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Homemade cake royalty-free stock footage

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60s elderly female babysitter teach little girl to cook. Loving grandmother and small granddaughter prepare family recipe cake for event, stirring eggs make dough enjoy process. Hobby, cookery concept
Birthday Cake With Burning Colorful Candle on Pastel Blue Background. Super Slow Motion, 1000 FPS.
Loving happy mom teaching cute kid daughter learning kneading dough with rolling pin, funny child girl helping mother preparing cookies cooking baking pastry playing in modern kitchen at home
Cute funny small mixed race children son and daughter learn kneading dough with hands having fun help happy parents in kitchen, african family with little kids prepare cake cooking together at home
Muffins. Baking in oven. Time lapse footage of cooking Cupcakes, 4k, UHD
Close Up of Chef is spreading Tomato Sauce on Pizza Dough with a Metal Ladle in Traditional Italian Pizza's Restaurant. Cooking traditional Sauce for Italian Pizza. Italian Food. Pizza's Making.
Happy family mom dad and kid daughter kneading dough baking pastry play with flour cooking together, young parents teaching child girl learning prepare cookies laughing having fun in modern kitchen
Tasty pie in oven. Timelapse of homemade pie baked. Baking concept. Delicious Pie rising up in oven. Close-up shot in 4k, UHD
Chocolate pouring on cake. Brownies with chocolate icing on black slate
Pouring chocolate sauce on a chocolate brownie dessert. Close up of biscuit cake. Shot in slow motion with RED camera..
Flour falling from hand in 4K slow motion. Close-up of making and prepares flour for homemade bakery
4K Burning candles in birthday cake.  Colorful candles flame in homemade cake on blue background.Sweet dessert for birthday party. Birthday candles for home party
Eating brownie with fork. Taking bite of chocolate cake with chocolate icing and raspberries
Eating chocolate cake. Taking ]bite of moist delicious chocolate cake with a fork
Spreading Sugar Powder On Hanukkah Doughnuts . Slow motion
Birthday Cake With Burning Colorful Candles on Pastel Blue Background. Super Slow Motion, 1000 FPS.
Birthday Cake With Burning Colorful Candles on Pastel Blue Background. Super Slow Motion, 1000 FPS.
Female hands kneading dough in flour on the table, slow motion, sunlight from the window illuminates the scene.
decorate cake with strawberry birthday cake home cook sweet wooden dessert food cream strawberry pie gourmet decorate party fresh homemade rustic red summer fruit berry tasty
Timelapse of baking cake in oven. Tasty pie in oven. Homemade pie baked. Delicious cake biscuit is rising up in oven. Process of making sweet pastry
Warm fresh baguette in a bakery. Making bread and eco production. Manufacturing process working hard. Bakery shop and selling rooty. Baking Italian bio bread in oven. Time lapse footage of cooking.
Chef woman's hands move fresh natural flour on kitchen background. Sifter and rolling pin on a background. Slow motion, Full HD video, 240fps, 1080p. Step by step homemade dough preparation. Top view.
An experienced chef in a professional kitchen prepares the dough with flour to make the bio Italian pasta. the concept of nature, Italy, food, diet and bio.
Homemade pastry apple pie with bakery products on dark rusty wooden kitchen table red and green apples and cinnamon. Traditional american dessert. Flat lay food background. Top view
Happy young woman wear apron kneading dough for pizza with hands flour baking pastry at home, smiling lady housewife cooking in modern kitchen alone preparing pie cake or handmade cookies on table
Stop motion animation with the assembling of a rainbow cake. Birthday cake making of step by step with buttercream and colored batters.
Chef confectioner makes chocolate bar - he pours hot melted chocolate to the silicone form, art of handmade chocolate, cooking desserts from chocolate and cocoa, making bars, 4k 120 fps Prores HQ
Food Pancake Maple syrup pouring onto stack of pancakes. Making Pumpkin Pancakes on Frying Pan. Homemade Griddle Cakes
Confectioner woman is pouring cream on sponge cake using pastry bag, closeup view. Pastry chef is cooking homemade cake. Culinary, baking concept. Cream sponge cake with buttercream.
Close up macro shot of candles of birthday cake being blowed by birthday person after dream expression. Concept of family, friendship, holidays,celebration, present
African mom and small kid daughter cooking together making dough in bowl in kitchen. Happy mixed race family prepare cake mix ingredients for pie having fun baking pastry on holiday morning at home.
Chef is mixing ingredients with electric mixer in bowl. Preparing delicious cream to make cake. Out of focus.
Happy full family having fun preparing pastry together at home. Smiling african dad whisking mixture in bowl while joyful little children adding flour, cooking homemade baking together at kitchen.
Chocolate icing on cake. Topping chocolate dessert. Chocolate glaze pouring on homemade dessert. Close up of biscuit cake decoration in 4K resolution
Chocolate sauce pouring on belgian waffles. Sweet breakfast food, unhealthy eating. Sugar food
Slow motion close up of a baker pulling out from the oven warm fresh bread just made in a bakery.
Taking bite of cheesecake with fork. Eating cheesecake
Croissants baking in the oven homemade time-lapse Shot 4K
Cinematic authentic shot of happy mother and her little toddler baby boy son are having fun to make dough with flour together for baking cookies or bread in kitchen at home.
Home Baking Handmade Dessert On Kitchen Oven.Warm Crispy Baked Croissant Cooked In Oven.Morning Homemade Breakfast.Fresh Tasty French Croissant On Breakfast.Appetizer Bakery Product Breaks Crunch Cake
Slowmo shot of young African-American woman and her cute little son taking delicious homemade apple pie out of oven enjoying its taste
Delicious fruit cake with berries falling on top. Food background.
dessert, handsome professional chef confectioner in gloves, squeezes thick protein cream from pastry bag to decorate delicious fresh donuts, unhealthy food
Female hands holding a cracked egg.Breaking an egg.Black background.Slow motion.
Making a pie step by step, flat lay stop motion. Home-baked rhubarb-strawberry pie from scratch, video recipe.
Super slow motion of falling yeast dough into flour. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
Pancakes with Chocolate Syrup, Nuts and Bananas. Stack of whole flapjack. Tasty breakfast and Healthy Food
African dad with dreadlocks pour flour while curly haired daughter knead dough in bowl, family prepare surprise sit at dining table in kitchen. Spend time together develop kid, pleasant chores concept
4K - Baking cupcakes in oven. time lapse shot
Decorating cupcake with white cream. Using cooking bag, confectioner make muffins for party. Shot of woman's hands putting butter cream on the tasty cakes, homemade bakery
Chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Syrup pouring on ice cream on brownies. Rich in sugar high calorie sweet food
Woman is sifting flour through sieve for baking mixing ingredients in metal bowl, hands closeup view. Preparing flour to baking cake in kitchen at home. Steps cooking baking and confectionery.
Muffins. Baking in oven. Time lapse footage of cooking Cupcakes, 4k, UHD. Cupcake. Growing muffins in oven
Young fresh and beautiful brunette girl isolated on side on pale pink background smiles, thinks about something, looks on small macaron cookie in her hand and bites it, wearing denim dress
Three gen women in apron cooking together in kitchen, elderly granny, grown up daughter little granddaughter prepare pie, flattening dough enjoy process. Transfer skills from generation to gen concept
Slow motion close up of a baker pulling into the oven balls of dough covered with wheat flour ready for baking in bakery.
Baking bread in bakery oven with high temperature at kitchen. time lapse shot
Funny kids cooking together. Girl and boy is beating the dough . Brother and sister in the kitchen. Children are making cakes. Kids have fun. Children study. Homeschooling. Self-isolation.
Chocolate syrup pouring on chocolate brownies. Tasty dark rich brownies served with raspberries
Kneading the dough. The process of making a delicious treat or dessert. Ingredients for baking on the table. Top plan for chef cook. Home cooking with care for relatives.
Birthday Cake with Burning Candles is Rotating on Stand on Table in House. Bright Dessert for a Child's Birthday Party on Background of Bokeh Light Bulbs Garlands. Family Holiday. Childhood
melted caramel sauce flowing on rotating whipped cream close up on black background
Close-up details Front view, Cake decorated with Chocolate sauce on top.
Making cake batter, sifting flour to make it more airy. Super slow motion
Egg falls on a pile of flour. Shot with high speed camera, phantom flex 4K. Slow Motion.
Chef clapping his hands filled with flour.
Homemade waffles with color ice ream topping rotating. Pastry topping falling on pink and green ice ream balls on waffles in slow motion.
Happy young family African wife and husband standing in cozy kitchen kneading dough cooking together prepare pastries for holiday dinner, celebrate event, enjoy romantic date and communication at home
Chocolate icing on cake. Chocolate glaze pouring on homemade dessert. Close up of biscuit cake decoration. Topping chocolate dessert
Cupcake. Baking in oven. Time lapse footage of cooking muffins. UHD
Birthday Cake With Burning Colorful Candles on Pastel Blue Background. Super Slow Motion, 1000 FPS.
Chef chocolatier makes sweets from melted chocolate with pastry bag in slow motion, raw materials for making filling for truffles, cooking the sweet desserts, making candies,
Close-up Man Chef at Restaurant Kitchen Serves Dish Focused Adding Final Ingredient by Hand. Cooking Cake Food at Modern Home Cuisine. Delicious Tasty Food. Preparing Appetizing Dessert Meal Slow mo
POV shot, young handsome Caucasian man taking hot fresh cupcakes out of oven. Cooking at home with family slow motion.
Professional confectioner cook claps his hands and powder flies, flour. Concept: the production of sweets pies pastry dough, gourmet, pure product, baking, work in restaurants, bake beautiful products
Cinematic authentic shot of happy mother and her little daughters are having fun to make dough with flour and knead it together for baking cookies or bread in kitchen at home.
Young family cooking food in kitchen. Happy Little girl with her mother mixing batter. Mother and Little boy preparing the dough. Happy family in the kitchen and junior chef Concept. Cinematic 4k.
Turning a pancake in a pan. Big round pancake on induction frying pan. Cooking smoke goes up from pancake. Pancakes with kefir. Pancakes with holes. Pancake week. Russian tradition.
Cooking Apple Pie a Close up Top Shot of a Pan with Apples and Dough
Baker clapping his hands filled with flour. Baker working with dough and flour. Professional cook claps hands and powder fly. Baking concept.
Making cornmeal cake, step by step video recipe, on blue background.  Baking Brazilian corn cake, stop motion. Festa Junina bolo de fuba preparation.
Baker hands knead the dough with a whisk in a glass bowl. Cooking dough, baking ingredients, top view
Homemade tiramisu cake traditional Italian dessert
Slow motion crop shot of woman preparing homemade omelette mixing with whisk eggs.
Chocolate protein healthy almond nut bars homemade dessert in woman's hand paleo keto diet
Attractive smiling young brunette isolated on splitted pistachio and rose red background holds two tasty cookies in her hands and makes her choice, then bite left macaron in pastel pink color
Eating Carrot Cake. Taking bite of healthy vegan cake. Close up.
In the Kitchen: Family of Four Cooking Muffins Together. Mother and Daughter Mixing Flour and Water to Create Dough for Cupcakes, Father, Son Preparing Paper Lines for Pans. Children Helping Parents
Cooking delicious homemade cake and decorate cupcake for Halloween festive. Preparing and mixing ingredients for sweet food dessert in kitchen at home.
Chocolate brownie cake decorated with fresh mint rotating on a dark background. Close up shot filmed with RED camera.
Chocolate icing on carrot cake. Chocolate glaze pouring on homemade cake. Brazilian carrot cake. Topping chocolate on carrot cake. June Partys sweet
Cinnamon sprinkled onto Tiramisu cake in super slow motion, shot on Phantom Flex 4K
4K Time Lapse of baking process of chocolate muffins in oven, home made. Time-lapse video of sweet cupcakes with cocoa baked in oven.
Bright and colorful sprinkled donut close-up shot spinning on a color disposable paper plate.
Top view. Seamless looping.
Chocolate pouring on truffles, melted chocolate candy icing on black slate with cocoa powder, 4k ProRes uncompressed
Close-up, dolly shot, DOF: A pastry chef in the background pours mirrored yellow frosting onto mousse round cakes. Ready-made desserts are in the foreground. Glaze drops flow from them
Pie in oven. Timelapse of delicious homemade pie baked. Baking concept. Pie rising up in oven. Close-up shot in 4k, UHD
Preparation of the test with a mixer, slow-motion shooting.
Kitchen mixer whips cream custard pastry whisk rotates rapidly. Food processor beat the eggs white egg whites into a thick foam. Kitchen machine in operation.
Pouring chocolate glaze on strawberry mousse cake.
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