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Signature on Contract by Pen in Male Hand. Sign Document on Deal at Office Work Indoors. Write Business Agreement or Undersign Protocol of Convention. Initials of Customer on Notification or Record
Electronic Signature on Tablet Computer by Stylus in Male Hand. Sign Document of Deal on PC at Work in Office Indoors. Write Business Agreement for Entrepreneur. POV is Contract and Initials of Client
Two successful businessmen wear suits salesman banker manager handshake happy client customer investor at business meeting make bank loan insurance investment deal agreement shake hands sell services
Moscow city glass skyscrapers drone zoom in close to the buildings. Famous Moscow International Business Center sunny evening time, blue horizon line on the background
Unrecognizable lawyer's hand works with papers and law books in courtroom or office. Concept of justice and law, attorney or court judge
Court of Law and Justice Trial Session: Imparcial Honorable Judge Pronouncing Sentence, striking Gavel. Focus on Mallet, Hammer. Cinematic Shot of Dramatic Not Guilty Verdict. Blurred Slow Motion
The Statue of Justice - lady justice, Justitia the Roman goddess of Justice
Two international professionals, giving each other handshake. International bsiness relationship
Happy young couple clients customers sign loan investment contract agreement making sale purchase real estate family mortgage deal handshake realtor broker insurer, taking loan, buying insurance
Signature on Contract by Pen in Female Hand. Close-up of Businesswoman Hands Putting Signature on Paper. Signs an Agreement. Close-up Macro Shot. Signature Is Fake
Serious young businessman checking corporate paperwork correspondence sitting at home office desk. Male entrepreneur reading documents, analyzing financial papers, preparing audit report at workplace.
Business, Technology, Internet and network concept. Labor Law Lawyer Legal.
Court of Justice and Law Trial: Female Prosecutor Listening and Writing Down Notes to the Case Presented by Lawyer to Judge, Jury. Attorney Lawyer Protecting Client with Closing Not Guilty Arguments.
Two businessmen negotiators wear suits shake hands after successful negotiations, seller banker handshake partner client investor make investment partnership deal agreement trust concept, side view
Professional lawyer investment consultant consult client investor about financial contract explain online startup purchase deal sell service make business offer give presentation advice at meeting
African female financial advisor agent lawyer insurer consulting caucasian male client customer explaining insurance contract benefits negotiating discuss agreement at business meeting legal advice
The Statue of Justice on Wooden Background. Concept of legal law, advice and justice
Old businesswoman and middle aged businessman partners negotiate sign contract handshake at group meeting sit at table, senior female client and male manager make agreement shake hands at negotiation
Protester crowd carrying propaganda banner sign. Demonstration people move along central city street close up. Lots of rebels walk outdoor defending free speech civil right. Person fights, no violence
Mass protests, students on the streets of the city are holding posters with the inscription we are the same, I cant breathe, black lives matter. People protesting against rasizm and intolerance
The Statue of Justice - lady justice, Justitia the Roman goddess of Justice
Gavel being struck to decide an auction or guilty verdict in court. Grey background. Slow motion.
international bronze symbol of law represented by blindfolded goddess holding a balance signifying two broad sources of law, impartiality and power, spinning slowly in front of red books
The lawyer gives advice to the client.
Court of Law and Justice Trial: Imparcial Honorable Judge Pronouncing Sentence, Striking Gavel. Cinematic Shot of Male Lawbreaker in Orange Robe Sentenced to Serve Time in Prison. Hearing Adjourned,
African american man hold megaphone. Shout out. Political rally. Social activist speak outdoor against. Black Resistance rebellion. Requirement activity. Opposition public mass. George Floyd racism.
Court of Justice and Law Trial: Female Public Defender Presenting Case, Making Passionate Speech to Judge, Jury. Multiethnic Attorney Lawyer Protecting Client's Innocents with Supporting Argument.
Close up of a scientist's hand touching hemp plant
Legal law, patent attorney or successful lawyer concept. Bronze statue of themis or lady of justice on brown background
Person Signing Important Document. Camera Following Tip of the Pen as it Signs Crucial Business Contract. Mock-up "Lorem Ipsum" Signature Made on the Template Document. Macro Close-up Shot
Male advisor salesman talking with client handshaking closing deal at business meeting, hr hire applicant at job interview, customer thanking manager for advice shake hands make agreement concept
Close up concentrated young businessman in formal wear carefully reading contract terms of conditions, putting signature on paper. Focused executive ceo signing report after checking information.
Signing agreement and handshake
Judge hitting Gavel off a block in courtroom
Job meeting. Financial check in a large company, audit
Asian Business man Manager checking and signing applicant filling documents reports papers company application form or registering claim on desk office. Document Report and business busy Concept
General data protection regulation concept
Court of Justice and Law Trial: Successful Female Public Defender Presenting the Case, Making Passionate Speech to Judge, Jury. Attorney Lawyer Protecting Client with Closing Not Guilty Arguments.
Confident businessman make agreement handshake business partner at meeting, male manager offering partnership contract to client customer, employer shake hand hire candidate at job interview concept
Senior older business woman distance teacher, online coach, lawyer, consultant talking working with documents, making video conference call virtual chat meeting on laptop working from home in office.
Couple sign mortgage contract, put signature on sale purchase rental agreement, handshaking realtor at meeting with estate agent, satisfied customers buy property, get keys of new home, close up view
Big cannabis farm at sunrise
Wooden gavel resting on large table, with empty chairs in the distance.
Upset shocked diverse business team people worried about problem with bad contract mistake in paperwork discuss documents at emergency office meeting, sad partners disappointed in corporate failure
Close up cannabis plant rotating. Cultivating marijuana. Weed leaves with buds texture. Vertical orientation video
Businessman Stamping Document, Director Approving Contract, Paperwork. Notary Public in Office Stamping Document. Man Signing Credit Bank Contract. Legal Agreement. Filling out Contract on Paper.
CLOSE UP Police officer handcuffs a suspect near police car, African-American Black criminal. Lights flashing in the background. Shot with RED cinema camera and 2x Anamorphic lens
General protection data regulation
Business, Technology, Internet and network concept. Labor Law Lawyer Legal.
Girl tourist looks at a map using a magnifier while sitting in a car and sticking his legs out the window against the backdrop of the mountains
Happy young african couple handshake female caucasian lawyer insurer at meeting, american clients customers make sale purchase real estate family mortgage financial deal take bank loan buy insurance
Confident businessman wear suit talk at group meeting consulting customers convince clients promise benefits make business offer negotiate with diverse partners presenting startup idea to investors
Notary public in office stamping document. Businessman stamping document table, director approving contract, paperwork. Man is approve documents by signing and stamping papers. Closeup. UHD 4K.
Panning hands shot of man and woman sitting at table with scaled house models in real estate agency and each putting signature on separate copies of legal documents, and professional lady waiting
Sitting at the Table in the Living Beautiful Young Couple Signs Contract and Buys House, Real Estate Agent Gives Them House Keys. Newlyweds Happily Embrace. Home is Sunny and Bright. 4K UHD.
Serious young couple holding papers pay domestic bills online on laptop checking bank account reading document at home, millennial family planning budget discussing money finances expenses
Man Is Put In Hand Cuffs, Arrest By Two Police Officers, Cops, Under Arrest. Hands Behind Back, Walking, Perp Walk
Old hr manager checking female job applicant cv resume at job interview meeting. Senior employer wearing face mask reading seeker employment application. Social distance and safety at work concept.
The Statue of Justice - lady justice or Iustitia the Roman goddess of Justice. shot on vintage analog film camera with typical film grain
The police take the handcuffed prisoner to the prison. Detention of a suspect. Back view
Moscow city glass skyscrapers drone pan shot left to right, cityscape with sunset horizon, reflection in the windows. Moscow International Business Center at the sunset, evening
Business, Technology, Internet and network concept. Labor law, Lawyer, Attorney at law, Legal advice concept on virtual screen.
Golden traditional balance scale with weights against blue background. Empty dishes moving up and down trying to find their balance. Seamless looping animation. Antique jewelry scale.
Closeup of a combine hemp harvester collecting cannabis sativa plant on a field.
judge in courthouse reading law book
saudi man signing contract in a business meeting
The Statue of Justice - lady justice, the Roman goddess of Justice in lawyer office
The Statue of Justice - lady justice, the Roman goddess of Justice in lawyer office
Quality Assurance and Quality Control conceptual - Modern graphic interface showing certified standard process, product warranty and quality improvement technology for satisfaction of customer.
Courtroom And Gavel
Jury sat in Courtroom during court case. They are listening to the facts from the legal proceedings.  -4K Stock Video clip footage
Indian ethnicity 25s confident female applicant passing job interview finish formal appointment shaking hands with male employer. Successful business meeting, making deal, hr, company staffing concept
two Saudi business men shaking hands
Wide camera motion to right of west facade of the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC.
a girl in a stone statue costume. Femida the goddess of justice on a white background in one hand holding the scales. concept art
Businesswoman signing a contracts, legal agreements, papers. Business woman in white shirt sitting in her workplace in office and signing a many documents. Closeup, selective focus
Frustrated young adult couple feeling stressed about high mortgage rates doing paperwork at home. Angry husband and wife renters calculating household payments, having financial problems or bank debt.
Happy excited young family couple customers clients sign mortgage investment contract sale purchase agreement deal handshake insurer agent take bank loan buy insurance service meeting broker realtor
Law Symbol - The Statue of Justice
Judge hitting Gavel off a block in courtroom, dark background slow motion dolly shot
CBD Hemp oil, Hand holding droplet of Cannabis oil against Marijuana buds. Alternative Medicine. 4k slow motion
Justice scale - Lawyer Legal Balance Animated Cartoon icon on Green screen - Justice and Law sign - 4K animation
Police officer searches and handcuffs a suspect, African-American Black criminal. Police car lights flashing in the background. Model and property released for commercial use
Medical Cannabis plants growing under controlled conditions in a large greenhouse
Sativa marijuana plant close-up rotating on yellow background. Rasterized herbal cannabis leaf close-up. Hemp cultivation at home. Legal system, smoking activities, recreational drug
Business people signing contract,  two parties at negotiations.
justice and law concept - judge in a courtroom with the gavel, slow motion
Cannabis buds falling and bouncing on wooden table close-up.  200frames per second
The Statue of Justice - lady justice, Justitia the Roman goddess of Justice
Happy attractive businessman walking outside near big office building and looking around. Man looking satisfied and happy Day . ,Young manager, technology, executive,  male person Success Concept
Governance Words Cloud Animation Set.  White and black background. 4 k resolution.
Empty American Style Courtroom. Supreme Court of Law and Justice Trial Stand. Courthouse Before Civil Case Hearing Starts. Grand Wooden Interior with Judge's Bench, Defendant's and Plaintiff's Tables.
Injury At Work, A Man Falls Off Ladder Is Injured, Compensation Accident Claim. Man On Floor Outside In Back Pain.
Sweet and tender kiss between two women in love. Public shown of affection. Free love to all sexual orientation. Gay young relationship. Blue short hair lesbian icon.
Female asian manager broker advisor consulting caucasian male client with laptop showing online presentation of contract benefits talking to customer explaining deal details convincing buy services
Arrest of the offender without resistance. Policeman puts the handcuffs on the hands of criminal, hands closeup. Detention of the accused business person.
PAN close-up of gold statue of Femida – Goddess of Justice – with scales at lawyers conference table during their meeting
Senior hr recruiter checking female job applicant cv talking at job interview meeting. Old employer wearing face mask reading seeker employment application. Social distance and safety at work concept.
Court of Law and Justice Trial Stand: Portrait of Beautiful Female Victim Giving Heartfelt Testimony, Judge and Jury Listening. Dramatic Speech of Empowered Witness against Crime, Prejudice, Injustice
Professional businessman investment advisor lawyer financial expert wear suit consulting customer investor holding document contract negotiating explaining bank loan deal benefits at business meeting
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