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Weaving mechanism is fabricating cloth from coloured threads
cotton yarn making processes. Close-up shot of the machine working in the spinning mill. 4K.
A loom weaving threads, working automatically at a factory.
Multiple spools with coloured threads during mechanical sewing. Textile factory production equipment.
Mexican artisan jobs. woman using a hand weaving loom to elaborate traditional fabric.
Spinning clews with threads on a rack at a textile plant.
Sewing spools managed by a factory machine in a close up
El Cacao, Intibuca, Honduras; september 22 2018: woman using  a hand weaving loom to elaborate traditional fabric
Industrial textile factory
Zoomed in shot of a spinning machine, inside a wool production factory, as its multiple wheels are going at a rapid speed with the wool
Abstract Twisting Rip Tide Ocean Loop Background
Variety of Sonoran Desert cactus, cacti and succulents with looming monsoon storms filmed in Saguaro National Park
Tailoring loom with rotating sewing reels. Textile factory equipment.
Industrial textile factory
Industrial textile factory
CIRCA 1936 - Black and white women work together as weavers in Missouri, using hand looms and spinning wheels.
Industrial textile factory. Close up of thick white threads moving through the loom
Textile industry - yarn spools on spinning machine in a textile factory
vintage textile industry, handmade loom
Diyarbakir, Turkey - 16th of June 2021: 4K Viewing the process of silk cloth shawl production with knitting loom
woman hands with brown skin making handicrafts
Closeup Of Cotton Thread Being Weaved In A Textile Factory.
Modern large high-speed circular looms in workshop, concept of manufacturing textiles
The Process of Making Yarn, Thread textile Factory Recycling Old Clothes
fabric making loom close-up. a man makes fabric on a satre wooden loom slow mo
Weaving loom at a textile factory, closeup. Industrial fabric production line.
Weaving process, Women weaving on a wooden loom, Handweave
CIRCA 1950 - Women working as weavers in a textile mill are given new equipment to make their looms more productive.
Industrial textile factory
Industrial textile factory. Manufacture of sportswear.
A women's hands working on a weaving loom, Blue yarns, Textile industry
TAMALE, GHANA - 1 MAY 2021: Woman Kente cloth material hand loom north Ghana Africa. Savannah northern region in Ghana, where the traditional cloth in Africa, Kente is made on hand looms, hand woven.
Factory for the production of fabrics and threads for sewing.
A Zapotec woman using a loom to hand weave a tapestry in Oaxaca, Mexico. Slow motion close up of her hands.
Mexican artisan hands making colors with natural elements. traditional looms from Oaxaca
Industrial textile factory - spinning
CIRCA 1936 - Chippewa and Sioux women make baskets and embroider in Minnesota, where Native American artifacts are dug up by archaeologists.
macro white threads from bobbins of operating spinning machine in bright sunlight beam background
Close up of tired Asian woman wearing face mask standing outdoors with a serious expression thinking against view of the city skyline with looming dark clouds
Weaving loom at a textile factory, closeup. Industrial fabric production line.
Industrial textile factory. Manufacture of sportswear.
Rolling machine works with white polyester batting.
Industrial textile factory coton product
Machine processes cotton raw material fabric at textile factory
Kente fabric loom rural village Ghana Africa. Ghana, where the traditional cloth in Africa, Kente is made on hand looms, hand woven. The Kente is worn by the king of the Ashanti Kingdom.
Children's manual labor at a carpet factory. Anonymous boy weaves a pattern on a loom.
Weaving loom industrial textile production at work
Textile industry - spinning
weaving loom at a textile factory, closeup. industrial fabric production line. the camera is stationary
CIRCA 1920s - American industrial might in 1923 includes giant textile factories.
circular knitting machine factory working
Experienced female technician using digital tablet and explaining young colleague how to operate industrial textile machine at factory
Production of white polypropylene flat yarn for the production of industrial bags. Allison-circular loom woven bag machine. Production of polypropylene sleeves. Shuttle.
Industrial textile factory - spinning
Winding a warp for the weaving loom using warping frame and blue and yellow yarns. Wooden pegs and colored threads, selective focus
A Woman weaving traditional Turkish carpet.
Indigenous woman selects the yarn meanwhile weaves yarn a foot loom at downtown Cusco, Peru.
 Circular loom: specifies the density and width of the weave. drum for winding sleeves of woven polypropylene yarns. production line of polypropylene bags for food and non-food bulk goods. PP bag
Handmade carpet embroidery. Women's hands create a pattern using multi-colored threads. Hammer for embroidery quors, stuffing threads. Close up view.
Extreme close-up high-angle still shot of a country side woman carefully creating weaving patterns on a small handloom, Andes, Peru
Textile Industry. Row of automated machines for yarn manufacturing. 
Yarn thread running in the machine. Worker on the production line in a textile mill.
Close up shot of a manual loom powered for textile production as part of a weaving process
Storm clouds looming over the White House in Washington, D.C. signifying upcoming trouble. Impeachment, perhaps?
KUMASI, GHANA - 2 JAN 2021: Kente fabric master weaver working loom Kumasi Ghana, hand woven. The Kente is worn by the king of the Ashanti Kingdom.
Factory conveyor moves white polyester fiber.
Loom at a textile factory. Fabric production line. A close up of weaving machine. Weaving machine for garment industry. Yarn thread lines on the weaving loom machine for clothing in textile factory
Close Up of Worker on Wooden Weaving Thread Machines to made Traditional Thai Textile Silk manufacture in Thailand.
Likir/ India 27 October 2018  Tibetan women Weaving Handmade Silk Carpet in  India Likir
Industrial textile factory - spinning
Multi Shot. Women Weaving Yarn with Traditional Loom in Nepal
Woman with heddle hook in her hand is warping a weaving handloom. Threading the table loom. Start of the weaving
Natural wool dyeing in a carpet factory, Italy. tradition handicraft color indigo
unrecognizable latin woman working on wooden loom
1950s: Person swings pickaxe into ground. House. Room with chair, crib and loom. Cooking utensils. Books next to candle.
A traditional Pahari Indian woman is busy working on an old wooden handloom weaving machine in a remote village or countryside situated in the Himalayas. Concept of textile and woolen clothing
Traditional cotton textile production in India. Male factory worker uses wooden hand loom, weaving thread into cotton fabric used in the garment industry.
Wide shot of a traditional Pahari woman working on a old wooden hand loom in a remote village situated in Himalayas
Yarn thread lines on the weaving loom machine for clothing in textile factory. Textile machine with red and yellow threads. Loom at a textile factory, close-up. Fabric production line
Rows spools of thread of different colors in the industrial sewing machine. Different parts of the sewing machine. Yarn tensioning system in the sewing equipment
closeup large loom weaves white synthetic fiber
1970s: Model of person kneeling and weaving on loom in museum display case.
Peruvian Weaves Multi-colored Fabrics in Sacred Valley, Peru - tilt up shot
Mexican fabric textile seamless pattern with colorful stripes and Catrina`s human skull. Animation loop endless straight stripes blanket texture multicolor colorful background. Day of the Dead holiday.
circular knitting machine factory working
Out of darkness and smoke, silhouette of guy walking straight into camera with basket ball in his hands looms. Basketball player posing in studio with back blue light. Slow motion ready 59.94fps.
YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, CA, USA. El Capitan looming high above the valley. Aerial 4K view of the giant rock formation.
Manufacture industrial textile - spinning
Unreeling an endless cloth. Removing weaving project from the loom. Raveling out the woven black and white striped fabric
Artisan uses a tapestry beater to push weft threads down. Making mini tapestry piece with hand loom and weft beater
Air-conditioning is a wireless remote control in the hands for adjusting the room temperature. 4k, the hand pressing the buttons of the control panel on the background of the blurred air conditioning
Woman make wool textile.Handmade traditional colorful wool. Peru woman make alpaca textile .
Weaver are making a small format tapestry to sketch. Tapestry weaving. Hands of artisan at work, close up
vintage textile industry, handmade loom
Medical face mask factory. Close up macro frame.
The worker attaches laces to the mask using a machine in a high temperature.
Indigenous woman selects the yarn meanwhile weaves yarn a foot loom at downtown Cusco, Peru.
Silk Manufacturing Factory. Old loom equipment weaving automatically white fabric, Industrial production line in India
Detail of waxing the drawing to textile for making batik
Traditional Thai textile manufacture in craft village, Old women work on wooden weaving thread machines and spin yarn creating cotton fabric. Chaing Mai, Thailand.
Old weaving loom and vintage instruments
Weaving silk from hand weaving machine and Golden silk in Thailand. Plants in field
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