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Internet of Things Concept: Beautiful Young Woman Using Smartphone in the Kitchen. She controls her Kitchen Appliances with IOT. Graphics Digitalization Visualization of Connected Home Electronics
3d render. Camera span across a modern open living space with kitchen.
60s elderly female babysitter teach little girl to cook. Loving grandmother and small granddaughter prepare family recipe cake for event, stirring eggs make dough enjoy process. Hobby, cookery concept
Modern Luxurious Kitchen Interior Design
Woman Adjusting Smart Thermostat Gadget At Home
Light A Gas Cooker Manually With Match Slow Motion.
Beautiful Female is Loading Dirty Plates into a Dishwasher Machine in a Bright Sunny Kitchen. Girl in Wearing an Apron. Young Housewife Uses Modern Appliance to Keep the Home Clean.
Blowing fresh cool air with the help of modern air conditioning technologies
4K UHD Footage Of  Aerial view of a solar panel on building roof top. Part of reduce reuse and restore. Renewable energy concept
Modern laundry machine washing clothes. Pastel colours. Seamless loop realistic animation.
Hand turning on and off the switch of the washing machine
Refrigerator in clean white modern kitchen. Home appliance beauty shot dolly
Smart Home Voice Controlled Gadget Responding To Command
Man Adjusting Smart Thermostat Gadget Settings At Home
Smart home connecting home appliances automation technology,  Internet of things, 4k animation.
White washing machine washes dirty colorful clothes. Washing clothing in domestic washing machine. Close up video of spinning drum washing machine.
Entering The Laundry Room With Clothes, Washing And Drying Machine
Internet of Things concept. Various icons floating in cyberspace.
Smart home connecting home appliances automation technology,  Internet of things, 4k animation. gray back.
Young mother and little daughter hug and sit on floor in laundry room at home spbd. African American woman and cute girl hugging and having fun with smiles, sitting in bright interior with washing
Asian old grandparents making pizza at home. Aged woman open the oven and bring the food out from machine. Elder man looking at meal and smell it with smile face, enjoy famiy activity together.
Hungry young man looking for food in an empty fridge. View from inside of hipster guy in glasses opening refrigerator finding no food feeling sad and disappointed.
Overheated stressed young woman feel hot suffer from heat high temperature at home sit on sofa in front of ventilator cooling herself with electric fan cooler wind blowing without air conditioner
Grey and white contemporary classic kitchen interior with dining table designed in modern style, dolly out camera movement
Dark green modern kitchen mock up room decoration with wooden top kitchen island with stools, kitchen counter and cabinets, oven and microwave. 3d rendering 4K kitchen room interior scene.
Professional plumber. Plumbing repair service. Repairman fixing a gas water heater with a screwdriver. Worker hands fixing heating system
Smiling millennial beautiful housewife wearing rubber gloves, involved in wiping kitchen surfaces at home, keeping house neat. Happy professional female cleaning worker mopping dust indoors.
Gas stove being turned on by a lit burner. Natural gas concept.
Close up of little caucasian funny 3 year old girl looks through hatch of washing machine, plays, smiles and laughs
House chores concept.Housewife taking out clean plates from dishwasher machine. Female hands unloading dishwasher close up. Modern technologies for home
Young married couple man and woman in appliances store choose to buy a washing machine for the house. Open the door looking into the drum, compare the design and characteristics of the devices.
Sliced white bread popping out of toaster on kitchen table served with balanced healthy breakfast. Preparation of morning meal 4k footage
3D IoT House light on-off energy saving efficiency control, Smart home appliances,  internet of things. 4k movie.
Household and kitchen appliances and home technics in a row.  E-commerce online internet store concept. 3d loopable video animation
Repair of dishwashers. Repairman repairing dishwasher in kitchen
Unhappy frustrated couple suffering from heat, bad air conditioning at home waving fans sitting on sofa. Overheated young man and woman sweating feeling hot and dehydrated in summer swelter concept.
Kitchen in new luxury home
Close up of woman hand opening a modern cooking oven, kitchen utensils. Concept. Details of cooking process, putting a baking dish inside the oven.

3D animation showing a kitchen with a bar sliding to show the before and after renovations
Sterilization of Dishes. View from the dishwasher to the outside. The door opens and clouds of steam burst out, illuminated by a bright light. Filmed at a speed of 120fps
Kitchen burner flaming in the night, closeup. Top View
Little cute focused multiracial kids girl wearing aprons, learning making dough for pastry with affectionate loving mixed race parents, interracial family involved in hobby together in modern kitchen.
Internet of Things Concept: Modern Kitchen full of High-Tech Kitchen Appliances with IOT, Infographics Show Various Data and Information. Digitalization, Visualization of Home Electronics Devices
Cleaning theme, smart technology and pets. Automatic robot vacuum cleaner cleans the room, while gray Scotch kitten is played at home. Cat on robotic vacuum cleaner in house. Home automatic cleaning.
Man opening microwave oven door and taking warmed food. Young bearded guy warming cooked meal in plate in microwave for dinner. Kitchen appliance concept
Happy full family having fun preparing pastry together at home. Smiling african dad whisking mixture in bowl while joyful little children adding flour, cooking homemade baking together at kitchen.
Male hand holding the TV remote control and turn off smart tv. Channel surfing, focused on the hand and remote control. Internet TV.
Asian young mother and daughter making pizza at home. Woman open the oven and bring the food out from machine. Little girl looking at meal and smell it with smile face, enjoy famiy activity together.
Rural broadband expansion. Blue icons and special effects. Aerial of residential wifi wireless connected devices. Smart home with cellular, cable, internet connectivity. Technology.
Washing clothing in domestic washing machine in home. Close-up video of spinning drum washing machine.
3D rendering of household equipment . Refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, oven and vacuum cleaner.
Man Increasing Temperature of Smart Thermostat Gadget At Home
Smart home concept animation, remote control, with the different options you can control: temperature, electricity, water, internet, security CCTV camera, lights. Blue neon icons on a black background
Smart Home Voice Controlled Gadget Responding To Command
Kitchen with wooden and minimalistic interior design
Touching IoT smart pad, tablet application, Living room TV, Light bulb, Blind energy saving efficiency control, Smart home appliances,  internet of things.
View from fridge of hungry afro-american man opening refrigerator looking for snack and closing in dissatisfied. Upset afro guy mot finding tasty meal to eat in fridge
Internet of Things - Young woman controls household connected devices & appliances with a smartphone - 29th September 2016
Cleaning cooktop cooking panel in kitchen with fat remover spray and orange rag by a woman in yellow rubber gloves.
4k Funny little ginger kitten is riding on white robot vacuum cleaner at home. Red cat playing in the modern interior with vacuum cleaner and looking down like it is getting cleaner
Robo hands are preparing dinner. Cut carrots, throw them into boiling water.
Portrait of happy little 3 year old girl opens hatch of washing machine and takes out toy after washing, hugs him and smiles. Сamera looks out of washing machine at child. Close up
One Person Pull the Switch Cord and Turns Off the Light in a Room. Shutting Down the Led Light in the Office and Leaving the Room.
Internet of things app user interface, domotics and smart home innovations, isometric network of connected devices and appliances
Pomeranian Dog sit on robotic vacuum cleaner slides across the room
Man Hand Open Light Pushing the Button from Office Wall
A hand turning the light switch on and off. Int. day, detail close-up shot.
A man's hand directs the remote control to the air conditioner and presses the power button, the blinds are opened, the air conditioner drives cold air, then he turns it off. Close Up. Shallow depth
IoT smart home appliance, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence.
Toaster in Kitchen Making Toasts at Breakfast  on Sunny Morning in Slow Motion
Young service man in uniform installing new washing machine and explaining woman how to use it sitting on floor in bathroom or laundry room
Robot prepares lunch. Robot hand cuts carrot, throws it into boiling water. Animation. 4k
IoT smart home, Touching mobile Home appliance, Home security control system. Internet of Things
Beautiful Young Couple Come to the Kitchen with Fresh Groceries in Brown Paper Bag. Man is Handing Fresh Salad Greens, Apples and Oranges to the Girl Who Puts Them in the Fridge.
home house icon animation blue digital elements technology background
young woman looks into an empty fridge and orders food at home through an app in her phone
Young mother with baby sitting on floor front washing machine and putting dirty laundry into. Young mother using washing machine for wash
Cozy Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Interior with Electrical Appliances and Fruits. Empty Sunny Room with Wireless Speaker, Coffee Machine, Kettle and Toaster on a Wooden Table. Winter Snow Outside.
Close-up of ignition and burning of natural gas inside of boiler furnace 4K
Beautiful young woman putting clothes into washing machine, sitting on floor in laundry room spbd. African American female puts dirty clothing inside of household appliance and smiles, sits in bright
Heating food in a microwave viewed from inside the back, plate of pasta with salmon, turning on
Handsome Smiling Young Man in Grey Jeans and Shirt Sits in Front of a Washing Machine at Home. He Loads the Washer with Dirty Laundry. Bright and Spacious Living Room with Modern Interior.
Dog sit on robotic vacuum cleaner slides across the room
Man hand irons white clothes with a steam iron on an Ironing board. Top view. Сlose-up.
View inside fridge of tired african entrepreneur loosening tie and grabbing sandwich from refrigerator shelf coming hungry late from work over dark kitchen background
Kitchen sink and faucet. Simple well designed modern white wooden kitchen interior. Ceramic tiles on the wall and wooden countertop. Dolly camera move 4k
Woman pouring detergent gel into cap and put into washer machine, close the door and start washer. Washer machine and clothes with wicker basket in background
Vacuum Cleaner icon. Vacuum Cleaner animated cartoon icon sign on Green screen background.
Smart home showing a warning about the high levels of carbon monoxide present in the air.
Beautiful Young Woman Sits on Her Knees Next to the Washing Machine. She Loaded the Washer with Dirty Laundry and Configured the Wash With Her Smartphone. Shot in Living Room with Modern Interior.
View from inside washing machine on Caucasian pretty happy woman opening up and taking out clean washed clothes. Close up of beautiful cheerful girl in laundry service room.
Dining room interior with luxury table and chairs. 3d rendering kitchen pantry and dining table and chairs on the mock up room apartment sunlight from window.
Overheated unhappy young woman feeling hot waving fan annoyed with high temperature sit on couch at home, stressed sweaty girl sweating suffer from summer weather heat problem without air conditioner
Turning down the heating adjusting radiator valve in a room
Man Adjusting Smart Thermostat Gadget At Home
Rural broadband expansion, internet of things. Aerial of residential wifi wireless connected devices. Smart home with cellular, cable, internet connectivity. Digital media and technology concept.
Infrared heater switches on, reflective surface turns red. Light grey wall is visible in the background.
Beer on a robot vacuum cleaner. Home assistant concept. A woman takes a glass of beer on a smart vacuum cleaner.
Robot vacuum cleaner vacuuming the floor in the bedroom. Smart home with automated devices that simplify life. A smart vacuum cleaner cleans the floor.
The woman in the background is sitting on a couch and a working aromatherapy diffuser is on a table in a foreground
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