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3D animation with a big contemporary house with a pool and a garden
4k footage of a small American suburban house, rising to show the rooftops of other houses in the development
A young male and female Indian Asian civil engineers safety jackets and helmets standing on an under-construction building holding a blueprint of the structure and working together
Office building windows and aerial view on skyscraper building with many corporate offices of success companies. Real estate for rent and commercial using, seamless loop abstract 3d animation.
Track in a close-up shot of a young confident Indian Asian female civil engineer wearing a safety helmet standing with folded arms and looking at the camera on top of an under-construction building.
Contemporary residential building in the city. Exterior of a modern design of multistorey apartment building. Aerial view.
Establishing shot of two story brick luxury house with garage door, tree and nice landscape in Vancouver, Canada, North America. Day time on September 2020. Shot 1 of 1. Slow pan right. H.264.
Modern Luxury House With Pool At Dawn
Entering The Living Room Of Modern Luxury Villa With Swimming Pool
3D animation with a big contemporary house with a pool and a garden
Entering Modern House Living Room In The Forest
AERIAL: Slow flight trough Empty Central Berlin Neighbourhood Street with Cathedrals and view on Alexanderplatz TV Tower during Corona Virus COVID19 on Overcast Cloudy Day
Hyperlapse drone lapse of Sydney city skyline during sunrise.
4K video rendering of modern cozy house with parking and pool for sale or rent with wood plank facade and beautiful landscaping on background. Clear summer night with many stars on the sky.
3D animation around  of a big contemporary house with  pool and garden in the evening
Luxury villa with a car. Expensive car in the courtyard. Sports car on the luxury house. 3d visualization
Person opens the door, close-up, blurred background. Lights behind the door
AERIAL: Barcelona Overhead Drone Shot of Typical City Blocks in Beautiful Sunlight with Urban Traffic [4K]
Block of flats on sky background. Modern high-rise apartment building with windows and large balconies. Camera rising up.
Beautiful design of multistorey building. New apartment with balconies against blue sky. Exterior of residential building. Camera rising up. Slow motion.
Up view between high rise office skyscrapers. Business concept of office buildings with offices of financial and insurance companies. It is a success to rent real estate in such place, loop animation.
Construction worker or mason laying bricks and creating walls. Bricklayer laying bricks to make a wall. Building a cement block wall for a house.
Private luxury Villa with Swimming Pool and palms. Realistic 3d visualisation in 4k resolution.
aerial view drone of milan financial district porta nuova skyscrapers at sunrise,flying over city at dawn
woman walking into a huge modern contemporary home that she rented for a vacation, she is amazed about it
Contemporary house with pool. Pool deck at private villa. 3d visualization
From drawing to real house. 3D rendering.
A nighttime exterior establishing shot of the upper floors of a typical Brooklyn brownstone residential home as a room lights up then turns off.	Day matching: 1045545877
Roofers working on roof of a detached house. Sideways view
Low angle looking up point of view pov driving on car with panning on Grosvenor Place street with old historic architecture of terraced row houses against blue summer sky in Belgravia, London, UK
Roofer repair replace shingle that has been damaged and needing replacement
Modern exterior of the house. house with its own territory and large panoramic windows. A small suburban house in a modern style.
3D animation of a beautiful modern villa with pool and a big garden
1960s: Black voters drop ballot in boxes in D.C. Voter line in polling place and voting booths. Hands drop ballots in boxes. Exterior White House. Johnson supporters cheer outside White House.
A night or dusk wide establishing shot of a typical middle class New England home. Various lights turn on and off. Moon in the distance. Pittsburgh suburbs. Day winter versional available.
Exterior and interior of a luxury contemporary home.
Open front door to new home - 3d Rendering
A man and a boy ride a two-seater bike along the trail of an elite village with eco-friendly smart homes equipped with solar panels that generate electricity. Alternative energy and a healthy lifestyl
Roof and shingles damaged from water leak and leaves
Beautiful new custom home, camera pulls out from front door to reveal house.
4K video rendering of modern cozy house with pool and parking for sale or rent in luxurious style by the sea or ocean. Sunset evening by the coast with palm and flowers in tropical island Fly-walk
The woman opens the key lock of the door and leaves the room, a close-up static shot. Bright background behind the wooden door
New residential with wooden truss post and beam stick built construction framing
Layton , Utah / United States - 08 25 2019: A group of construction workers putting together the studs for walls and nailing them down. While they build the house.
Walking along an American suburban neighborhood sidewalk on a sunny spring day
Office building exterior on display in perfect sunshine
Los Angeles, California, US / 09.09.2018 / Modern High-End House in Hollywood Hills . Luxurious Celebrity Residences
4k video of Recreation near the pool in expensive mansion. 3d render of Private villa. Expensive mansion in oriental style. Pool near the house.
close up shot of a cheerful and attractive young Indian female sitting on a top and using a mobile phone to browse or to type a text message against the illuminated cityscape at night
Milan, Italy - 14 March 2020:  People dance at the sound of music on their balconies during a flashmob launched to show unity against coronavirus covid-19 outbreak. Lockdown, curfew
Beautiful white farmhouse style luxury home. Video moves upward.
Aerial view of unfinished brick house with wooden roof frame structure under construction.
London Chelsea, angle shot of a residential area, beautiful English white traditional houses - 4K
Animation of house construction. Construction of privat house. The process of building a house from a drawing.
Day to night timelapse. Residential house buildings and suburban accommodation in Istanbul City. Multistoried modern and stylish living block of flats. Time Lapse
Day to Night Time lapse of USA neighborhood home with light coming on after dark.
Tilt up view of contemporary apartment building with large windows and colorful walls of the facade of a new house for city residents, or offices with a beautiful modern facade in the early summer -
Construction worker installing styrofoam insulation sheets on house facade wall for thermal protection.
Aerial view of Saint Petersburg historical center in the morning above Zinger house. White night in the city. 20.06.2021 Saint Petersburg. Russia
A residential home with an automatic roll up garage door moving in the opening position.
Aerial view above Pasadena neighborhood northeast of downtown Los Angeles, California, USA
Entering The Living Room Of Modern Luxury House With Swimming Pool
Hand of a Man Opening Large a Window from the Office
Colle di Val d'Elsa, Tuscany, Italy. August 2020. POV film walking in the alleys of the historic center: enchanting glimpses of medieval times full of charm, you advance along the paving.
Expensive private villa. Swimming pool in a private house. Luxury villa with swimming pool. 3d render
Establishing shot of one story brick and white stucco luxury house with garage door, big tree and nice landscape in Vancouver, Canada, North America. Day time on September 2020. Slow pan left. H.264.
Workers installing PV (Photovoltaic) solar panels on the roof of a house,which converts solar energy into electric energy.A static footage.Concept of job,work,duty,professionalism.(2)
Aerial view of urban suburban cityscape with clear blue sky of Perth, Western Australia. No people. Copy space
Close up of electric window roller shutters rising and open up to reveal trees. Mechanical shutters rolling up level by level. Smart home or shop or store. Storage loading dock room or trucks parking
4k night timelapse of public and private housing blocks in Singapore
Moving up to the clouds along windows of the office building and high rise modern skyscraper. Clouds and the sky are reflecting in the glass of the windows of the empty real estate, loop 3d animation.
Overhead aerial view of colorful autumn trees, residential houses and yards with drainage pond along suburban street in Chicago area. Midwest USA
Wood home framing at construction site with wooden truss framework
Urban landscape in blue colors with heavy snowfall on the street. Houses, people and roads in winter. Blizzard, snowstorm and big snowflakes falling from the sky. Cold freeze weather. Poor visibility.
Abstract architectural background. concrete minimalistic interior.
El Paso, Texas USA: Circa March 2021  
Aerial view of an El Paso, Texas residential area during a rare snow storm.
Young businesswoman showing house exterior for asian couple.
China Zun, is a supertall skyscraper under construction in Beijing
Aerial of cute Cape Cod house and traditional homes along small town community in United States of America, USA.
Urban background in sunny daytime. Exterior of a new apartment building. Modern design of high-rise building with large windows and balconies.
Two workers laying down and installing PV (Photovoltaic) solar panels on the roof of a house,which converts solar energy into electric energy. Concept of professionalism,job,duty,work.
Palacio de Gobierno or The Government Palace also known as House of Pizarro timelapse hyperlapse on plaza mayor. It is the seat of the executive branch of the Peruvian Government and the official
Milano, Italy. Bosco Verticale, view at the modern and ecological skyscraper with many trees on each balcony. Public park in the foreground with fresh and colored flowers
France, Paris, drone aerial view flying above buildings roofs with Sacré-Coeur Basilica church in the background. Pastel blue sky.
France, Paris aerial view, drone shot, aerial view flying above buildings.
Workers working on the construction site removed from the drone. Builders build a house. View from the quadcopter
Modern Tiny House Exterior In Forest 3d
Modern luxury villa at sunset. Private house with infinity pool. 3d visualization
Establishing shot of modern apartment building with stairs, balcony, trees and beautiful landscape in Vancouver, Canada, North America. Day time on September 2020. Moving forward. Dolly in. H.264.
Paris, France. Close-up shot of the Eiffel tower on a drone from a height. Shooting date may 16, 2020. Eiffel tower from a height.
Milan, Italy - 14 March 2020:  People dance at the sound of music on their balconies during a flashmob launched to show unity against coronavirus covid-19 outbreak. Lockdown, curfew
Driving through an American suburban neighborhood, houses passing by
Aerial view of unfinished brick house with wooden roof frame structure under construction.
Mansion in Westlake village by lake Sherwood, aerial shot of real estate exterior, house holding in California: Los Angeles, California / United States - 11 29 2019
Business district with many office buildings and skyscrapers of successful financial, insurance and industrial companies. Office windows of the rental commercial real estate, loopable 3d animation.
London 2 shot of a residential area, walking through the empty road, 2020, during the covid-19 Pandemic.
Water fountain in front of the White House in Washington, D.C. USA. - seamless looping.
modern luxury summer villa with infinity pool. 3D-Illustration
Earth zoom in from space and focus on Rotterdam Netherlands. 3D Animation. Background for travel intro.
Swedish village red house drone shot. Aerial view of lake and typical wooden cabins. Sunset evening light by calm water on warm beautiful summer day. Dalarna historical province in central Sweden.
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