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Group of students learns at lecture room. Young people study in university or pupil sitting at school lesson. Teens listen to teacher and write at auditorium. Modern education indoors of college hall
Signature on Contract by Pen in Male Hand. Sign Document on Deal at Office Work Indoors. Write Business Agreement or Undersign Protocol of Convention. Initials of Customer on Notification or Record
Electronic Signature on Tablet Computer by Stylus in Male Hand. Sign Document of Deal on PC at Work in Office Indoors. Write Business Agreement for Entrepreneur. POV is Contract and Initials of Client
Signature on Contract by Pen in Female Hand. Close-up of Businesswoman Hands Putting Signature on Paper. Signs an Agreement. Close-up Macro Shot. Signature Is Fake
Young happy indian male teacher talking on webinar video training using pc laptop at modern home office. Hispanic businessman on interview, talking to team online. Remote distant online work concept.
Animated Arabic Calligraphy of "Ramadan Kareem", in Handwriting with fire effect 4k
Midsection shot of afro-american entrepreneur in formalwear signing contract and giving handshake to male business partner while sitting together at office table
Young female entrepreneur using laptop writing notes stand at home office desk, adult 30s business woman professional work on computer planning agenda with personal planner and online calendar
Pen Writes On Paper In Blue Ink. Close. Someone Writes Very Fast.
Smiling smart indian latin preteen school girl pupil studying at home sitting at desk. Happy cute hispanic kid primary school student writing in exercise book doing homework, learning at table.
Close-up hands of unrecognizable business woman during team meeting holding pen showing details at paper document at meeting. Closeup of business people discussing business project with colleagues .
Close up view of stethoscope medical equipment with female doctor working in background. Professional physician gp wearing white coat writing notes using laptop at desk. General practice concept
African american left-handed businessman holding pen writing new appointments information in organizer concept, mixed race male hands making notes in personal paper planner at desk, close up view
Anonymous Young Woman Sitting at Her Desk She's Drawing, Writing and Using Pen with Digital Tablet Computer. Focus on Hands with Pen. Bright Office where Diverse Team of Young Professionals Work
Man signs with a ballpoint pen on a white sheet of paper. Important records. Office work
Businessman write report, pen writing article
Old books on the shelf. AMASYA/TURKEY
Hand with blue pen marking on checklist box. Close-up
African woman sitting at desk holding pen making notes in diary, close up view. Businesswoman writes startup business ideas and plans, creative thoughts to notebook. Create to-do or wish list concept
Close up concentrated young businessman in formal wear carefully reading contract terms of conditions, putting signature on paper. Focused executive ceo signing report after checking information.
Happy indian latin girl school pupil distance learning, studying online at virtual class with teacher tutor by video conference call, watching tv lesson on laptop computer at home, in classroom.
Pretty business woman working on tablet computer and analyzing a marketing report in her office on white desk using a pen
Signing agreement and handshake
Person Signing Important Document. Camera Following Tip of the Pen as it Signs Crucial Business Contract. Mock-up "Lorem Ipsum" Signature Made on the Template Document. Macro Close-up Shot
A male hands writing on a piece of paper. Writing essay or letters. Doing homework.
Doctor Writing Medical Prescription and Patient on Lung Ventilation in Intensive Care Unit
A person checking off a to do list. Check all the boxes of a checklist,  close-up, 4k
Hand of young women writing a notebook, doing homework, Concept of lifestyle and work at home. Close-up of  woman hand
Hands of a woman writing on a piece of paper. Writing love letters.
Doctor writing patient notes on a medical examination or prescription.
Closeup of woman hands writing medicine inventory. Close up hands of female doctor writing the medicines to be taken on the preoperative model sheet. Pharmacist checking inventory at hospital pharmacy
Pack of 8 man hand writes and draws with pen on green screen background with chroma key. Male gestures different signs like lines or question marks on a chroma key. Notes on touchscreen by stick.
Pen On Hand Written Sheet Music
Businesswoman signing a contracts, legal agreements, papers. Business woman in white shirt sitting in her workplace in office and signing a many documents. Closeup, selective focus
On Exam Test Person Colors Right Answers with a Pencil. Filling up Answer Sheet with Standardized Tests, Marking Correct Answer Bubbles. Macro Close-up Footage
Person Ticks Checkbox Marks with a Pen, filling up To Do List. A person checking off a to do list with red pen. Check all the boxes of a checklist, close-up, 4k
Close-up. A woman is writing a pen with a letter sitting at the table.
Schooler boy in color headphones using tablet computer for online education at home. Kid enjoys making school homework online, hand writing in textbook.
Animated Arabic Calligraphy of "Ramadan Kareem", in Handwriting with fire effect 4k
wide shot 1700s man writing with quill pen by candle light
Man hand writing with pen at dairy. Closeup of business man hand write notes. Close up of male person hand holding pen. Professional person signature. Male student write page report
Gold and silver, detailed quill pen writing with ink on a sheet of paper. Close up of a blue ink sinking into a sheet of paper. Sign of agreeing and fulfiling an agreement.
Scene tracks from depression period glass coffee cup to the hand of a man writing in a ledger with a classic ink fountain pen and vintage eyeglasses laying on the desk in front of him.
man doing some calculations and taking notes
two Saudi business men shaking hands
saudi man signing contract in a business meeting
The guy writes himself a to do list of things to do in the morning
Above the Head Camera Footage of Medical Research Scientists in Blue Rubber Gloves Working Behind Tables in a Modern Laboratory. Lab Assistants Compare Samples, Use Tablet and Microscope.
Business people signing contract,  two parties at negotiations.
Close up side view millennial biracial man writing down notes in paper notepad, sitting at table. Young left handed entrepreneur businessman making appointments daily tasks in personal organizer.
Close-up: the man bends over the desk and makes notes with a pen, leaning on the table. Close-up: a writing pen. The man's hand holds the pen and guides the line along the paper.
Business man hands writing filling paper document on office desk conference. Close up entrepreneur using holding pen working on meeting. Unknown executive salesman analyze report. Partnership concept
Motorized moving shot of completing the visa application form, shot with macro probe lens.
Woman writing letter on a piece of white paper. Closeup of female hands write notes. Writing essay or love letters
Electronic Signature on Tablet Computer by Pen in Male Hand. Sign Document of Deal on PC at Work in Office Indoors. Write Business Agreement for Partner. Executive Contract with Initials of Customer
Animated Arabic Calligraphy of "Ramadan Kareem", in Handwriting with fire effect 4k
Signature document. Manager Signs Contract
A writer decorates letters in Hebrew, the font of a Torah scroll. The letters were written randomly for training purposes and have no meaning
girl sitting in sofa and writes in a paper notebook amounts to a list. young asian smart wife making poetry write down her thoughts and thinking. smart mom control the money receipt and expenditure.
calligrapher writes arabic lettering with calligraphy pen on parchment. macro shot of islamic calligraphy art. close up slider dolly shot in calligrapher workshop. hand made arabic calligraphy.
close up shoot of a female hand doing some calculations and taking notes
Macro Follow Shot of a Blue Marker Pen Being Held with a Hand. Person Drawing Graphs on a Whiteboard. Pencil is Connected to the Camera. Gripped Shot. Sketching with Fineliner.
Business woman prepare writing a check. Paycheck concept. Payment by cheque
Looking up for inspiration while walking outdoor in green spring park garden. Close-up of young woman hands writing down her hopes and dreams of future into her diary, making plans. Planner To Do
Close up of young businesswoman making notes in notebook at home office. Smiling girl planning at home desk in white kitchen interior. Closeup woman hand writing in diary in slow motion.
Ink writing training.Education and school concept.Child's hands and ink pen close-up. The child writes with a pen.Education and pak
Old books on the shelf. AMASYA/TURKEY
Set of Animated  Hand Draw Arrows. White hand-drawn arrows isolated on black background, dry brush texture. 6 variants.
Portrait. Schoolboy doing homework using laptop while sitting at home in the kitchen at the table and looking at the camera with a smile
macro close-up detail of young business woman filling a banking cheque check writingwith luxury fountain pen the requested data in the luxury first class checkbook
Motorized moving shot of completing job application form, shot with macro probe lens
Contracts prepared in the Middle Ages. Documents dating back to historical ages by candlelight. Writing in the Middle Ages.
male hand writing in notebook with pen
slow motion close up shot of man's hands holding a pen and clipboard as he taking notes with an interior background. inspector during home inspection.
Older grey haired businesswoman sit at workplace desk holds pen writing making notes in her organizer book, keep personal diary, fills it with useful information, create fresh business ideas and plans
Top above view of indian latin preteen primary school girl student, child pupil studying at home sitting at desk writing, doing homework, learning at table with exercise books and supplies.
The hand of an architect drawing a perspective of the bedroom with a black pen and color pen time lapse HD
Through the window side view of young black woman female writer writing tinking indoor at cafe thoughtful African freelancer working writing with pen
Man sign signature on digital contract at tablet computer in close up view. The businessman signature is written on screen to support paperless technology.
Animated Arabic Calligraphy of "Ramadan Kareem", in Handwriting Simulation with Alpha Channel (Transparent Background to use it in Screen Mode with other clips). (Black Version)
Old islamic muslim scientist working in madrasah room. Old tools, reed pen, ink pot, papirus drawings and book of quran some scenes in dark and foggy enviroment.
Male hand writes on the whiteboard concept of the critical thinking
Girl makes notes in a notebook. Hand writes. Girl doing her homework. Remote study. Woman makes plans for the future, doing academic research preparing for exam coursework studying at home on a bed
Cute smart indian latin preteen school girl pupil studying at home sitting at desk. Happy cute latin kid primary school student writing in exercise book doing homework, learning at table in classroom.
Child hands writing a letter, close up 4K
Cute small kid girl artist playing alone drawing coloring picture with felt pen sit on floor, focused smart preschool child enjoying creative art hobby activity at home, children development concept
Man signing his name on a tablet screen. E-signature or digital signature.
Hand filling yes and no at the checklist box. Close up. survey and poll. Filling of questionnaire a person by a ball point pen.
Videos can be used in business, report, annual, research, statistics, graph, finance, data, study, results, concept, paperwork, market
Business man writes a bank check.
Male hand putting mark on checkboxes of checklist
Hands draw with a pencil the storyboard for the film. The artist draws cartoon characters.
Male Hand Whiteboard Black Marker Scribble Writing Short Strokes Loop Animation
Calligraphy in slow motion. Pan shot of hand written page. Vintage ink pen and quill pen
Art of young woman drawing ecological painting by stylus close-up indoor. Talented artist sketching color image of flowerpot and plant at screen of digital pad. Girl writes "Keep our planet" at tablet
male hand writing in paper notebook with black ballpoint pen, medium close-up shot. a man in a blue business suit makes notes on his knee holding a smartphone in his hand
Person signs the document and puts the pen. Close-up of businesswoman hands putting signature on paper. Woman hand signing a contract. Close-up macro shot. Signature Is Fake
Close Up Man writing notes in notebook version 2
Backview Shot of Businesswoman using digital tablet hand touching on screen scrolling a business financial report on tablet check, analyzing graph and chart while taking notes or report work from home
Young manager checks and signs office documents.
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