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Thirsty smiling 35s woman standing alone in domestic kitchen start new day with healthy life habit, holding glass drinking clean mineral natural still water close up view. Lifestyle healthcare concept
Close up view thirsty young woman holding glass make sip drinks still water enjoy natural aqua standing in home kitchen preventing organism dehydration, skin and health care, healthy lifestyle concept
Close up view young vietnamese woman sitting on sofa at home reduces relieve thirst takes a sips drinking whole glass of water. Dehydration prevention, skin and health care, healthy life habit concept
Head shot beautiful young dreamy caucasian woman drinking glass of fresh pure water, enjoying healthy morning habit alone in modern kitchen, starting new energetic day, feeling refreshed and hydrated.
Close-up shot of a small adorable boy drinking a glass of milk at his home . A little boy in his living room finishing a glass of milk wiping his mouth with hands afterwards
Happy Child Boy Funny Drinking Water from a Drinking Fountain on the Playground. Slow Motion in 96 fps. Close-up of a face and teeth of an eight year old boy. A stream of water pours down on his face
Black Labrador/collie drinking water from a muddy puddle in a damp field somewhere in the Irish countryside. Shot in slow-motion.
Close up head shot happy 30s african ethnicity man drinking glass of fresh pure purified water. Peaceful calm young mixed race guy enjoying daily healthcare routine, hydrating thirst alone indoors.
Aerial drone shot of the Sanctuary of Apollo Smintheus. It is located in the town of Gülpınar in the Ayvacık District of Çanakkale Province. 09 June 2020
man gulp Adam's apple close up sequence
Thirsty young woman holding glass drinks stillwater preventing dehydration, helps maintain normal bowel function and balance of body, isolated on yellow studio background. Healthy lifestyle concept
Young African couple and cute 10s daughter standing in kitchen holding glasses, drinking still natural water, reducing thirst in summer day. Healthy lifestyle, home water purification system concept
4K UHD - Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) closeup of head while howling
Mother feeding Newborn baby drinking bottle of milk 1959
Female drug addict gulping down a bottle of booze. Female drug addict gulping down a bottle of booze as she sits at a table strewn with assorted hard drugs in a rustic kitchen
Female drug addict gulping down a bottle of booze. Female drug addict gulping down a bottle of booze as she sits at a table strewn with assorted hard drugs in a rustic kitchen
Hungry southern white rhino baby orphan enjoying his milk from a bottle at rhino sanctuary
hairy frogfish breathes and gulps heavily, then takes off quickly stirring up sand, night shot on sandy bottom
man gulp Adam's apple close up sequence
Animation of a swirling Twister
Electric eel (Electrophorus electricus) does not rely on its gills to breathe. It gets its oxygen by gulping air at the water surface. Its belly is orange or yellow.
Cattle re-chewing food
Close up little boy sit in kitchen holds glass enjoy milk, nutritional beverage for growth development of child, important source of calcium for health of kids. Healthcare, healthy life habit concept
boy drinks from water fountain in slow motion
Gray Wolf Canis lupus closeup of head while howling
Close up shot of a young man drinking white milk from a glass in front of a window
Head shot portrait cute little 10s girl stand indoor hold glass with fresh vitamin high-quality protein beverage drinking milk in morning smiling look at camera. Healthy lifestyle, healthcare concept
Great spotted woodpecker on tree stump takes gulps of water; wild nature
Large carp school together in a gulping episode.
Mom feeds baby boy sitting outside on lawn chair 1960
Pirarucu (Arapaima gigas) & Tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum) freshwater fishes. Closeup
Happy Child Boy Funny Drinking Water from a Drinking Fountain on the Playground. Slow Motion in 96 fps. Close-up of a face and teeth of an eight year old boy. A stream of water pours down on his face
Close-up of a trout rising to grasshopper. Swallowing a grasshopper in one gulp.
Beautiful French bulldog sitting on the sofa at home coughing and gulping in her leopard pajamas
Mother feeds newborn baby bottle of milk 1959
Gulp of small black swallows flying through an open field on the Caribbean island.
Closeup Of Fish Gulping
Static slow motion HD clip of a gulp of Great Cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo) flying across a mangrove at Ras Al Khor in Dubai, UAE.
Gulp of cormorants resting on ruins of building in ancient Caesarea, a Roman era monument in Israel
Close up head shot healthy happy positive young attractive woman making sips, drinking stilled pure mineral water from glass, normalizing bowel function, feeling good at home, daily healthcare habit.
Close up head shot thirsty young 20s european girl drinking pure stilled aqua in kitchen, feeling energetic in morning, beautiful woman hydrating organism with fresh water, enjoying healthcare routine
girl suffers from heat at city fountain. Exhausted Woman waving her arms and drinking water from bottle.
Group of cormorants (gulp) resting on ancient ruin in historic Caesarea city in Israel, contrasting with modern cargo vessel in the background.
Dog catch drops and lap thin thread of water, POV camera, slow motion shot. Owner girl hold plastic bottle with remains of liquid, try to satisfy thirst of young beagle, hot weather in summer day
Closeup shot of an attractive little girl drinking a glassful of milk at home. Beautiful Indian child finishing a glass of milk and wiping her mouth with her hand - healthy food and drinks concept
Teenager girl standing at home holding glass drinks enough of still natural water feels healthy and happy. Weight loss diet and slimming, good life habit lifestyle, hydrating body skin care concept
Gulp Of Cormorants Swimming In Ocean Above Aquatic Plants - Monterey, California
Smiling young healthy bearded guy holding glass, drinking pure fresh water, looking in mirror after showering. Happy handsome man enjoying daily healthcare habit, hydrating thirst in bathroom.
Beautiful girl drinks clean water from a glass
Close up beautiful African woman standing in kitchen holds glass drinks water, makes gulp of clean aqua, reducing thirst caring about health and beauty. Healthy lifestyle, enough liquid intake concept
healthy eating, elderly man leads healthy lifestyle and drinks clean water in sports bottle after yoga or meditation sitting on mat outdoors
Boy drinking at indoor water fountain
Mother rescuing child from choke with big piece of food. Infant swallowing fruit, gulp. Dangerous situation on the kitchen with baby eating vegetable
Close up of Girl drinking from Water Fountain
Slow motion shot of young woman backpacker is thirsty and drinking water after long hiking in the mountains. A sigh of relief when taking a gulp
Water flows out of an overturned bottle onto stones, "gulping" effect.
Young Woman Illustrating a Panic Moment or Attack with a Stressful Swallowing Reaction
Unrecognizable retired woman sits in restaurant opening a bottle of still water.
Macro footage of neck of young bearded man, selective focus
4K Female neck and Adam's apple
Close up, large Koi fish swimming slowly gulping for oxygen in an outdoor pond
Exhausting day hungry guy consuming cool cola swallowing satisfying burger piece
Young caucasian girl drinking red lemonade with a plastic straw, big sips
Funny Stock video clip of little boy trying to drink from a water fountain. HD Slow motion
Catbird splashes about in bird bath in slow motion.
Robin eats from feeder, flies away in slow motion.
Closeup of tired experienced male doctor removes protective mask from his face and breath gulp of fresh air after many operations performed on his shift in hospital during COVID-19 Coronavirus attack
Thoughtful senior woman drinking coffee from white cup
Predator snake firmly holds the lizard which trying to fight for life. Natural forest background of Costa Rica
slow motion Japanese male returning to the working table is gulping tea in his hand and reading a paper mail bank statement in the living room at home.
cheerful lady in workout apparel gulping water from bottle. stretching arms and wiping sweaty neck with towel. feeling good after training at home.
Thirsty mature woman drinking refreshing water from fountain outdoor in park after exercising in summer heat, close up, sunshine, slow motion.
 Asian hungry boy drinking water from water tube.
Girl in sun glasses drinks water. Attractive girl in glasses drinks clean water from bottle
Closeup Of Fish Gulping In The Dark
Beautiful girl drinks pure water from a glass
Handheld, close up shot of a macaque monkey chewing and looking around.
Giving a fledgling sparrow a gulp of water, bird is so thirsty, it tries to swallow the whole thing.
Small white frogfish lunges to catch tiny mysid shrimp. Macro underwater
Woman drinking water in slow-motion. Candid moment of woman in her 30s drinking water
Young woman sits on the stairs and drinks mineral water from bottle. Beautiful girl with long hair in sunglasses drinks clean water. Girl opens plastic bottle of water and drinks soda water
Large owl gulping down its dinner in one whole piece slow motion 250 fps
happy woman is looking into distance with a sigh of satisfaction while gulping beer and using fan to cool down in a living room with white wall on a summer day.
Black collie labrador cross with a chocolate labrador dogs finishing a nice bowl of dog food in slow motion close up
Black collie labrador cross with a chocolate labrador dogs finishing a nice bowl of dog food close up
Large bird gulps down grape jelly from a lakeside platform.
Young woman take one gulp of water, silhouetted view against living room window, sunrise outside. Half length shot of long haired lady, enjoying good morning time, healthy lifestyle concept
Young people, health and wellness. Portrait of happy african american woman drinking mineral water from plastic bottle. Thirsty black girl with drink container in summer. Person and healthy lifestyle
Young people, health and fitness. Portrait of tired african american woman drinking water bottle. Thirsty black girl with drink in gym. Person, sport and healthy lifestyle. Female athlete and sports
Blue jay lands to gulp down nuts by the lake.
BARCELONA, SPAIN - AUGUST 14, 2018: Woman using street fountain of Barcelona, make sip of fresh cool water from public source. Closeup shot of hands and water stream falling down from bronze faucet.
Tourist woman enjoy traditional hot Turkish drink at panoramic terrace, hand take small cup of coffee, nice blurred background, silhouetted Bosphorus Strait panorama. Lady take gulp and place cup back
gulp close up
Close up senior old mature Caucasian man looking away thinking holding glass of clean still water drinks h2o health care healthy habits grandfather drinking at home dehydration energy refreshment
Close up shot of a young woman drinking orange soda with a smile
Young man opens a bottle and drink water
Man pours beer into a glass goblet and drinks . Side view. Silhouette White background
portrait asian lady gulping wine in depression at home after getting layoff information.
asian happy young woman gulping beverage from bottle and eating snacks while binge-watching episodes on tv alone at home.
RIMINI, ITALY - JANUARY 2016 - Editorial: taster of coffee to the world competition at sigep fair in Rimini
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