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Looking away royalty-free stock footage

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Thoughtful concerned indian woman working on laptop computer looking away thinking solving problem at home office, serious woman search for inspiration make decision feel lack of ideas, close up view
Thoughtful serious young african american man student writer sit at home office desk with laptop thinking of inspiration search problem solution ideas lost in thoughts concept dreaming looking away
African American female cafe worker wears face mask and gloves giving takeaway food bag to customer. Mixed race waitress holding takeout order standing in coffee shop restaurant with take away client.
Happy afro american man wear glasses relax with laptop looking away dreaming resting on sofa at home, smiling young mixed race guy lounge on couch with notebook feel satisfied concept, close up view
Head shot close up stressed young woman looking away, thinking of personal or health problems. Frustrated girl feeling lonely at home, suffering from depression, worrying about wrong decision.
Close up face sad thoughtful young african american single woman looking away thinking of problems sit alone at home troubled negative slow motion
Happy hispanic teen girl holding cell phone using smartphone device at home. Smiling young latin woman blogger subscribing new social media, buying in internet, ordering products online in apps.
Zoom-in shot of a beautiful woman standing on the street puckering and walking away. Pretty woman wearing trendy casual clothing on the road.
Back view of sexy woman walking with shopping bags. Close up smiling girl flirting on camera in slow motion. Beautiful woman going away in old city street.
Beautiful girl with straw hat enjoying sunbath at beach. Close up face of young tanned woman with closed eyes enjoying breeze at seaside. Carefree latin woman smiling with ocean in background.
Close-up of beautiful middle aged woman enjoying warm wind blowing on her face with closed eyes, then opening eyes and looking away dreamily
Happy businessman sitting at remote workplace with laptop. Portrait of smiling professional holding hand at face. Closeup dreamy business man dreaming in office. Top manager working in office
Four young adult friends watching sports on TV celebrating
Portrait exhausted business man finishing phone talk at street. Tired businessman using mobile phone outdoor. Unhappy man looking away at modern street.
Thoughtful serious doubtful smart senior middle aged old woman looking away thinking of future vision, problem or question, business challenges, feeling doubt, sitting at home office work desk.
Tracking zoom in shot of handsome young businessman text messaging on cell phone while walking down city street in slow motion with hand in pocket. Man looking forward and away thoughtfully
Elderly senior man stay at home on quarantine. Pensive looking away and feel upset. Sad grandfather widower alone. Thoughtful melancholy older retired gray haired grandpa. Sorrow grief loneliness conc
Happy indian father giving piggyback ride to his son and looking at camera. Cute ethnic boy with dad playing outdoor. Close up face of handsome man carrying on shoulders his middle eastern kid.
Thoughtful sad worried middle aged elder woman looking away think of loneliness grief sorrow concept, serious depressed old mature grandma lost in thought feel concerned alone at home, close up view
little jack russell terrier dog standing on yellow background, licking the glass in front of him and walking away
Thoughtful business man thinking of problem solution working on laptop. Serious doubtful male professional looking away at laptop considering market risks, making difficult decision sitting at desk
Head shot of a senior Caucasian woman with short grey hair at home, looking away in though, with her hand to her mouth, thinking, slow motion, Social distancing and self isolation in quarantine
4K Depressed Young beautiful Asian woman teenage girl sitting by the window in cafe at night. Lonely sad woman looking away out of coffee shop window to city street and night lights with sadness eyes.
Woman thinking and looking out from train window, extreme close up shot of her eye. Blurred background, dim natural light at evening time. High speed carriage run fast, slow motion shot
Aerial overhead 4K drone view of busy school or university as students leave campus. Modern architecture, education, yellow building, people walking. For commercials, b-roll, cutaways, ads, websites.
Woman sitting at a coffee shop with mobile phone drinking coffee and looking away. Caucasian female relaxing at a cafe.
The beautiful girl stuck her hand out of the car window and smiles in sunny weather. slow motion
Young handsome pensive business woman walks around modern urban area, with take away cup, dressed in colorful suit, drinking hot coffee, looking at sunlight and thinking about future, concrete wall
Aerial View Footage: From Outside into Office Building with Businessman Working and Looking out of the Window. Beautiful Retrieving Flying Away Shot of The Financial Business District Skyscrapers
Pensive elder senior man looking away feel upset, thoughtful melancholic older retired gray haired grandpa suffer from sorrow grief loneliness, sad grandfather widower alone at home, close up view
Thoughtful businessman holding hand on chin lost in thoughts at work with laptop, serious pensive man looking away think of problem solution search for inspiration new ideas sit at home office desk
Thoughtful smiling young woman writer professional take break from work looking away dreaming thinking or future opportunities search new creative ideas sit at home office table with laptop computer
Nurse or doctor in protective clothing with her goggles and face mask removed looking at camera in hospital before turning to walk away during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.
Sad thoughtful anxious mature senior woman feeling lonely worried concerned about problems, pensive depressed upset middle aged widow lady sitting alone grieving thinking of getting older loneliness
Sad thoughtful young african american single woman pensive face looking away thinking of problems sit alone at home, upset mixed race ethnic lady feeling depressed reflecting feel lonely concept.
Happy middle aged woman relaxing on cozy sofa, talking on smartphone with friends. Excited elderly lady chatting sharing news on mobile phone with grown up children, resting in living room alone.
Gorgeous young woman in a denim jacket with different bags on her shoulder walking in a city at sunset. Slow motion.
Real old black people, face expression and emotions, portrait of authentic sad elderly african american man with glasses looking away
Portrait confident man looking away in stylish suit at street. Handsome businessman walking outside at city. Sexy businessman checking time on wristwatch outdoors.
Camera approaching businessman sitting on steps of modern office building and text messaging on cell phone. Young man looking away dreamily
Middle aged happy mature asian woman, senior 50 year lady flirty looking away, smiling at camera, isolated on white closeup face portrait. Ads of antiaging whitening dry skincare, plastic surgery.
4K Depressed Asian sad man sitting on bedroom floor with hugging the knees and looking away. Lonely sadness breaking up man sitting alone and listening music from headphone. Tired lost man being alone
African american waiter wearing protective face mask giving bag to customer at counter bar. Young man worker working with take away orders during corona virus outbreak. Concept food & drinks takeaway
Dreamy happy middle aged mature woman looking away drinking morning coffee or tea at home, smiling senior old lady holding cup relaxing with positive thoughts dreaming enjoying pleasant memories
mysterious businessman in suit showing from dark, adjusting suit and tie, smiling and whispering, walking away on dark background
Serious thoughtful elderly old woman looking away sit on sofa alone think of loneliness problem, pensive sad senior middle aged grandma feel worried depressed lonely at home from anxiety and solitude
Portrait of man in super hero costume red cape and mask on gray background looking around then running away.
Happy young smiling man driving a car on a road trip sunset sunlight transport holiday happy adventure car short hair free time journey smiling summer travel slow motion
Senior mixed race man sitting up in bed looking away. self isolation retirement lifestyle at home during coronavirus covid 19 pandemic.
The giraffe chews the grass. Curious giraffe on the background sky.
Closeup african american business man examining papers in office. Angry afro male manager crumpling document in creative office. Portrait of upset african man throwing paper away in coworking.
Confident thoughtful senior adult male professional medic, old doctor wears white medical coat glasses holding stethoscope looking through window dreaming, thinking or healthcare and medicine concept.
Confused woman coming up with a good idea
Happy Tourist On Greek Island. Woman Harmony Mediterranean Sea Beach. Cinematic Inspiration Travel Holiday Trip. Weekend Sea Breeze Summertime Vacation Vibes. Wanderlust Explorer Have Great Time Mood
Portrait of contemplative young man during exam at high school, copy space. Smiling college student doing homework in class while looking away. Happy african young man preparing for exam in university
Pizza delivery man delivers five pizzas. Searching right address. Sunny day, blue sky and clouds. Gives the thumbs-up to the camera. View from the bottom.
Extreme facial close up mature african middle aged man 50s male eyes with wrinkles looking in distance out window thinking dreaming, enjoying good eyesight after successful laser correction operation
Biracial man smiling and keeping hand on shoulders of thoughtful father looking away at home. family love, care and lifestyle.
Young woman with legs sticking out of moving car, back view
Happy Chinese New Year reunion dinner Oriental families
Pensive worried young adult woman looking outside through window. Thoughtful serious lonely lady feeling sad or melancholic, reflecting alone, thinking or loneliness, solitude concept. Close up view
Worried thoughtful senior old adult 80s man sit alone at home thinking of lonely life. upset elderly gray-haired grandpa look away feel sorrow anxiety concept, close up old grandparent sad face view.
Smiling young adult mixed race professional casual businessman making business call talking on the phone in office, happy afro american salesman enjoying mobile conversation indoors, close up view
Portrait confident businessman walking in stylish suit outdoors. Thoughtful man looking away outdoors at city. Young business man buttoning elegant suit at street.
Young brazilian woman with smile relaxing and looking at window on autumm day.  At apartment building, in the city. medical, prevention, epidemic, covid-19, social isolation concept.
Happy millennial hipster african american businessman stand in modern office talk on phone, smiling young mixed race entrepreneur speak on cellphone, mobile tech professional communication concept
Zoom in slow motion shot of bearded young businessman sitting on bench in park, text messaging on cell phone and looking away dreamily
Side view portrait relaxed hispanic business man standing at railing modern skyscraper office building looking away on city street thinking resting. Close up successful guy male on balcony terrace
Green screen shot of a giraffe looking to the camera while eating stops few seconds blinks one eye and continues eating.
Close up kid face little girl in medical mask looks away turning head looking at camera in city street. Portrait of masked child baby pupil schoolgirl posing in park pandemic coronavirus quarantine
Laser eye surgery. Close up macro shot of millennial female eyes looking aside advertizing contact lenses ophthalmology clinic services procedures for good eyesight. Focus on left eye on model face
The young family hugs each other and looks away. They point each other in the distance and wear medical masks to protect them from the virus.
Young asian man feel relax and calm standing by the natural water stream feel surrounding environment, escape retreat get away form busy crowded city life,  take his time and take a deep breath
San Francisco Financial District aerial view. Famous skyscrapers at dusk. Bay bridge in the background. California, United States. Shot in 8K.
Wild boar (sus scrofa ferus) running away in forest in winter time. Wildlife in natural habitat
Business man sit at table in kitchen near laptop touches chin thinks over strategy work remotely from home, creative job, generating new fresh ideas, searching solution. Doubts and challenges concept
Curious girl in casual clothes holding hand over eyes and looking far away with attentive view, ambitious student making plans for future, watching perspectives. indoor studio shot yellow background
Single baby child walking single on rural way, single kid with back step away ready for new adventures. The baby falls and gets up again, the first steps
African dad talking to sad child daughter in hallway leaving family home with goodbye hug, black father embracing consoling kid say bye to upset little girl, parents divorce, shared custody concept
The obedient dachshund looks with sad eyes at the owner, begging for food, next to the dining table. beggar dog.
Close-up portrait of an old man. Eyes of an elderly man close-up in profile. A grown man looks away. Cool color, slow motion. 4K
Asian woman in black protective mask using smartphone, stand leaning on the pole, covid-19 new normal, woman in subway metro, self protection on public transport, social distancing, lost wondering
Portrait of pensive dog sitting at autumn park, yellow leaves fall from tree, slow motion shot. Beagle turn head and look up, then go away, looks confused
Funny bearded man in suit spying holding fists near eyes and looking through holes, pretending to watch in binoculars, zooming to see better, having fun. Indoor studio shot isolated on gray background
Slow motion shot of smiling young woman sitting on swing
Thoughtful young businessman looking away, considering risks. Focused software developer programmer finding problem solution, writing code on computer. Concentrated manager analyzing market online.
Contemplative African american man outside portrait looking up to the sky.
Slow motion shot of crying woman with a tear falling down her cheek
Front view close up of African american woman leaning on window of pickup truck at beach. She is thoughtful and looking away
Happy bearded young man taking cup of freshly brewed coffee from coffee machine, takes sip and looks out window smiling. Hand held shot of cheerful guy drinking coffee in morning at home.
Close-up panning shot of beautiful middle aged woman with short hair and green eyes looking away in street being deep in thought
Nosy curious guy in jeans shirt looking through binocular gesture, seeking something in distance, watching far away with amazement and shock, exploring way. studio shot isolated on blue background
Gimbal walking through dark woods at night. Running thorough misty deep forest at night. Scared running away from monsters and death, lost and alone in the dark. Spooky trees and fog in darkness.
Children holding hands looking at the universe on some distant alien planet shore. Beautiful cinematic scene. Symbol or hope, imagination, future.
The grandson to send New Year gift for grandma and grandpa
Loving single mother embracing kid daughter looking away. Young smiling foster care parent mum hugging adopted child girl sitting on sofa dreaming of good future enjoying sweet moment of love concept.
Close up shot of a retired couple looking lovingly at the ocean while enjoying a cruise on a yacht with clear blue sky and bright afternoon sunflare
Mature woman with cancer in pink headscarf smiling sitting on couch at home and looking away. Mid woman suffering from cancer sitting after taking chemotherapy sessions looking at camera.
young woman lies on her stomach on a sofa at home. reading a book thoughtfully and dreamily. feels calm and comfortable
Happy senior female passenger in a convertible car, close up
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