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Caring african american father acting mom feeding his adorable curly baby son with milk bottle, carrying kid on hands at kitchen, tracking shot, slow motion
happy girl kid child closed her eyes dream. teenage kid wants a dream come true portrait at sunset. little girl daughter silhouette dream happy childhood. free face kid sister closed eyes sunlight
Young Girls on cell phone mobile dressed as Hindu goddess with make-up and traditional clothing at the Pushkar Mela festival in Rajasthan, India
Portraits of two cute children in costumes playing and enjoying in pirate game with props, little girl captain holding spyglass and boy rudder of ship, close up, concept acting and performance, 4k.
cute kids playing at the rooftop patio, pretending to be an explorers
Overjoyed millennial mom lying on cozy couch on back holding little daughter in air on legs bent in knees play game imitate flight. Carefree child girl preschooler act flying doing gymnastics with mom
Young girls are dancing to a modern routine on stage. They are wearing white costumes.
The boy juggles objects with his hands one of the three most popular props used by jugglers. No internet in the city park. Leisure activities. 08.08.2020 Strelecky, Prague, CZ
CIRCA 1927 - In this animated film, a feline tightrope walker burns the rope he's balancing on
CIRCA 1927 - A cat works as a tightrope walker in the circus, balancing a bunch of chairs with a live action little girl on top.
4k Shot of a Child with VR Headset Moving Stats and Graphs
Funny pretty fairy young daddy acting raising hands like ballerina in the room. Little sweet girl cheering and giving high five to her father. Amazing costume party at home.
4K Selfie Mother and son clown making funny faces, crystal child
Precocious little girl on plain background makes funny face with tongue out, arms outstretched and rocks back and forth.  Cute smile, silly girl, funny faces.  She has pig tails.
Two happy children acting pirates on sea scene in theatre stage, kids looking treasure, cute young girl captain holding and turning rudder, close up, in the background little boy using spyglass, 4k.
CIRCA 1976 - In this horror film, teenagers try to save their friend who was kidnapped by a giant monster while rescue workers form their own mission.
Young girls are enjoying dancing on stage doing a modern routine. They are performing in front of a large audience.
Two cute kids playing game in pirates costumes, close up, portraits of children while looking for pirate treasure, little girl holding spyglass and boy holding map, concept acting performance, 4k.
5 Year Old Little Girl Acts Very Surprised
Child with VR Headset watching
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - JANUARY 12, 2011: Low-angle slow motion shot of two young aerial performers showing their circus act in the Circus of Dancing Fountains Aquamarine.
smiley mad child with cute face have fun in the park, 4k 1
Kids opening wooden treasure chest and strong light shining on children faces on sea scene with waves. Legend about pirates treasure. Little boy and girl acting and playing pirate game on stage, 4k.
Little kid girl sit inside of carton box play pirates with mother, family holding paper tubes spyglasses watching into distance pretend be explorers. Funny playtime with children at home, fun concept
Soft puppet toy on yellow background. Concept of puppet show. Close-up of puppet penguin
Full shot of girl singing and using mop handle as microphone
4K Selfie - Kidding around child bites hand of his yelling mother
Young adult male holding surprise in hand in the act of giving a gift in video call to distant partner. Distant couple sharing presents in video conference, looking in camera  bright home interior .
Boy on online class celebrate good grade, happy kid smile at laptop lesson Spbas. Kid get news
Wae Rebo, Indonesia - June 9 2021: Close-up of Local Manggarai kids acting at a camera in traditional village Wae Rebo in Flores, Indonesia with a coffee in the background.
CIRCA 1951 - A cop clown hammers shut the lid of a crate that Bozo the Clown is hiding in, but Bozo manages to sneak out of the side.
CIRCA 1958 - Clowns give children balloons at the circus, they see a fire eater, and animation is used to depict the process of a trapeze artist.
Grandmother on scooter, child playing on hill close of sunset sky, longing to be a child, to turn back time, understand children activities, to give in child mind
happy girl jumping and dancing on the bed
Children are playing in a clinic cabinet like doctors. Girl is putting on boys head a protective medical hat
Little girl in costume captain of pirates looking through binoculars, portrait of female child with spyglass, close up, sun as decoration in the background, kid playing game and performing show, 4k.
A large pile of teddy bears toys as a background.
Medium Shot Stage performance with adults and kids (6-15)
Continuous one line drawing animation of kids playing bicycle with friend. Friendship and childhood theme. Act of kindness of young boy help to push the bike. Animation video
Close-up of 4 Year Old Little Funny Girl Acts Very Surprised on winter street. Slow motion.
Old worn out and distressed kids yellow and white merry go round toy ride sits with new arcade games with flashing lights being used around it - in Cinema 4k (30fps slowed from 60fps).
Young teacher of taekwondo and her student is acting of basic posture with white background and pattern. The text on belt and student mean taekwondo.
LINCOLN NEBRASKA-1968: Young Fast Cars Toys Beauty Acting Smiling Sharing Playing Kids
A close up of the smiling head shot of a cute Asian-Indian child.
cute kids playing at the rooftop patio, pretending to be an explorers
little girls jumping on the bed
cute kids playing at the rooftop patio, pretending to be an explorers
Girl kid with stick in hand teaching alphabets by acting like teacher or professor - concept of childhood dreams, education and playful lifestyle
Girls in tight white costumes and green capes are dancing on stage and are performing in a school play.
CIRCA 1950s - A brother and sister are blown out of a cannon at the circus.
CIRCA 1950s - Circus elephants are put to work helping to set up the big top.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - FEBRUARY 21, 2011: Slow motion handheld shot of teenagers gymnasts performing in the air among soap bubbles. Fairy-tale stage play in the Circus of Dancing Fountains Aquamarine
Child smiling, dancing, celebrating, performing dab dance in unicorn costume on chroma key background. Kid girl animator making dabbing movement with hands up, internet meme gesture in unicorn pajamas
Young little blonde child 5-6 years old smiling, dancing, celebrating, making faces in unicorn costume on chroma key green background. Portrait of kid girl animator in unicorn pajamas. Slow motion
Three finger puppet figures acting in a fairy tale performance
African American woman doctor also act as mother sing baby to sleep on bed in bedroom and touch baby for relax and feel safe with children healthcare concept.
Cute asian litte girl is happy to playing the seesaw and acting like flying bird and smiling, concept of outdoor activity for kid development and learn through play activity.
Beautiful children perform at the pantomime theater.
Kid drawing pirate's ship with color pencils while playing pirate's game with skull and crossbones hat. Kid's art at home.
Cute Kid Boss Manager Talks Mobile Phone Role Play. Little Caucasian Boy Sit Office Wear Classic Style Suit Hat on Head. Funny Child Act Professional Businessman Hold Smartphone Game Concept 4K
CIRCA 1940s - Children and their parents visit the circus, and take in some novelty acts in 1942.
Continuous one line drawing animation of kids kissing. Children couple concept of love and act of kindness to each other. Animation video
Continuous one line drawing animation of three kids holding hands and playing. Childhood act of kindness theme. Children concept of brother and sister member of family. Animation Video
Melbourne Australia - 04 10 2019: an entertainer perform tricks with basketball and flame torch on unicycle in front of a cheering crowd in Melbourne street along yarra river
CIRCA 1951 - Bozo the Clown performs an act with stacking tables and chairs.
Back to school, Happy schoolboy, Learn lessons. Happy Schoolboy rejoices that he is back to school
Tilt up from treasure chest to faces of two little pirates, portraits of male and female kids close up, children perform acting, concept performance, show, act, fiction, imagination, inspirational, 4k
Collage portrait group kids dance and jump at home on bed. On white studio background. Girl is showing aerobic and dance element. Sister and brother have fun
lonely boy outside the fence regrets the act, pain on the face
happy girl jumping and dancing on the bed
pretty girl pondering and muse
Slow motion cheerful group of little cute kids running on the green grass competitive together with multicolored balloon in the public park. Friendship togetherness concept.
14.9.21 HAMBURG; GERMANY Street performer blowing bubbles and kids chasing them and running around. Kids catching bubbles on the street and having fun
4K Selfie - Jokking kid shuts up nose and mouth of his mother
Portrait face of Asian little child girl with angry expression on dark background.
Funny Child Businessman Sniff Money Role Play. Cute Caucasian Kid Act Boss Little Boy Dressed Classical Suit Hat Head Grown-up Occupation Game American Dollars Adult Life Parody Job Concept
Child drawing pirate's ship with color pencils while playing pirate's game with skull and crossbones hat. Kid's art at home.
Cute girl in costume of the Thumb Princess posing at camera. Full HD
Little girl opens mouth wide and pulls out long tongue. Kid shows teeth, soft palate and mouth to dentist. Mouth is wide open, tongue is stuck out as far as possible, with clear view of tongue
Kid playing pirate's game with paper telescope and headwear with skull and crossbones. Preschool boy drawing with color pencils sitting alone at home.
Banana swords. Cute adopted child boy play with loving young foster mom at home act comic fight using bananas as blades. Energetic little kid enjoy funny fence on fruits with Indian nanny at playtime
Funny little kid using clapboard and smiling on camera, junior acting school
A girl with a big blue ball is dancing in the middle o a stage and the rest of the girls are dancing around her.
little child sitting in the armchair and making faces
Young girls are doing pirouettes and they are dancing smoothly and elegantly on stage. They're wearing white costumes.
A little cute Indian girl disapproves something, disagrees, saying No to something, Slow motion, South Asian
4K Thriller Child Eye Looking through Door Gap
4K Furious kid crushes a tablet PC with a hammer
Grownup elder sister play with younger girl child on cozy couch imitate funny battle act shooting using sofa cushions as guns. Laughing Indian mom enjoy imaginary fight on pillows with little daughter
4k Technology and Astrology Child with Binoculars and Telescope, close-up
Playful blond girl with wet hairs after bathing pose in front of camera on white wall background. Gimbal motion shot.
indigenous kids playing soccer in the rain in a village in the amazon rainforest
4k Halloween Shot of a Child in Joker Costume Turning to Camera
4k Shot of a Child Putting on Headphones and Listening to Music
Dad in sportswear doing push-ups, son lying on his back, acting like flying and smiling. Spending time together at stadium. Close up, slow motion
Australian family out trick or treating on a suburban street with their dog, a greyhound, the kids are dressed in Dia De Muertos and werewolf costumes and carrying pumpkin buckets to carry candy
little kids jumping on the bed
CIRCA 1951 - Bozo the Clown taunts a cop clown with a trick cigarette, which he can partially swallow, in a No Smoking zone.
CIRCA 1951 - Bozo the Clown performs with trained elephants at the circus.
CIRCA 1951 - Bozo the Clown paints a banner, knocking some paint on to a clown cop, who he tries to clean with a mop.
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