfast footage
Man on mountain bike launches over a dirt ramp in a bike park into the sky. His silhouette passes in front of the sun. Shot in glorious slow motion at 240 fps.
Slow motion  close up of happy young friends having fun together drinking beer and clinking glasses in a pub. Shot in 8K. Concept of friendship, holidays, celebration
African cheerful small business owners smiling and turning open sign on cafe glass door. Happy successful afro-american couple of entrepreneurs opening new bistro restaurant
Happily Smiling Attractive Man Walking down the Street. Typing on his Smartphone with Interest. Enjoying the Evening Walk. Drinking Delicious Coffe. Crowded City on the Background.
Scanning QR code with smart phone. The woman reads the bar code using the application on the smartphone in cafe
Mountain biking POV action footage
Four Man Rock Band with Lead Singer, Guitarists, Bassist and Drummer Performing at a Concert in a Night Club. Live Music Party in Front of Bright Colorful Strobing Lights on Stage.
health passport tourist showing covid-19 certification at the airport security control,man scanning coronavirus travel vaccination certificate at the departure area,vaccine green card pass
Caucasian male wearing medical mask puts a Temporary closed due COVID-19 pandemic sign on a window. Coronavirus pandemic, small business shutdown
The profession of bartender. The process of making a cocktail at a bar in a restaurant. the bartender mixes the ingredients of an alcoholic cocktail by shaking a shaker.
Loyal football fans supporting their team
businessman holding whiskey, a restaurant
Portrait of male owner of restaurant bar standing by counter smiling and looking confident - shot in slow motion
Company of grooms friends sitting, talking, holding and clinking glasses of alcoholic whiskey drinks in their hands. Male hands are holding glasses of cognac, brandy, close-up. Celebrate wedding day
Excited men watching football in streaming on smartphone in bar. Football fans watching game on smart phone and celebrating victory score at pub. Happy supporters cheering and exulting after winning.
Authentic professional caucasian bartender creating a cocktail drink. Experienced barman pouring alcohol beverage in shaker - food and drink concept close up 4k footage
Diverse happy friends eating italian pizza together, five african and caucasian young hungry students enjoying fast food meal sharing lunch during meeting sitting at cozy pizzeria restaurant table
Scanning QR code with smart phone. The woman reads the bar code using the application on the smartphone in cafe
View through window of waiters in facial mask and gloves greeting each other touching elbows in cafe. Restaurant staff chatting before opening. Small business, teamwork and epidemic concept
Young mixed-races men and women dancing cheerfully at the celebration of big holiday on the rooftop during a party. Outdoors.
beautiful asian woman hanging out with friends in restaurant laughing enjoying conversation socializing at party gathering
Diverse Group of Friends Celebrate with a Toast and Clink Raised Glasses with Various Drinks in Celebration. Beautiful Young People Have Fun in the Stylish Bar/ Restaurant.
Young man drinking cognac at nightclub party. Beautiful woman having rest in bar at evening. Handsome man flirting with young woman in restaurant interior. Young couple dating at night club
African american waiter wearing protective face mask giving bag to customer at counter bar. Young man worker working with take away orders during corona virus outbreak. Concept food & drinks takeaway
Small Business owner man in apron hanging open sign on door smiling welcoming clients to new cafe restaurant. Entrepreneur Service hospitality.
Multi-ethnic different people waiters in medical masks in cafeteria restaurant working together putting chairs on tables cleaning at the end of workday. Preparing cafe before opening in quarantine
4K Professional male bartender pouring mixed blue liquor cocktail drink from cocktail shaker into shot glass on bar counter at nightclub. Mixologist barman making alcoholic drink serving to customer
Pouring coffee stream from professional machine in cup. Barista man making double espresso, using filter holder. Flowing fresh ground coffee. Drinking roasted black coffee in the morning
Man eating burger. Close up. Junk food, modern life concept.
Collage group of people, small business after covid, Coffee Shop restaurant Woman Owner in Face Mask, courier, office worker, coronavirus Quarantine is over. Safety medical masks.
Japanese Chef and small business owner wearing a mask. Professional sushi chef portrait. Shot in 4k.
Cool professional caucasian bartender making a cocktail, shaking his shaker. Authentic barman making alcohol beverages in modern bar - food and drink 4k footage
Close up of hands of multiethnic bartender man and client woman. African American barrista handing coffee to Caucasian female. Mixed-races. Passing coffee-to-go at counter. Giving ordered drink. Order
WIDE FIXED Model released, fans watching a game on a large TV in a sport pub, green screen chroma key with tracking points. Shot on ARRI Alexa Mini with Atlas Orion 2x Anamorphic lens
Business owner with gloves and face mask hanging an open sign  "We're open. Keep your distance" at a restaurant. Concept of new normality due to coronavirus
Hospital Physical Therapy Room: Patient with Injury Walking on Treadmill Holding for Parallel Bars, Professional Physiotherapist Assists, Helps, Trains Disabled Person Do Rehabilitative Physiotherapy
Multi-ethnic friends laughing having fun at meeting in coffeehouse, african and caucasian male buddies giving high five after telling good funny joke, multiracial young people hanging out in cozy bar
Pole Vault Jumping Championship: Professional Male Athlete Running with Pole Successfully Jumping over Bar and Landing on His Feet. Dramatic Colors, Slow Motion Close-up Shot of Sport Achievement
Beautiful Barista Woman Servicing Client At Cafe Bar Futuristic Hud Display Menu Wireless Payment Near Future Concept Red Epic 8K
Beautiful Hologram Slow Motion Portrait Successful Businessman Working with Futuristic Technological Blue Hologram Analyzing Data. Business Concept. Businessman Series 4K UHD 4096x2160 3d animation.
Depressed criminal sitting behind bars in old grunge prison cell.
Close up shot of chef sharpening a cool knife before cutting meat or making a meal. Professional cooker preparing an instrument for work 4k footage
Beautiful Hispanic Woman Shows Interesting Stuff on Her Smartphone to Her Friends while They Have Good Time in Bar. They Laugh, Joke, Drink in Stylish Hipster Bar Establishment.
Closeup relaxed afro couple resting and having fun in restaurant. African american people drinking alcohol drinks in bar at evening. Cheerful african man and woman dancing in nightclub party.
Men toast with the mugs of beer, bar at night. Alcohol and socializing. Pints of alcoholic lager drinks. Dark scene.
Young couple of friends meets at bar of night club. Laughing boy at romantic date looks at girl and talks in neon light. Trendy man flirts at pub party and relaxes with drink at happy evening holiday
people, leisure and communication concept - happy friends meeting and drinking cocktails and eat nachos at street cafe, slow motion shot
Multiracial happy young people eating pizza in pizzeria, black and white cheerful students enjoying meal dining sitting together at restaurant table, diverse hungry friends sharing lunch at meeting
The bartender puts a glass of unfiltered beer on the bar. Slow motion video of the bartender. Beer pub party.
Restaurant waiter pouring wine serving mixed race couple at fancy cafe table. Two romantic partners drinking alcohol glass in modern style hotel bar. Lovers enjoy dating indoors. Luxury dining concept
Scanning QR code with smart phone. The man reads the bar code using the application on the smartphone.
Access mode during a pandemic, restaurant worker scans visitors QR codes for access to restaurant, life during a lockdown, staff using a smartphone for vaccinated visitors identification.
Football fans cheering while watching televised match in bar
Professional bartender preparing a cocktail with ice
Overhead shot of security gates identifying people at entrance
Tall Caucasian Customer Pays for Coffee and Pastry with Contactless NFC Payment Technology on Smartphone to a Handsome Barista in Blue Checkered Shirt. Contactless Mobile Payment in Cafe Concept.
Close Up Portrait of a Handsome Male Barista in Checkered Shirt Making Cappuccino in a Coffee Shop Bar. Small Business Owner Works at a Cozy Loft-Style Cafe Counter and Loves His Job.
Close-up shooting pyramid of glasses of champagne stands on the buffet table against the backdrop of a cheerful crowd of guests.
Multiracial happy young people eating pizza on sofa and laugh, cheerful students enjoying meal dining sitting together at home quarantine, diverse hungry friends sharing lunch at meeting
happy group of friends making toast having fun drinking wine socializing hanging out at pub chatting sharing celebration enjoying evening reunion gathering
young barista man in mask and apron cleaning and preparing bar for visitors working in coffee shop, sanitizer desinfection during coronavirus covid 19 pandemic, reopen business, post covid
Young cheerful multiethnic waiter and waitress in aprons chatting while putting chairs on floor before opening restaurant for guests. Cafe employees or owners cleaning cafe.
Fitness man pumping up arm muscles. Fitness workout and bodybuilding healthy concept background. Bodybuilder doing arms exercises in gym naked torso. Handsome power athletic man in training
Businessman working on holographic interface. Financial. Blue. Man touching a virtual screen with holographic computer icons. Financial diagrams appearing. More color options in my portfolio.
Pole vault training - an athletic man jumping over the bar in the stadium
Female Customer Scanning Product Bar Code in the Shop Using Mobile Phone App. Digital Shopping Future Gadget Consumerism Concept. 4K Slowmotion.
Young unrecognizable african american male waiter in apron catering worker wipes table in cafe processing with disinfectant does cleaning before opening of restaurant prepares cafeteria for visitors
Group of happy multiethnic friends having fun together, drinking bottled beer in a bar or at home, celebrating, happily smiling - friendship, togetherness concept
Chief or waiter standing in coffee shop and putting on uniform. Young entrepreneur preparing for workday at cafeteria. Small business and food service concept.
Sushi Chef Slices fresh Salmon on the sushi bar.  A sushi-man slicing a salmon steak with his Japanese knife. Preparing sushi nigiri fish. Japanese cuisine recipes.
the athlete is preparing to lift the bar, hands shake magnesia in a dark room
In the Bar/ Restaurant Hispanic Woman Takes Selfie of Herself and Her Best Friends. Group Beautiful Young People in Stylish Establishment.
Meta Universe Cafe Digital Humans - 3D Animation
Reopening of a coffee shop or bar after the covid-19 emergency. A waiter or a male cafeteria owner takes the chairs off the table.The lockdown and quarantine ended but still wearing medical mask.
Japanese Chef and small business owner. Professional sushi chef portrait. Shot in 4k.
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