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agriculture. girl farmer in rubber boots walks along a country road near a green field of wheat grass. farmer worker goes home after harvesting end of the working day feet in rubber boots agriculture
Slowmo tracking shot of happy man pulling sled with laughing little girl and running in snow while cheerful woman following them and smiling. Family of three enjoying winter day in forest
Moon night forest mystic branch dark blue tree danger wolf
Two well dressed adorable young kids are smiling and receiving their Christmas present in a decorated house. Happy and elated cute girl and boy accepting the gift box from parents
Happy mom plays with her daughter in a beautiful winter park. Family walks outdoors in cold winter.
Woman Holding Steaming Cup of Tea or Coffee and Reading a Book, Enjoying Cozy Morning. SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP. Unrecognizable Girl hands with a mug of hot drink indoors. Cinematic light. Lens Flare.
Portrait of confident young black woman looking serious at camera. Independent african american female on the city background.
Woman wrapped in warm knitted plaid trembling with cold sit alone on sofa suffers from unbearable cool temperature inside, shivering feels unhealthy. Central heat problems, influenza symptoms concept
Happy young woman on ski slopes taking a selfie portrait on top of snowcapped mountains in winter enjoying ski season vacations. Girl having fun in Switzerland sharing selfie to friends video
Ill allergic young woman sneezing in tissue blowing running nose. Sick girl got flu concept or caught cold, having allergy symptoms. Unhealthy lady suffer from seasonal virus disease. Close up view
A mid shot of two rural or countryside happy young girls standing together smiling and looking at the camera with the mountain village in the background
Covered in warm knitted plaid stressed unhappy young woman shivering, suffering from low temperature inside, feeling unhealthy. Confused millennial homeowner having problems with central heating.
Close Up Portrait of Woman Standing on the Wind. SLOW MOTION 4K DCi. Breeze is playing with girls hair. Stormy weather, autumn, winter, spring.
Shot of Indian Asian cheerful and close-knit family sitting on a couch talking on an online video call using laptop with great excitement at home well decorated on the occasion of Christmas eve
A girl is snowboarding in the backcountry during the winter in Swiss Alps. Shot in 4k with a gimbal.
Beautiful dark-haired girl in warm grey sweater turning the globe, indoor isolated shot
Young Woman Using Smartphone in the City, Taking Pictures. SLOW MOTION 4K. Girl using cell phone photography app, traffic lights background.
A happy young rural Asian cute girl with a colourful scarf around her head and neck standing against morning sunlight with the mountain rural village in the back looking at the camera and smiling
Young woman wear hat wrapped in knitted plaid sit alone shivering from cold on sofa in unheated apartment without central heating due debt. Unhealthy female feeling discomfort try to warming up indoor
Man and woman walking in the park in autumn weather
Family is training practice yoga in winter. Woman is do stretching and meditation on ice in nature. Mother and daughter practices yoga on ice in cracks. Girls do sport fitness in outdoor. Background
Beautiful skiing idyllic mountain winter forest snow landscape. Skiing on the ski slopes on ski holidays travel vacation. Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada
Woman sitting with her dog by the fireplace at modern house on nature during winter time. Concept of winter mood and comfort at home. Girl wearing hat and green sweater
teamwork. men tourists climbing walking top mountains rocks peak group team sunlight silhouette on snow feet winter snow trip. slow motion video. people teamwork business travel the silhouette
Ice skating rink in winter. People are skating. Skates ride on ice. Ice skating is a winter sport and entertainment. Women's, children's, men's legs go. Christmas time. Figure skating workout closeup.
HANDHELD Group of kids having snowball fight brawl, hiding behind the snow fort wall. Fun winter games outside. 120 FPS slow motion shot
Woman drinking hot drink at the balcony in a winter chalet in ski resort with bright sunny weather
Syrian children inside the refugee camp near the Turkish border.
Idlib, Syria January 16, 2020
Animal love. Happy young woman playing with her border collie dog in snowy winter forest. Friendship of a girl and a pet. Having fun together. Dogs are best friends. Cheerful puppy jump to her owner.
Woman Drinking Tea or Coffee and Reading a Book, Enjoying Cozy Morning. SLOW MOTION. Girl with a steaming cup of hot drink turning pages of a paper book. Cinematic Autumn aesthetics.
Drone shot of multi-generation family walking along shoreline of beach by breaking waves
A young girl watching the ocean at the edge on top of a rocky seashore in 4K. A woman smartly dressed enjoying a lighthouse view during winter on a windy day, the wind blowing hair in slow motion.
22 October 2021, Moscow, Russia. MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK RUSSIA. A model walks on the ROGOV catwalk. Spring-Summer 2022. High quality 2,5K footage.
Close Up Portrait of Woman Standing on the Wind. SLOW MOTION 4K DCi. Breeze is playing with girls hair.
Family spend time in park. Guy and lady walk and have good time
Geothermal spa. Woman relaxing in hot spring pool outdoors. Girl enjoying bathing in a blue water lagoon tourist attraction at sunset. Slow motion
Beautiful girl is looking at the street while drinking coffee alone in cafe. She is positive and smiling, and glass reflects people walking outside. Cozy coffee shop and asian girl inside
Female hands takes a cup of coffee. Woman warms her hands with hot coffee cup. Zoom out shot
A scary witch near a wooden shack with crown on her head and a devilish cane in her hands is terrifying looking at the camera.
Skier Skiing Downhill on Ski Slope. Woman on ski going downhill having fun on the trails on a snowy day - People doing winter sport activities
Aid workers provide urgent aid to displaced families fleeing the bombing of Idlib. The Syrian war. Syrian refugees.
Aleppo, Syria 17 April 2018
Video with noise. fantasy woman princess rider sits astride, stroking neck black horse. Enjoy winter nature green tree, animal. Long clothing red vintage cloak medieval cape. Hood on redhaired head
Profile Of Young Female Driver, She Dances And Sings In Car At Red Light, Light Turns Green And She Smiles At Her Passenger And Drives
Man and woman walking in the park in autumn weather
Phone on ski vacation - Woman skier using phone app on ski trail slope in amazing winter nature landscape. Girl looking at mobile smartphone wearing awesome ski clothing, helmet and goggles
Happy carefree African American father and daughter blowing snow in slow motion laughing jumping and hugging. Relaxed man and girl having fun on winter resort. Family leisure and joy
Cough, sneezing, runny nose. Woman at workplace in evening coughs and wipes her nose with napkin. Cold, flu, allergy, coronavirus, covid-19 concept. Close-up
Three generation women oiling each other's hair - healthy hair. Indian family bonding. Medium shot of an adorable little girl combing her doll's hair - stylish haircare and fashion concept
hiker group. team of hikers with backpacks silhouette walk through the forest. nature travel a adventure concept. hiker lifestyle group with backpacks walk on the sunset. mountain outdoor view
Portrait of Business Woman Standing on the Wind with Hands Up. SLOW MOTION 4K DCi. Businesswoman enjoying the wind, feeling free. Stormy weather, autumn, winter, spring.
Ill upset young woman blowing running nose got flu concept caught cold sneezing in tissue sit on bed, sick girl having health problem flue allergy symptoms coughing holding napkin alone in bedroom
Family woman and child baby travel tourist caucasian at plane aircraft with wearing protective medical mask. Use smartphone mobile. Health virus protect coronavirus epidemic sars-cov-2 covid-19.
High angle slowmo of father, mother and daughter sitting together on couch with their legs wrapped in blanket. They are watching movie on laptop and drinking hot tea in their cozy cabin on winter day
Smiling Multi-Generation Family With Dog Walking Along Path Through Autumn Countryside Together
Happy group of skiers having fun sitting in snowdrift with snowboards and tossing snow
Skating rink with a young girl doing a jumping element
Freeride snowboarder girl riding off-trail fresh powder snow high in the mountains. Unrecognizable woman heliski snowboarding untouched terrain in snowy mountains. Heliboarding remote pristine slopes
This is a shot of a little girl grabbing a single piece of halloween candy. Shot on a GH5 with 35-70 Ziess
Portrait of Business Woman Standing on the Wind with Hands Up. SLOW MOTION 4K DCi. Businesswoman enjoying the wind, feeling free. Stormy weather, autumn, winter, spring.
Depressed sad girl feeling lonely sitting by home winter looking out the window in cold weather winter. Asian woman feeling unhappy. Concept of loneliness, anxiety, grief. High quality 4k footage
Two women crying hugging each other in winter in front of the ocean super slow motion
Happy young female pet owner look at laptop with basenji dog. Cute adorable puppy look at comedy funny movie. Girl and her dog have fun, talk to family and friends on video chat conference app
Fantasy woman runs in winter forest. Princess girl. Blue long vintage dress fabric waving, hood on head. back rear view silhouette wanderer stroll along path. Nature pine tree snow sun divine light
Portrait of attractive freelancer girl in glasses with a laptop on the bed in an eco-hotel with transparent walls behind which there is a winter forest. Travel and work concept with free schedule.
Covered with plaid young woman freezing feeling cold at home no central heating problem concept, ill sick girl having fever flu influenza temperature symptoms wrapped in blanket shivering indoors
Young girl is performing a spinning element on the skating rink
Slowmo tracking of father in warm winter clothes pulling cute 8-year-old girl on sled in forest. Cheerful mother walking behind them
Young woman bride turned away walks on snowy road winter fog in forest. Beautiful trees in frost. brunette loose hair. Naked sexy back. White long wedding fashion vintage dress. Model posing rear view
Sick  young woman feeling cold fever freezing no central heating problem at home covering with warm plaid blanket shivering sitting on couch got flu influenza virus grippe symptoms concept
girl shows her tongue. multicolor surrealism and minimal art
Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India - 05-02-2021. Cute little girl smiling during the winter season. Portrait shot of a beautiful Indian kid smiles while looking at the camera, close-up mid-shot, Slow-motion
boyfriend lifts up girl in short jacket and skates having fun on skating rink with garlands at winter night slow motion
Drone shot of multi-generation family walking through sand dunes with evening light
Ill sick young woman sneezing in tissue, blowing runny nose. Millennial lady having flu coronavirus cold symptoms at home. Covid 19 virus infection, flu and seasonal allergy concept. Close up view
Handsome man crying hugging love of his life
Sad young beautiful woman fairy holding freezing ice branch. Brunette girl enjoys silence winter frosty Christmas forest. Pretty face, snow Queen. White dress, natural bird feather cape. Silver tiara
Slow motion of playful men and women having fun ice-skating and laughing in park on winter day. Youth lifestyle and outdoor activities concept.
Close-up shot of an unrecognizable woman in underwear gently massaging lotion into her leg. winter skin care. close up view. Slow motion video. stock footage
Close Up of Woman Eyes Covered with Hair Blowing on the Wind. SLOW MOTION 4K DCi. Green Eyes. Determined Female Sight. Stormy weather, autumn, winter, spring.
Female models walk the runway in colourful dresses during a Fashion Show. Fashion catwalk event showing new collection of clothes. Unrecognizable people. Legs only.
Young female hands touch the phone. Woman in a yellow sweater covered herself with a green plaid blanket with a smartphone. Tapping, scrolling, watching video, content, bloggs. Modern lifestyle
Nuclear Indian family portrait : Little daughter lighting diyas. Complete Family in India. Indian stock video of a happy nuclear family celebrating Diwali together by lighting their house with diya
Young girl play with guy uses leafs in autumn park
Sick Woman Blowing Her Nose Into Tissue Outdoors. SLOW MOTION 4K DCi. Young Female having cold or flu symptoms, standing in a busy city street. Autumn or winter cold weather.
Family with small daughter having fun outdoors in winter nature, looking at camera. Tatra mountains Slovakia.
Eye fatigue. Tired woman at workplace in evening works at laptop, girl touches her head and eyes. Manager syndrome, insomnia concept
Close Up of Woman Eyes Covered with Hair Blowing on the Wind. SLOW MOTION 4K DCi. Green Eyes. Determined Female Sight. Stormy weather, autumn, winter, spring.
On the Happy Winter Evening Young Father, Mother and Cute Little Daughter Play in Snowballs, Running around the Snowman They've Built in the Backyard of Their Idyllic House Decorated with Lights.
African couple sit on sofa at home unpack parcel box, take out bought online fashion winter clothes. Happy satisfied clients of e-commerce retails services. Shoppers family, remote e-shopping concept
The girl skater performs a jump with the rotation of a triple toe loop in a counter light on an ice cat. Slow-motion jump in figure skating
Handheld tracking of family of three wearing warm winter clothes taking backpack out of trunk of car and walking towards cozy A-frame cabin in forest
Unrecognizable woman running through snowy forest and throwing handful of snow. Cheerful girl enjoying beautiful winter day. Carefree lady having joyful emotions outdoor. Winter concept. Slow motion
agriculture corn. environmental protection. girl farmer a hand touches pouring corn plants low on black soil. farmer hand checks the crop in agriculture. planet protect agriculture eco concept
Sad young beautiful fabulous fantasy woman fairy holding freezing ice branch. Girl Brunette hair enjoys winter frosty Christmas forest. Creative white wedding wear, bird feather cape. Silver tiara
Cinematic close up shot of young happy creative woman is choosing warm yarn wool for knit it with knitting needles while sitting comfortably on sofa in living room at home.
Female ice figure skater falls on ice while practicing jumps on the rink. Shot on RED cinema camera with 2x Anamorphic lens
Close up shot: Doctor makes injection (leg muscle) to baby sitting in mothers arms
Asian girl who attaches a New Year decoration to the front door of the house. Chinese character Kinga Shinnen is written as Happy New Year. Traditional Japanese event. Displayed before New Year's Eve
TOP view: Happy woman making snow angels, her pug dog funny running and jumping around
Young woman in eyeglasses reading book, covering cozy plaid, sitting in armchair at home
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