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Haircutting royalty-free stock footage

49,964 haircutting royalty-free stock videos See haircutting stock images

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Zoom in shot of young expressive man with mustache and bowl haircut performing vogue dance in studio with creative interior and neon light
Front close up of mixed race woman, beautiful young human face with black skin, serious look at camera open and confident. Girl wide smiling with healthy white teeth. Portrait of African American lady
Climat strike, environmental disaster. Close portrait of a beautiful student with an inscription on the palms. Our future in your hands. Young woman protests against global warming
Smiling shirtless caucasian man looking at mirror, combing hair with fingers, getting ready for new day in bathroom. Head shot close up happy young stylish guy enjoying morning beauty routine indoors.
Mirror reflection happy handsome man styling hair with comb, satisfied with stylish haircut. Head shot close up smiling energetic guy getting ready for dating or workday in morning, daily routine.
Trendy barber cuts bearded man's hair with a clipper in barbershop. Men's hairstyling and hair cutting in salon. Grooming the hair with trimmer. Hairdresser doing haircut in retro hair salon. Dolly in
 A hairdresser with security measures for Covid-19, cuts hair with a scissors to a man in a medicine mask, social distance, cutting hair with a medical mask, face shield , gloves
Black latin american man with afro haircut in medical mask during coronavirus lockdown, pandemic, happy young hispanic teenager post covid portrait, student in protection safety mask
Young 30s woman in blue shirt drying her hair and dancing in blue bathroom at home. Mirror reflection of singing female making beauty procedures at home.
Slow-motion shooting close-up of a long dark hair of a young girl. Brilliant and silky hair after keratin straightening. The effect of keratin, straight hair. The concept of beauty salons, beauty.
hair salon girl haircuts
Hair cutting at home. Epidemic of coronavirus infection COVID-19. Hairdressers are closed.A serious child on a haircut by a hairdresser. A boy in red clothes is scissored by cutting bangs on his head.
Result after lamination and hair straightening in a beauty salon for a girl with brown hair. hair care concept.
Young woman getting her hair dressed in hair salon. Hairdresser at salon combing hair comb girl brunette. 4K slow motion.
Trendy barber cuts bearded man's hair with a clipper in barbershop. Men's hairstyling and hair cutting in salon. Grooming the hair with trimmer. Hairdresser doing haircut in retro hair salon. Tracking
Attractive male is getting a modern haircut in barber shop. Barber wets hair by spray and combs them. Handheld shot. 4K.
Caucasian female hairdresser working in hair salon wearing face mask, cutting hair of Caucasian woman in face mask, slow motion. Health and hygiene in workplace during Coronavirus Covid 19 pandemic.
White dog takes a bath. The man washes the animal. High quality 4k footage
Couple of dad and son at home having fun together, Son with scissors playing at be a barber or hairdresser do haircuts to his father at home. Stay at home quarantine coronavirus pandemic prevention.
Close up 30s woman in bathrobe freshen up herself in morning looking reflected in mirror touching healthy strong brown curly hairs feels happy. Haircare and styling, best hair products usage concept
Little child boy cut father beard with clipper. Family haircut, hygiene, beauty and selfcare at home during quarantine lockdown, lifestyle concept.
Gorgeous happy middle aged mature asian woman, senior older 50s lady smiling pampering touching hair waving grey healthy hair looking at camera. Ads of hair care, senior haircare advertising.
Portrait of a smiling african american young man, happy smiling latin male, Afro curly haircut. Stylish young brazilian student on street, dreadlocks dreads hair.
Trendy barber cuts bearded man's hair with a clipper in barbershop. Men's hairstyling and hair cutting in salon. Grooming the hair with trimmer. Hairdresser doing haircut in retro hair salon.
Stylish man sitting barber shop Hairstylist Hairdresser Woman cutting his hair Portrait handsome happy young bearded caucasian guy getting trendy haircut Attractive barber girl working serving client
Taken from the shoulder of a young girl sitting in front of a monitor. Woman is working in the office in front of a computer. Back of a woman with a short haircut, she sits in front of the monitor.
Young serious handsome european man looking at mirror, combing styling hair with fingers, assessing hair condition, worrying about dandruff or thinking of visiting barbershop and haircut service.
Barbershop room with two working places in the beauty salon. Hair salon interior. Empty chairs in styled barbershop. Chairs and mirrors in modern hairdressing. Interior of a modern hair salon
Perfect haircare. Close up portrait of young asian woman playing with her silky hair, white background, slow motion
Beautiful woman folded arms while posing in jeans shorts and white T-shirt
A hairdresser with security measures for Covid-19, blow-dry a man in a medicine mask, social distance, cutting hair with a medical mask and rubber gloves in a beauty salon
Close up of teenage Caucasian girl with short haircut and no makeup wearing yellow round shaped sunglasses looking at camera against black background with triangular neon lamps
Slow motion of gorgeous middle aged mature woman, senior older 50s lady waving grey silver hair isolated on white background. Back view. Slow motion. Ads of hair care spa, hair loss prevention cure.
Close up woman holding hair with dry damaged hair problem on white background. Woman upset with dry damaged hair.
Attractive millennial lady looking in mirror, combing long healthy straight hair. Confident young brunette woman doing hairstyle in bathroom, getting ready in morning, enjoying everyday routine.
A client after keratin bonding hair straightening in beauty salon.
Happy confident afro american hipster guy doing hairstyle looking in mirror. Smiling sexy bare african young man enjoying anti-dandruff shampoo hair result in the morning, grooming stand in bathroom.
Zoom out of fashionable man with mustache and bowl haircut performing expressive vogue movements on floor in studio with vintage interior and pink light while dance team showing hands performance
Disco girl dancing on party. Fashion model woman in colorful bright lights, beautiful girl with trendy make-up and haircut. Colorful make up. Over colourful vivid background. 4K UHD slow motion video
Bichon Fries at a dog grooming salon
Professional barber shaves customer beard with straight razor. Beard cut with old-fashioned blade at barbershop. Handsome man getting his beard shaved in hair studio.
Washington, DC / USA - May 31, 2020: A man at a barbershop has his hair cut while wearing a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Happy cute white Pomeranian Dog getting groomed at salon. Professional cares for a dog in a specialized salon. Groomer's hands with scissors.The dog smiles and looks into the frame. Selective focus.
Hairdressing scissors and barber accessories in hair salon close up. Professional tools for haircut in barber shop. Hairdressing concept
Woman cutting her elderly mother's hair at home
Beautiful developing blonde healthy hair. Hair care. Beauty saloon.
a rotating barber shop pole motion on white cement wall background footage.
Portrait of Successful Young Man Combing Hair with Stylish Haircut. Smiling blonde Guy Looking Attractive at the Camera preparing for Workday wearing black T- Shirt. Daily Routine. Beauty Hair.
Asian professional hairdresser male giving a beauty salon service and treatment to young beautiful customer. Expert Stylist male recommend woman for maintain hair color in beauty salon or barber shop.
Barber makes a stylish haircut with professional scissors in a beauty salon, close-up, slow motion
Mix pink hair dye. hairdresser prepares a hair care product in salon. Master's brush and paint in jar close-up. Woman preparing dye for hair coloring. hair dye is mixed by a gloved hand in a bowl
Woman at the hair salon getting a haircut. Laughter, fun, slow motion
Motion Of Barbershop Pole Spinning At Barber Shop outdoors
Closeup of hairdresser making haircut to woman with scissors in hair salon. haircut process. Haircut bleached hair.
Beautiful amazed Asian girl rejoicing because of good news on camera over white background. Wow expression
Hair implant . Hair transplant. Hair fixing. Hair graft.
Portrait of serious handsome young adult arabic man with beard in white t-shirt stands posing indoors at home looking at camera. Close-up sad hispanic male ethnic guy brunette freelancer husband model
Hair texture background, no person. Black shiny hair curl falling down
Close-up of barber cuts the hair by scissors at barbershop. Hairdresser's hands at working process. Barber making haircut of attractive bearded man in barbershop. Hairdresser at work. Beauty saloon.
Hairstyling with hair spray, preparation for prom, slow motion shot
Barber using scissor trimming Asian male customer. close up face guy get a Hair Cut at the Barbershop wear black protective mask. job opportunity, start up business, Pandemic Covid-19 re-open business
Beautiful angry young girl saying no to the camera. Slow motion
Hair care. Men's styling and haircut in a beauty salon. Black and white video.
Cinematic close-up of a barber giving fade haircut to male client. Slow motion shot of short clipper hairstyle
African America Barber Haircut Slow Motion
The hairdresser dyes the hair of a blonde woman in different bright colors
Barber make hair with comb for hair.
Female stylist or business owner in hairdressing salon checking beauty products using digital tablet - shot in slow motion
Curly large white grey eldery hair moving slowly 24 fps from 60fps
Hairdresser trimming brown hair with scissors. Professional stylist cutting woman's hair in salon, closeup. Close up of hairdresser cutting the hair.
hair salon girl haircuts
Male haircut with electric razor. Close up of hair trimmer hairstyle. Professional hairdresser cutting hair with hair clipper. Man hairdressing with electric shaver
Men's haircut and hair styling in a barbershop, beauty salon. Haircut in quarantine. Client and barber in virus masks.
Barber shaving bearded man in barbershop. Male skin care and beard style concept. Master hairdresser with a professional trimmer in a black gloves makes a haircut and evens the beard to a customer.
Depressed young woman brushing looking at split ends reflecting in bathroom mirror. Worried girl feels upset about brittle damaged dry hair loss concept. Women hormone problems or vitamins deficiency
Three funny cute little girls sisters best friends triplets twins same children sitting at home couch two kids combing long smooth hair of one schoolgirl using combs brushing make hairstyle coiffure
Facial Skincare. Attractive Young Black Lady Applying Cream Moisturizing Face Skin Smiling To Camera Posing Over Beige Studio Background. Natural Cosmetics, Female Beauty Routine. Cropped
Happy Teenage Girl Dancing and Singing on Yellow Background with Piercings, Smiling, Rhythmically Moving her Hands Thumbs Up in Front of Camera Funny Slow Motion Dancing. Positive Emotions. Freedom
A young male Barber adjusts the hair of a male client. Professional hair care products.
Close-up of a brunette with luxurious hair on a dark background. The girl stands with her back and develops her hair.
Young beautiful girl walks through a pine forest in a coat and with a backpack. Beautiful background. 4k Blonde. Rest alone. Self-isolation in nature, Young Student Girl Running through the Forest
Demonstration of smooth and silky brunette hair after straightening it with a steampod. The master shows a lock of smooth, shiny and silky brunette hair after straightening it with a steampod. 4K
Closeup view 4k stock video footage of hairy female legs. Woman touching her body with hands. Fingernails with long ugly overgrown nails. Woman extremely need spa beauty procedures in cosmetic salon
Happy laughing American African woman with her curly hair on yellow background. Laughing curly woman in sweater touching her hair and looking at the camera.
Unhappy woman on bathrobe checking her hair in mirror in bathroom
Attractive male is getting a modern haircut in barber shop. Barber wets hair by spray before cutting it. Hairdresser spraying water on hair of customers in salon
Washing blondie woman in the salon,  Make-up salon,
professional beauty salon worker washes young woman hair massaging shampoo on head over special sink close view
Smiling millennial attractive caucasian woman looking in mirror, standing in hallway with backpack on shoulders, checking neat casual look before going outside for walk, dating or meeting with friends
A hairdresser with security measures for Covid-19, cuts a man in a medical mask with a scissor, social distance, cutting hair with a medical mask, a protective mask and rubber gloves in a beauty salon
Barber wets hair by spray and combs them, tattoed barber makes haircut for customer at the barber shop, man's haircut and shaving at the hairdresser, barber shop and shaving salon
Hands of a hairdresser in rubber hair blow dry a blonde. Working during covid-19 or coronavirus concept.
Close up attractive 35s woman in white bath robe standing in bathroom reflected in mirror touch curly brown hair looks pensive thinks about color or hairstyle change, morning routine, haircare concept
Asian male barber cutting male customer hair at Barbershop wear black protective mask. job opportunity Professional, Barber industry during Corona virus Pandemic Covid-19 re-open start up business
Close up video of  Woman drying hair using black hair dryer
Woman With Glasses Cuts Her Hair On White Background. Young Female Cuts Her Long Brown Hair With Scissors By Herself During Self-isolation. Change Hairstyle For Stress Overcome And Hair Care Concept
Cape Town, South Africa - July 2020: Front Line Worker, South African Barber Working During Lock Down, Wearing Protective Mask, Covid 19, Corona Virus Pandemic in Africa. Hair cut Ban Lifted.
Close-up of hair cutting with a trimmer on the head of a customer with pink hair. The master barber in black gloves carries out a quality haircut in an authentic barbershop. Macro slow motion.
haircut at home. mom cuts off her daughter's hair with scissors. haircut quads yourself. save on the beauty salon and hair salon.
Mother cutting the hair of a little son with a hair clipper on the terrace of his home during the coronavirus quarantine in Lombardy, Italy
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