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Halloween motif 4K animation movie
Seamlessly looping animation of page-turning of a book. Perfect for learning, wisdom and magic. Symbolizing book as the never-ending stream of knowledge. Lights, particles, glow.
Mortar and pestle witchcraft alchemy still life selective focus, witch craft pharmacy and medicine. Spiritual occultism chemistry, magic alchemy and ritual arrangement.
Large Black Spider - Slow Walking - Green Screen - 4K
Tarot cards falling on a wooden table. One of the cards is revealed and it says wheel of fortune, with a compass in the middle and different figures of creatures with wings. Mystic game. Close up
Funny dog in ghost costume turn head and look straight to camera, then turn back, autumn park outdoors. Fallen leaves lie around, carved pumpkins on ground.
Red wine in glass with dry ice
Candles Light Up By Themselves Haunted House
Halloween, holiday and childhood concept. Little kids southeast asian on halloween dressed in a witch costume. funny kids in carnival costumes outdoors.
Deer Dancing, 3d rendering, Animation Loop, cartoon, included in the end of the clip with luma matte.
Halloween glowing pumpkins with black background. Orange glow light inside of carved pumpkin heads. Dark smile faces.
Devil with cow skull head making rite in smoke. Demon with horns turning around close-up. Evil imp wearing black robe with hood using witchcraft in darkness and fog. Halloween and full moon.
Horror fog sunset on mountain aerial. Red mist over spooky pine forest. Nobody sun nature landscape. Foggy clouds at scary wild coniferous trees. Cottage at fir wood in bloody shadows. Cinematic shot
possessed by demon and devil incarnate woman is wriggling in darkness, flickering light
Witch cooking potion elixir close-up. Table with spellbook for making rite. Herbs, burning candles, crystal magic ball for sacrifice. Halloween theme, full moon, witchcraft.
A black magic candle on the background of the magical attributes of an open book and herbs. Halloween concept.
Crazy witch woman making fingerprint with blood on cow skull, sitting in pentagram circle. Evil sorceress doing rite and sacrifices at night, using black witchcraft, candles on floor. Halloween time.
TRACKING Group of trick-or-treating kids running and knocking the door during Halloween. Shot on RED camera with 2x Anamorphic lens
Horror scene, tv sets with scary woman on screen, old dark industrial quarters. Horrifying scene, dark and creepy place, ghostly figure
Rocking Horse In Haunted House, Cinematic Scary Halloween Scene
A scary witch near a wooden shack with crown on her head and a devilish cane in her hands is terrifying looking at the camera.
Front view tracking shot of children walking in neighborhood on Halloween / Cedar Hills, Utah, United States
Halloween face art. Portrait of a beautiful woman looking at the camera and smiling, makeup the bride's corpse. Blue accents on hair and eyes, black background
Fortune teller tarot reader placing cards in order as mystic rite.
Two evil little twin girls looking at camera, paranormal events, glitchy screen. Ghost activity, horror scene, tv distortion effect
Halloween Costume Party: Gorgeous Witch Wearing Dress Holds Burning Pumpkin and Dances Seductively. Background: Beautiful She Devil, Scary Death, Count Dracula, Zombie Dancing in the Decorated Room
Dark evil queen with crown with shining eyes. Fantasy animation. Blue background color. Scary witch face on spooky Halloween. 2D motion graphics. Frightening moving pictures. 4K animated video clip.
Male fortune teller puts occult tarot cards on the table. Magical pagan destiny reading ritual.
Screaming helpless attractive woman in white dress, convicted as witch, condemned to death by burning for heresy and witchcraft, executing on stake outdoors at night during medieval witch hunt.
Little pretty girls witches in decorated dresses and hats eating lollipops isolated over orange
Glamor luxury lady in dress holds burning old book in her hands on dark background at night. Beautiful woman with magic fire book looking at camera. Mysterious ritual concept
Halloween animation with the concept of green night, moon, shining stars, flying witch, bats, ghosts, animated trees, grasses, haunted castle, and scary pumpkins. Halloween animation
Dachshund dog in black cloak and pointed witch hat with veil barks, performs magic ritual with burning candles, sinister goblet of poison and pumpkin jack lantern during dark Halloween night.
This closeup video shows cute cat fortune teller paws waving over a glowing crystal ball to see the into then future.
Cartoon Flying white Ghost on an green screen
Young asian woman fortuneteller performing ritual with shining crystal ball. Gypsy girl cast spell and moving hands around ball psychic for prediction. Astrology, occultism and paranormal concept.
Dark queen with crown with lightning. Goddess of death smiles. 2D animation horror fantasy genre. Evil skull face with luminous eyes. Gloomy ghost in haze. Scary animated video clip. Spooky cartoon.
Three black birds as raven, crow, rook flying in loop. Realistic 3D model animation isolated on green screen.
Abstract Fairy Jungle Background (Loop)
Scary witch does voodoo black magic ritual near the fire at night. Halloween horror
Nightmare shot of a demon face in the darkness moving around screaming and being scary while a light flashes on his face to add drama to the scene
Halloween decoration. Cooking potion in a witch gurgling cauldron. Halloween party decoration on a spooky background. Smoky bubbling witch cauldron with poison.
Deer Dancing, 3d rendering, Animation Loop, cartoon, included in the end of the clip with Alpha matte.
Creepy witch girl face. Kiss of darkness. 2D animation in horror fantasy genre. Mystic girl head in other dark world. Gloomy ghost in haze. Spooky female character. Gothic cruel woman with evil eyes.
Halloween Costume Party: Old Skinny and Bandaged Mummy Dances. In the Background Zombie, Death, Witch and She Devil Have Fun in a Monster Party Decorated Room. Shot on 8K RED
Man exorcist putting on cow skull mask close-up. Creepy devil costume with horns, preparing for making rite, black magic and witchcraft. Full moon and Halloween concept. Day of The Dead.
Witch woman lighting candles while sitting in pentagram circle. Evil sorceress preparing for making rite and sacrifices at night, using black witchcraft and cow skull. Full moon, Halloween concept.
Closeup face of woman with Mexican sugar skull makeup and flowery wreath opening eyes and looking into the camera. Creative, artistic, Halloween concept - slow motion video
Moscow, Russia - 17 June, 2019: Halloween. The Frightening Devil With Horns and Wings in the Tarot Deck. Halloween Fortune-Telling. Evil Triumph. Halloween holiday. Esoteric tarot card. Occult tarot
Halloween day. Ghost character bone dancing. 3d rendering, realistic CGI,3d mapping cartoon, Included in the end of the clip with Alpha matte.
Scary night of halloween background animation with stars, moon, flying witch, bats, fog, animated cat, trees, grass, pumpkins on green sky background. Halloween background animation
Sabbath witches whirling their hands at night in the woods in the smoke conjure up evil spirits magic abused
Lost man swims along river of fate. Queen of darkness lifts him out water. Horror fantasy animation with movie effect. Evil goddess with luminous eyes. Scary animated video. Mystical wind and ghost.
Happy joyful beautiful young woman in a medieval dress is runing in forest, enjoying nature. Slow motion. brown beige vintage dress. Long red hair fly flutter in wind. Cheerful girl back rear view.
Halloween witch with cauldron and magic book. Beautiful woman flowers in hair conjuring making witchcraft. Take off black cloak Enchantress prepare love potion use magic spell and magic book. Handheld
A teenage girl dressed as a witch casts a spell over the ritual cauldron. Hands close up. Boiler smoke. Halloween concept. Scary story, bedtime stories. Witch house
Devilish woman vampire appears from dark and kisses. Animation in horror fantasy genre. Scary witch face on spooky Halloween. 2D motion graphics. Frightening moving pictures. 4K animated video clip.
First person view of five diverse kids wearing cool Halloween costumes are talking different lollipops and candies out of bowl unrecognizable person holding in hands
Carved Halloween pumpkin with lights on background. Dark key footage in UltraHd resolution.
A witch with long curly hair holds a magic fire. Tongues of flame on the palms of a red-haired woman.
Halloween spider web tunnel background.
A view from inside a huge dark cave in which a lot of bats fly, against blue sky with white clouds. Observation of life of bats, interesting moments of their life of wild animals. 120Fps. Slow motion.
Dark queen with crown pulls bony hand. Crepy 2D animation in horror fantasy genre. Cute face turns into skull. Gloomy ghost in haze. Gothic cruel young woman with evil eyes. Spooky female character.
Halloween Pumpkin Transition Pack - Halloween holiday transitions Package on Green screen background - Jack-o'-lantern Transition Pack on Chroma key background
dark gothic shot mystical lady in  long green emerald cloak cape, woman witch walks in night dusk forest conjures, girl mystic hood. Back rear view, fantasy vintage silhouette no face creative video
Witch woman cutting finger with knife for sacrifices, sitting in pentagram circle. Sorceress making rite at night, using blood and black witchcraft, cow skull, candles on floor. Halloween concept.
Scary Creepy Crow or Raven Sitting on Tree Branch During Full Harvest Moon Night with  Blue Sky and Orange Moon Full Hd 1920 1080
In a room shrouded in cobwebs, three young witches are sitting near a ritual cauldron. They brew a magical potion. Cast a spell. Halloween's horror. Scary tale. Night fairy tale.
Close up of fortune teller performing ritual and crystal ball foreseeing future
human hand of old woman evil witch is stirring potion in  bubbling vat pot with wooden spoon. mystery silhouette preparing cooking potion medicine couples spell, curse. Halloween sorceress mage.
Devilish woman appears from dark with hair growing up. 2D animation horror fantasy genre. Scary animated short film. Gloomy ghost in haze. Spooky female character for Halloween. Red color background.
The Mexican Day of the Dead. The portrait of young woman with frightening make-up for Halloween on the background of wooden wall. 4K
Scary crows in gloomy forest. One raven perching in bare tree branches screaming to raise an alarm and crow birds flying off against dramatic cloudy sky.
Halloween witch with cauldron. Beautiful young woman flowers in hair conjuring, making witchcraft. Back view turn around dungeon dark room. Enchantress prepare love potion use magic spell. Handheld
Amazon witch with two blades against the backdrop of hurricane. Animation in genre of fantasy.
Mystical bright neon fire effect pentacle or inverted pentagram in circle on black background. Five pointed star.Spiritual and esoteric concept but demonic use as well.Occultism symbol.4k animation
Dead walking zombie woman in dark corridor and mist close-up. Creepy bride wearing wedding dress with veil. Deceased fiancee returned to life. Horrible klip on halloween. Haunted house.
Angry black cat. Halloween symbol. Black cat hisses and bares its teeth in the autumn garden.Aggressive cat close-up
A mysterious woman in a red long dress with makeup on her face and a hairstyle of red and black roses slowly walks along the wall with open books and sorts through paper pages in smoke against a
Silhouette of face an attractive sexy vampire woman licks with tongue false fangs. Drops of blood flowing on red lips. Close-up portrait of beautiful mouth. Festive art halloween make-up. Gothic lady
Demon with horns conjuring in corridor. Silhouette of devil in darkness. Halloween, a traditional American holiday concept. Evil magician making rite or sacrifice during full moon, evil spirit, satan.
Woman is blowing off the candle at black background and disappears into darkness. Portrait of young caucasian lady standing in the studio with burning candle. Theme of magic and mystical rituals.
silhouette of a man with a top hat creeping on a glass door with blue light in the background
Camera follows young brunette woman in red jacket walks quickly along long corridor with flashes in the dark.
Two black birds as raven, crow,rook flying in loop. Realistic 3D model animation isolated on green screen.
Halloween Red Darkness Background (Loop)
Mysterious woman wearing a purple cape slowly putting the hood over her head and staring at the camera. Fantasy cosplay concept
Sexy witch - 3D Animation
Halloween Witch And Cat Flying On A Broom Stick. 4K Animation Video Motion Graphics With White Background
Possessed woman scratching glass with hands, creepy female silhouette, horror. Scary ghostly creature behind the glass
Vampire Halloween Woman drinking red wine. Beauty Sexy Vampire Girl. Vampire makeup Fashion Art design. Attractive model girl wearing Halloween party costume and make up. 4K UHD video 3840x2160
Halloween celebration concept. Funny dog eating from halloween pumpkin
A happy dog in a ghost costume sits on a white background with bats. Halloween Golden Retriever. The concept of a scary and cheerful holiday.
Little girl in witch Halloween costume shows the phone with a green screen. Chroma key green screen smartphone set up for advertising. Cute child looking at camera. Adorable kid with digital device
Following shot of four multiethnic teenagers wearing colorful Halloween costumes with plastic pumpkins in their hands running outdoors
Beautiful young woman in a black dress is holding a burning old book in her hands at a vintage old room background
Fantasy beauty witch beautiful gypsy girl predicts fate feel energy crystal ball dark gothic room. Mystical old art vintage astrology. Lady Fortune teller woman reading future. magic light tarot cards
shot mystical lady in medieval clothing long green cloak cape, coat with fur, woman queen walks in winter forest conjures, girl in hood. Spring nature. Back rear view, fantasy vintage creative video
The silhouette of a human skull stretches pink latex. Horror concept. 3d render.
Strange scientist prepares a potion
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