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Signature on Contract by Pen in Male Hand. Sign Document on Deal at Office Work Indoors. Write Business Agreement or Undersign Protocol of Convention. Initials of Customer on Notification or Record
Electronic Signature on Tablet Computer by Stylus in Male Hand. Sign Document of Deal on PC at Work in Office Indoors. Write Business Agreement for Entrepreneur. POV is Contract and Initials of Client
Demonstration of love. Three female hands are holding red hearts. A blogger gets likes on social networks.
Black girl protester holds a Black Lives Matter sign protest among other signs and protesters. BLM protest. 4k
Close up multinational group of people stack hands put palms together, united different ethnicity employees makes common business, students good warm relations, support, trust and teambuilding concept
Rainbow LGBT flag on sunset blue sky. Female woman holding lgbt gay pride flag in hands -lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender social movements. Concept of happiness freedom love same-sex couple, 4 K
Happy girl in park at sunset. Figure made by fingers. Hands of girl shape of heart. Summer dream. Happiness of freedom in field at sunset. Sunlight between fingers. Silhouette of happy girl in park
Automation Software concept as an innovation.  Business, Technology, Internet and network concept
Small business african female owner smiling while turning sign for opening of cafe. Happy afro-american waitress in apron turning sign on door opening restaurant in morning.
Angry activists marching and protesting in the city. Woman protesting with a group of people on the road.
Milan, Italy - February 16, 2022: People hold banners during a pacifist #nowar flash mob to call for peace as tension rise between Russia and Ukraine
Strong woman standing in protest holding a sign No war
Smiling sincere kind young caucasian woman holding folded hands on heart chest, feeling deeply thankful at home. Happy inspired beautiful millennial lady showing gratitude, expressing appreciation.
Caucasian doctor in surgeon coat on digital tablet capturing medical data
Close up concentrated young businessman in formal wear carefully reading contract terms of conditions, putting signature on paper. Focused executive ceo signing report after checking information.
A group of friends makes a circle from the palms of their hands.
Person is Making a Heart Sign Gesture and Holding Hands Up at a Performance. Rock Band Playing a Song at a Concert in a Night Club on Stage with Bright Colorful Strobing Lights.
Young cheerful woman holding poster with inscription «NHS thank you heroes», looking out of the window, smiling and waving while expressing respect to healthcare workers during covid-19 pandemic
Group of protestors marching on the streets with signs and chanting. Activists protesting against pollution and global warming.
Woman hand holding the smartphone on green screen chroma key background.  Mobile phone mock-up for your product. The iPhone Xr model in vertical orientation portrait mode. 2020 - USA, California
Berlin, Germany - 02-27-2022: Anti war, Protests against war in Ukraine, Russian invasion conflict, Protesters holding signs
Young delivery Asian man holding a cardboard box while Asian young woman checking address on the box.
A young man health worker or essential service provider wearing face mask holding a placard with message 'stay home stay safe' during lockdown amid coronavirus or COVID19 epidemic or pandemic
Happy loving family couple discussing apartment purchase with professional real estate agent at office meeting, signing paper contract, getting keys from own accommodation, celebrating successful deal
African american man hold megaphone. Shout out. Political rally. Social activist speak outdoor against. Black Resistance rebellion. Requirement activity. Opposition public mass. George Floyd racism.
Close up of Woman's Hand Receive a parcel cardboard box from a delivery man who gives her Postal Package Box isolated on a pink studio background. Shipping and Delivery Concept.
A group of successful young people hold hands, together they raise their upper hand. Successful team and team building concept.
San Francisco, CA - Mar 26, 2021: 4K HD video of hundreds of unidentified participants at a youth lead anti-Asian Violence March walking down Market Street
Happy young woman receiving and signing a parcel from mailman  delivered in her home. Shot with RED camera i 8K. Concept of courier, delivery, e-commerce, online shopping
Close up hands Asian woman receive a cardboard box from a man's delivery holding at home.
Rome,Italy, 29 November 2019: portrait of " Change Climate change" banner. Rome,Italy, .Friday for Future
August 1970, New York City. 50,000 Feminists paraded down New York City’s Fifth Avenue. Holding Signs and Babies, Protestors show the Power of the Second-Wave Feminism. 4K Overscan of 16mm Film Print
Male hands signing car insurance contract. concept: car insurance, car sales, garages, rental and alarm systems
Girl tourist looks at a map using a magnifier while sitting in a car and sticking his legs out the window against the backdrop of the mountains
Small business owner smiling while turning the sign for the reopening of the place after the quarantine due to covid-19. Close up of woman’s hands holding sign now we are open support local business.
Group of demonstrators protesting during a march in the city. Social activists going on strike and demonstrating with slogans on the street.
Demonstrator holding "Stand with Ukraine" placard
Joyful girl and guy taking selfie with corgi dog having fun making funny faces showing hand gestures thumbs-up and v-sign. Youth and technology concept.
Woman leading a protest march. Group of people protesting on the street.
Happy little girl hands holding heart shape. Child at sunset folded his hands in form of heart. Girl smiles. Child love symbol of happy family. Heart sign of family love. Heart from hands, happy
happy family construction house concept. man holding home a paper house in his hands at sunset silhouette sunlight. lifestyle life symbol ecology video
Activists silently protesting against global warming.  Group of protestors standing on the street with posters. Nonviolent demonstration.
Slow Motion: Close up hands Asian woman receive a cardboard box from a man's delivery holding at home.
Two lovers with separated hands. A sign of love, close relationships, divorce. Man and woman holding hands, then part against the sky. Couple gesturing concept of ending relationship between them
Hand with Money - Hand holding Cash money - Giving Money - Cartoon vector animation on Green screen background
Transgender people at gay pride holding trans human rights flag banner - Lgbt celebration event concept
Young woman holding poster with There is no planet B. Group of protestors making a protest about global warming and plastic pollution.
Signature document. Manager Signs Contract
Female is Commuting Home in a Backseat of a Taxi at Night. Passenger Chilling and Holding Her Hand Outside of Window while in a Car in Urban City Street with Working Neon Signs. Cinematic Footage.
Happy african american couple first time home buyers owners renters tenants renting buying new house signing rental sale purchase contract handshaking realtor get keys make real estate mortgage deal
Poster BLACK LIVES MATTER in the hands of a black guy. Stop Racism concept.
environment icons over the Network connection on nature background. Technology ecology concept. Hand holding and protection with environment icons over the Network connection on nature background.
High stakes Texas hold 'em poker game at the casino
happy family teamwork silhouette shows a house and comfort symbol home at sunset. happy family mom dad and kids children portray a house roof hold their hands lifestyle over their heads home
Silhouette hand with paper house at sunset background.
Confused Caucasian businessman walking back and forth, having to choose between two different choices indicated by arrows pointing in opposite direction
Child girl holding a nature conservation banner in the forest on mountain. The concept of World Environment Day.
Adult woman holding hand on heart, feeling discomfort, risk of heart attack
Group of protestors on the streets with posters. Activists protesting against pollution and global warming.
Green Bay, Wisconsin / USA - October 30 2020: President Donald Trump holds a Make America Great Again MAGA rally for the 2020 US Presidential Election Campaign
Close-up of woman physician hands holding ballpoint, studying patient's treatment scheme. Female doctor doing paperwork in the office.
The hand of a young girl (woman) holds the hand of an elderly person, a sign of love, help, faith and support, help to relatives. Concept boarding house, sanatorium, nursing home, help for the elderly
Young attractive Hispanic woman in her 30s wearing a red chef's jacket turning over a sign from closed to open in Spanish in front of her restaurant or small business
Redhead woman annoyed making stop sign with hand, saying no, expressing defense or restriction
KRAKOW, POLAND - FEBRUARY 24, 2022: Protesters holding "Stand with Ukraine, Stop Vladimir Putin Now" sign. Demonstration against Russian invasion. Russia attack on Ukraine protest, war manifestation.
CU Caucasian female turning sign from closed to open on the entrance door or window of her small cafe. Small business concept. 4K UHD 60 FPS SLOW MOTION
Portrait of a young attractive Mexican couple in their 30s holding an open sign in Spanish, smiling, and looking at the camera in front of their restaurant business entrance in slow motion
Beautiful Woman making heart shape with hands at sunset Girl holding up love symbol gesture with orange sun flare
Girl Made Love Heart From Finger.Woman In Hat Enjoying Sun.Lady Making Heart Shape With Hands. Glare Of Summer Sun On Hands.Sun Rays On Morning Weekend. Vacation Holidays Time.Love Heart Signs Symbols
Handsome Caucasian male worker of the shipping company in the red costume and cap taking out carton parcels from the van. in times of crisis , 2019-ncov , coronavirus , virus
A child and a mother are holding a red heart with colorful puzzles inside - a symbol of autism. the concept of supporting families with children suffering from autism syndrome
Pack of 8 man hand writes and draws with pen on green screen background with chroma key. Male gestures different signs like lines or question marks on a chroma key. Notes on touchscreen by stick.
we're hiring animation - Funny cartoon businessman walking with recruitment sign smiling looking for new business people. Infinite loop animation.
4K Happy women outside cafe hold up a sign to show they are open for business UK - April, 2016
Man signing his name on a tablet screen. E-signature or digital signature.
Electronic Signature on Tablet Computer by Pen in Male Hand. Sign Document of Deal on PC at Work in Office Indoors. Write Business Agreement for Partner. Executive Contract with Initials of Customer
Bristol, UK - June 07 2020: Young child holding Black Lives Matter sign at march
Save the planet Earth by hands holding the globe representing care for nature in futuristic neon Animation
Giving Employee Payroll Cheque Or Money Paycheck
Health and body care. Self examination of the breasts, breast cancer awareness concept. High quality 4k footage
Washington, DC / USA - August 28, 2020:  A woman holds up a sign that says "Racism is a Pandemic".
War in Ukraine, Young woman holding national flag of Ukraine over her head during russian occupation. Support, Save, Help, Pray for Ukraine.
America USA - white latin girl holding sign we are all human  protest and manifest - racism and social violence
Rotate smartphone isolated icon. Device rotation symbol. Turn your device. Motion graphics.
Partnership and unity concept: people holding wrists of each other
Man hand holding the smartphone on green screen chroma key background.  Mobile phone mock-up for your product. The iPhone Xr model in vertical orientation portrait mode. 2020 - USA, NY
Female blogger hold in hands little red hearts, dancing to music rhythm isolated on yellow orange background. Like blogging blog social network tenderness concept. Valentines day international women
Washington, DC / USA - May 30, 2020: Crowds gather at the US Capitol building to protest the death of George Floyd.
Demonstrator holding "Stand with Ukraine" placard
Young woman nurse caregiver holding clipboard consulting old elder man, female doctor therapist in uniform sit on sofa at home hospital with senior patient during medical visit doing health checkup
WASHINGTON - Circa August, 2020 - A man holds a Biden/Harris 2020 election protest sign in front of the White House on a sunny summer day.
Hand Holding Beautiful Four Leaf Clover in 4K slow motion
Close up cropped hold in hands blank empty sign white big board for promotional content, pointing finger on place for text isolated on blue background in studio. Copy space advertising area mock up
Red demon hand gives a gift to the businessman. 50 fps
A construction road worker stopping traffic, holding a stop sign.
Portrait of cute teen Asian girl holding save the planet sign and looking at camera while protesting for nature outdoors. Schoolgirl holding save planet board and smiling at camera.
Young african couple giving high five happy to rent buy new house, black customers first time home buyers owners renters signing mortgage contract handshake realtor receive keys make real estate deal
Woman holding a sign My Body, My Choice. Protest against tightening of the abortion law . Nationwide women's strike. Wearing protective face mask against COVID-19 Coronavirus. High quality 4k footage
Close up of a man using an extra large rubber stamp. Add anything you want underneath like "approved" or "rejected"
Kyiv, Ukraine, Sept.5. 2021: animal rights. Stop Animal Abuse. Vegans are against eating animals. Animal advocates against animal testing of cosmetics. Demonstration march crowd
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