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Group of young friends phubbing each other while sitting in a row on the couch in domestic room. Busy teenagers using smart phones with disinterest on each other. Technology and smart phone addiction.
Worried upset woman feeling offended frustrated after quarrel, thinking of breaking up or divorce, distraught couple experiencing betrayal misunderstanding, having problems in difficult relationships
Calm businesswoman professional taking break meditating at work ignoring angry colleagues disturbing clients, mindful healthy female boss doing yoga feeling no stress zen balance at office workplace
Sad preschool kid son sulking thinking of family conflicts sit turn back to unhappy dad, punished scolded little upset guilty child boy stubborn behavior in bad relationship with father concept
Beautiful Girl Sleeping in Bed at Home Wakes Up to Turn off Alarm Clock Triggered on Her Smartphone and Goes Back to Sleep Covering up in Blanket. No Need to Wake up Early in Morning. Slow Motion Shot
Time lapse effect of millennial female blogger in trendy clothing standing at crowd square with cellular phone for networking on websites ignoring life going near prefer mobile communication
Good morning 6 am alarm clock on the phone, a finger taps snooze.
Multi ethnic group of female and male college students walking outdoors on a university campus all on their mobile phones never looking at anything but their smart phones
Little boy makes noise disturbs, distracting Indian freelancer mom try to work, do remote paperwork use laptop sit on sofa with kid feels irritated due restless son need attention. Lockdown concept
Arrogant ladies students pointing at unique girl not having friends, stand alone
Bored antisocial friends ignoring each other using their phones sitting on a couch in the living room at home
Plastic garbage and other debris floating underwater. Marine pollution. Plastic debris in the water, killing wildlife. Black Sea, Bulgary
Good morning 6 am alarm clock on the phone, a finger taps snooze.
Sad offended teen ignoring friends apologizing for bad joke, upset depressed young woman suffering from community discrimination friends bullying gossiping, drama girl sulking for lack of attention
Pensive young african sad man staying in living room with his wife working remotely on tablet computer. Internet addiction. Marriage crisis. Relationships.
Angry stubborn young and old women arguing having fight disagreement, annoyed senior mother and stressed adult grown daughter quarreling, family different age generations gap conflict problem concept
Rear back view of diverse colleagues group talking at work break, international business people silhouettes have corporate discussion near window, racial segregation discrimination in office concept
Mindful business man meditate at meeting ignore angry annoying colleagues clients argue at workplace keep mental balance patience, calm executive reduce pressure do yoga in office feel stress relief
Beautiful Girl Sleeping in Bed at Home Wakes Up to Disable Alarm Clock Triggered on Her Phone Lying on Bedside Table and Turns Away to Sleep in Covering up in Blanket. Slow Motion Shot
Businessman at the table doing a lot of things. Shaves, speaks on the phone, takes notes. The concept of multitasking at the workplace in the office. Home office in self isolation COVID 19.
Stressed young man sitting on sofa separately from angry wife, do not talking after quarrel. Offended married couple ignoring each other, having misunderstanding indoors, family relationship problems.
Upset offended millennial girl student alone in cafe feeling lonely excluded ignoring friends after conflict, sad young woman introvert loser avoiding people being rejected by students community
Group of multinational college students obsessed with smartphones walking, ignoring everything around them on university campus. Multi ethnic young people phubbing each other using mobile app outdoors
Sad teen african american girl upset by strict mum arguing scolding daughter, stressed stubborn teenager turned back ignoring angry black mother lecturing difficult kid, parent and children conflicts
Attractive young couple sitting back to back at home on couch obsessed with smartphones. Couple with mobile phones ignoring each other as strangers, communication problems and social network addiction
Don't want to watch! Displeased young brunette woman in polo t-shirt covering eyes and gesturing stop, confused and shy to look at shameful content. indoor studio shot isolated on red background
Young couple with smartphones in their beds turned
Young caucasian handsome man doubting and confused, thinking of an idea or worried about something
Bad words of friend hurting cross susceptible female student, do not want talk
Selective focus shot footage of young Caucasian man and his Black girlfriend keeping silent after quarrel sitting in bed room looking at each other
Upset worried guilty young adult grown daughter think of apology family conflicts after quarrel with old mom ignore stubborn mum avoid talk sit turned back on sofa, parents and children fight concept
Devices addicted family parents and kid daughter use laptops phone sit on floor at home, mom dad with child obsessed with gadgets overuse social media, people internet technology dependence concept
Close up view of handsome Afro American man in stylish tinted sunglasses looks confused and shruggs his shoulders on blank violet background in neon lights. Uncomfortable, surprise, facial expression
Diwali, Deepavali or Dipawali the popular Hindu festivals of lights, symbolizes the spiritual "victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. Loop background decoration
Clever schoolboy doing home assignment, using computer, ignoring phone calls
Worried thoughtful woman sitting on bed feels sad and troubled, pensive wife looking at sleeping husband frustrated by sexual problems, difficulties in relationships, thinking of breaking up divorce
Repulsion to bad smell. Brunette girl grabbing nose with fingers, holding breath to avoid stink, awful fart gases, intolerable odor, showing stop gesture. studio shot isolated on pink background
Indian woman her little son sit on sofa use gadgets. Mom hold phone 4s boy put laptop on laps enjoy online fun play video games. Devices overuse, young generation internet technology addiction concept
1-3 aerial birds eye view drop over town square park gazebo during morning rush hour as students head out for school and employed people head out to work during ignored pandemic lockdown in Calgary AB
Asian attractive active woman pick up a green apple in kitchen at home. Beautiful sport girl in sportswear desire to chose fruit and ignore sweet donut enjoy eat healthy food for health after exercise
Filling syringe with mandatory vaccinations. A blue, gloved hand inserts the needle of the injection device into the rubber stopper of the vaccine vial and draws in the immunization.
Angry upset african american mother sister feeling sad after conflict with teen daughter, depressed single black parent mum of teenage girl offended by child ignoring each other, family fight concept
Senior bald man showing refusal gesture no, shaking his head. It is not for me, leave me in piece, it is unacceptable.
Pensive thoughtful elderly couple sit separately thinking about relationship problems, ignoring each other not talking after fight. Middle aged spouses go through crisis, conflicts, break up concept
I don't know!
Smartphone with Alarm Clock on Display. Seamless Loops.
Displeased bearded guy in jeans shirt pinching his nose holding breath, expressing disgust for unpleasant smell, bad breath, avoiding stinky odor. indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
Stubborn annoyed young adult daughter turned back not listening ignoring worried stressed old senior mother arguing scolding lecturing, two different age generation women family having fight conflict
Married young multi-ethnic couple lying in the bed back to back at night and typing or scrolling on smartphones. Indoor. Top view
Angry frustrated stubborn senior old father and young adult grown son sit on sofa turn back ignore each other think of family conflict, two age generation gaps and problem in bad relationship concept
Couple in conflict watching tv silently ignoring each other, relationship crisis
Horizontal selective focus shot footage young Caucasian man and his Black girlfriend sitting on bed in morning ignoring each other
Noisy active kids want to play with daddy sluggish dad sitting on sofa feels exhausted to spend time with children. Hyperactive son and daughter, upbringing problems lack of energy need repose concept
Sad thoughtful african american man feel upset after fight with girlfriend, upset depressed black husband tired of argument think of bad marriage, jealousy distrust in interracial couple relationship
Couple Quarreling Sitting on the Couch at Home, Boyfriend Screams Accusing Girlfriend. Relationship Problems by Reason of Disagreement. The Man and Woman are Arguing. Young Woman Feeling Lonely.
Successful Businessman Got Promotion and Makes Celebratory Dance, Other Business People Ignore Him. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Couple problem. Night conflict. Relationship issue. Disappointed mad wife upset husband siting in bad ignoring each other late in bed in dark home bedroom with blue moonlight.
Diverse multi ethnic employees group stand separately talking at work in modern boardroom skyscraper office, racial segregation discrimination prejudice problem at workplace concept, rear back view
Plastic garbage and other debris floating underwater. Marine pollution. Plastic debris in the water, killing wildlife. Bulgaria, Black Sea, 2016.
Problems of parenting in the family. Parents very much scolding a teenage daughter for something. They scream at the child. The girl helplessly covered her face with her hands.
Blank textbook opening with hands. Two hands opening a blank book. Blank template for rotoscoping words inside an open book. Holding a book with two hands, it is opened and then closed.
Plastic bag floating past coral reef wall underwater at Bunaken Island, Indonesia
group of Muslim girls dining in a restaurant is using their mobile phones to selfies to show in social media.
work from home. A parent using a laptop on the couch in the living room. Children use the phone app, search for information, using wifi 5G internet. Family ignore and gadget addiction concept
A cellular telephone on a desk rings with a phone call from a caller with no caller ID. The call is ignored. Phone number and screen are fictional.
CIRCA 1920s - Anger over ignored treaties makes Native Americans want to declare war on Washington DC.
Man and woman ignore each other on the sofa while using their smartphones for social media.
Diwali, Deepavali or Dipawali the popular Hindu festivals of lights, symbolizes the spiritual "victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. Loop background decoration
Karacaoren, Mugla, Turkey - 8th of November 2020: 4K House roof and smoking chimney
Front view portrait of two angry friends ignoring each other after argument at home in the night sitting on a couch
Problems of parenting in the family. Woman scolds a teenage daughter for something. The girl defiantly answers her mother and closes the door in front of her.
Upset daughter looking at working father, lack of family communication, ignore
Please, I need break! Bearded guy, office employee in jeans shirt showing time out gesture, limit, stop or enough sign, asking more time for job deadline. studio shot isolated on blue background
She is so boring
Stressed middle aged family couple sitting separately, ignoring each other after misunderstanding quarrel, having marriage relationship problems. Unhappy older husband and wife suffering from conflict
Depressed crying young woman wife in tears despair upset about family fights misunderstandings with husband feel frustrated offended sad after conflict tired of bad relationships or marriage problems
Dissatisfied brunette man with bristle in shirt showing stop sign with outstretched hand and saying no, don't show me this, deny reject concept. indoor studio shot, green background, chroma key
Front view portrait of three absorbed teenage girls surfing social media in smartphone apps sitting on city street. Adolescent Caucasian friends ignoring communication engrossed in Internet outdoors
After quarrel aged spouses sitting separately and not talking, crisis in relationships, divorce, break up concept. Mature wife sit at table turned away from husband thinking about problems in marriage
Group of cheerful college students passing camera leaving lonely redhead beautiful woman standing by herself. Portrait of upset bullied Caucasian lady on campus outdoors.
Driver suddenly stopping his car in front of little girl with bike crossing road
Calm female lawyer worker meditate at business meeting avoiding pressure annoying angry colleagues clients arguing having conflict doing yoga exercises for stress relief zen and patience at workplace
Young woman losing the argument with friends turning on their favorite TV show leaning back in frustration. Conflict. Funny scene.
Confused displeased young woman afro hairstyle in hoodie feeling disgust repulsion to bad smell, pinching her nose holding breath to avoid stink, fart gases. indoor studio  isolated on pink background
Angry young adult mother scolding shouting at stubborn difficult rebellious little kid child daughter close ears not listening ignoring frustrated mom demand discipline during family quarrel at home
Angry young mother scolding shouting at stubborn fussy little kid daughter demand discipline lecturing disobedient difficult rebellious child ignoring not listening to annoyed mom sit on sofa at home
Confused bearded man in casual clothes stands against the background of a red wall and looks to the side with a puzzled face and spreads his arms.
This animation includes a definition of the word  ignorance.
Addicted to cellphone lovely african american teenage girls sitting on couch, phubbing each other, browsing social media content online on smart phones, showing ignorance and apathy indoors.
Addicted to smartphone carefree beautiful african mother browsing social media content online on cellphone, ignoring cute upset disappointed teenage daughters while family relaxing in home interior.
Multiracial smiling young people group using gadgets stand in row against wall, happy diverse female male users obsessed with modern technology devices holding phones tablet, tech addiction concept
Parents stuck to their phones while sitting on a sofa with their daughter. Modern technology problem, social media addiction.
Alienated Millennial Young Couple in the Bed, Young People Turn Away From Each other Using Smartphones, Browsing Through Social Networks and Not Talking to Each Other. Top Down Camera Shot
Young indian woman doubting and confused, thinking of an idea or worried about something
Angry couple using their smartphones after argument sitting on a couch at home in the night
Worried brunette woman feeling nervous, thinking of breaking up or divorce, wears sweater, isolated on pink background. Anxious doubtful girl, suffering from depression, worrying about wrong decision
Young african unsure man shrugs his arms, makes gesture of I don't know, can't help anything.
Sad depressed young woman lying alone on sofa wrapped in plaid, feeling tired lonely vulnerable and weak, thinking of problem, looking at camera
Plastic bag floating underwater at Bunaken Island, Indonesia
Upset young mom and child daughter turn back ignore each other, avoid talk, feel depressed about bad relationship sitting on sofa at home after family conflict. Parents and children arguments concept.
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