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Russia - February 17 2021: Use green screen for copy space closeup. Chroma key mock-up on smartphone in hand. Woman holds mobile phone iPhone and swipes photos or pictures left indoors of cozy home
Gestures pack. Female hand touching, clicking, tapping, sliding, dragging and swiping on chroma key green screen background. Using a smartphone, tablet pc or a touchscreen. Interface concept.
Phone with Green Screen and Chroma Key for Copy Space. Chromakey Mockup with Tracking Markers and Alpha Matte. Casual Lifestyle and Leisure on Comfortable Sofa. Swipe Left and Tap on Centre Close Up
Pan left view of digital connections among artificial satellites emerging on orbit of planet Earth in space
DOVES Flying Pack 4K animation on Green screen Background - Realistic Flock of birds flying - Multiple animations - Pigeons Flying
Beagle steal piece of food from kitchen table when nobody see, funny scene. Dog stand up on hind legs and crook to reach snack remains lying on plate
Cascading arrow transition from the left in the Prism Collection - Transition Video Element
ink transition splatter blot spreading left to right turbulent moving abstract painting animation background new cool nice motion dynamic contemperary beautiful 3d rendering 4k footage
Naughty dachshund puppy was left at home alone and started making a mess, chews toilet paper and looks at the owner with fear. Baby dog is sitting in the middle of chaos
Stop motion Cut and whole tangerines alternate from left to right over orange background
4K Bengal cat on green screen isolated with chroma key, real shot. Cat slowly walking across the frame from left to right, stops and runs away, then runs back across the frame from right to left
Job meeting. Financial check in a large company, audit
Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge at Sunset with Car traffic lights and City Skyline, Aerial Hyperlapse Motion Time Lapse slide
Close up filming of green screen for ads on iPhone. Female holds in hand smartphone device with moving green motion tracking points. Tapping mobile phone screen surface with fingers, swipes left right
Optical Lens flare effect, 4K yellow on black background. Top left corner. Overlay light effect animation, Realistic 3d render
Smartphone blank green screen with indicators slide into the frame. Phone flies to the left and right and to the center in horizontal mode. Luma matte included for easy replacing background
Three unrecognizable people running on treadmills in an empty gym against a large window on a sunny day. Right to left smooth slow motion dolly shot.
Various right and left hand gestures, different tempo. Touchscreen. Female hand showing multitouch gestures on green screen.
African american left-handed businessman holding pen writing new appointments information in organizer concept, mixed race male hands making notes in personal paper planner at desk, close up view
Refrigerator in clean white modern kitchen. Home appliance beauty shot dolly
Blood splash on black background,  Red blood transition pattern background. Red blood spreading from left to right perfect for transition. Blood dripping down isolated on black background.
The girl shows the results of work on the body. Before and after a thick and thin waist. In the photo on the left, belly fat is visible. In the photo on the right, a thin waist without extra kilograms
3d abstract neon background, tunnel turning to left, ultra violet rays, glowing lines, virtual reality, speed of light, space and time strings, highway night lights. Seamless looping animation
Beautiful Munich, Germany Establishing Shot Hyperlapse above City Center with Frauenkirche Cathedral and Marienplatz, Day to Night Time Lapse with Sunset and Big City traffic Hyper Lapse
Tree stumps left after deforestation, mild rain, 4K
Camera slides left along trendy loft office, happy multiethnic business partners working at modern workplace atmosphere.
Super slow motion of pouring dark hot chocolate. Filmed with cinema high speed camera, 1000fps.
Mock-up for Tracking or Watching Content Close-up. Modern Life of Caucasian Lady Indoors House. Swiping Left and Center Click for Web Surfing of Store. Pov or Point of View to News Message for Reading
CIRCA 1950s - The mushroom cloud left in the aftermath of an atomic bomb drop in Yucca Flat, Nevada takes up most of the screen.
Modern countdown time motion graphic 5 to 1, with green screen background. Suitable for many video promotion
Drone shot of industrial zone with thick smog and burning fossil fuels. Factory zone pan shot left to right of polluted city, many factory chimneys in city area
Moscow city glass skyscrapers drone pan shot left to right, cityscape with sunset horizon, reflection in the windows. Moscow International Business Center at the sunset, evening
4k right to left panning time elapse of rolling clouds over table top mountain at sunset and the city of Cape Town,South Africa
Establishing shot of one story brick and white stucco luxury house with garage door, big tree and nice landscape in Vancouver, Canada, North America. Day time on September 2020. Slow pan left. H.264.
Motion to the left showing empty school classroom with chairs under desks. Concept for pandemic.
Side on view of a 3D golf ball rolling from left to right. Standard white golf ball in a continuous roll perfect for sports advertising. 4K clip at 60fps for smooth motion with a green screen.
Man in coat looking at the skyscrapers pan shot right to left. Gimbal back shot of businessman in eyeglasses near skyscrapers in business city
Direction Arrow Symbol Pointing on Black Background Animation 4K Stock Footage.
Pug dog made a home mess, left alone, nibbled the sofa. Without the owner. Guilty funny face. Bad Dog Behavior. Damage, spoiled furniture. Scattered things around the apartment. Gnawed, chewed stuff
Animated Arrows Package on Green screen background - Arrow 4K animation on Chgroma key - All directions Arrows collection
steaming rice in a bowl on the left side of the wooden table
Birds Flying in Loop Animation on Green screen background - Multiple types - Birds Flying Package ( Crop and use )
Tracking Mockup for Watching Advertising Content Closeup. Modern Relax Life of Beautiful Adult Hipster in Room. Legs and Point of View to Shopping Surfing. Swiping Up or Down, Left or Right and Click
Woman hands pointing on copyspace and showing thumbs up over yellow background
Contemporaty architecture merged with nature. Corporate modern building facade with tree branches in front and reflecting in glass windows. Close up shot, panning left.
fog halloween transition.
Slim young beautiful Caucasian woman with light hair in white top turns to the left touching jaw line and smiling wide for the camera on white background | Moisturizer commercial
Slow motion vintage typewriter type strikers. Camera pans from left to right across typewriter keysing in slow motion. Cameraement truck left to right. Retro typewriter. Romantic novel writing
ink transition splatter blot spreading left to right turbulent moving abstract painting animation background new cool nice motion dynamic beautiful 3d rendering 4k footage 5
A flock of black birds flies from left to right to the green screen
Glass breaking on a black background with a big bullet hole effect on the top left corner from the Fragment collection - Glass VFX Video Element.
Spoiled food loss and waste at the retail and consumer levels. Discarded rotten fruits and vegetables left for waste after a market. Reducing food waste in produce
ink transition splatter blot spreading left to right turbulent moving abstract painting animation background new cool nice motion dynamic beautiful 3d rendering 4k footage
Pot boiling over with oatmeal bursting spilling out on gas stove
Confused Caucasian businessman walking back and forth, having to choose between two different choices indicated by arrows pointing in opposite direction
Nodding dog with gold and diamonds necklace, baseball hat, stacks of money and sunglasses, shaking his head next to an American flag. Right to left, slide shot.
Dust smoke effect blowing to the left over a flat surface shot at 60fps from the Mojave Collection - Dust VFX Video Element
Cardiac catheterization is a test used to find out how much narrowing there is in coronary arteries for detect cardiac arrest ,Showing left coronary artery.
Brown eyes of young black woman opening up and closing. Blinking in slow motion. Looking down , up, to the sides and to camera. Isolated on white background
A general shot of the silhouette of a brown horse grazing in the meadow in the rays of the dawn yellow sun, the animal moves from the left to the right edge of the frame.
Oslo Airport Norway - April 26 2021: dhl cargo airplane airbus a300 take off side view panning left passing tower moon
monarch butterflies flying from left to right on white and black background. 3D rendering(Alpha mate)
Nursing care concept. Nursing home. Japanese translation: "right","left"
Super slow motion of pouring dark hot chocolate. Filmed with cinema high speed camera, 1000fps.
CAIRO, EGYPT - CIRCA 2020: Aerial view of Cairo. River Nile and city skyilne at sunset. Panning left.
Point of View of Man Using Phone With Green Mock-up Screen Chroma Key watching content shifting Screen to the left side.
Ripe red hot chili peppers are a culinary delight and the number one cash crop in New Mexico, USA. They are a delicious part of Mexican food in the southwest. Left to right 4K close-up slider video.
Side on view of a 3D soccer ball rolling from right to left. Standard football in a continuous roll perfect for sports advertising. 4K clip at 60fps for smooth motion with a green screen.
Ink fills the frame from right to left.
Swipe up icon. Scroll arrow up drag button up social media interface action icon. Motion graphic.
4k aerial time lapse of cloudscape at Singapore city skyline. Pan left
Black crows fly in the clear sky from right to left then disappear. Smooth unhurried flight of blackbirds over the horizon Chromakey isolated footage. Black ravens appearing
Old TV Green Screen On Spooky Dark Road, Vintage Television Traveling Shot. Vintage television with a green screen left on a spooky dark road. Traveling shot
Aerial: Yacht near sinkhole against sky on sunny day, scenic view of seascape while drone panning from left to right - Great Blue Hole, Belize
Sneaky dog snatch piece of cheese pie from table, steal food while no one looking. Clever beagle move plate close to mouth by paw and pick up leftover piece of food by jaws
Focused young mixed race indian arabian left-handed woman wearing headphones, listening educational lecture on laptop, writing notes, sitting at coffee table at home, distant e-learning concept.
Mid level view of a hemp field on a gloomy day, slide left. Medicinal plant like hemp should be given more credit for its medical contributions.
Woman horrified by mess left after party in her apartment, cleaning service. Housekeeper feeling shocked by room view after bachelor event, chaos and dirt washing, exhausted overworked wife, cleaner
Laptop blank screen opens and flies right to left and then to the center
Red Laser Biggest Package On Green Screen - 4K animation - Laser shots - different angles - Easy to use
Stunning Munich Cityscape at Night with glowing City Streets and Office Building, Magical Day to Night Aerial Hyper Lapse moving Time Lapse above Big Metropolitan Area
Creative left brain functions and right analytic hemisphere. 3d art color animation background
High aerial of school college university campus athletic fields, grounds and school buildings in Lancaster Pennsylvania USA
Young red-haired woman looks at her bionic prosthetic left hand and alternately flexes and unbends her fingers. Girl is adjusting the bionic prosthesis Bionics Cybernetic Robotic-arm Hand prosthesis.
The Best HAND TOUCH GESTURES 4K animation Package on Green screen background - Hand Touch animated pack on Chroma key background
Close up of Woman's hand pointing to the left side showing thumb up sign isolated on a pink studio background with copy space for place a text, message for advertisement, and promotional
Make up palettes and products appear from right to left on pastel background - Stop motion
Stylish young woman swipes in front of a camera. Closeup interface interactions, augmented reality concept.  Scroll, swipes left, right, one tap, two taps, zoom in, zoom out.
Animation of growing roots on black background. Animation. Slowly growing roots from left to right on black background. Moving lines like growing roots or progressive disease
flock of black birds flies green screen clear
A Woman's Hand Flips Pages on the Internet from Right to Left on the Large Green Touch Screen of a Digital Device, a Touch-Sensitive Laptop. Close-up of Hands Flipping through a Green Background.
Side on view of a 3D golf ball rolling from left to right. Standard white golf ball in a continuous roll perfect for sports advertising. smooth motion with an luma matte.
Close-up of left-handed pitcher holding ball behind his back, zoom-out to wind-up
Beautiful residential street with old architecture apartment buildings by the Isa River in Munich, Germany on Sunny day, Aerial Scenic Slide left revealing City Skyline
Cool transition video material set.
Blue and red, 3 patterns of 2 types. 6-piece set. White background.
a group of black crows are flying from left to right on a green screen clear
Blue Arrows Horizontal Wipe. Slide Transitions. From Left to Right and From Right to Left. Alpha Channel Included.
Panning shot of teacher questioning students in math class / Provo, Utah, United States
Professional gardener mowing lawn at central park property with gasoline brush cutter,HD slow motion.
Lawn mowing.
Woman hand snaps her fingers over yellow background
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