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Exhausted or bored young sleepy woman falls down on sofa. Apathetic tired lazy lady sleeping on couch at home alone. Funny girl lying asleep feeling lack of motivation, fatigue or depression concept
Exhausted asian business woman putting documents on desk cover with stack of paperwork. Tired alone girl looking at paper and lay down on pile of sheets while working hard at late night at home.
stop motion animation paper wrinkles making a paper ball. Mint green background. A paper ball spreads making a blank sheet and folds again until it disappears.
Top View of Professional Athlete Doing Bench Press Workout with a Barbell in the Hardcore Gym. Muscular and Athletic Bodybuilder Doing Barbell Exercise. Zoom Out
Healthy eating ingredients: fresh vegetables, fruits and superfood. Nutrition, diet, vegan food concept.
Happy family young parents drawing coloring picture with pencils helping cute child daughter enjoying talk play laying on warm floor at home, mom dad and kid girl having fun in living room on leisure
Aerial Top Down View: Autonomous Self Driving Car Moving Through City, Overtaking Other Vehicles. Animated Scanning Visualization Concept: Artificial Intelligence Digitalizes and Analyzes Road Ahead
Family dinner with organic salad on rustic wooden table, Food healthy organic vegetable concept with top view
Basketball team practice at sunrise. Friendly match on the basketball field, multiracial group of athletes.
Construction worker or mason laying bricks and creating walls. Bricklayer laying bricks to make a wall. Building a cement block wall for a house.
Happy carefree mother and cute small child daughter tickling laughing having fun lying on sofa and playing, smiling mum enjoying bonding cuddling hugging spending time with little funny kid at home
Exhausted Or Bored Young Sleepy Woman Falls Down On Sofa. Apathetic Tired Lazy Lady Sleeping On Couch At Home Alone. Funny Girl Lying Asleep Feeling Lack Of Motivation, Fatigue Or Depression Concept
Installing ceramic floor tiles - measuring and cutting the pieces. Construction, renovation, repair apartment. Cuts tile. Tile cutting
Fresh fruits and vegetables appear on dark kitchen table - Stop motion
Laying floor ceramic tile. Renovating the floor. Construction workers laying tile over concrete floor using tile levelers, notched trowels and tile mortar.
Close up above view loving mommy holds hand of her newborn while baby sleeping lying on bed during healthy day nap. Cherish, mothers love and care, protection of children, adoption, babyhood concept
Aerial above epic huge steel icebreaker breaks ice by bow of ship and floats in large sea ice floes. Maintaining navigation in a frozen sea channel laying. Self-propelled specialized vessel red ship
Bees swarming on honeycomb, extreme macro footage. Insects working in wooden beehive, collecting nectar from pollen of flower, create sweet honey. Concept of apiculture, collective work. 4k.
Detail of woman exercising on the floor at home.Woman doing push-ups at home. Woman fitness training on the ground. Industrial style house
Young Woman at Home Lying on a Couch using with Green Mock-up Screen Smartphone in Horizontal Landscape Mode. Girl Using Mobile Phone, Browsing Internet, Watching Content, Videos, Blogs. POV.
Glitter fluid motion. Molten gold. Sparkling yellow liquid paint flow overlay.
Stop motion animation paper wrinkles making a paper ball. Light blue background. A paper ball spreads making a blank sheet and folds again until it disappears.
Happy relaxed girl holding smart phone using mobile apps watching funny video laughing lying on couch, smiling lazy young woman having fun chatting in social media resting on sofa at home, top view
cat and a dog are sleeping together funny video. cat and dog friendship indoors. friendship pets cat dog playing
industrial tiler Professional builder worker installing floor a large ceramic tile at repair renovation work. Man experienced repairman laying placing tile indoors house or apartment. Finishing works
Aerial View: Rescue Team of Firefighters and Paramedics Work on a Car Crash Traffic Accident Scene. Preparing Equipment, First Aid Help. Saving Injured and Trapped People from the Burning Vehicle
Happy relaxed young woman rest lounge lean on couch enjoy peaceful mood, healthy lazy calm girl dreaming breathing fresh air sit on comfortable sofa in living room on stress free cozy day at home
Man and woman choosing material samples close up. Team of architects discussing quartz materials for countertops in the kitchen. Artificial stone examples 4k
A tiler applies adhesive to the floor to install ceramic tiles. Laying tiles at a construction site. Selective focus, plenty of copy space
eating and leisure concept - group of people having dinner at table with food
White Golden Retriever Puppy Cuddling Up with Owner Girl Laying on Lawn in Park Outdoors Summer Spring Day Kissing Hugging Petting
Asian young woman lying down on salon washing bed getting hair washed in hair salon by stylist. Beautiful customer talking and relax while hairdresser massaging and washing hair with water and shampoo
Multiracial sexy hot barefoot young girls best friends wear bathrobes lay on bed in row raise legs epilated depilated feet skin up having fun celebrate bachelorette spa pajama party together concept.
Reflections of green leaves of trees. Natural sun shadows overlay on white texture of old weathered wall background. Abstract 4k video backdrop.
Construction workers laying concrete pavement on the street
Ending social distancing and quarantine - Couples in love and other people rest on the green lawn at the end of the day - the end of the quarantine. Ending social distancing in Kyiv. Aerial View.
Girl is working on a black laptop on sofa and big cat is laying on her lap. Work from home. Stay home. Coronavirus quarantine
Happy Asian family mom dad and daughter child laying laugh smile on white soft bed in bedroom relax casual leisure weekend activity, top view handheld shot
eating and leisure concept - group of people having dinner at table with food
Man wear face mask walking with box of personal stuff got fired due to coronavirus crisis unemployed depression employment economy close up slow motion
Spa and body care composition. Wellness and beauty treatment. Gua sha massager, natural oils and creams. Flat lay assortment of pink background.
Making a vegetarian pizza step by step stop motion video. Hand-stretching the pizza dough on a blue table, above view. Healthy pizza with mozzarella, tomato sauce and fresh vegetables.
6k Blue hardcover vintage book appear and open with copy space on beige background. Stop motion flat lay
Owner making massage to his lazy cute pug dog on bed. Relax. Funny elastic skin, folds and wrinkles. Stroking, petting. Lying upside down, belly up. Owner loves the pet
Affectionate family cute adorable funny little kid daughter embrace kiss young mom lying relaxing on bed, happy loving mother and small child girl enjoy bonding hugging having fun playing in bedroom
Fresh organic vegetables and fruits move into a pile on a pink background, stop motion. Vegetables animation. 
Flat lay 4 video with vegetables.
Wheel close-up, a car driving along an empty forest road, over vivid fallen autumn tree leaves in fall. Brown car driving through the beautiful autumn forest, swirling colorful leaves. Slow-motion
Little Girl Drawing on Paper with Colored Pencils While Laying on the Floor near Puppies. Cute Funny Golden Retriever Puppies Playing with Child Girl at Home. Pets and Animals Concept
Zooming natural mandarins in minimal motion graphics seamless looped animation
Stop motion animation paper wrinkles making a paper ball. Pink background. A paper ball spreads making a blank sheet and folds again until it disappears.
A master mason is laying a red brick wall. The master at the construction site is laying a brick laying. master bricklayer building-up one family house
Honey Bee Brood. Brood care. The Birth of a Bee. Worker bee emerging from cell. The Honey Bee Life Cycle.
Roofing work. Laying a soft roof on the roof of a private house.
Designers compare quartz samples for kitchen countertops. A young family chooses examples from artificial stone. Close up 4k
Bees inside the beehive. Honeycomb close up. Bee colony in hive macro. Honey in combs. Organic Beekeeping (or apiculture)
Friends chilling in private villa swimming pool, lie in the sun on inflatable flamingo, swan, floaties. Young people relax on party at luxury resort on sunny day. Bikini girls sunbathing. Slow motion.
Team of Industrial Engineers Lean on Office Table, Analyze Machinery Blueprints, Architectural Problem Solving, Consult Project on Tablet Computer, Inspect Metal Component. Flat Lay Top Down View
Hand puts coffe on table. Top view, pink background. Stirring coffee.
Happy funny beautiful family of four bonding laughing relaxing on comfortable bed looking at camera, cheerful young parents with cute little kids daughters lay in bedroom in morning, closeup portrait
Roadway repair. Asphalt laying. The roller levels the newly laid asphalt. Industrial
Top View of Beautiful Young Woman Sleeping Cozily on a Bed in His Bedroom at Night. Blue Nightly Colors with Cold Weak Lamppost Light Shining Through the Window.
Woman laying on plaid on lawn in a park and reading e-book while little pug sitting next to her
The bee is dying. A dead bee macro. The death of honey bees and environmental pollution by pesticides: The honey bees as biological indicators. Beekeeping (or apiculture). Bee colony in hive
6k Deep blue hardcover book appear on purple theme and opens and vibrant colors books appear around make frame. Stop motion flat lay
Detail of woman exercising on the floor at home.Woman doing cross crunch fitness training at home. Woman training abs. Industrial style house
hands put the gift box on the table
Installing ceramic floor tiles in construction site
Woman's hands holding a heart shape coffee beans with care,enjoyment, and passion coffee. Concept for love of coffee and caffeine. Background with grains and burlap, flat lay
Concentrated asian business woman analyzing, calculating data, writing project reports while working hard at late night. Tired alone girl lay down on desk covered with stack of paperwork. Dolly shot
Delicious whole chicken cooked with pumpkin, pepper and potatoes. Served in metal baking pan. Decorated with rosemary. Autumn food concep. Top view. Flat lay.
eating and holidays concept - group of people at table with food clinking wine glasses
Bricklayer finishes brick row, fills last gap in brickwork, distributes mortar, takes out brick, stacks it, adjusts it with trowel according to level, removes excess mortar, construction site
Top Down Aerial Drone: White Autonomous Self Driving Car Moving Through City. Concept: Artificial Intelligence Scans Surrounding Environment, Detecting Cars, Avoids Traffic Jams and Drives Safely.
Addict man dead cause of drug overdose. Social disaster and epidemic of narcotic addiction concept
Colorful On Shape Geometry is motion footage for abstract films and cinematic in art geometry scene. Also good background for scene and titles, logos.
Male electrician performs installation work
In the Dark Industrial Design Engineering Facility: Male Engineer Works with Blueprints Laying on a Table, Uses Pencil, Ruler and Digital Tablet. On Desktop Multiple Drawings. Focus on Hands
6k Fresh citrus fruits with green leaves appear on left side of yellow background. Stop motion flat lay
Top View of Professional Female Bodybuilder Doing Bench Press Workout with a Barbell in the Hardcore Gym. Muscular and Athletic Beautiful Woman Doing Barbell Exercise. Zoom Out
Black male volunteer worker lays brick into wall with cement using trowel
Making new asphalt at road construction. Paver or paving machine lay bitumen. Rollers levele and compact new asphalt. Road surface repair. Construction of new road
Asian patient man lay seriously ill on bed in recovery room at hospital after surgery while wife sit and look after. Woman stressed, worried about husband symptom, hold hand and bend head down crying.
Roaring male lion (panthera leo) laying on the ground
Close Up Shot of a Beautiful Young Ethnic Couple Laying in Bed on a Sunday Morning, Talking About Their Day As They Cuddle Together, Celebrating Valentines Day With a Day Off in a Fancy Hotel.
grocery vegan product gathering on the reusable bag on flat lay design. fresh vegetable shopping  .stop motion video
Caucasian baby rolling over, daytime
Making a pie step by step, flat lay stop motion. Home-baked rhubarb-strawberry pie from scratch, video recipe.
Fresh honey in a honeycomb close up. Organic beekeeping. Organic Honey Bee Farm. Rural beekeeping
Young Beautiful Woman Wakes Up In The Morning. Sun Rays Fall On Her Face. Close Up.
Cute pug dog in bed. Owner woman feed laying under the covers with enjoy sleepy pug beside her. Morning awake.  Bedroom. Under blanket. Relax. Resting. Sweet dreams. Only owners feet. Close together
Builder renovating apartment. Repair of the apartment, laying laminate flooring. Construction.
Pregnant Caucasian woman watching ultrasound
Yellow luggage on conveyor belt. Baggage conveyor belt travel minimal  background concept. Yellow pastel color minimalist mock up idea. Yellow colored holidays suitcases animation.
Fired corporate executive crying on stairs of office building outside. Depressed young businessman receiving dismissal note. Crisis. Unemployment.
Zoom out animation of a world map with interconnected links from the Synergy collection - Lower Third Video Element.
Two workers laying down and installing PV (Photovoltaic) solar panels on the roof of a house,which converts solar energy into electric energy. Concept of professionalism,job,duty,work.
Happy mixed race mother and daughter laying on the floor,having fun and taking selfie. domestic life and family leisure time concept.
hands put a gift box on the table are presented with a gift
Youth interracial companies lay their hands on top of each other as a sign of support and solidarity. Mass protests in the US and Europe against violence and racism
Homemade pastry apple pie with bakery products on dark rusty wooden kitchen table red and green apples and cinnamon. Traditional american dessert. Flat lay food background. Top view
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