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Unloading Wood Cargo From Truck To Ground In Forest. Stacking Wood Cargo In Piles. Wood Cargo Transportation. Collecting Plant For Materials Production. Forestry And Lumber Industry. Deforestation.
Industrial Harvester Delimbs And Cuts Pine In Forest For Wood Production. Mechanical Machine For Pine Wood Production. Processing Timber For Pine Wood Production. Tree Logging. Lumber Industry.
A Big Storage Truck is used for the Deforestation process. The deforestation process occurs because of the cutting of wood for fuel. The deforestation process causes environmental problems.
Deforestation, forest cutting concept. Wood is getting sawn by the worker with the shavings flying around
Zooming Out From Cut Trunks Of Logs In Stock In Forest While Timberland Deforestation. Tractor Puts Wood Trees In Stocks. Working Process In Timberland. Beautiful Stock In Timberland. Logging.
Harvester Machinery Fells And Delimbs Tree In Forest For Wood Production. Industrial Machinery For Wood Manufacturing. Forestry Machinery To Work With Wood. Timber Logging. Lumber Industry.
Tractor cuts trunks in pieces while working in forest.
Modern Industrial Harvester Tree Saw Cutting Tree Trunks With A Claw. Close Up Of Harvester Tree Saw Working Process. Heavy Harvester Tree Saw Processing Lumber Material At A Forestry Production Site.
Forest harvester at work - processing spruce forest. Claw manipulator of industrial forest harvester, closeup. Mechanic tool for gripping trunks and cut to length logs before stacking.
Close Up Of Log Processing By Heavy Harvesting Machinery Crane. Industrial Forestry Equipment For Log Processing At Wood Material Harvesting Site. Log Processing By Harvesting Crane Equipped With Saw
Woman in red t-shirt, jeans and sneakers walking on a Green Screen, Chroma Key.
Aerial view of a large tropical tree that is being cut down and leaves a trail of leaves behind while falling on top of other trees: a tropical forest deforestation concept
Aerial view top down view of empty timber truck driving through the commercial pine tree forest to load logs
A cut tree falls to the ground. Lumberjack and his work in the forest. Tree cut by a chainsaw.
CIRCA 1951 - Loggers in Chile fell trees and cut them at the sawmill.
Barber make hair with comb for hair.
Two male service workers cutting down big tree branches with chainsaw from high chair lift platform.
Cross section of a very old tree with countless tree rings demonstrative of age. Large circular piece of wood cross section with concentric tree ring texture pattern and cracks
Deforestation and logging. Environmental destruction of rain forest for palm oil industry.
Arborist or tree worker climbing a giant tree cutting branches of a eucalyptus globulus in the mountains 
Recorded with drone anti-cut safety
Chopping wood slow motion. Worker chopping wood outdoors
Creepy Abandoned Forest Hunting and Lumberjacks Outpost Camp Shed Hut Built with Wooden Branches and Sticks
Industrial Vehicle Male Worker In A Cabin. Wood Manufacturing Equipment Vehicle Worker At A Forestry Production Site. Professional Forestry Vehicle Worker Harvesting Lumber Material Process.
Side view, medium shot portrait of dedicated Asian senior carpenter wears lumberjack shirt and apron, measuring and marking on plywood slat with pencil, making furniture at workshop.
Slow motion wood chopping. Splitting a log into half with an Axe.
Collecting wood material inside of the Forest. Heavy Machinery is dealing with wood material. Stacking up the wood material into piles. Manufacturing of Wooden Products. Deforestation.
KELSO, WASHINGTON / USA - MAY 2019: Lumberjack using chainsaw to cut down a large old growth tree in the forest.
Aerial shot. The mechanical arm of a specialized Bark Removing Machine strips the bark from a freshly chopped tree trunk in a forest
Man Throwing Axe and Hitting Wood Target in Slow Motion
A strong man chopping wood on a deck with an axe with big swing in sunny morning
Two service workers cutting down big tree branches with chainsaw from high chair lift crane platform. Deforestation and gardening concept.
Cutting through wood with chainsaw in slow motion.
Detail of lumber jack chopping firewood with an axe for winter time. Close up of woodcutter splits wood, rural scene. Preparation logs for cold wintertime in high definition FULL HD (1920x1080p)
Lumberjack chops trees with chainsaw.
Professional lumberjack cuts tree with a chainsaw.
Industrial Wood Harvester Exiting Forest To Arrive At Industrial Logging Site. Industrial Wood Harvester With Log Material Processing Crane. Worker Driving Industrial Wood Harvester Vehicle
Deforestation concept of a tropical forest: A large tree in a rainforest is being cut down with a motorsaw and breaking other trees while falling down
Tree cutters, two people are at work cutting large trees in a tropical forest with a motorsaw: Deforestation of the Amazon forest
Lumberjack saws a felled tree trunk with a chainsaw in India, deforestation concept
Mechanical maschine's arm cuts a freshly chopped tree trunk in a forest
Heavy Forestry Machine Delimbs And Buck Tree In Dense Forest. Timber Logging For Wood Production. Industrial Harvester For Timber Logging. Timber Logging To Manufacture Lumber. Mechanical Vehicle.
Funny dachshund dog in checkered shirt and with fake gray beard dressed as lumberjack or hipster, and runs out of room ready to have fun at costume party
Worker in uniform cuts a tree trunk with a chainsaw.
Man Throwing Axe and Hitting Wood Target in Slow Motion
AERIAL, SLOW MOTION: Feller woodchopping spruce and pine trees covered with snow frosts in beautiful forest in the wintertime. Lumberjack logging wood, felling tall spruces.
CIRCA 1930 - Men compete in log rolling and other logger sports on the water in Longview, Washington.
One man cuts a tree, using chainsaw.
Industrial Crane is gathering the loggings from the transportation vehicle. Crane is moving the loggings from the vehicle onto the ground. Crane is piling up the loggings transferred from the vehicle.
Automated Log Saw Machine Working Process In A Forest. Industrial Log Saw Machine During Wood Harvesting Process. High Tech Log Saw Machine Harvesting Lumber Material At A Forestry Manufacture.
Lumberjack Cutting Timber Lumber By Chainsaw without safety equipments
Lumberjack giving a thumbs up outside
CIRCA 1930 - An air mail pilot takes off and grabs his baggage.
Woodpile of a split tree in close-up. Logs of firewood, chopped and stacked. Concept of wood, renewable energy natural resources. Stack of firewood for the fireplace
Impressive POV Footage of a Tree Falling down during Winter
Gripper Of Tractor Takes Tree Trunks And Place Them From Vehicle To Piles. Forest Harvesting For Wood Production. Forest Harvesting With Industrial Machine. Stacking Wood In Forest Harvesting.
CIRCA 1942 - In this animated film, the boy who cried wolf tricks a lumberjack.
Cross section of a very old tree with countless tree rings demonstrative of age. Large circular piece of wood cross section with concentric tree ring texture pattern and cracks
A handsome young man with a beard carries a tree. Stylish young man posing like lumberjack. Lumberjack worker walking in the forest with axe. The Lumberjack working in a forest
Aerial view along cutting down pine forest with lying trunks on plantation, deforestation trunk tree with special car
Tree surgeon or arborist felling the top of a tree.
Forestry harvester Machine is Operating. The Forestry harvester is cutting multiple long trees. The forestry harvester is collecting the fallen tree logs. Production of the Industrial Timber Items.
An engineer wearing safety goggles uses tablet computer harvest logs. Communication working personnel when unloading tree logs at plant. Coordination work in forest for timber loading.
Hairstyling process. Close-up of a barber drying hair of a young bearded man
Lumberjack saws a felled tree trunk with a chainsaw in India, deforestation concept
Lumberjack chopping wood.
Logging machine cutting down trees, cutting branches and laying trunks for further transportation to the woodworking factory
AERIAL: Fellers woodchopping spruce and pine trees covered with snow frosts in beautiful forest in the wintertime. Lumberjacks logging wood, felling tall spruces. Trees falling as being cut by loggers
Worker with climbing equipment cuts large branches with a chainsaw in the crown of an old tree. Lumberjack cut large branch in oak crown
A child counts annual rings on a tree cut with finger. The study of woody plants. A way to determine the age of a tree. Dendrology. Education of children in their free time. Natural knowledge.
Harvester Cuts High Tree And Drops It On Ground In Dense Forest For Wood Production. Harvester Forestry Machine For Felling. Heavy Harvester Vehicle To Get Lumber. Logging. Deforestation.
Tree felling, close up
TRAT, THAILAND - 27 NOV 2017: Uncontrolled timber harvesting, deforestation and industrial logging in Thailand. People with chainsaws and logging equipment machinery cut and collect tree trunks
Man sawing wood chainsaw
Heavy Forestry Logging Vehicle Machine With A Claw. Industrial Forestry Logging Vehicle Stacking Pine Lumber Material In A Pile. Logging Vehicle Harvesting Process At Forestry Plant.
Lumberjack man near top of tree, cuts large tree trunk, falls to ground with audio
A man in protective helmet cuts up fallen dead trees in the forest for firewood, slow-motion.
Backside view of an axeman walking among the trees
Deforestation. Trees are cut down with chainsaws in forest. Natural disaster
Cutting through wood with chainsaw in slow motion
The guy with the tuba makes sharp movements to the right and left down and up.Funny musician movement in plaid pants and a linen shirt . Against the landscape of the village.
A stack of logs. A part of the trunk of a tree that has been cut off. Timber industry. Cutting area near the road. Lumberjacks cut down trees in the forest. Wood  products. 4K.
Lumberjack with modern harvester working in a forest. Wood as a source renewable energy
Man lumberjack cutting large log with axe - wood shavings, chips flying at summer historical medival festival - close up, slow motion. Craftsmanship, revival, reenactment, handwork concept
Wernigerode, Germany, November 7., 2020: Close-up of the harvester, who cuts the felled tree into handy pieces
Close Up Of Wood Harvester Crane Grabbing Tree To Cut It With Chainsaw. Industrial Logging Harvester Uses Crane Equipped With Saw To Grab And Cut Tree. Harvester Grabs Forest Tree To Cut For Material
Aerial shot of a peaceful, coniferous forest during bright day.
Portrait of a happy senior Asian man wearing a lumberjack shirt and apron, smiling, crossed arms, showing thumbs up, in the wood workshop. Front view, indoors, medium shot, carpenter and DIY concept
Man measures trunk of large tree with measuring tool. Green coniferous forest on summer day. Brown bark of large tree close-up. Environmental protection and ecology concept. Russia, Siberia 4K
4x4 car driving on forest road
CIRCA 1942 - In this animated film, a woman hurts her son playing This Little Piggy with his toes, and the boy who cried wolf is eaten by one.
Chopping wood slow motion. Worker chopping wood outdoors
man lumberjack out of the forest at sunset
CIRCA 1942 - In this animated film, Aladdin's genie goes on strike and a boy cries wolf.
A forest engineer works in the forest with a measuring tool. A forester in a red helmet and a red vest.
Caucasian man hands sharpens sharp end on wooden birch branch with knife blade, chips are flying, close-up. Human is trying to survive in the forest, preparing for hunt.
Hitting tree trunk with axe, slow motion from 120 fps
Hiker overlooking valley
Several Sharp Professional Hand Saws Moving In Dim Blue Background. Creative Media Background With Hand Saws Floating Among Colorful Balls. Industrial Woodwork Hand Saw Symbol Background Art
Professional lumberjack cuts tree trunk with a chainsaw in a woods, close-up slow-motion shot, soft focus
CIRCA 1940s - Excellent montage of a lumber mill in action in 1944.
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