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Authentic close up of neo mother and her newborn baby making a selfie or video call to father or relatives in a bed. Shot in 8K. Concept of technology, new generation,family, connection, parenthood
Mother multi-tasking, holding baby infant and using computer laptop at home. Candid authentic and real life mom working and parenting
Happy family mum and cute little kid daughter laugh use smart phone funny face mask app look at cell screen, mother with child take selfie watch cartoons make video call on mobile sit on sofa at home
Mother working from home, having a phone call, while her daughter distracts her and drawing attention. Shot on RED Dragon
Authentic shot of happy mother with her kids are making a selfie or video call to father or relatives in a bed. Concept of technology, new generation,family, connection, parenthood, authenticity
happy three generation asian family sitting on grass outdoors taking a selfie
Asian family little kid girl and mother talking in video conference by smartphone together in living room at home with happiness and smile. Happy activity technology lifestyle mobile phone use concept
Hispanic indian dad father businessman remote working online sitting at kitchen table using laptop and phone with his wife and teen daughter at home office. Virtual home office, distance job in India.
Hand of Asian girl using texting mobile phone or chat. Close up of woman hand
Authentic shot of happy carefree smiling neo mother and her newborn baby making selfie or video call to father or relatives on a beach with seaside in a sunny day.
Father is trying to work and play with a little boy at same time at home.
Happy teen girl talking to camera holding phone recording vlog, blonde woman influencer social media streaming, video calling in online chat using smartphone at home. Mobile cam vertical view kitchen.
Side view. Hand of Asian girl using texting mobile phone or chat in home morning and sunlight. Close up of young woman hand
Happy family adult parents with cute school kids children relax on sofa using funny smartphone apps laughing having fun with technology together looking at phone screen take selfie play game at home
Portrait of happy family taking selfie in living room in slow motion. Shot with RED camera in 8K. Concept of communication, connection, technology, lifestyle, social, family.
Happy cute small african kid girl vlogger talking to camera at home recording vlog for social media blog, video conference calling virtual friend having online meeting sitting on couch, web cam view.
Mid 30s Caucasian male working from home, having a video call with colleagues. Family playing in the background. Stay home, quarantine remote work. Shot on RED Dragon
Mid 30s Caucasian male working from home, checking documents. Kids playing in the background. Stay home, quarantine remote work. Shot on RED Dragon
Cute small  kid girl in headphones using funny editing application on digital computer tablet, enjoying cool video or photo content in social network, playing online games, communicating distantly.
young daughter do homework, sits at table with book, on distance learning, dad sits next, works at computer and talks on phone, say girl not to interfere and not to distract
Happy african family parents and little children enjoy using devices together sit on sofa, technology addicted couple with kids having fun with laptop tablet phone at home, people gadget addiction
Teenager girls triplet sisters at home watch smart phones in social media lying on couch upside down
Three multiethnic school girlfriends using smartphone in corridor during break. Diverse schoolgirls surfing internet on mobile phone together in hallway after classes
Cute child girl wearing headphones studying online in mobile app by video call with remote teacher, tutor. School kid holding phone doing homework using application, watching class learning at home.
Happy african family with a little cute daughter having fun using smartphone indoors. Portrait of lovely smiling girl lwith braids laughing and watching fun videos with parents on couch.
happy asian family having video chat using smartphone at home mother and father with daughter chatting on mobile phone together waving hand enjoying online communication 4k footage
Authentic shot of happy smiling father and daughter are making a selfie or video call to a mother or relatives on a sofa in a living room.
Althumama, Riyadh city/ saudi arabia 
 - 30 - 04 - 2018 : child boy and his father seating in desert and using mobile and tablet
Over shoulder closeup view of asian senior elderly 70s man user holding smart phone watching mobile video calling family in virtual app, older grandparent learn using modern technology gadget concept.
Cute funny little kid girl having fun with mom enjoy using modern gadget smart phone looking at mobile screen laughing making conference call in app, watching social media video sit on couch at home
Happy woman dancing jumping on bed at home, having fun celebrating with funny dance. Singing karaoke on the phone and falling on the bed.
Worried parent call doctor nervous of child fever. Mom touch hot forehead of sleeping boy make phone call to pediatrician. Caring mum treating sick kid at home. Family healthcare and health concept
Cute little small kid child daughter having fun with adult mum enjoying using smart phone showing funny face mask app on modern gadget cellphone looking at mobile screen laughing sit on sofa at home
Happy african american dad and little son laughing looking at phone, black father teaching child boy using smartphone apps sitting on sofa, loving daddy holding cellphone talking to small kid at home
Teen girl school college student wear headphones hold mobile phone distance learning online class math lesson with teacher tutor using zoom app video conference call write notes. Over shoulder view.
Happy gen z teen girl talking to camera holding phone recording vlog, afro american influencer social media streaming, video calling in online chat using smartphone at home. Mobile cam vertical view
Homeschool Asian little young girl learning online class from school teacher by digital remote internet meeting due to coronavirus pandemic. Kid looking computer laptop screen that woman teaching.
Over shoulder view of young asia parents and son talk to doctor on cellphone videocall conference medical app in telehealth telemedicine online service hospital quarantine social distance at home.
Busy girl is talking on mobile phone and working with laptop typing while her small son is playing at home. Business people, family and house concept.
Authentic close up of neo mother and her newborn baby making a selfie or video call to father or relatives in a bed. Concept of technology, new generation,family, connection, parenthood, authenticity
Happy carefree family black mom and teen daughter wearing headphones dancing on bed listening to music on phone, funny funky african american mother sister and teenager girl having fun in bedroom
Happy bonding family of four sitting on couch, smiling father holding mobile phone, taking selfie. Excited couple posing for photo with children siblings or holding online call with grandparents.
Cyber, verbal Bullying Concept. Abusive message. Outlaw, Outcast person. Bad dream, nightmare, surrealistic world. Creative unique visual theme.  Unwanted aggressive behavior among school children.
Homeschooling Asian little young girl student learning virtual internet online class from school teacher by remote meeting due to COVID pandemic. Female teaching math by using headphone and whiteboard
Angry female freelancer is talking on mobile phone and using laptop while her small son is playing in room. Modern business, communication and family concept.
Preschool boy using mobile phone application and making funny faces to front mobile camera. Kid playing with fun cell phone app.
Boy having a video call at home. Child smiling and talking. View from web camera. Communication via internet distantly
Indian woman her little son sit on sofa use gadgets. Mom hold phone 4s boy put laptop on laps enjoy online fun play video games. Devices overuse, young generation internet technology addiction concept
Caucasian male working from home with children, checking documents.
Happy family father and kid daughter using mobile app taking selfie looking at smartphone sit on sofa at home, smiling dad with cute child girl make self portrait snapshot posing for photo on phone
Happy gen z african american teen girl influencer blogger using mobile cell phone, taking selfie, posting in social media apps, chatting with friends online on smartphone sitting in bedroom at home.
Happy african family parents and small children laugh using smart phone gadget relax together on sofa, mixed race mom dad preschool kids hold look at smartphone screen use funny ar mobile app at home
Cute girl staying at home and doing homework
Mother working from home during COVID-19 pandemic with kids, little daughter, girl. A woman is talking on the phone. Remote work. Covid-19 lockdown
Happy family of four enjoy using smartphone technology relax sit on couch at home, relaxed parents father mother and cute little kids children watch funny social media video on mobile phone together
Dark-skinned teenager sits on concrete ramp, bike behind him, holds phone in hands, posts on social media, photo of bmx ride, brags to friends about new tricks
Happy old grandfather and little cute grandson laughing looking at laptop sitting on sofa, grandkid small boy sit on senior grandpa lap talking teaching using laptop having fun with computer at home
happy asian family having video chat using smartphone in bed mother and father with children waving chatting to friends on mobile phone enjoying online communication 4k footage
Close-up of fluffy tired cat lying down at the baby feet playing with child on soft couch in cozy dark living room. Concept of home comfort. Shooting in slow motion.
Mid 30s Caucasian male working from home, having a video call with colleagues. Family playing in the background. Stay home, quarantine remote work. Shot on RED Dragon
Group of multi-cultural children posing for selfie with friends in countryside together - shot in slow motion
Beautiful boy 13 years old playing mobile game on smartphone at home. Teenager playing mobile phone. Kid using phone for gaming. Child playing video game indoors
Diverse schoolboys watching funny video on smartphone in school corridor. Multiethnic classmates playing game on mobile phone during break after classes
Authentic slow motion shot of two little girls sisters in white pajamas are having fun to jump on the bed of their parents bedroom.
Young mother is giving juice to her baby from bottle and speaking by telephone. A woman on maternity leave is working from home, doing important phone call, holding baby, sitting in front of laptop.
1955 Cute little boy on old fashioned telephone
Young multiracial woman drinking water daily morning habit routine after morning exercises against large windows close view. Glass of still water healthy drink concept.
Little Asian girl in headphone studying online interact with computer notebook, Internet e-learning concept
Happy Multi-generation Asian family on summer holiday vacation. Grandparents, parents with two child girl kid enjoy and having fun using smartphone selfie or talking video call together on the beach.
Joyful young nanny playing mobile games with adorable small child girl, resting on comfortable sofa in living room. Addicted to modern technology happy mum and kid daughter having fun using cellphone.
Boy playing mobile game on smartphone on sofa. Preschooler playing mobile phone. Kid using phone for gaming. Child playing video game at home
Night shot of teen boy with headphones using tablet pc under blanket. Happy child playing with cellphone or smartphone on a bed. Light reflection on face cute young boy.
little girl under the blanket with digital tablet. kid dream online video games at night concept. daughter kid watching online video under the covers with digital tablet network. child on social media
Mother working at home, playing with daughter. Homeoffice concept.
Concerned mother talk on phone with therapist stroke touch her sick little daughter while she lying on sofa with towel on head, mom receive medical aid distantly, kid has coronavirus symptoms concept
African-american boy playing with phone on mother lap inside bus
Children with smartphones at home. Three boys spending time in a social network using mobile phones. White kids using cell phones for gaming. Lifestyle concept. Full hd real time footage.
asian girl and her father enjoy their fun time with digital tablet while lying in little camp at night
Happy mixed ethnicity family little african dad kid son and caucasian mom holding phone having fun with smartphone, mother father with child boy looking at cellphone enjoy using mobile apps at home
Young Man holding Old Telephone and Watching Retro TV with Green Screen. 4K Resolution.
Young parent dad and cute small kid daughter bloggers recording lifestyle vlog on smartphone talking looking at phone using funny application having fun with tech education concept sit at home table
Lovely Mother Working Remotely From Home While Hugging Kids. Mother is Stroking a Daughters.A Busy Mother Working Remotely With a Laptop and Doing Business Conversation on the Phone Sitting on a Couch
Happy young adult mum teaching cute kid son learning using smartphone funny apps at home, smiling mother hug preschool child boy having fun looking at cellphone relax with technology gadget on sofa
Young Attractive Girl with Long Brunette Hair walking in the Street, Having Mobile Phone in her Hands. Typing Messages and Smiling while sending. Having fashionable clothes and Stylish earrings.
Teenage Boy Using Old Phone and Turning Off Old Television with Green Screen. You can Replace Green Screen with the Footage or Picture you Want with “Keying” effect in AE  (check out tutorials on YT).
Black teen girl showing screen to mom. Mother and daughters using tech gadgets at home
Mother cleaning kitchen table while holding baby and talking on the phone, her son doing dishwashing in the background
Smiling parents and child son using smart phone app enjoy modern gadget tech relax together sit on sofa, happy family of three look at cellphone doing shopping in mobile application on couch at home
Business dad make  hairstyle to  his daughter. Businessman is preparing his daughter for school and talking on the phone. Family morning over breakfast. Getting ready for work and school
Close-up of small boy holding tablet device with touch screen. Child scrolls screen with his finger in search of images or reads news feed on Internet.
Devices addicted family parents and kid daughter use laptops phone sit on floor at home, mom dad with child obsessed with gadgets overuse social media, people internet technology dependence concept
Cinematic macro shot of curious toddler baby boy eyes while watching television screen in the dark. Concept of technology, new generation, family, connection, vision of the future of children with web
DX Portrait of African American Black kid boy using his phone at home. Shot with 2x anamorphic lens
Mother holding smartphone and talking with elderly female doctor. Woman having online medical consultation while her child son lying on sofa with thermometer. Concept telemedicine.
Two happy cute diverse ethnicity children using smartphone app for remote mobile education having fun playing or studying together at home. Small african and caucasian girls having fun using cell.
Cinematic top view of an young neo mother is doing smart working with laptop on a floor with her newborn baby and sleeping Labrador puppy in a living room at home.
Group of School Children Use Digital Tablet Computers with Augmented Reality Software, Looking at Educational 3D Animation - Dinosaur Walking on Island with Active Volcano. VFX, Special Effects Render
Dad riding in the bus with elder son and one year old baby daughter. Everyone watching fathers smart phone
Close up of the smiling mother hugging young daughter and making funny selfies on the smartphone while grimacing. Portrait. Inside
Little angry boy with a mobile phone in his hands whims and throws smartphone. Slow motion
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