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African woman using calculator and laptop app calculate costs, incomes, expenses, estimate budget for project, accountant conduct financial inspection, summarize total sum. Finance management concept
4K UHD Footage Of  Aerial view of a solar panel on building roof top. Part of reduce reuse and restore. Renewable energy concept
Roof and shingles damaged from water leak and leaves
Farmer inspects his tomato crop. Red ripe organic tomatoes on the branch. Male hand touching ripe tomatoes. Organic farming, vegetable garden
Among the repairs, two men in helmets discuss a project on securities. The construction team works for the reconstruction of the premises. People around color, clean and clean. A tall customer with a
African male worker checking level of the wall with the bubble level tool. Portrait of afro-american builder using spirit level inspecting apartment renovation
Engineers from the Quality department are inspection and recording construction problems. Inspector writes down the details before deliver the house to the customer. Landlord for new house concept.
Plumber with tools shaking client hand, technical maintenance, repair services
Woman turning on the air conditioner
delivery pandemic covid coronavirus vaccine a goods and lifestyle food product. man volunteer works stacks boxes in a car. parcel delivery concept. courier driver in gloves loads boxes during corona
Interior House Demolition-  Tearing Open Ceiling
The inspector engineer is checking structure and house roof specifications After the renovate is complete. Engineer record datil on paper for close project. Construction concept for new house.
Beautiful Young Couple Enters Their Newly Purchased House, They're Very Happy and Their Home is Bright, Spacious and Modern. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
engineer record final inspection of the house for inform point NG to contractor. Inspector check around of house before judgement. The concept of a home inspection agent.
slow motion close up shot of man's hands holding a pen and clipboard as he taking notes with an interior background. inspector during home inspection.
Young engineer discussing blueprint with mature building worker on construction site. Builders in protective wear study renovation blueprint in apartment
Man wearing mask and helmet back to work and inspecting a hot water heater
Technician servicing an hot-water heater. Man check equipment of the boiler-house - thermometer.
Engineers team discussing together with blueprint and laptop on the drawing table for planning the work in the village project and real estate building. Teamwork and leadership concept. Cloase-up
First person perspective during a residential home inspection, using a magnifying glass to take a closer look around the empty family room with open plan stairs
courier delivery man covid delivers food to your home. parcel delivery concept.
Bed bug crawling on bed linen
Man writing bill for maintenance of house, husband for one hour, repair service
Handyman holding tools standing in kitchen and putting on protective glasses smiling in camera. Portrait of cheerful plumber in workwear with equipment
Person Examining HVAC Duct with a Flashlight
Male removes a ceiling air filter, examines the ducts for maintenance and replaces the air filter. Guy with a flashlight inspecting a home ceiling air duct
Leather worker looking at leather material on table. Top view of craftsman working with leather. High angle view of man touching piece of leather on table at workshop
Close Up Young Blonde woman in fashion glasses eye looking monitor, surfing Internet. Stylish Blonde working with laptop or Tablet from home in her home office. The Monitor Screen Is Reflected In The
construction site, builder.  Shooting with copter.
Skilled specialist inspecting filter of central air recuperation ventilation system device. Smooth camera motion shot with gimbal.
The office is in repair white walls light burning building materials builder building construction contractor engineer industrial male renovation technician development design project slow motion
Cute three year old boy using magnifying glass as a toy to examin his toy lying on wooden floor.Cute little kid, playing at home, in the living room, with toys, looking them with magnifying glass.
Man using a multimeter to measure the voltage of the batteries
The window installer adjusts the hinges and checks new windows in the cottage under construction. Ordering windows with golden layout and brown lamination for a private house. A worker in uniform
beekeeper holding a honeycomb full of bees. Beekeeper inspecting honeycomb frame at apiary. Beekeeping concept slow motion video lifestyle. beekeeper holding a honeycomb full of bees. Beekeeper
female doctor in a medical suit for protection against coronavirus examines patients, young unhealthy woman for a virus or infection while taking it at home
The architect inspects the structure and makes notes on the project. A man in a helmet is a designer working on a project. Home construction: designer engineer on building structure background
Aerial Drone of a Residential Roof Inspection with Hail Damage Markings
delivery pandemic covid coronavirus vaccine a goods and food product. man volunteer works stacks boxes in a car. parcel delivery concept. lifestyle courier driver in gloves loads boxes during
home owner couple with site manager engineer architect discuss consult and inspection constructure home building together home building renovation background
Roof hail damage inspection with chalk circles marking damaged shingles
Roofs of houses damaged by hail. Consequences of hail in the village novokorsunskaya Timashevsky district of Krasnodar region 2018.
Looking Through Peephole In Door Viewer. Extreme close up of the eye of a girl peeping through a peephole in door viewer
Builder in uniform makes quality control of windows installation in a new apartment. The concept of construction and repair.
engineer man inspects construction of solar cell panel or photovoltaic cell by electronic device. Industrial Renewable energy of green power. factory worker working on tower roof.
Inspector Who Perform Mold Inspections. Mold Testing In House. Covid-19 and black fungus in India
A hat with wires for a child. Analysis of the baby at home. Eeg of the brain of a newborn baby.
4k clip of a construction worker holding a set of plans, looking up at roof beams of an unfinished residential home
Caucasian Male Worker Inspecting Hvac Air Duct System Installed On Ceiling Inside Of New Construction Site.
Working plumber at the kitchen.
Man in uniform repairing microwave using screwdriver, maintenance guarantee
engineer recheck final inspection of the house for deliver the house to the customer. inspector is writing correction point for contractor to make corrections. The concept of a home inspection agent.
Engineers put on a mask during inspections to prevent the spread of the virus. Inspection engineers wear masks to reassure customers during home inspections. new home inspection concept.
Lingayen , Pangasinan , Philippines - 04 19 2021: Police checks each person entering a community during a community lockdown
4k Video of home HVAC Air Conditioner with maintenance tool bag.
Handheld slowmo tracking shot of cheerful young female homeowner talking to male plumber sitting on floor before open kitchen sink cabinet
architect man and foreman women discuss with plan in paper work on construction site at village . contractor worker Inspection with builder . Engineer training Quality control in Residence industry
Slowmo portrait shot of happy young woman and handyman in uniform standing in house and chatting, then turning towards camera and posing
Workers are packing masks in boxes for delivery to customers. industry factory and people concept. indoors
Home inspection concept by an engineer. Inspector engineer is inspection device of the door after installation. Contractor check glass door before delivery to the customer.
Plumber inspects joints underneath sink. Shot on Canon 5D Mk2 at at a frame rate of 25 fps
Roof inspector cracking old asphalt shingles during residential inspection
Man using moisture meter for house inspection and measuring moisture in basement. Concrete floor is wet. Video for home renovation and house industry.
Bottom View Of The Chief Engineer And Chief Foreman Discussing The Nuances Of Building A New Microdistrict Using New Technologies And 3d Modeling
Beautiful Young Couple Enters Their Newly Purchased House, They're Very Happy and Their Home is Bright and Modern. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Builder,Building young caucasian man contractor, engineering holding clipboard, wear jacket inspect the construction and renovation, check defect of apartment, home on site. Engineer worker concept.
Slowmo medium shot of young woman looking at clipboard held by one of two handymen and discussing problem that needs to be fixed in her house
construction site, builder.  Shooting with copter.
A slow reverse aerial view revealing a farmhouse's roof and shingles.
Property Value. Real estate consultant home worth. Property inspector. Buy sale house. Real estate expert looking through magnifying glass on symbol house appraisal home inspection. Find house search
Real estate property value. House price. House inspection. Real estate expert. Property inspection. Close up eye looking through magnifying glass on house buy sale property consultant home appraisal
BEIRUT, LEBANON - AUGUST 05 2020: View of destroyed buildings as the inspection of the scene continues after a fire at a warehouse with explosives at the Port of Beirut led to massive blasts in Beirut
Technician servicing an hot-water heater. Man check equipment of the boiler-house - thermometer.
Close up shot of unrecognizable male plumber using flashlight and pliers to check and fix pipes
Home inspection report being filled by the inspector at the job.
Inspection of the roof by overflight of a single-family house to check the condition of the roof tiles, aerial view
Dusting HVAC ceiling air vent with dust cloth. Cleaning overhead home heat and air conditioning ventilation duct.
4K Engineer & homeowner discuss solar panels on roof & shake hands on a deal
Cute little kid boy sit inside of cardboard box holding paper tube looking into distance imagines himself discoverer. Preschool curious child holding carton handmade binoculars play game alone at home
Audit engineers are jotting down inspection details on over time refer customer request. The contractor writes down the details after revising according to the customer inform.  inspection concept
Handsome bearded architect and engineers inspect housing estate building to success construction plan before send quality housing to customers. Team work, agreement.
Funny hungry pug dog looking into the open fridge at night, standing near the refrigerator, looking at the camera. Want to eat at night. Failed diet. Extra calories. Funny pet inspects products
landlord for new home. Inspectors or engineers are wearing an anti-virus mask and checking the building structure and the requirements of the wall paint. After the renovation is completed.
Close up, aerial inspection of roof, house in private neighborhood
Dusting HVAC ceiling air vent with long handle duster tool. Cleaning overhead home heat and air conditioning ventilation duct.
Woman turning on the air conditioner
Focused 50s accountant in glasses working sit at desk in office, manages company accounting, use calculator calculate earnings and expenses, pay bills through e-bank on laptop. Bookkeeping job concept
Aerial reveal rising video footage Port St Lucie residential homes
Nasty bedbug insect parasite home infestation extreme macro close up with magnifying glass holding with hand POV inspection. Concept of pest control, expert exterminator house treatments. ,
health care, unhealthy female patient in medical mask for protection against virus and disease consults doctor in protective suit, complains of ill health possibly due to coronavirus during doctor
Back view of engineer and foreman analyzing thermal image of heat using thermal camera. House owner and worker using thermal scope app on tablet inspecting renovation process
Roof inspector climbing metal ladder at suburban home to quote repairs
An Elderly Man Knocks On A Wooden Door With His Hand.
Woman examining color swatches near wall in livingroom / Cedar Hills, Utah, United States
Contractor is inspect the house and roof with reference to the construction standards. Inspector are final checks before sell. The construction concept is Refer standard.
A worried young white man looks at himself in the mirror and inspects his premature receding hairline. Attractive Caucasian male adult in his 20s concerned about losing hair. Male pattern baldness
KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - APRIL 19, 2020: Malaysia soldier and police inspect road users at a roadblock to enforce the order to stay at home, during the Movement Control Order COVID-19 outbreak.
Man Looking For Something Under The Bed. The hand gropes for an object
pandemic, female doctor in medical mask and glasses for protection against virus and infection examines a woman with symptoms of coronavirus during home examination of patient with poor health
1950's Paris France. A Hotel utilizes Solar Panels and Geo-Thermal Energy to produce Energy. A Couple Inspects Solar Panels on the Roof of a Hotel. 4K Scan of Archival 16mm Film
Young white man wearing a safety hard hat and safety glasses going a home inspection with a tablet
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