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Man doing the cleaning vacuums and have fun dancing.Slow mo
Close up view of happy woman wiping dust using cleaning cloth on dirty dusty shelf. House cleaning
A professional cleaning service worker washes the windows with special foam and cleans them.
Beautiful Female is Loading Dirty Plates into a Dishwasher Machine in a Bright Sunny Kitchen. Girl in Wearing an Apron. Young Housewife Uses Modern Appliance to Keep the Home Clean.
Asian woman smelling clean fresh fabric and fresh laundry scent. Close up of portrait cheerful Asian woman with clean and dried clothes in the laundry.
Cleaning chrome-plated bathrooms, bidets. polishing crane and handles. Cleaning in hotel. Close-up shot of maid from hotel staff wiping bath handles, bathtub in toilet at residential building . Shot
Cleaning the window. A young man cleans and polishes windows with a sponge
Medium slowmo portrait of young female housekeeper in uniform holding white towels standing next to king-size bed in modern hotel room smiling to camera
Close up hand of woman dragging on clean white bed gently with relax, Slow motion
Smiling millennial beautiful housewife wearing rubber gloves, involved in wiping kitchen surfaces at home, keeping house neat. Happy professional female cleaning worker mopping dust indoors.
Woman housekeeper in mask wiping door knob with rag. Close up of maid in protective mask and rubber gloves disinfecting door doing house cleaning. Home cleaning service concept
Indian housewife young woman do housework, busy in regular housekeeping work put bath towels into washing machine, turns on modern washer-dryer appliance in cozy laundry room. Household chores concept
Time lapse of home cleaning services, cleaning ladies mopping floor, vacuuming carpet, washing sink, wiping kitchen surfaces in apartment. Skillful employees of cleaning company during work
Slow-motion shot of a young woman changes bed linen in a room
Asian maid working and cleaning in luxury hotel room. Young people at work in tourist resort. Busy woman as staff member or housemaid or cleaner. Dolly shot
Cleaning cooktop cooking panel in kitchen with fat remover spray and orange rag by a woman in yellow rubber gloves.
Cleaning concept in hotel or private apartament. Back view of professional hotel maid opening curtains in bright room. Pretty woman preparing accommodations for visitors at resort. 4 k video
Janitor man mopping floor in hallway office building or walkway after school and classroom work job footage.
Close up of woman maid putting on rubber gloves with colleagues cleaning office on background. Cleaning service team in uniform wiping and washing modern office
Hotel cleaning concept. Close-up view of young pretty maid in uniform making bed in room touching pillows punching into shape. Preparation of hotel room. 4 k video
Woman horrified by mess left after party in her apartment, cleaning service. Housekeeper feeling shocked by room view after bachelor event, chaos and dirt washing, exhausted overworked wife, cleaner
Asian family young girl kid and grandparents dancing together in living room. The child and old man and woman exercise with smiling face feeling fun. Happy moment of lovely family and activity concept
General cleaning in the apartment. The man's hand wipes the window sill from dust and dirt, slow-motion shooting.
4k video of Woman housekeeper with mop and bucket with cleaning agents for cleaning floor at home, Floor care and cleaning services
Concept of disinfecting surfaces from bacteria or viruses sill-life, hand cleaning door handle with disinfectant.
Close-up of hands putting stack of fresh white bath towels on the bed sheet. Room service maid cleaning hotel room macro closeup
Female employee at the hotel beautifully makes the bed in the client's room. The concept of a five star hotel and quality room service
Close-up. A woman's hand wipes the faucet. The girl is cleaning the bathroom. Cleaning service. Hotel cleaning. The maid cleans up the apartment.
Medium shot of young hard-working female housekeeper in uniform getting luxury hotel room ready by changing white linens while making bed
Portrait of woman maid in apron gloves and mask positing at camera in apartment with colleagues cleaning on background. House cleaning service crew in protective mask working
Woman using wet wipe and alcohol sanitizer spray to clean an elevator push button control panel. Disinfection, cleanliness and health care, Anti Coronavirus COVID-19
maid opened the curtains for the morning light. Eliminate the musty smell in the room
Close up of woman in gloves wiping sink and washbasin faucet. Professional housekeeper in uniform disinfecting dirty sink and faucet in modern bathroom. Home cleaning service concept
Cute pink lolita maid ironing shirt with pink kitchen in background 4K
Hygiene and cleanness at home, cleaning object's surface from dirty with antibacterical disinfectant gel or soap. Cleaning desktop and laptop keyboard in office, maintaining hygiene concept
Back view of female hotel room cleaner walking with cleaning trolley along long corridor stretching into distance. Chambermaid with janitor cart going to clean hotel room before guest's arrival
Bride and groom exchanging wedding rings and kissing during outdoors wedding ceremony with multi-ethnic guests
Midsection shot of unrecognizable female housekeeper in black and white uniform making bed while preparing luxury hotel room for guests
cute girl housewife dancing with the broom. house cleaning and entertainment during the quarantine. woman having fun at home
people, housework and housekeeping concept - woman in gloves cleaning window with rag and cleanser spray at home
Close-up of a hand in rubber glove washes faucet in the bathroom. Without a face
Young Asian woman in casual outfit doing chores housework using dust mop sweeping to clean floor in modern room at home
Smiling Thai female farmer weave basket in traditional Thai art patterns to sell as extra income in countryside of Thailand.
Close up of irritated young woman trying to wipe dirty spot on countertop with sponge. Overweight housewife on rubber gloves cleaning kitchen after cooking dinner
Young woman holds full of clean linen, housewife looks tired after doing laundry, works about house.
Back view of chambermaid in hotel opening curtains, going to clean up apartment. Cleaning in hotel. Housemaid in uniform opening curtain lace, letting light and fresh air into hotel room. 4 k footage
Funny Housekeeper Dancing and Having Fun With Broom
Room service maid cleaning hotel room macro closeup
Woman makes the bed, maid straightens the blanket, to make the bed, fresh sheets, bed linen, clean room, 4k UHD Prores 422 HQ
Tired young woman after cleaning the house alone.
Retro maid in pink uniform serve tea to male master reading tablet news 4K
Cornish Mars - Coloured And Hazardous Waters Of Wheal Maid Tailings From Mining In Cornwall, England. - wide panning
a professional window cleaner soaps and squeegies a window clean, male cleaning worker.
African woman uniform washing window with duster holding spray in hands. Close up of female janitor clean window with detergent on office
Woman Ironing Clothes On Ironing Board. Hot Stem From Iron On  Housework. Female Hand Holding Electric Iron And Household Chores. Home Routine Housekeeping. Maid Working With Clothing On Board
woman in blue gloves cleaning window with rag, scraper and cleanser spray at home. cleaning service
Woman's hand in yellow rubber gloves wipes window glass with dry rag against the background of green screen chroma key. Housewife does housework. Cleaning transparent shiny glass from dust. Close up.
Professional cleaning concept. Disinfecting elevator push buttons with wet duster or wipe. Close-up shot of staff worker Cleaning elevator switch button in hospital or hotel with alcohol spray. 4 k
Spectacular flyover footage approaching, then hovering over, Niagara Falls from the most recognized and stunning view of the horseshoe.
Woman wiping white table with wet tissue, closeup
Middle-aged Caucasian chambermaid in uniform making bed in the morning in slowmotion
Medium shot of female hotel manager with digital tablet checking room before guests checking-in, telling housekeeper holding white linens to make bed
Responsible hotel staff using vacuum cleaner while serving room. Maid in uniform, protective mask and gloves working with vaccum cleaner while cleaning hotel room during covid-19 epidemic spread
Beautiful Female is Loading Dirty Plates into a Dishwasher Machine in a Bright Sunny Kitchen. Girl in Wearing an Apron. Young Housewife Uses Modern Appliance to Keep the Home Clean.
a professional window cleaner soaps and squeegies a window clean, male cleaning worker.
Close up of male hands ironing clothes with iron on an ironing board. slow motion
Asian woman tidy up the pillows on the sofa and clean up in slow motion shot. Woman doing chores at home. Housekeeping concept.
Cleaning in hotel. Close-up shot of young woman housekeeper in apron cleaning, wiping table surface with microfiber cloth, blue rag, Cleaning woman carefully wiping surface of wooden table. 4 k video
Chambermaid Makes Bed In Hotel Bedroom
Back view of cleaner woman working, dusting floor and wearing uniform. Professional maid walking along hall with washing machine
4K aerial footage of Niagara Falls (Horseshoe) in Ontario, Canada
Happy Groom Kisses the Bride After Wedding Vows, joy emotion love romantic. Couple are exchanging vows on their wedding day. Bride saying her vows to groom at wedding ceremony
Circular panorama  around the bottles and containers with household chemicals for cleaning floors and walls in the bathroom and kitchen. Concept cleaning.
Man and pink maid cosplayer on video podcast in kitchen have a discussion 4K
Back view of pretty maid spraying detergent and wiping mirror in hotel bathroom during clean up. Blonde cleaning lady smiling while looking at her reflection in clean shiny surface of bathroom mirror
Cleaning in hotel. Pretty maid from hotel staff wiping and dusting shower cabin, bathtub in bathroom at home or in hotel . Shot in 4k resolution
CIRCA 1936 - Women teach domestic science classes for girls, while others work in sewing rooms.
Housewife wiping spilled coffee or tea from a wooden kitchen table. Female using a household cleaner wipe for cleaning.
Woman standing in cozy living room wear protective gloves holding rag cleans wooden table surface smiles looking at camera. Housekeeping services agency professional occupation female portrait concept
Happy cheerful young beautiful african american woman using modern vacuum cleaning carpet floor in a bright cozy living room at home. Concept of housekeeping, cleaning house, lifestyle.
Woman wearing rubber gloves cleaning oven after cooking a fatty dish in the kitchen. Cleaning oven rack before and after. High quality 4k footage
Female in striped shirt keeping eyes closed and enjoying smell of clean soft towel while standing near gray wall
Female housewife washes the floors in the apartment. The mop moves on the floor. Cleaning at home. mop close-up. Routine. wife cleans the house
Focus on yellow bucket with cleaning tools and team of janitors giving high five on blurred background. Happy cleaning company personnel gesturing high five after successful clean
Slow motion low angle view of a person fixing the bed, lifting and airing the duvet, 23.98 fps.
Cleaning service. young woman in gloves wipes the dust off the windowsill with a disinfectant foam with a rag at home, disinfection and house cleaning
Cut in shot of 2 Thai female farmers weave baskets in traditional Thai art patterns to sell as extra income in countryside of Thailand.
African male nurse changing sheets in hospital ward. Portrait of afro-american medical staff making bed and cleaning in clinic. Healthcare and hygiene concept
Cut in shot of 2 Thai female farmers weave baskets in traditional Thai art patterns to sell as extra income in countryside of Thailand.
Happy woman smelling clean clothes aroma, enjoying good quality fabric softener
Funny man doing the cleaning vacuums and have fun dancing
Beautiful young woman in protective gloves is singing using a mop and dancing while cleaning her house in living room during end of year clean
Girl approaching hotel reception to take the key.
Clean the tile floor with a mop.
Washing carpet with foam and water by hand outside. A woman cleans a dirty carpet in the street, in the courtyard of a house on a stone floor. Close-up. Rinse with clean water.
Portrait of attractive chambermaid with towels in hands, charming woman stand in tidy room, prepares a room for guests
Cleaning chrome-plated bathrooms, shower, bidets. polishing crane and handles. Cleaning in hotel. Close-up shot of maid from hotel staff wiping bath handles, bathtub in toilet. 4k video
Hotel cleaning. Soft furniture surface and buttons being cleaned by female hands with wipe. Close-up view of woman removing dirty stain. Disinfecting at home, apartment. 4k footage
A basic wardrobe. Minimalism. Clean up the closet. Throw clothes in a pile. Sort the clothes. A mess. Women's clothing is beige and white. A pile of clothes is on the floor. Clothes for donation.
Young woman holds full of clean linen. Female takes a sighworks after doing laundry, works about house. 4k
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